Restauranteur Peter Kelly Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Mid-September

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YONKERS, NY — September 24, 2019 — As Peter Kelly became better known for the culinary excellence and ambience of his many restaurants, little known to the public was the fact that he and his company were known to be among the largest delinquent taxpayers for federal and  state taxes. 

It should be noted that his restaurants in Blauvelt, Congers, and Yonkers, NY where designated by their trade names, yet incorporated under another name. It is not known if he is also in arrears to the City of Yonkers, among other municipalities.


eHeziRestauranteur Peter Kelly Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Mid-September

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  1. We practically GAVE him our priceless city pier. He had an advantage no other restaurant in this city had. I can only imagine what else was practically given to him and how many Yonkers politicians dined their with their friends and families without paying a cent. There are some comments about how terrible the downtown is but I don’t know anyone who has a problem dining at either X20 or Dolphin. There is valet parking which is most convenient and reasonable. You shouldn’t be dining at an expensive place like Kelly’s if you can’t afford to valet so there is no lack of patronage by the water. I have no idea why he is stiffing his debtors but can only imagine. I don’t think X20 is included in these Chapter 11 proceedings – probably because he used the lucre from that cash cow to carry his other restaurants which are now in trouble.

  2. please don’t blame the city…it tried to lure a first class restaurant to Yonkers…..Kelly opened others at the same time..He was stretched thin…with bullyboys chop house, and one in northern westchester as well. He may be a great chef but clearly not a sophisticated businessman

  3. Lets get this straight.
    The City took a public place and taxes and gave it to a private corporation.
    The city spent how much to rehabilitate the “PIER” at what cost?
    How much was the lease if any?
    How much rent paid over the years?
    IDA grants and taxbreaks, please list….
    What’s with the parking down there?

    And let’s all not forget this was one of Amicone’s darling projects. And How many of these “projects” has SpaNO rubber stamped.?

  4. I can’t see anyone wanting to dine in Getto Square, much less live there. In 10 years these new high rises will be filled with section 8. The Yonkers Brewery will make a great location for a soup kitchen.

  5. So sorry to learn of this misfortune. I personally love X20 Sunday brunch. If you haven’t tried it, please do. Bankruptcy filing is not the end, but a restructuring for a more austere future!

    1. Are you kidding us? Sunday Brunch. The crook hasn’t paid his taxes in years. He’s going bankrupt because of tax liens. Fed State Local etc. And you would eat his runny eggs at brunch? WTF ?

  6. Who want to join me at X2O on Friday evening at 7:30 for dinner. Let’s eat drink and be merry and tell Peter Kelly we’re not paying the tab until he pays his taxes. But let’s still tip the staff because they’re not the crooks.

  7. How much is Peter Kelly delinquent and to which taxing authority? And how long has he been delinquent. Are the feds investigating? Is an indictment forthcoming? Where’s the beef?

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  8. Isn’t that great ! Another tax avoiding “developer” failing to pay taxes and living high off the hard earned tax payers who are FOOLS.

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      I wish i knew. There was no filing as to what, if any he may owe CoY. The likelihood is that he does. Perhaps there will be an adendum to what has already been filed. We will need to wait. If he does owe CoY money that is in arrears, perhaps City Hall will be emboldened by his acknowledging his Chapter 11 filing to other taxing authorities.—- Kindly, Hezi

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