Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director Akeem H. Jamal Suffers Serious Car Injuries

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September 15, 2019 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano makes a visit to Akeem Jamal’s bedside

September 16, 2019 – Mr. Jamal is ALERT and OFF the ventilator!

September 17, 2019 – Office of Westchester County Responds to Inquiry

September 18, 2019 – Yonkersites Await statement from Mayor Mike Spano. 

September 18, 2019 – Why has Yonkers City Hall Not Given Yonkersites an Update? Is there an effort to disassociate the Mayor’s Office from that of the Mayor’s Deputy Communications Director Akeem Jamal?

September 23, 2019 – 9 Days after the accident took place not one word from Mayor Mike Spano and/or His Staff Advising of Akeem Jamal’s physical and mental state. Where is the compassion and the concern?

Akeem H. Jamal is Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s Deputy Communications Director.

YONKERS, NY — September 15, 2019 — It was Saturday, September 14, 2019th when Akeem H. Jamal, Mayor Mike Spano’s Deputy Communications Director entered the Yonkers Brewery with Mayor Mike Spano, Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, Yonkers Police Benevolent Association Det. President Keith Olson, and Yonkers Brewery Owner and Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo (D-District 4), among other associates who participated in  Riverfest 2019. What they ate and/or drank is unknown and not something over which this report cares to conjecture or speculate. At one moment in time, either with those associates/friends driving in their respective cars in tow to dúo with some or none of the entourage mentioned herein or not, whether they met at dúo or not, it has been corroborated by sources in the know that Mr. Jamal departed the Yonkers Brewery in his 2017 BMW sedan for dúo Tapas Bar & Lounge serving a “sexy and sophisticated clientele and menu! With two floors of ambiance dúo is sure to cater to your every need.” Their enticing advertising suggests one may “enjoy sipping our legendary Sangria or just relax with a glass of wine while dining on one of our many tapas …” dúo ( is located at 728 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers NY 10704. 

Mr. Jamal evidently had met his school chums from Yonkers Middle School at dúo.  About a dozen friends or so. He was drinking and buying his friends drinks. As the hours came to lapse, he advised that he would depart. His friends begged him not to drive home but to take an Uber. He did not listen, no matter how much they beseeched him. In fact it was some of those school chums who called the YPD to advise Akeem Jamal was driving in the wrong lane, against traffic on Central Avenue.

On September 16, 2019, he departed dúo in his 2017 Beemer at approximately 4:30am. He drove from dúo in an easterly direction toward Central Park Avenue. Upon reach the intersection he made an immediate left turn onto Central Park Avenue. He had positioned his car to enter the road designated for those traveling in a southerly direction, when he should have driven to the opposite side of the split Central Avenue that was one traffic signal further east and then turned left which would have placed him on Central Park Avenue heading north on the correct side of Central Avenue designated for those traveling in a northerly direction and thereby being correctly positioned on the road so designated. Yet he did not. And so he was traveling northbound from the Yonkers Avenue / Central Park Avenue intersection for approximately 2 miles north when he neared the juncture of Palmer Road. During this 2 miles long journey, despite the wee hour, three calls, that Yonkers Tribune is aware of were received by the Yonkers Police Department advising of a vehicle “traveling on the wrong side of Central Park Avenue,” that is against traffic. 

For the almost entire length Mr. Jamal traveled, the width of Central Park Avenue was only one car/bus wide. As one approaches Palmer Road there road widens on Central Park Avenue other than a dividing line between the side of the road designated for travel north and south. As Mr. Jamal was nearing Palmer Road, he was on the side designated for traveling south, yet he was traveling in a northerly direction, he struck a vehicle yards from the former Dick Gidron Cadillac car dealership. YPD asserts the head-on collision took place at 4:47am Sunday morning. 

The driver of the 2003 Chevy Trailblazer was a 53-year old male resident of Wappinger Falls, NY. The BMW driver was 23-year old Akeem H. Jamal. Both men were removed from the wreckage of their respective vehicles by Empress Ambulance EMS Paramedics. The YPD suggest the injuries suffered by the Trailblazer driver were not considered life threatening, whereas Mr. Jamal suffered severe internal bleeding and was placed into a coma at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Westchester County Medical Center. Truth be told, the man from Wappinger Falls had a broken leg. He has already retained legal counsel and will sue the City of Yonkers.

Mr. Abdul Jamal, Akeem Jamal’s father, a well-to-do business man who is a member of the Yonkers Board of Education Trustees is also a large donor to Mayor Mike Spano. Mr. Abdul Jamal begged Mayor Spano to retain his son Akeem’s employment with Yonkers City Hall. People with knowledge advise that Mayor Spano had told the father that he had personally warned Akeem Jamal about his excessive drinking and driving concerns and noted that this accident  was one he can no longer associate himself.

Mr. Jamal suffered severe internal bleeding, broken bones, was placed into a coma at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Westchester County Medical Center. He is said to have suffered a hip fracture, other broken bones, and was likely to be suffering some brain bleeding. Some sources suggest his recovery / rehabilitation period may take as long as a year

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, the Yonkers Tribune called the Office of the Westchester County District Attorney with the intention to speak to Westchester County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Office O’Rouke to gain insight as to whether the Westchester County District Attorney’s office was engaged in an investigation into the incident described herein. The Yonkers Tribune was, and still remains intent to learn if an inquiry into this incident had been opened. The basis for making such an inquiry is because the City of Yonkers is obligated to have an investigation of such an accident. This is standard protocol, especially when a member of the Yonkers Mayor’s Staff is involved. It is prudent to have an outside agency, such as the Weschester County District Attorney’s Office engage in such as investigation to quash any semblance or inference of impropriety or conflict of interest by any and every measure. It must also be recognized in such an accident a blood sample is taken at the hospital to ascertain what may have been the basis for some form of “impairment” for someone to drive 2 miles against traffic. Mr. Jamal is after all the Mayor’s Deputy Communicatíons Director. 

The terse email response from Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino Jr.’s Director of Public Information Helen Jonson came about after she needed to make further inquiry to my initial verbal question. She called back but I was on the other line. She left a voice mail message requesting I make my request by email which I did. Her response was disappointing, as it reads: “The DA’s Office does not comment on the existence or status of an investigation. Thank you for your inquiry. Regards Helen.”

