Yonkers City Council Republican Caucus Responds to Rubbo’s Change of Party Affiliation

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Anthony Merante, Yonkers City Council, District 6.

Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Mike Breen (District 5).

YONKERS, NY – September 6, 2019 – Yesterday Councilman John Rubbo announced his intentions to change party affiliations and join the Democratic Caucus.

Minority Leader Mike Breen stated, “while I am disappointed that Councilman Rubbo has decided to leave our caucus I am certain he will continue to act in the best interest of his constituency. In his time serving, I have seen John act as a tireless advocate for the 4th District and fully expect that will continue. I look forward to continuing to work with the entire Council and Administration in a bi-partisan way as I have since I took office.”

Councilman Anthony Merante said, “as frustrated as I am that Councilman Rubbo has left the Republican caucus I will remain grateful for our time together and continue to wish him well. I am confident that we will work as well together on opposite sides of the political aisle as we did when we caucused together.”

eHeziYonkers City Council Republican Caucus Responds to Rubbo’s Change of Party Affiliation

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  1. no answer from DAVID TUBIOLO ? is he switching from R to D like Rubbo ?

    what say you DAVID TUBIOLO ? we know you read this blog. we know you comment on this blog.

    will DAVID TUBIOLO let us know ?

  2. Breen is irrelevant. Nobody knows he even exists. What has he actually done for Yonkers and his district?

    He has only raised our taxes like a good Republican does and has just done SpaNO’s bidding. What a joke and the biggest joke is he voted to extend term limits for himself and he has no opponent!!!!!
    Democracy my ASS.

    1. biden plan…change zoning throughout states…it will enable buildings built in your own backyard… thousands being let in at the border to live in your backyard! Who do you think your kidding! Just like you told us we were responsible for broken sewer lines….not so said EPA as a lawsuit was pending against these lies!!!

  3. why would anyone run as a Republican in Yonkers or in Westchester County when it is mathmatically impossible to win…How many members of the state legislature are there now ZERO How many big city mayors are Republican now ZERO…How did Rob Astorino managed to lose 60-40 after running as a republican and beating andy spano badly…the answer is DONALD TRUMP Trump has made it totally impossible to run and win as a republican in westchester and that isn’t going to change anytime soon

    1. Sorry Donald Trump had nothing to do with Rob Astorino loss. Look at the people who ran his campaign. It was a joke.

      You think running a negative campaign against George Latimer would work? No

  4. Merante and Breen should be outraged by the defection, they are total fools. Such duplicity, falsehood and self serving interest by these political hacks! Zero conviction from them all, it makes me sick!

    1. Mayor of What? He’s another community sellout, who is a party loyalist and just like Breen it was his turn. It’s amazing how undemocratic this country really is. There is little and in many cases no representation at all.

      The way they talk about the cockus, you would think they are in Washington DC. So delusional .

  5. What a joke. Breen is a disgrace. How is it that porky pig is running unopposed? Now there is only Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd left in the Republican Party.

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