The 9/11 Disrepect – A Letter Addressed to Mayor Mike Spano

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Vulcan Society of Westchester Inc.

YONKERS, NY — September 16, 2019 — This letter is to advise you that we do not accept the validity of the letter of apology attributed to Fire Fighter Richard LaPeruta and provided to Christopher J. Eberhart for his story that appeared in the Saturday September 14, 2019 edition of The Journal News, on News 12, in The Yonkers Tribune, and a host of other media outlets.

The convenient timing of this letter is suspect. It insults and disrespects the collective intelligence of the community of Yonkers to produce this bogus self-serving letter as justification to promote an obviously unqualified individual.

The date chosen for this bogus apology letter is particularly offensive.  The date of 9/11 is a sacred and solemn day, both to mourn and celebrate those who lost their lives back on 9/11/2001, in the terrorist attacks, and those who continue to suffer the after effects of that horrible day. The audacity of dating this sham letter on this sacred day of sacrifice further demonstrates LaPeruta’s selfishness, his lack of judgement, and his complete disrespect for the fire service.

It is for this reason we view this letter with the upmost cynicism and contempt. We are appalled at your lack of sensitivity to our community and we demand that you rescind this questionable and irrelevant letter dated on 9/11 immediately.

/s/ Vulcan Society of Westchester Inc

eHeziThe 9/11 Disrepect – A Letter Addressed to Mayor Mike Spano

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      I received the letter he wrote to the Yonkers Tribune as an Op-Ed. I do not possess a copy of his original letter. Perhaps he will read your request and send it to us.Kindly, Hezi

      1. So an “unsigned” letter from an unknown organization can get published just like that? Who are these Vulcans? Take us to their leader.

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  1. The actions of this mayor are insensitive and yes .. disrespectful to residents of color in Yonkers. Either you are the mayor for everyone or have failed in the duty of mayor.

    1. Yeah because Barry’s one of the most recognized and honored labor leaders in NYS who is known to fight for ALL of his members and Local 628’s contract is one of the most envied in the country. Don’t wind up like Barry.

    1. Fighting back? Are you kidding me. Reggie came out the fool. Never again will he be granted an audience with Spano. No more retuned phone calls. No more influence. Great job Reggie.

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