It is also required for a hospital to have taken a sample of blood to test for alcohol level or any other form of impairing substance that is recognized by his not adhering to traffic patterns in a city he is familiar traversing. 

We have also learned that Akeem Jamal has pelvic injuries and is in a lot of pain

We pray for the recovery of Mr. Akeem Jamal and the man who resides in Wappinger Falls, NY, whose name we are not privy.

eHeziMayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director Akeem H. Jamal Suffers Serious Car Injuries

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  1. Hezi- Any update on this? I haven’t heard anything from other news sources. Spano has really kept this on the low. Wondering what he’s hiding.

      1. Well what’s new with that, this is Yonkers?

        Still no word from the Mayor? Shameful, indeed! Perhaps he’a afraid of culpability?! Why else the silence…?

        Seems like Akeem has a long road to recovery? Prayers for him, more than he’s getting publicly from this administration.

        Who’s filing his role? Will it be filled with an open requisition for public application? Or will it be filled by another ‘connected’ person? OR perhaps the role won’t be filled at all, which means it was never needed to begin with?

        Let’s see how this plays out…in the City of Hills!

          1. Apparently, he hasn’t yet been dismissed by the Mayor. The Mayor continues to visit him daily and inquiries about Akeem result in the Mayor expressing his sympathies about the crash and wishing him a quick recovery. Someone should really FOIA his timesheets for the past two weeks.

            If Mayor Spano allows him to stay on it would be a new low point for this administration and affirmation that he is a sociopathic ghoul. That could’ve been YOUR wife in the other car driving to the studio at 4:00 AM. It could’ve been YOUR daughter driving home from college. Nobody who does this should be protected, and anyone who goes out of their way to condone this behavior through the powers granted to them by the electorate should be rightfully forced out of office. I hope the other driver has a competent lawyer and subpoenas Akeem’s BAC levels upon arrival at WMC ASAP.

          2. What a load of crap! Tevert is the epitome of tool, puppet! Why does he get the job? My daughter in law is way more qualified!!

    1. Why is there NO news or updates on this accident on media? Think about it…What does that tell you???
      Local media control and City Hall patronage? By the incumbent government, to serve themselves!

      Speak up, wake up, because as much as City Hall incumbents try to discredit Hezi and his platform it’s our only true voice!

      Thank you Hezi, keep reporting! Your hard work is appreciated and not in vain. The truth will prevail. God bless you and Happy New Year.

    1. Post

      Yes, unfortunately,he is still in hospital. He ill need to undergo months of rehab. He has a metal plate that supports his pelvis which was broken due to the accident. His face is swollen as is his head due to fluid about his brain. He is alert but cannot speak as of two days ago. He can raise his hand which shows he does comprehend and can answer using his hand to denote yes or no. His recuperation is likely to take months rather tha. Weeks, that is how serious this accident was. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. Drinking and driving is no joke. Even one drink puts you at risk. Based on accounts he must have really had a load on. This is karma. The Jamal family has been buying influence and poisoning our city. The father takes extra money at his NYCDOE position. In fact, he had a no show job with the City of Yonkers. Karma

  2. I read a comment on here a few minutes ago that said something like Mike Khader will drain the swamp. It made me laugh. That guy is such a hypocritical idiot and isn’t capable of making a single decision without his cousin Zehy’s approval (the same cousin whose wife works for him making over a hundred thousand). He also has another relative working for him, Bridget Sayegh. She gets paid to work full time but only works part time). Looks like his swamp needs draining instead.

    1. Bridget came to one of my meetings, never introduced herself or offered to speak/ take questions in Mike’s absence which is why she was there, but you never knew it either. She left a few business cards and ran out the door. Waste of money !!

  3. As a Yonkers resident I could care less that this guy got into an accident. If he was drunk, arrest him, if not then so be it.
    It seems that everything that happens in Yonkers no matter how big or small is turned into a huge deal by this website.

    Just my 2 cents

  4. We are waiting for Statements from the Westchester DA and City Hall.

    Serious charges should be filed.

    That’s a test to the new police commissioner and the Westchester DA

  5. Spano is a dog. He destroyed this kids life.

    Akeem is Muslim and he is not supposed to drink but the Spanos forced him to drink to fit in and the kid went along

    Does anyone know his father contact info? He should pull him out.

    The father was appointed to the board and he will be the next victim.

    1. To be fair, if Akeem wanted to serve the public and be an altruistic individual there are other well respected elected officials and community leaders he could’ve joined in that pursuit. He chose to work for Spano, the embodiment of the establishment who has had a cloud of nefariousness sustained above him since he was crowned a Republican District Leader at age 18 because it yielded him much more personally. Akeem clearly treasured being on the inside track and being buddy buddy with with the Spanos than his own faith. You can’t blame the Mayor for that. You can lead a horse but you can’t force it to drink, pun intended.

    1. Yes. The City built out the facility, hired the employees, and even picked the menu. I hear once a week the Mayor and his Commissioners taste test the beer to make sure it’s up to their standards. Get a life. All the way up!

    2. Don’t worry. The US attorney has been sent Rubbo’s tax breaks and taxpayer giveaway list along with his self-interest conflict of interest votes on downtown development. Not to mention his vote on term limits shortly after his family members were employed by the Mayor. Better lawyer up Rubbo because the feds have been advised.

  6. The Yonkers Police Personnel must stand up for themselves and not jeopardize their livelihood and families. Forget the lies the Yonkers PBA leader Keith Olson tells you because in the end you alone will be held responsible. Forget the lies that the Spano’s will help your career because they won’t. Soon this case will be open for all to see in a court of law. Remember Keith Olson and John Mueller walk hand and hand and work for Nick Spano not the members. Just look at the pages of 207c changes in your last contract. More to come

  7. Bottom line with the likes of the PBA President Keith Olson and his good friend Mueller working and being protected by Nick Spano means you could be a victim too……# bag of rotten public figures

    1. Still no word or public statement from the Mayor’s office on this accident? Says a lot about his lack of loyalty and concern for his high-ranking staff member as well as for the other injured victim. Cowardly and shameful it is!

