Yonkers City Council Democrats React to Councilman John Rubbo’s Declaration of Intent to Join Democratic Caucus

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YONKERS, NY — September 6, 2019 — Yonkers City Council Democratic Caucus members Council President Mike Khader, Majority Leader Michael Sabatino, Councilwomen Shanae Williams, Corazón Pineda-Isaac, and Councilwoman-elect Tasha Diaz today reacted to Councilman John Rubbo’s declaration of intent to join the Yonkers City Council Democratic Caucus.

“As a proud Democrat, I believe that Councilman Rubbo needs to show us as a Caucus and the Democratic Party at large that this conversion is made out of alignment with key Democratic values, not political expediency,” said Council President Khader. “Although I appreciate Councilman Rubbo’s willingness to reach across the aisle, I cannot disregard his voting record over the last two years, in which he has voted against almost every piece of progressive Democratic legislation placed before the Council. Being a Democrat means a commitment to supporting and introducing legislation that promotes the Democratic platform and ideology. The best way of judging a legislator is on their voting record, and I look forward to witnessing Councilman Rubbo’s contributions to the Democratic agenda.

Democratic Majority Leader Michael Sabatino added: “As the Majority leader of the Democratic Caucus, I respect Councilman Rubbo’s decision to change parties and I welcome him into our caucus. Now that he has made that decision I am hopeful that he will embrace the ideals, philosophies and policies that are the basis of the democratic platform. Issues such as, women rights, affordable housing, equality for all people, and immigrant rights. I look forward to him partnering as we pursue our Democratic agenda.”

Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaac added: “If Councilman Rubbo wishes to become a Democrat, I welcome him and hope his future actions in office deviate from his immediate past. Simply changing one’s party affiliation does not make one a Democrat. When Democrats on the City Council fought for immigrants’ rights and driver’s licenses, Councilman Rubbo stood with his Republican colleagues and voted “No”. When the Democrats on the City Council stood up for the women of New York State and voted for a resolution in support of the Reproductive Care Act, Councilman Rubbo stood with his Republican colleagues and voted “No”. Like his fellow Republicans, Councilman Rubbo has remained silent with respect to the never-ending unpresidential behavior of Donald Trump. However, the future ahead can tell a different story, and I look forward to Councilman Rubbo’s democratic story, and will continue to work with him for the betterment of the City of Yonkers.”

“Membership in the Democratic Party means more than just a title,” commented Councilwoman Shanae Williams. “It means fighting to protect social programs, the environment, and labor unions; it means fighting for equal opportunity, and standing up for women, black and brown people, the LGBT community, and other historically disadvantaged groups. Joining the Democratic Party is going to take much more from Councilman Rubbo than just a change in the letter next to his name; it’s going to take a firm commitment to stand with us Democrats on key issues. Councilman Rubbo and I began our journey on the City Council in 2018, and now we will continue that journey together as Democrats. Although I have my concerns, I am cautiously optimistic that his actions, advocacy, and voting record will reflect Democratic values.”

“I plan on approaching each of my future colleagues on the City Council with an open mind, focused solely on what we can achieve together for the residents of Yonkers,” said Councilwoman-elect Tasha Diaz. “Although I have my hopes that Councilman Rubbo’s future in elected office is reflective of Democratic values, I will not forget Councilman Rubbo’s silence and obstruction of Democratic priorities in the past. Regardless of party labels, I will do my utmost to work with Councilman Rubbo for the betterment of our great city, and hope that he will be an enthusiastic partner in supporting our Democratic agenda.”

The Yonkers City Council Democratic Caucus is currently comprised of Council President Mike Khader, Majority Leader Michael Sabatino (District 3), and Councilmembers Shanae Williams (District 1), and Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District ). Councilman Michael Sabatino will be succeeded in January 2020 by Councilwoman-elect Tasha Diaz (District 3).

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SOURCE: Briggette Sayegh | Communications Director | City Council President



eHeziYonkers City Council Democrats React to Councilman John Rubbo’s Declaration of Intent to Join Democratic Caucus

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  1. Hi my name is John Khader, if anyone is running for political office please inbox me. Just donate 500 bucks towards mpac my fake fund and I will hang and bang your signs at all of the arab gas stations. Nobody hangs signs the way I do. When you see my signs you will understand that I am the best signguy in Westchester.

    1. This comment was too good to pass up. I was in stitches reading it. I read it again. I have been laughing a minute or so. I need ed the comic relief. Many thanks. Kindly, Hezi

    2. Thats is true since Mpac started they got his brother elected and his cousin sayegh elected johnny does have a vast network of businesses that support Mpac he is definately all the way up.

