Councilman Rubbo To Serve As A Democrat

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John Rubbo Continues To Strive To Effectively Serve His Constituency

Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo (District 4).

YONKERS, NY — September 4, 2019 — Yonkers Councilman John Rubbo, a lifelong Republican who was elected to serve on the Yonkers City Council in November 2017, announced today that when the Council reconvenes on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 he will serve as a Democrat.

“I’ve been a proud Republican for 17 years,” said Rubbo. “Like some of my current Council colleagues, and those who preceded me, such as Bernice Spreckman, several national figures including Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Elizabeth Warren, I have been compelled to change my party affiliation in order to more accurately reflect my priorities and to more effectively serve my constituency.”

Councilman Rubbo is currently the City Council’s Chairman of the Environmental Policy & Protection and Commerce & Smart Growth Committees on the City Council. In the business that John founded and operates, he has removed plastic bags and plastic straws for more environmentally friendly options. Additionally, Councilman Rubbo has consistently worked in a bi-partisan manner with the city’s current Democratic Administration to bring forth and file a lawsuit against big-pharma and punish these profit mongers for destroying so many families within our community with opioids. John has also teamed with the Administration to strengthen the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

In response to Councilman Rubbo’s announcement, Democratic Mayor Mike Spano stated, “I welcome John Rubbo as a fellow Democrat, and have long felt his views are in alignment with our Party. I also know that Councilman Rubbo will continue to put Yonkers first, regardless of party labels.”

“I align with many of the environmental, social justice and education issues taken up by the Democratic Party. The far right rhetoric of some of the members of the Republican Party has abandoned many members of the party who sit middle/left of center, like I do,” stated Councilman Rubbo. “Important issues cannot be looked at so narrowly. Life and Choice, Universal Background Checks and National Reciprocity for firearms, Private/Public Health Care that does not bankrupt families, businesses & government and affordable housing options that do not force hard working people to live paycheck to paycheck.”

The people of Yonkers want bipartisanship and a leader who fights for a better & cleaner city, world-class public schools, and fiscal responsibility, which has always been and which will continue to be my sole agenda,” added Councilman Rubbo.

Councilman John Rubbo is a graduate of Iona College, New Rochelle, NY. He has been a life-long resident of Yonkers and in 2015 he opened the Yonkers Brewing Company Restaurant & Brewery, investing more than a million dollars into the Yonkers Waterfront. John, his wife Dawn and their children Dominic and John live in the McLean Heights section of Yonkers with their English bulldog, Max. They all await their new brother due on September 25, 2019.

John Rubbo is a graduate of Iona College, New Rochelle, NY. He has been a life-long resident of Yonkers and in 2015 he opened the Yonkers Brewing Company Restaurant & Brewery, investing more than a million dollars into the Yonkers Waterfront. John, his wife Dawn and their children Dominic and John live in the McLean Heights section of Yonkers with their English bulldog, Max. They all await their new brother due on September 25, 2019.

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eHeziCouncilman Rubbo To Serve As A Democrat

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  1. John Rubbo is a great man who truly wants the best for Yonkers regardless of political party- behind closed doors or in front of the general public. He is family man who strives for a fiscally responsible Yonkers. He has lead in a way that he has met the residents and municipal workers half way. It is VERY ignorant of people to post character slander that has zero basis. That’s pathetic!

    1. Rubbo is nothing special. There are plenty of family men in Yonkers! He has let his constituents down time and again these past 2 years.

      Fiscally responsible? Extending term limits?Getting his family jobs? And now changing his party affiliation while in office, that’s unheard of!!!!

      People voted for him because they wanted change, some change he’s given! He’s just more of the same, but worse because he’s so deceptive with his political posturing. This is all about what’s in it for Rubbo and screw the people of the 4th district!

  2. Rubbo’s was totally unconvincing on his interview today with Yonkers Voice. He did himself more harm then good! He babbled and avoided answering questions, laughed like a little girl, it was sickening. Said it was a Young Republican Instagram post that was the tipping point for his changing party, give us a break! And denied his conversion was politically motivated. Lies, lies and more lies.

    He mentioned other elected officials such as Mike Khader who changed political office, however none did it while in office, big difference Rubbo.
    He couldn’t defend his voting record and talked about statesmanship and mentioned George Latimer as someone he admires. What a hypocrite, he actually worked against Latimer with full support for Astorino.

    He pissed off Dems with his condescending and disingenuous remarks and infuriated and insulted the intelligence of Republicans who formerly supported him.

    Tell you one thing, he won’t win re-election in the 4th district, that’s for sure!

    1. The people of Yonkers’ 4th City Council district elected John Rubbo as their City Councilmember with the full knowledge of his Republican registration and with the explicit understanding that the Yonkers GOP’s values best served their interests. That is not a trifling decision and the people made it soberly with diligence. It is deplorable that Mr. Rubbo’s “priorities” have subverted the will of the electorate by countervailing their good faith choice at the ballot. He does them another disservice by insulting their intelligence. They do know that increasing a super majority does not promote “bipartisanship”.

      In fact it promotes the unchecked exploitation the wise people of Yonkers voted to avert.

      At no time, from his campaign through his tenure, did Councilmember Rubbo express the thoughts stated in his announcement. He’s had many opportunities to communicate with the GOP rank and file, as well as the Yonkers Republican Party Committee. It would seem that a “leader” would have used his high position to champion such “ideals” within the party. He did no such thing. In fact his stated positions, including support of conventional marriage and pro-life, placed him more right of center than “middle/left”.

      This move appears to be more a self-serving political ploy than a genuine ethical stand.

      Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

      Thought of the day:

      “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” Martin Luther King reminds us of the power we have as leaders to listen deeply and bring people together in discourse. The people also have the responsibility to hold our leaders accountable. It teaches us to discern that what one does defines us better that what one says or thinks.