    1. Post

      My reading of the language used by the Office of Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, Jr., through the Media Directo, even though would not comment ass to whether they are involved in this case or not, that they are, but choose o presently deny that they are. One thing is certain is that it is a conflict of interest for Yonkers Police Department to investigate the type of accident that ok place with with respect to a high official directly involved with the Mayor of Yonkers as his Deputy Communications Director. the reason for that “protocol” is to avoid any semblance of impropriety by any investigative body or any municipality who may have self interest in covering up pertinent information they deem pertinent. That is why the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office is the most logical department to scrutinize the is accident. The WCDA is respected, has the integrity, and the means to investigate such a complex incidence in all its complexity. We have to be patient in overseeing the evolving circumstances as they unfold. We will learn soon enough what and how will takeover this investigation and they will likely make it public that they are in charge. The findings will take longer but patience will be required to await the finding of Whatever body become the overseeing body. — Kindly, Hezi.

        1. Does not matter. The Spano Good Ole boys club take money from everyone. That is how John Mueller tip the scales. Right now the Joker things he is the best Police Commissioner that ever walked the earth and has been bashing his predecessor to no end. Here is a thug like Olson that has harassed and targeted good men and women for his own political gain and yet not a mention to the community. Truth be told is that he is Keith Olson’s good ole boy friend and that means anything goes.
          The Entire Community should have had their day not Nick Spano who gets $ 48, 000. Losers

  8. The correct thing for the Silly Council to do, is to demand that no public money will be used to defend this individual in any way. He was not on “city” business at 4:30 am. Where was the press conference? Who was he spinning to ?
    Yonkers is a farce top to bottom.

    It’s time for the community to wake up again and hold all these bastards feet to the fire. Yes Mike and the Silly Council.

    1. NOT one red cent of taxpayer money should be used to defend anyone involved or implicated in this accident. NO ONE was on city business, whether at Yonkers Brewery or Tapas. They were all drinking on their own time and (hopefully with their own) dimes!

    2. Mike Spano is stumbling drunk like the Joker and Keith Olson. They live in bars and always drink and drive with the exception of stumbling Mike Spano who has paid Police Drivers. Still no public comment from these drinking banjos. The acting PC Jonny Joker Mueller is still on his fantasy tour taking pictures and kissing and hugging everyone but no statement either.
      Can somebody tell this jerk that he cashed his way to the top spot with lobbying cash but will never be a real Police Commissioner. Mueller is a Spano Brother’s Commissioner to fix things. You decide what fix things mean. The District Attorney and other Law Enforcement Agencies already know how Yonkers operates under the covers.
      Agencies should really look on how this case was initially handled and where it was headed.
      Generation Yonkers right Mr. Mayor?

  9. Is this a joke? If Mayor was so concerned about Akeem’s excessive drinking and driving, why would he and his two 60 year-old, crooked cronies, Mueller and Olson, go out drinking with this 22 year old, impressionable kid at Yonkers Brewery earlier in the evening. Now the Mayor claims he can “no longer associate himself” with this incident. Typical.

    1. The only way I see the Mayor addressing this as a concern directly is if he had previously been pulled over drunk or had gotten in an accident before. They need to check Akeem’s driving abstract and run the plates on his car to see if he was involved in any other incidents which could’ve been related to drinking and driving but were swept under the rug as another incident.

      1. lol Neider is somehow too mentally deficient for the Spano cabal which is remarkable in itself. At least Akeem was articulate, and had the nuance to not show up to the fundraising dinners of an opposing political party after constantly bashing them on social media. It’s like they recasted Alex Keaton from Family Ties and made him illiterate. The youth have a bleak outlook in Yonkers politics.

    1. Yonkers is NOT a swamp, it’s a sewer!
      With swamps, the general inhabitants are muskrats, beavers, raccoons, opossums and even deer. Somewhat like-able creatures!

      In sewers, it’s predominantly rats, snakes and eels. Poisonous, devious, dirty and disease carrying cretins. The parallel to Yonkers with the sewer is uncanny.

      So Khader is going to need a lot of help to clean the sewer of Yonkers. It’s not a one-man job! I wish him the best of luck, as the sewer is near overflowing now!

      1. Khader is doing no such thing. He hasn’t done one thing for the taxpayers of Yonkers. He has made no difference. Did he vote for the last budget? That’s all you need to know.

    2. Khader is going to drain the swamp? Might be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! He can’t even drain himself. The amount of people already lining up to primary him is hilarious. Johnny Lear Khader, you better start raising extra MPAC money because Mikey Khader’s days of being a double agent are numbered. ALL THE WAY UP!

      1. OMG just too funny! Can imagine your primary line up of (Moe) Meier, (Larry) Levy and (Curley) Rubbo, the Three Stooges of the Mayor. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Who else?

        What we need is a good, true-blooded Republican to challenge them all! But, sadly that’s Not going to happen in the shitty city of Yonkers!

  10. If Akeem is not thoroughly investigated(and if he was drunk, then charged), the DOJ should launch an investigation into all police departments involved, Mayor Mike spano and senior ranking officials in his administration to see if Akeem was given special treatment. Mayor Mike Spano needs to realize nobody is above the law including his staffers. Time shouldn’t be given to recover, anybody else would have been crucified on every news channel but Mike spano wants to keep it under wraps. If he was drunk, he should be charged and never allowed to drive anything

    1. Everyone knows that he was going to get special treatment but the Yonkers Tribune’s Story sent everyone back to first base from Mike Spano to the newest Yes man Police Commissioner John Mueller. One can assume that the District Attorney’s Office is certainly involved since they tried the same thing with Frank Fernandez and tried to blame the Yonkers Fire Department

  11. Hezi – since you seem to know everything, was Akeem conscious and alert at the crash scene? Did your friends with the blue truth also mention if a breathalyzer was administered at that time? Unlikely. The rest of you armchair quarterbacks should have a little common sense and know that blood toxicology results takes weeks! Each and every single one of you who have nothing better to do but judge someone and accuse without a single fact are just pathetic. I certainly hope that none of you are ever in a situation like this and expect mercy.