  2. Rubbo is being smart. He’s hitching his wagon to the Spanos. He knows Mike is leaving in the middle of his term and he is elbowing Khader out of the way.

        1. I don’t know everything. Thanks for the praise. While I have heard all sort of theories, I am averse to speculating and surmising that which I have yet to verify. It hardly matters now what Mayor Mike Spano’s plans and/or options may be. There are many opportunities should he have an interest to pursue them. There are no secrets in Yonkers. Time reveals all. Patience is my virtue. Kindly Hezi

          1. Ok, it isn’t a secret just a fantasy! He thinks … it’s really funny ….. hold on….. he thinks he has a shot at County Executor! ROFLMAO!!!!
            See, the rest of the County especially places like Eastchester, Bronxville, Scarsdale and even Hartsdale would never vote for a corrupt politician that raised the taxes 8 years in a row! Don’t take my word for it! I can’t wait to watch that’s if the Feds don’t catch up to your corrupt butt before then!

  3. John Rubbo is all the way up! All he does is win win win. Go Rubbo! Yonkers best politician. John Rubbo is the real deal! All of Yonkers will vote for him because he is the most genuine guy out there. You all need to trust in Rubbo!

    1. Win, win for who? For himself, yes! What has he done for his constituents in the 4th district? He’s a fraud, Republican when it suits him and now a fake Democrat.

      Genuine, that’s a joke!! He’s is the epitome of disingenuous. The man has no scruples or principals, nothing more than another political tool, in it totally for his own enrichment.

      He won the last election by a slim margin and he will lose his next run as the voters will not be fooled the second time around! Take that to the bank, Mr Rubbo Cheerleader.

  4. He didn’t have a heart attack dick head. Obviously you aren’t too close to him. People gets stents all the time. I have 5, I know hezi has a few as well. Mind your business.

    1. I have 5 myself. I asked my cardiologist years ago how did you fit so many. And he advised there are people with 10 and even more. And you need not suffer a heart attack to recognize there is an issue that your body is telling you. You only need to listen. Smart of Mayor Spano to seek medical attention. I have heard he had two stents inserted. I did not hear that he suffered a heart attack. It was an issue kept under wraps. Getting stents inserted in the heart, in the legs, even the carotid artery are seemingly routine in our times. That was not the case 30 or 35 years ago. Kindly, Hezi

    2. I live here It is my business! It is the business of every voter in Yonkers! The corruption is eating away at his heart! I know him well enough to know he pays off politicians to vote a certain way and then is so cocky he doesn’t pay up! If I know that how long until the Feds know that? I am very sure they already know just look at the way he extended term
      Limits were bought and paid for! We don’t live in a glass bubble! Sooner or later the Feds will be back again and is brother Nicky going to take the fall again? I don’t think the new women on the council are like Anabi . That wire will make its way into the council room this time. Those young girls will be out for themselves. Wait until Diaz gets in there. Her history of drug problems will add a nice wrench to an already dysfunctional arena. Justice will be served in time. Lady Justice is blindfolded not deaf!

      1. So are you saying Khader was not overwhelming elected by electorate of Yonkers and the Mayor would try to undermine the will of the voters? If so, you are a Dumb-ass for sure, probably an unqualified family or friend that was gifted a job, but definitely a Spano fool for sure!

        The people are on to the goings on at CoY and days of double dealing, deception and political maneuvering at the expense of the voters is OVER!

  5. Question: Who is Briggette Sayegh ? Who is she related to? Part of the friends and family club is she?
    How much does a Communications Director make in COY ?
    How much does Khader ring up in salaries as $hitty Council Prez?

    This story is too funny.. An the funniest part is all of the slobbering party assholes who go with one side or the other and actually believe all the party bullshit. Just like kids believing in Santa Claus!!!!

    It reminds me of the SpaNo story. Remember when he was staying home to mind the kids, but was actually working for The Patricia Lynch lobby group, yes the ones trying to work against the community by dumping RidgeHill and it’s 20 taxbreaks on the City. The ones who brought in the red light tax cameras.
    Remember when Mike woke up one morning, fell out of bed and hit his head and after being a lifelong rebupLICKan, became a DemocRAT. Hillarious. Rubbo did the very same thing.
    This Shitty City is such a farce. Top to Bottom……

  6. What a turncoat. Of the worst kind.

    Liam spent all his time money and efforts in the 4th District to help Republicans Rubbo and Tubiolo squeak out victories against their democratic opponents. Doing so Liam ignored and neglected the rest of the City and got crushed by Mike Khader in his own re-election campaign.

    Now Rubbo switches to Denocrat Party and Tubiolo will soon follow.