  3. Seems Nikolai Spano has offered Rubbo control of the Yonkers Democratic Party in exchange for keeping all the Spanos employed. They are grooming him to take over for Mikey and he is happy to run the hiring hall. It is over for Yonkers Republicans. Merante won’t run again. He has grown bored of the job and his we are tired of him. Breen will sleep through the next 4 years.
    The only thing that can save the Republican Party is Johnny Limo and Z.

    1. I wish more Republicans would get behind me.We need a major change in city hall And I am the person to get it done no one owns me .
      Vote for Mario De Giorgio for Mayor on November 5th

      1. Post

        If you really are Mario de Giorgio you may wish to contact the Yonkers Tribune so we can offer you radio time, that is if you care to speak to issues, a vision, and how to bring it about. Direct email to:

  4. Democrat or Republican they are both the same-they will sell their soul to the highest bidder-Rubbo is no different-according to published reports he has taken care of his family in making
    sure they got COY jobs-he joins the long list of COY whores-Pineda-Issacs, Breen, Sabatino to name a few-these COY pols have become so adept at looking the taxpayers straight in their faces and lying their ass to you-the taxpayer via the Yonkers IDA provided funding to Rubbo for his commercial business.

    1. How do you know the Yonkers IDA provided funding to Yonkers brewery?

      Also do we knew if George Latimer wasn’t involved in making a deal in John Rubbo becoming a democrat?

      Latimer ought not to be trusted. He’s a lying duplicitous individual who might be involved in this. Just asking the question.

      1. Highly unlikely Latimer was involved in Rubbo’s conversion. Actually, it’s total nonsense imho. What would be Latimer’s motivation to do so?

  5. The National Republican Party is a disgrace. Republicans used to stand for fiscal responsibility free trade Trump has hijacked the party and made it the party of no science no math and no respect for institutions, the courts, the system of checks and balances, and ethical standards. Westchester used to be a Republican bastion Virtually every candidate for President made the county a stopover during their campaign for office. Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush all came to Westchester. Back in the day I was honored to MC the rally for Bush 41 in white plains. Republicans won judicial office most of the time. Now the party is decrepit and I attribute it to two things. 1. the ability of minor parties to cross endorse major parties which forced the Republican party to take positions on social issues unacceptable to most of the voters in the county and 2. Donald Trumps presidency. Rubbo has every right and indeed it is his responsibility to switch parties. I belong to the fastest growing party in the nation NO PARTY AT ALL

    1. There’s only one party in Yonkers…the Spano party! DemocRAT and RepubliCON politicians participate for their own enrichment and screw the taxpayers. That’s the sad political reality!

    1. Johnny K can barely take himself down from a laying down position after all of the wine and fine Italian meats and cheeses he consumes because he hates himself for being an Arab American. That’s why he is involved with MPAC, it’s a cover for his hatred of his heritage. So sad.

    2. Meatball khader was a republican till he decided to run for council president and realized that his “views” had changed what’s good for the meatball is good for rubbo!

      1. Politicians absolutely do change affiliations, but not the way Rubbo did it! They do it BEFORE running for office, not by getting elected on one platform and then miraculously having a “change of heart’ to another party.

        What Rubbo has done is defraud the voters in the 4th district. He is compromised, dishonest and unethical in so many ways.

        His political maneuvering has backfired! Whoever is advising him strategically must want him to look foolish, deceptive and untrustworthy and/or end his political career. Well…think they succeeded!

  6. the community doesn’t support this guy
    ive been in the ring before and I know this guy will lose his re-election. johnnylimo is all the way up and mpac will defeat Rubbo. this isn’t johnnylimo but a friend of his. mpac and johnnylimo defeated nicky.

  7. Don’t be fooled, this has nadda to do with change in political philosophy. Rubbo is setting his self-serving sights on higher office and to position himself up as a career political. He knows he could never win a citywide race as a Republican given Yonkers demographics. He’s considering a run for CCP or Mayor. After all, he’s Spano’s tool puppet and the puppet master machine needs to continue to “pull the strings” in Yonkers long after their dynasty ends.

  8. Tubiolo is next. The Yonkers Dem party is for sale. The Yonkers Dem chair is Nick Spano, with Tommy Meier becoming deputy mayor and the dangling carrot of eventually becoming mayor. Tommy will get double-crossed like Dennis.

    1. The difference is David is a tool and everyone knows that. He didn’t even have the guts to do it first, had to wait to see how it played out for Rubbo.

  9. The Republican Party has become a party controlled by corporate pigs who manufacture alternative facts and right wing nuts who believe them. The Councilman should be applauded for staying true to his beliefs and not being beholden to a political party that has abandoned moderates for a sociopath president. He has my vote!

  10. Wow! Should be interesting to watch City Council meetings starting in Sept. as prior to Rubbo NEVER voted in favor of any Dem legislation. All of a sudden, he’s got religion, lol!!! He had an epiphany!! Just another fraud…

    Now with a super majority on the Council, Dems will be in lockstep with Rubbo’s vote. Poor Merante and Breen will be the odd men out, lol! Maybe they’ll switch parties too? Might as well, as their all the Mayor’s puppets.

  11. You invested $1 million in your Brewery, what lottery did you win?? Lol, where did you get that kind of financing Rubbo? How much IDA money and grants did you get?

  12. I’m happy to see this move by my councilman. I think it’s the right move for him as he sees what is happening to the Republican Party. John is a moderate dem. I wish him the best and I will support you (now that you are a registered dem)

    1. A moderate Dem?? Now he is? His voting record up until summer recess says differently. Please get real! If you are a Dem you should see through this. He’s just a player, please!!!!

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