    1. Putting aside his tragic accident-he is another example of the pathetic and corrupt way of life that dictates how things continue to be done in Yonkers-if in fact he was intoxicated while driving his motor vehicle then he should be arrested and face the consequences just like everyone else.

    2. God, you people really are idiots. If a person is not capable of taking a breathalyzer at the scene of a crash, it’s the first thing they do when they arrive at the hospital. They administer a blood and urine test which can instantaneously tell hospital staff if a person is under the influence of drugs and alcohol or not. Do you think that hospitals just take people into trauma centers unaware of whether they’re sober or not? How do you think the media reports on fatal DUI crashes by the 6:00 AM news?. City Hall has to get back to the drawing board if this is their excuse. FYI, patient information relating to a DUI is not protected by HIPAA. Is City Hall going to jeopardize everything by trying to cover-up the cause of the crash in the YPD investigation when the triage unit reveals his BAC? Or are they just going to kick Akeem to the curb and allow him to speak on the 5 years of wheeling and dealing he witnessed to SDNY and the DOJ? Feeling the heat Mike? You should.

      Also, I don’t expect mercy for driving straight onto oncoming traffic drunk because it’s not something I or any rational person would do. Maybe you should take your own advice on common sense and realize that the kid wonder was slammed out of his mind. The only pathetic people are the folks who are trying to sweep this under the rug out of expediency. Did you know there were other people who witnessed him driving the wrong way all the way from the Burger King on Central Avenue? Another person said they were forced to swerve into the Shell gas station just to avoid a collision. Don’t worry, the State’s public integrity office has already been tipped off. They’re watching how this unfolds too.

    3. Testing to determine if someone is DWI or DUI does not take weeks! Urine & blood tests are done at hospital as routine after serious accidents.

  12. Sort of reminds me of the Yonkers police detective that crashed his car. Can’t drink and drive. And if you do, then you get a straight-to-jail card (if you survive) without passing go. Zero tolerance, folks. Don’t care who you are.

    1. Post

      I have requested this information today, Thursday, September 19th. I will write about the regulations n an article if I am supplied with the regulations. Thank you for your inquiry. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. All the dumb ass responses in this comment section are from City Hall insiders. It’s so obvious! They are vested in the corrupt status quo and nervous now. As they should be!

        The general public and concerned citizen is a lot smarter than you think. Keep drinking that Spano kool-aid to delude yourself, bit the rest of the populace is not sugar addicted!

        Look at all these city officials drinking with Rubbo at his brewery. Did they all go out with Akeem after? Who knows? They had a young guy in their midst. Did they care? Not at all. I hope this kid is ok but the cover-up and connection and dram shop laws are just Karma!! May not implicate Rubbo’s Brewery, but surely he’s shitting a brick now, as any good lawyer will go after his place and definitely the Tapas.

        And the Mayor drinking and after-hours with his staff, Shame, shame on you! Bad on so many levels. Spano you are no leader, you’re nothing but a political sponge drunk.

        And as for media, Channel 12 and Yonkers Rising they are truly hopeless and not reporting. And then we have Ru Ros from Yonkers Voice Central and Brian Harrod from Yonkers Neeswire who both posted the initial report have given zero updates or credible info since then.

        TG for Hezi trying to dig through the obstructionist of Yonkers to the truth. This citizen appreciates your reporting Hezi, keep it up!

        1. Post

          Thank you. I appreciate your trust. You will find this revised telling surmounts the initial obfuscation and fake facts that came from city hall’ attempts to coverup. We are ahead of the YPD and the Westchester County DA. I learned my lesson when reporting the Fernandez incident that was stalled for a year a conclusion came about a year later. No more. — Kindly, Hezi

          1. No more, is right Hezi! The truth has to come out. All those implicated and justice must be served for the victim and for all law-abiding citizens. Zero tolerance for reckless drunk drivers, whoever they are! Killers behind the wheel.

  13. It appears Mr. Jamal has vanished from Facebook – by suggestion of legal counsel, maybe? The longer the silence from our Mayor lasts the louder the guilty rumors get.

    1. If anything it’s a reaffirmation of guilt. Someone should file a complaint with the NYS AG and the County DA to ensure that the good ol’ boys at the YPD can’t cover this up. They’re already trying to spin alternate rumors about Kid Icarus straight from the hospital bed. Unfortunately, the facts of this case are clear cut.

      Sorry Mike, looks like you’re going to have to find another heir to your throne long term.

    1. Post
      1. How about if it was a SPANO in the other car or AKEEM himself you would CRUCIFY the other person! NO ONE WOULD HAVE EMPATHY THEN FOR THE DRUNK DRIVER!!! Thank God the man he hit did not die!!! This is what is wrong with yonkers! FRIENDS AND FAMILY ALL THE WAY! Pathetic excuses for human beings! So, was he coming from Colonial Heights?

    1. Hezi, or any police officer,
      What is the protocol? He committed a crime and I have been told he is in a drug induced coma. Is he not supposed to be under “arrest” ? A cop at his door? Handcuffs on him? If this was anyone’s else’s child NOT ONE OF YOU PATHETIC FRIENDS AND FAMILY WOULD GIVE A SHIT! You would crucify our kids! I have met this young man and he is very respectful BUT he choose to drink and drive! What about the other person whose life is now changed forever because one of Mayor Spanos GOLDEN BOYS &ucked up?
      I pray they all heal and that justice is served!

  14. When Khader was a candidate he said he would get a meat cleaver and chop the budget instead he gave us a 7% tax increase. He said he ban personal use of city cars, he’s accumulated the most mileages among his colleagues
    He said my family won’t work for the city two nephews were hired.
    Khader says one thing an does another

      1. Hope all families involved ask for the District Attorney’s Office to oversee the investigation that the Yonkers PD sees to be struggling with. # City Official right

    1. This is Denise trying to divert the story. Listen Denise the is about your lapdog Akeem. How’d it feel when khader beat your friend Liam in a landslide? It was hilarious. I heard you were one of the people running out of Dunwoodie Caters

    1. Wowww horrible horrible tragedy. However what’s eating me is He was not the only party involved in an ACCIDENT in which he was at fault (I love how y’all cleaned that up btw) WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON WHO LIFE WAS IN JEOPARDY!!!!….CAN WE BE UPDATED ABOUT HIM AS WELL HMM KAYY !!!

