Mayor’s Monday Message – September 23, 2019

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Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor

OSSINING, NY — September 23, 2019 — Fall Prevention Awareness: Did you know that falls are the number one reason seniors lose their independence? Today’s program at the Community Center focused on how to prevent falls. Thank you to Molly Roffman of StepWISE Now, and Westchester County and the local healthcare resources that participated in today’s Fall Prevention Awareness Day event. The cheerful group of tai chi practitioners pictured here presented us all with a demonstration.

Last Wednesday the Village Board tabled a Resolution Adopting the Five Year Plan for the Village of Ossining Public Housing Agency. Most of the contents of the plan are responding to requirements from the federal department of Housing and Urban Development which provides funding for the program. Trustee Bazemore asked if additional information might be provided in the proposed plan. He stated that he has read other plans that include specific insights into local housing needs. We have called for a special session for this week to continue this discussion and reconsider the resolution. The plan must be submitted by September 30 to be eligible for Section 8 funding in the coming year. Click here to view last week’s agenda and meeting video.

Community Connections:   Open Office Hours with the Mayor will take place tomorrow in the Board of Trustees office on the first floor of Village Hall from 10:00am until 12:00noon. No appointment is necessary, and all are welcome to discuss any topic, concern or idea of interest to you.

Have a burning question or idea, at any hour of the day or night?… Email me (, the Board of Trustees ( or Village Manager Karen D’Attore (

Work Session: This week’s work session begins with an update from Brent Glass on the progress of the Sing Sing Prison Museum (SSPM) project. Hundreds of folks attended an acrobatic dance performance this weekend at the waterfront. The program, which told of the experience of women with loved ones who are incarcerated, was brought to us by the SSPM. Opportunities to engage the public in conversations about the impacts of our criminal just system are integral to the mission of the SSPM. Tune in to this week’s work session to learn more about plans for next steps in this exciting project.

This week we will also hear from the auditors who have reviewed our finances. The Village has a history of excellent reports regarding our bookkeeping, and we always look forward to continuing to learn how to improve our processes.

Work sessions are forums when the Village Board meets with staff and experts to become informed on potential action to be taken, and generally is not open for public comment. However, the public is invited to attend in person or to watch the meeting on television, the village website, or YouTube.


With Regards,

/s/ Victoria Gearity

Ossining Mayor


Final Week to Apply: Have you been thinking of applying to serve? This is your final week to apply before we make our end of year appointments. Click here to apply and learn more!

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The application process closes at the end of the day on Monday, September 30. Our plan is to review and interview applicants so that new appointees may begin their positions in the January.

Thank you to the several dozens of people who have applied to serve on Village appointed boards and committees this year. If you have not yet been contacted, you are likely to hear from us in the coming weeks.

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eHeziMayor’s Monday Message – September 23, 2019

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