    Liam got screwed and re-screwed by these little bastards. TOO FUNNY.

    1. Please take a look at the numbers, I believe the Tubiolo campaign over-performed virtually every candidate that election, taking around 65% of Yonkers, much higher than any candidate.

      Please contact me for more details.

      -David J. Tubiolo

      1. David Tubiolo – are YOU committed to remaining a REPUBLICAN ? If so, you should have no qualms saying so enthusiastically? We’re dying to hear.

          1. David, Mr County Legislator, do tell us all where you stand!

            Does a big surprise await? Let us know are you committed to your party and voting constituents OR are going to pull a Rubbo during your elected term???

            Don’t keep the general population waiting for your BS press release or news conference. Will you announce in the 10pm news because all your seniors are in bed by 9pm?

          2. It seems abundantly clear that Mr. Tubiolo refuses to answer a simple yes or no question. Which makes the answer that much more abundantly clear. Good riddance.

          3. It is my understanding that Legislator David Tubiolo’s father Justin Tubiolo, Yonkers Republican Party Chair worked out a non-aggression pact with Yonkers Democrats. The deal is that Legislator David Tubiolo would thereby not face a Democratic challenger vying for Legislator Tubiolo’s seat. Once re-elected to office as a Republican candidate, David Tubiolo will declare that he will change his party affiliation to that of a Democrat. I have been aware of this ploy for months. The Yonkers Tribune learned that this ploy, was first engaged by David Tubiolo’s predecessor Legislator Bernice Spreckman who also changed party affiliation in the same manner. Kindly, Hezi

      2. Hi David,

        Glad you are responding here. Please affirmatively state that you will remain a republican and not pull a Rubbo. In addition to the rumors about Rubbo that everyone has known for months your name has also been tied to a party switch. So please answer yes or no whether you will switch. It will make your constituents much less confused.


          1. If David pulls a Rubbo it will be the end of his political career and his father Justin can go into hiding! David’s last opponent Gwen was a joke and didn’t even try.

            Get a formidable candidate to primary him on the Dem line and he’s toast. He can stop trying to con all the seniors with cookies and smiles! So David what’s your decision??

          2. Are you suggesting by your term “No crickets” that yo have an interest to reach the Yonkers Tribune? Direct eMail to eHezi@hush.com or telephone/text 347-415-4326. Kindly, Hezi. P.S. Everyone in Yonkers has my telephone and email address.

          3. David,
            For God sakes, what’s your stand? Take a position man.

            Say something, besides asking for contact info. This is not a dating site! Go somewhere else if you need contact info.

            You are a public official and should be able to respond to legitimate questions on your party standing. It’s pretty simple: Staying Republican or going Democrat?

            If you have a hard time with this very basic question, well then it’s no wonder Yonkers has no effective representation in Albany!

  7. Nader Sayegh was a republican and a Independence Party member and switched to run for office last year to dem. Meatball khader was a republican and switched to democrat to run for office. Why didn’t the meatball run as a republican which is the party he was enrolled in? Oh I know, he wouldn’t have run.

    1. You’re totally missing the point!

      These others changed parties well BEFORE running for office, not while in office. There’s a big difference as they didn’t defraud supporters who voted for them and steal their campaign donations. Rubbo should offer to repay everyone who donated to his campaign!

      Rubbo has no convictions and is nothing more than a two-faced hypocrite who couldn’t be honest about his motivation. It’s simply political maneuvering and posturing for the future.

      First, tax the people, then extend term limits, then get family jobs and now this!!! People are NOT as stupid as these political hacks think!

      1. Throw the bum out like Mike Spano. Need a possible new outside face to chase these blood suckers out of the most Corrupt City in the State.

    2. Khader was an independent and switched two years before from what I read, Sayegh switched from independent to democrat when he knew Shelly was running for senate seat. No one can go from hard core republican beliefs and change their (your) ideologies overnight. If he was having second thoughts since February he would have voted with the Dems and supported their resolutions. He also would have pranced around south Yonkers much sooner.
      Just come clean and state your agenda.

      1. what’s ironic is when reviewing the time of these blogs they correspond with John Khaders schedule. The 9am blogs is when he wakes up with a hangover and salami breathe. The 1230pm blogs is when he is frying pork chops drinking a cheap cocktail, then the evening blogs when he is drunk again eating cheap bbq. Picture him with his tank top pot belly meatball body. What a life…lmfao. and he is your arab leader? I feel bad for the yonkers arabs if he represents you guys. how can you compare someone like him to the professionals you arabs have. shame on the arabs in yonkers for allowing this guy to falsely represent your community

    3. Don’t you have to change party affiliation, when your registered on a minor party line in order to run for office on a major party line? We shouldn’t compare John Rubbo to Nader Sayegh or Mike Khader.
      They switched because they were on independence line. Mike Spano changed from one major party line to another because he lost as a Republican the first time around. Mike Spano made the change after he lost not while in office.
      John is switching while in office that is the problem, in addition to not being honest on why he did it.