      1. Post

        I do not know the name of the Wappinger Falls man that was hit by Mr.Jamal. Sorry.I suspect that in time, YPD will reveal more pertinent info, including his name. — Kindly, Hezi

      2. My friend was the other person involved in this accident. He is the sweetest and most gentle guy you can meet. He was going to work on his day off when this happened. He sustained injuries that will take months to recover. I hope this guy survives his injuries so he can live and suffer with what he has done to my friend. I personally will see that the DA prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law.

        1. My prayers to your friend! Please tell him to lawyer up! The corruption in Yonkers starts with the Mayor! His brother is an ex State Senator as well
          As FELON! They will try and sweep this under the rug! Prayers that he fully heals and that justice is served and Akeem also heals and is accountable for his actions! If he was anyone else’s kid he would be already held accountable in his hospital

        2. Post

          There are more pertinent issues than a broken finger.The lower extremites … pelvis,internal bleeding, and much more. It may take as long as a year to recuperate. I wish him well-kindly,Hezi

  15. How many of these “Deputy Communications Directors” do we have?
    and most importantly how much does he make?

    How on earth is a 23 year old made a “Deputy Communications Director “? and what are his connections to the SpaNO’s. It smells of a Petrone and his daughters fiancee.

    Sorry but Drinking and Driving is crazy. Let’s hope Yonkers is not going to foot any bill for this.
    Is $20 dollar uber too much???

    1. We have way too many Deputies and Chiefs in Yonkers City Hall and worst thing is NONE of these jobs are open for competitive hiring or exam. All big $$ openings appointed to the family and friend network. None of these positions posted to City website or other hiring boards.

      Where is the IG office investigating Yonkers hiring practices? Oh forgot, that IG is also appointed and employed at the discretion of the Mayor!!! So much conflict of interest in Yonkers, it’s downright deplorable and we the taxpayer are funding this corruption. Thank God for Hezi as otherwise, we’d have no insight to it at all.

      And this guy Akeem had relatively no experience for a 140k position (think that was his compensation) just out of college. He’s connected that’s why he got the job.

      Sorry he got hurt in an accident, but driving the wrong way and injuring another person is Unacceptable. What was he doing at 5am driving with a city Placard displayed? Very poor judgement as like you said Uber is always on hand. Let’s hope he wasn’t at a city event or hanging out with the Mayor and crew!

      1. My mistake, Akeem’s comp is $85k, still a nice bag of change for a 23 year old. Wouldn’t happen in the private sector! Only in Yonkers!!!!

        1. 85k is more than almost any senior staffer makes for any other elected official in the area. Until earlier this year, it was more than any State Senator or Assemblymember in the State Legislature made. CCP Khader himself makes $75k.

          MoCs Engel/Lowey, State Senators, County Executive Latimer. These are all offices where their staff has to cover constituencies at least twice the size of the City of Yonkers and very few of these people are getting paid 85k plus benefits to serve the public. There’s no way that the workload is somehow so uniquely demanding in the Mayor’s office that any of these appointments are worth their paygrade, let alone warrant redundant deputy/assistant appointments. No way in hell they’re within market range either.

          Yonkers taxpayers are being robbed. The fact that these people make our kids ride up to Albany and beg for money on annual basis knowing they’re pilfering the salary of a teacher and a substitute or half a dozen bus monitors is uniquely embarrassing. Do these people lack the self-awareness or are they just this brazenly shameless?

          1. It’s asinine… Yonkers is a shithole… The only thing yonkers cares about is the fucking waterfront.. it’s disgraceful.. wtf
            The whole time the July 4th fireworks were going off. They just kept running this “and thank Mike spano for bringing the fireworks back to yonkers”… Who the f**k cares ….

          2. Wonder what the ex jewelry salesman makes as emergency operations director. Imagine his expertise from jewelry to emergency operations, papa Mouseielo got the little Mouse a friends and family job.

          3. Wait a minute. You are comparing the salary of a full time staff person for the executive to a part time council person? What do you think the council president does exactly? I’m certain that if you walk into his office 9 of out 10 times Khader isn’t there and his staff is staring at 4 walls. That office is a complete waste of taxpayer money.

      2. Sorry he got hurt WTF-he caused his injuries and placed the lives of other motorists at grave risk-Spano should visit him, ask him how he is feeling and then tell him that he no longer works for the COY-no sympathy here.

      3. For years mayor spano is said to have wanted reval now its time, the city is at a constitutional taxing limit and no other options exist. He has raised salaries of those f&f network and hired 200 plus more people. Get ready home owners your taxes will double, same services or lack there of. The crime has skyrocketed with shootings and stabbings, things are getting worse and no accountability as usual.

    1. Post
      1. This is why you cannot be trusted, when you say you have sources and your information is corroborated. Some random person posts a baseless comment to your blog, and immediately you respond and make comments as if it was true. This is exactly the type of “sources” you have, random, nameless, and unaccountable commenters in your blog. Pathetic

        1. Driving the wrong way and hitting head on into another vehicle in the wee hours of the morning sure sounds like DWI. Can’t change what the Hospital Staff determine or what the D.A . finds

  16. Yeah smarties, and the accident is a conspiracy too. Hope the District Attorney’s Office is involved because if it were just property damage this too would have been keep a secret by the Police and the City Officials.

  17. I have never seen Hezi have so much hatred directed toward him for revealing a story. He didn’t even receive this much hatred for the story about the dinner at Rini’s.

    1. Wow, the friend & family network at City Hall will do anything to protect their own, despite wrongdoing or injury to others. These futile attempts to discredit and disparage the messenger are NOT working!!!

      Wonder when the Mayor, in the interest of concern and transparency, will issue a statement concerning his appointed staff member and the other injured victim of this accident? Or will this be swept under the rug, like so many other incidents.

      Prayers for all involved.

  18. More and more this site is looking like a place where the hateful, ignorant, and conspiratorial go to spew their slanderous, unfounded, and pathological rhetoric. Unfortunately, the person who heads this blog, does nothing more than incite and perpetuate this brand of discourse. It’s a sad day when someone like Alex Jones has more credibility and integrity, than the person heading this blog. It is funny to read the author and some commenters say in response to others, “to go somewhere else,” as if anyone who isn’t hateful, gets their news from this tabloid. Elevate your argument, not your ignorance!

