Mayor Mike Spano Administers Oath to 31 Yonkers Probationary Firefighters

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YONKERS, NY — September 7, 2019 —31 New Probationary Firefighters were sworn in by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano at the Riverfront Library in Yonkers on Friday, September 6th. They begin their 18-week training program conducted by the Westchester County Fire Training Facility in Valhalla on September 9, 2019.


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Mayor Spano shown administering the oath to 31 Probationary Firefighters days before they begin the grueling 18-week training regimen.

Mayor Spano, Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney, Department Deputy Chiefs, Yonkers Fire Department Training Officers, and Firefighters seated alongside 31 new Probationary Firefighters.

SOURCE: Daniel P. Flynn, Deputy Chief of Personnel,Yonkers Fire Department


eHeziMayor Mike Spano Administers Oath to 31 Yonkers Probationary Firefighters

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  1. Great! 31 more taxpaying , contributing members of our community that will improve the safety of the city and help us in our time of need . How can you expect them to work and live in the highest taxed county in the state if they don’t make a decent living wage? Where does the hostility come from? Why the anger? 31 Candidates studied hard, tested well, climbed 100 foot tall ladders, ran up 5 flights of stairs with 60 lbs. on their back faster than the other thousand or more candidates and you act as if they were gifted something. By The way, the fire department gave the new guys a 20 percent starting pay cut last contract so they are probably making less than city workers planting tulips in Untermeyer Park. GOOD LUCK PROBIES

  2. Oh yeah this must be the problem, not the governor and others in New York State handing out money to any skell Born in New York or imported to New York. I love how real working people are portrayed as the villains!

  3. Look ma, I just added 31 more $100k+ salaries to the Yonkers budget for the next 70-80 years. Ain’t I done good, ma? No? You mean we can’t keep hiring cops and fyafightas when we ain’t got no money to balance our annual budget? Ah, ma, don’t worry bout that. Gotta support the troops. Take care of friends and family dat way.

  4. Jesus, more $ucking firefighters, that’s the last thing we need. Just like any more money going to the BOE. Must be an election coming up!!!!
    No wonder taxes are so high, hoiw much is this going to cost us????. We need a volunteer fire dept like so many other places.

    Mike has been so bad for this City. What has he cost us in lost taxes like Amicon and Spender?
    Let me guess, no fiscal impact to the taxpayer according to the Silly Council!!!!

    1. New firefighters come on to replace retirees.

      You think a volunteer fire force could handle 4th largest city in NY? Have you ever been a victim of a fire or see a large scale fire? If you were you’d have a much different opinion of professional firefighting. And I’m not a firefighter, but was rescued by YFD, so I know and appreciate their worth!

      So much waste in CoY no doubt, plenty of no-show and do nothing jobs for sure! But I think YFD and YPD earn every penny they make, lives on the line everyday.

      1. Guess 70% of the volunteer firefighters in this state are not good enough for your high standards? LoL, the term “professional firefighter” was created by unions to dupe the public into believing we must pay $200,000 each for a “professional” fire service. Make civil servants residency a requirement. Only then will we be getting what we are paying for.

    2. Tell that to the 75,000 plus callers a year. Your probably the first one to pick up the phone in your time of need. What’s your occupation? Desk job? Paper cuts? Go visit the Firefighters & P.O. who were maimed and injured protecting Pu**** Like yourself. How were your nights and holidays the past 25 years? O yea you were home all tucked in. You must have failed the civil service exam. You have no clue which is obvious by your post.

      1. I’m sorry. Were you drafted into the police force or fire department? Your anger sounds like that of a person who was drafted against their will. Oh wait. You had a choice. And knew what that choice entailed. So you will not get pity here.

        1. Yes, police and fire took the test and knew what was involved in their jobs and the sacrifices they would make and the risks they would take doing their jobs. But we didn’t agree to have to put up with ignorant keyboard bullies that hide behind anonymity. And we don’t want or need your pity. We earn our salaries, pensions and benefits and deserve everything we get. Have a nice day and pray that you never need to call 911 because that is who you will call when shit hits the fan.

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