Yonkers City Council Stated Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, September 24, 2019th Beginning at 7pm EST

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YONKERS, NY — September 22, 2018 — Please be advised that the Yonkers City Council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 7pm in the City Council Chamber, Yonkers City Hall, 4th Floor. The Committee of the Whole convenes at 6:30pm EST

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eHeziYonkers City Council Stated Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, September 24, 2019th Beginning at 7pm EST

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  1. To Messrs Khader & Rubbo,
    I will be appalled if you vote in favor of this appointment without publicly addressing the allegations raised against Mueller. You have to be aware and if you are not, that’s even worse!

    Also, no abstentions, as leaders you must take a stand!

    And please, please spare us all the pompous praise. We want to hear specifically why Mueller is considered the most qualified candidate over others in the YPD to have earned this appointment by the Mayor.

    Thank you!

    1. Watched the CC meeting tonight. PC Mueller was unanimously voted in. Why wasn’t the 2 hour interview the CC had with him broadcast publicly? Yonkers residents still have unanswered questions with this appointment that were not addressed at the CC meeting! Perhaps the interview would be enlightening!

      Is there a transcript available of the interview to be shared with the public? Oh right, this is just business as usual in corrupt Yonkers!

  2. Mr khader,

    I supported you. I gave money to you. I trusted and trust you. I will say this. Please do not be a sell out to the people who elected you. We all know this confirmation will happen but if it happens while you say nothing, you will lose my full support going forward as well as the support of many others that voted for you. You can not go on that council floor and simply say nothing. You should be a hard no and we expect you to be. You should also go after this appointment. If you do not, it will show us all we need to see about you and we will never support you again. Please take this advice.

    Khader supporter

  3. City Council do NOT approve this appointment until there has been a thorough investigation into the numerous serious allegations and infractions with respect to the acting PC Mueller. This is a very important post, so no rock should be left unturned. Share the findings with the public, we are entitled to know.

    We, the people of Yonkers, need a PC with a stellar record who will serve as an exemplary role model for all the police officers and for the public they serve to protect.

  4. In addition, please instruct your District Leaders who come around for signatures to get the candidates on the ballot, that they should really address our concerns instead of going to useless functions to schmooze and get nothing accomplished. Start treating the citizens of north east Yonkers like they matter. Accessible transportation for commuters is crucial!!! I dont want to hear it’s the county’s problem. The city council is elected by the residents of Yonkers to take our concerns where they need to go. Do something constructive.!!!!

    1. Best comment yet. They use district leaders for signatures, vote for whomever they want us to vote for at their sham conventions and to buy tickets, but no input at all in the functioning of the city.

  5. Instead of wasteful, expensive and useless concerts, why doesn’t someone request the express bus to wall street begin again. Residents of yonkers have a hard time getting to metro north especially during holidays and inclement weather. It is also alot more expensive. And finally, metro north is just too difficult to get to.in the morning and get home from in the evening limiting westchester residents to jobs in the county instead of better employmeny opportunities in the city. Shame on all of you!

  6. Candidate Khader criticized his predecessors budget “The Council Presidents budget skyrocketed on McLaughlins watch , bloated budget with wasteful spending “

    Council President Khader requested budget increases for his office on many occasions, he’s wasted more on wasteful spending than his predecessor, His office budget his 20% higher than his predecessor

  7. Candidate Khader 2017 “ we need to ban the use of city cars for council members, I will not take a city car “

    Council President Khader requested a gas guzzling SUV instead got a sedan and uses is for his own personal use

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