    1. Unfounded? Conspiratorial? Ignorant? I think not, Mr professor of nonsense. This is Yonkers and we are hardworking, principled taxpayers and citizens and see through this charade!

      No idea who Alex Jones is? Probably some idiot, no idea… don’t care. Totally, irrelevant to Yonkers. Stick to the issues at hand, which is accountability, responsibility and accessibility!

  19. There should be a ban on all city cars !!!
    I could imagine the insurance costs to Taxpayers…
    Our council members are using these cars to drop there kids off to school…

  20. Spano was going to endorse Akeem for Third District Council before he ended up double-crossing Dennis. Spano prefers to surround himself with young kids he can manipulate. He will have Akeem’s record expunged like the rest of his staffers.

    1. Wow, th amount of ignorance in this comment section is uncanning. First, there is no statute in NYS for expungement, and second, the mayor of a city has no power or authority to commute someone’s sentence, nor pardon. I understand that you and others are not presenting any factual information, and are simply attacking. However, you probably should read a bit, or stick to childish name-calling, because inaccurate or baseless claims are the same thing.

    2. This commenter isn’t wrong. Akeem & the people in the Mayor’s inner circle couldn’t keep their mouths shut about his plans to run for the newly vacated 3rd City Council District seat. It’s my understanding that the family was in the process of buying a new home and the home wasn’t in the district. It was either that or Dennis expressed his intentions to run as well and Spano offered him the more lucrative position in his administration pending his graduation from FordhamU. The commenter is right to suggest that the Spano family has and will make these incidents disappear for the right people. However, Akeem simply wasn’t that valuable to the Mayor yet or this was such a catastrophic f*** up that they couldn’t just sweep it under the rug.

    1. Why don’t you go and FOIL his time-sheet? Or better yet, since you clearly know the name of his boss, why not ask? Ohhhh, right, you are only forthright behind the cloak of anonymity provided to you by the internet.

      1. Post

        I have no idea to what you are referring. FOIL requests in Yonkers go unanswered. That is why I work with sources whose information is corroborated. I know how things should work, but they have not been forthcoming with me. I am sorry it disappoints you that the information I write about is ahead of the curve for you and many others. Your choice may b to read about what takes place in other communities in Westchester County, or other counties. There is no need to read the Yonkers Tribune if it offend you so. Think of us as a TV channel. If you don’t like it switch channels. Kindly, Hezi

        1. I wonder why no one is forthcoming with you? Because you slander and smear anyone you may disagree with, and all under the cloak of “corroborated source information.” You are not ahead of the curve, you are judging ahead of the criminal justice system. Again, your suggestion of getting my news from other outlets is unnecessary, as I just look through your trashy blog to see what the scum hiding under rocks across this city are whispering about. It’s funny how in another comment, Hezi, you told someone that they wouldn’t know because they were not a “reporter,” I believe you should take a hard look at the definition and criteria for such position, as you are far from a reporter. Also, as a reporter, you may want to invest in a tool that helps with grammar, as there are many errors in your statements.

          1. Nobody is forthcoming with Hezi because everyone in this city is afraid. All of the anonymous commenters on this site, yourself included have something to lose if the dynamics of leadership ever functionally changed in this city. It’s why you come here and embarrass yourselves under the guise of defending the illusory honor of the Spano family, who has bought you, your silence, and your integrity for the cheap.

            You want to know how I know Hezi is telling the truth? Because half of the guys like yourself have 6 figure salaries to shut your mouths and look the other way. Hezi doesn’t take anything from these people, and has never wanted to. In a city where everyone’s silence has been bought either through salary increases or by force, there is only one lone dissenter who refuses to carry water for these people.

          2. There was no reply button on your comment, so I will quote you, so it is clear who I am referring to. You said, “All of the anonymous commenters on this site, yourself included have something to lose if the dynamics of leadership ever functionally changed in this city.”. So, being that you are all knowing, what exactly would I lose? I have no “6-figure salary,” no “connection to the “Spano’s,” nor do I work for the city. I have not once defended anyone, especially a Spano, and actually never mentioned them at all or defended anyone. What I said was that saying flat out that someone was “DUI” instead of allegedly, or sources say is beyond the pale of journalism. All of you are the ones who are obsessed with the Spano’s, not I. Because anything that was said, questioned, or criticized, was responded to with an attack and/or mention of the Spano’s, even comments that were made about something specific. The commenters on this site are a sad example of a failing education system, no common sense, logic, nor civility. I don’t involve myself with nonsensical dialogues, and if you have actually read and understood anything that I have written you would see that, instead you and many others here, including the author, are blinded by hate and rage. I hope you all find peace and purpose in your lives, Godspeed!

  21. You should honestly seek professional help, because you are an angry person. It’s clear that you are just saying things to release your hate and frustration with someone who has NOTHING to do with this incident. The individual in this story is a grown man, free to make his own decisions. Wake up and get a clue!

  22. This is a message to mayor Mike Spano-

    Just because the DOJ went after your brother doesn’t mean they are done with the Spano family. If a cover up takes place here, the DOJ will hold your administration accountable. If Akeem Jamal was drunk, it should be charged and prosecuted hopefully with prison time

  23. After winning his primary Mayor Spano has:

    1. given pay increases to the political hacks he city haul in employees.

    2. get drunk with a young staffer then this staffer gets in a collusion.

    maybe that dope de giorgio has a shot from the way this Buffoon is acting

    1. Look pal, obviously you have no idea of what you are talking about. Blaming the Yonkers Tribune for his style of reporting is your right and it is your opinion but your interpretation of civil liberties and civil rights is lacking. Under the Spano Administration there are no civil rights or civil liberties of which you allude too. It is apparent you have no idea how Yonkers operates. If they cover up incidents like this, they would, if they could cover up internal misconduct, they have. So if you don’t like the Yonkers Tribune, then go to another news source and if you do you will never find out about what really goes on in a very corrupt struggling City. Enjoy yourself

      1. Very insightful; however, it’s clear that you did not actually read my comment, or lack the capacity to understand what I wrote. You said, “Under the Spano Administration there are no civil rights or civil liberties of which you allude too,” this has nothing to do with civil rights/liberties. This administrations alleged involvement in corruption and coverups, are crimes and have nothing to do with civil rights/liberties. My interpretation and understanding of civil rights/liberties is not lacking at all; however, I believe your animus is clouding your ability to understand. There is a clear difference between crimes and civil rights/liberties, you may want to enroll in an introductory civics course, you’ll be surprised to learn how little you know.