  8. I watched the interview on Yonkers Voice. I had to stop watching, when he was asked what did he support or vote on with the democrats? He avoid the answer because he couldn’t find one, when he was pushed by Ben his answer is anti bully !!! that is not a democratic issue! He also stated he enrolled his son in YPS, that was my confirmation that he’s running for a city wide race or maybe there is some truth to democratic chair. Who the fuck knows, anything is possible this is Yonkers.

    He said he does not support abortion but wont tell a woman what to do with her body, which means he will not support any legislation.
    I believe spano changed parties before running, so did khader and so did Sayegh, and many others, the big difference here Is he was elected to represent 4th district as a Republican. He is known to be Very Republican.
    He won with the help of conservative line and independence line.
    Not from the Dems, another lie, this is why he desperately stole the Ind line from Scott who didn’t realize she needed that line to win. I’m fine with him changing parties but don’t lie about why your doing it. There is a hidden agenda and will all know soon.

  9. Rubbo is one and done. After he gets trounced in the DEMOCRAT primary he can switch back to being a Republican and try to get a staff position with the Leprechaun….oops….he already got unelected.

  10. John Rubbo is a card carrying TRUMP REPUBLICAN, voters will see through this. I commend Khader, Williams, Pineda and Diaz for standing up to corruption. Sabatino is a disgrace !

  11. Yonkers residents will be counting down the next 115 days to see the disappearance of Mike “the sellout” Sabatino, he’s such a fraud!!!

  12. Wow!!!!

    Is Mr Rubbo now a Dem “in name only”? Is he going to talk his bi-partisan nonsense to justify his new stance? Why change now? What’s his future intention, CCP? Mayor? Head of Dem Party, lol???

    Heard Mr Rubbo is doing an online interview today with RuRos from Yonkers Voice. Hope Ru asks him to respond to EACH of the statements from his new Dem colleagues. Also, curious to know what reaction is from his former Republican colleagues (Merante and Breen) to the defection?

    Hezi, a question: Does Mr Rubbo sit/caucus with Dems at the next Council meeting OR is there a waiting period? As a private citizen voter, when you change your party affiliation there is a waiting period before you can vote in primary. Wondering if there is any waiting period here OR is it immediate?

    Seems very disingenuous to all those Republicans that voted for Mr Rubbo
    that he changes his party affiliation mid-term. Also to those that gave him campaign contributions.


    1. I don’t know the protocol that may be in play, such as whether a delay is imposed or an immediate changeover is just that … immediate. While there has been conjecture for months about Mr.Rubbo changing party affiliation, the most recent talk that Councilman Rubbo had switched party affiliation was not the case until the press release stated he had. Perhaps some of the questions you pose herein will be asked and a reply will be given in the upcoming interview that will be conducted by RuRos of Yonkers Voice. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. He is NOT a Democrat until AFTER the November election. He lied! Call the Board of Elections and ask yourself!

        It is disgusting and illegal all the deals that Justin Tubiolo (alleged GOP leader) made with the devilS(panos). I can not understand how Doug Colety could stand by and let it happen.

        The voters are to blame. If they had half a brain they would look into the history of the Democratic Party! All those fighting for pro life, Sexual equality and same sex marriages are hypocrites! When it comes to politics it is ok to be judgemental , abusive and bias against a Republican? SMH, as this IS exactly why the world is going to shit! Look at your party now filled with those that switched sides for personal gain!

        Bottom line he knew there were contenders for his position and he would never win. One way to look at it is when he loses he will know it is HIM not the party!

        1. Rubbo doesn’t care about his council seat. That’s not the prize. Maeve Scott will be the 4th District Councilman in two years. John Rubbo will be the Mayor. There are no Republicans who can defeat Scott and no Democrats who can defeat Rubbo. Hezi will verify this.

          1. Spano doesn’t want to be only a mayor. He believes he is worth more with his newly acquired high school diploma. He is ditching his office in 2-3 years.

          1. Mayor Mike Spano had a heart attack and stents put in his heart. He is a public official and NOT entitled to privacy as his health COULD effect his job. The fact, that this was kept secret is concerning as well as deceiving to the voters. If the Mayor can not fulfill his obligations as Mayor due to health issues then one of his two Deputies will step up. God help us if Steve sLeezy Levy was in charge of our city.

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