  24. Hezi-

    It’s called journalistic integrity, and ethical responsibility, which from reading many of your recent “stories” is missing. No credible news outlet assumes guilt, and in this country people are presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. However, that is not how it works on your blog. I do not believe that you have used the words ‘alleged,’ ‘presumed,’ ‘believed to be/have,’ or any iteration of those terms, which would be the correct way of describing, even credibly vetted/sourced claim or description of events. Just because you ‘were told’ that an individual was intoxicated, does not give you, or anyone else, the right to be the judge and jury in the court of public opinion. If you simply put the term ‘allegedly’ before “intoxicated” in this story, or ‘sources say that…was intoxicated,’ there would be nothing wrong with your story. However, that is not what you said, you spoke as if you were the one who administered the test, and/or personally read the results of the alcohol screening. That said, even if you had, disclosing those results to the public would be a direct violation of HIPPA. It’s safe to say that you do not have ‘credible sources,’ as most decent people wouldn’t condone your clear dismissal of civil liberties and Constitutional rights. Statements such as,” “the facts will be borne out soon enough,” and “We’ll find out soon enough won’t we? Like everything else I’ve written? True or simply a fabrication. I know the answer. You my friend will just have to await te moment of truth. —- Kindly, Hezi,” in response to criticism, are nothing more than a demonstration of your lack of journalistic integrity and low standards.

    I have no problem with breaking a story, but rather with the choice of words, or lack there of, used when describing the details surrounding an event, the intent of an individual, or the actions of anyone said to have been involved. In this country, that is not for you to decide. There is a reason why these types of events, or individual actions are referenced a certain way to by the media, as I’m sure real journalists, reporters, and news organizations likely have far more credible sources, yet have the restraint and decency in the way they characterize the details of a story. For this reason, I am not surprised to read that there are civil actions against you; however, I wouldn’t believe that you would like anyone prejudging the outcome of those proceedings using what has been alleged. Or, would you? I celebrate anyone who has the courage to expose corruption, and/or wrongdoing, but not in violation of Constitutional rights, nor by violating journalistic norms and ethics. Simple editing and a few grammatical changes, and you would resemble a journalist, and not a tabloid with an agenda to smear and slander regular, everyday people. Do better, Yonkers really needs a voice and someone to tell them what is truly going on.

    Concerned resident

    1. You must be the Mayor’s Communication Director trying to discredit Hezi with your editorial spin. When will the Mayor issue a statement on this matter concerning a high-ranking city employee? Prayers for him and the other driver.

      Concerned residents have a right to know!

  25. That’s a demonstration of how Spano runs the city- drunk and driving people to hell.

    I do wish him a speedy recovery but God has his plan.

  26. I feel bad for the other driver. He had nothing to do with this.

    The family of the other driver should sue City Hall, Spano, and the Jamal family.

    Gross negligence is punishable by law.

  27. Reporting facts is not a crime. Driving on the opposite side of the road at 5 am means the person is intoxicated.

    City Hall is all drunk including Spano

    1. Reporting facts, that have been borne out in a court of law, you are correct, is not a crime. However, reporting second-hand information, and with no mention of it being from a source, or an allegation, is a violation of civil law. A person, no person, has the right to in any way publish any claim that may slander, or in any other way have a negative impact on an individual, unless/until said facts have been founded in a court of law. Posting your ‘feelings’ is not how an objective journalist crafts their stories. Please do some research next time, before you present your ignorant ‘legal analysis.’

      1. If Akeem and the City of Yonkers would like to open up a slander case against Hezi, I’m sure we’d find some nice goodies in the exploratory phase confirming Hezi’s reporting to be accurate. The Spanos have crossed tons of lawyers in this city, I’m sure someone will be eager to do it pro-bono.

  28. I feel bad for the kid. His father should pull him out of City Hall.

    Wait, his father is as guilty.

    That’s what happens when you are where you don’t belong.

  29. The word is that he was drinking with Mayor Spano.
    If anything happens to the Kid, will the mayor be charged with reckless endangerment of a child?

    We should see

  30. How did this make the news? The Mayors own nephew got into a similar situation a few years ago leaving a Christmas party across from the Will library. One call to his Uncle Lenny and it was all
    Hush hush! This is a nice kid who made a stupid decision. I am sure the recent publicity on his pay raise that has cost some their homes was a heavy burden to bear.
    Between the Mayors stents and now this it seems like God has had enough!
    My prayers to the victim in this horrific accident and to this young man!
    Praying for full
    Recoveries for both and for prayers their families.

  31. Why do you put out these hot pieces against staffers of Mike Spano? The poor kid in a coma about to die. Have some respect for the family

  32. Hezi , as a parent who works 2 jobs it disturbs me when I see council president Khader using his city car to drop his kids every morning to school
    he talks about fighting for the taxpayers meanwhile he’s using a city car for personal use. Is this legal ?
    I read on your site that he campaigned against the use of city cars.

    1. They all use city cars! Doesn’t make it right, so why single out CCP? Maybe he’s dropping the kids off before heading to work at City Hall. The Mayor has a City car and a driver, why the hell is that needed?

      Corazon crashed 2 city vehicles and nothing happened to her, no reprimand. Just give her another car.

      I saw a Yonkers City SUV on the NYS thruway just below exit 16 a few weekends ago. Guess they were going to Woodbury shopping for back to school clothes, definitely not city business. Doesn’t justify the abuse which is rampant!

    2. Are you following CCP Khader throughout the day to see if he’s on city business or are you just a hater? Khader shows up to City Hall early on most mornings, odds are he’s dropping his kids off on the way there. A far cry from the impropriety of Liam McLaughlin, who used to criss-cross Westchester on his personal legal business.

  33. Who issued the placard? And what city business is being conducted that the placard is need at 5am? Is there city hall protocol or laws in place on placards? Is it illegal to use the placard when you are not on city business?

  34. The DOJ should come into town and investigate this matter. We don’t know if he was intoxicated or on any narcotics, but there is still a great possibility. The DOJ needs to come in and launch a thorough investigation into the matter and if need so Akeem should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. Akeem could have taken another persons life.

  35. As with any of the stories that Hezi uncovers, I hope he’s wrong. I hope that Mr. Jamal isn’t suffering from life-threatening injuries and I pray for his recovery, I also hope he wasn’t so intoxicated that he managed to drive straight into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, the facts don’t care for the sycophancy on this website and the pattern of events leading up to the crash suggests that this was indeed a DUI.

    To the folks that are already excusing this alleged affair as merely a drunk driving incident in which there were no fatalities, or blaming it on youthful indiscretions, shame on you. To suggest that Hezi lacks integrity for reporting this accident (which was allegedly so loud it woke people up in the nearby Palmer Houses) demonstrates an alarming lack of humanity from those who are determined to protect the F&F network at all costs. What about the man from Wappinger Falls almost didn’t make it home and underwent an unnecessarily traumatic experience as a result of this accident? Does his life not matter in this either?

    Also, contrary to what some may believe, a 23-year old is an adult man. Mr. Jamal is a college-educated professional who works in the highest echelons of our local government. He, more than anybody else, should know better. I will wait for the facts to return judgment but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hezi’s reporting holds true. The Mayor owes it to the residents of the City of Yonkers to explain whether this person is qualified to have this appointed position. We all know the perceived immunity of this arrogant administration, and the presence of the seal of the Corporation of the City of Yonkers emblazoned on the dashboard of a late-model BMW only exemplifies it. If anything, I’m surprised we’re even hearing anything of it considering it was YPD who responded to the scene of the crash. News 12 even refused to mention that it was an alleged DUI when reporting on the crash. Thoughts and prayers.

    1. We are surprise too because the Spano’s don’t want any negative news getting out unless it is about low income high rise apartments going up in a three block area with no shops and two restaurants. Maybe Media Outlets need to call Nick Spano to see if he has any news.

  36. You really are the scum of the earth, aren’t you? Just when it doesn’t look like you can sink any lower, you do. You should be ashamed of yourself and your pathetic excuse for a “news blog” – I feel sorry for you. A miserable, angry person who sits in their house obsessing over City workers and reveling in news that a young man has been seriously injured. What a life.
    Your speculations/what you heard/what you are reporting as “fact” are irrelevant. A person has suffered serious injuries with potentially devastating outcomes. Can you be a human being for once or are you just unable to function as anything other than a steaming pile of shit?

    1. There is nothing wrong with reporting ANY news. What because you live in a very corrupt City so the news media outlets are not to report any news. The Public has a right to know Mr. Knowledge!

  37. He’s a young kid. To say he was drunk while the police still have a active investigation is absurd. I don’t think anyone is coming to you while the kid clings to life to say that he was intoxicated and if they did, it’s ilegal and against hills laws. It’s times like this when we realize how ones life can change in a second. No one should be the judge and jury on this unless they have the facts. I know the Jamal family well. They are Muslim and do not drink at all. Please wait for the facts. I urge you to do that at this time or please tell your source.

    Peace and love to all and prayers to the entire Jamal family.

    1. Post

      I have corroboration and i am sorry it offends you that I have corroborated it all. I also pray for his recovery. Whether you like it or not, he was noted to be DWI. You don’t know because you are not a reporter or can’t tell the difference between fact or fiction. I am certain you are the type that still blaming be for the Fernadez intoxication episode on Valentine’s Day in which he crashed in the same vicinity. We had notice of the blood serum level about a year before it was ever revealed. Fake news, you only wish. — have a good day. And whether his parents practice the dictated of The Quran as you would like them to abide, does not make him a bad person. I am certain his God will not take it out on him as you already have. This may just be the propitious moment for you to open the Quran which you likely never read. —- kindly, Hezi

  38. “Simply a fabrication”? Is that how your justify the BS that you “write” or print without fact checking? You really make me sick to my stomach – rest assured that you’ll never see my IP address on this rag again. I have better use for used toilet paper than I do you, you POS lowlife.

    1. Post

      Whether you return or not, I don’t care. But I do know that you will find I am correct on this issue and others. Time will prove to you who you are and who I am. Enjoy your ignorant tirade. It is without fact. —- Kindly, Hezi

    2. Why is Hezi being villianized for reporting the news? This accident was initially reported by Channel 12 news.
      Many news outlets cover auto accidents and report drivers names and also whether drug or alcohol is involved. In fact, just tonight full details of a similar accident in Saugerties NY was reported by Channel 12 News.

      This particular accident in Yonkers was a head-on collision, with one driver going in the wrong direction at 5am!

      Everyone prays for this young man’s full recovery and also for the innocent victim in the other car. Just because one individual works for the City of Yonkers is not an entitlement for privilege or privacy. So let’s stop with the name calling and threats and grow up!

    1. Post
  39. Hezi – I hope you have your facts correct on this one otherwise I’m sure you can believe you’ll be hearing from the Jamal family attorney and be slapped with yet another lawsuit.

    1. Post

      We’ll find out soon enough won’t we? Like everything else I’ve written? True or simply a fabrication. I know the answer. You my friend will just have to await te moment of truth. —- Kindly, Hezi

      1. Post
    2. How is this Hezi fault and why would he be sued with “yet another law suit”?

      As for the Jamal family, we pray for the speedy recovery for Akeem. Hes a sweetheart of a guy and an asset to the city of Yonkers.

      As for the drinking & driving, so long as he hurt nobody else, who is anyone to judge him? There was a time when a police officer would pull you over, put you in a squad car and take you home.
      Some of these laws now a days are way over board..
      I’ll get a lot of flack for that comment I’m sure.

      1. Post

        Thanks for your point. Believe you me, all I have said is on the mark. —- Kindly Hezi. If you want a different version perhaps there are other outlets that will write to your satisfaction.

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