RED TRUTH: Yonkers False God Is Neither Ethical Nor Righteous By HEZI ARIS

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The J’accuse Red Truth Editorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

The Red Truth Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — September 14, 2019 — It was Friday when a gathering of African-Americans stood in defiance of the bigotry too long permitted and embellished in its toxicity by every aspect of governance in the City of Yonkers (CoY). They gathered to stand on the steps leading to the eastern facing entrance/exit overlooking the Unity Fountain at Yonkers City Hall for a 4:00pm press conference. 

Members of United Black Clergy of Westchester Inc., and The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), NAACP-Yonkers, and elected official recognized herein, gathered in response to the promotion of Yonkers Fire Fighter Richard LaPeruta to that of Lieutenant who had been suspended in 2017 for allegedly posting a racist comment and photo on Facebook.

The members of United Black Clergy of Westchester Inc., among others noted in the paragraph above said: “Mayor Spano promoted ten members of the Yonkers Fire Department, including Richard LaPeruta who is now a Lieutenant. In 2017, LaPeruta posted a racist photo and comment on Facebook which suggested that black people are apes. The United Black Clergy of Westchester and the NAACP – Yonkers Branch and the entire African American community is outraged and believes LaPeruta should have been terminated, not promoted. Further actions will be taken by the NAACP-Yonkers Branch as result of this promotion they admonished.

Those who DID attend were NAACP Yonkers Branch President Frank E. Coleman, President of Yonkers Vulcans Resident Reggie Crews, Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow (AD-89), County Legislator Christopher Johnson (LD-16),Yonkers City Councilwoman Shanae Williams (District 1), President of the United Black Clergy Westchester Reverend Troy DeCohn, Solid Rock Christian Center Reverend William E. Norman Sr.

This writing also includes those who preferred to cling to their Faustian pact and thereby were ABSENT, that is, specifically Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino, Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Mike Breen, Yonkers City Councilmembers Corazón Pineda-Isaac, John Rubbo, Anthony Merante, Westchester County Executive George Latimer, Westchester County Deputy Executive Ken Jenkins, Legislator David Tubiolo, and the Albany Delegation, comprised of NYS Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NYS Senator Stewart Cousins, New York State Assemblyman Nader Sayegh (AD-90), New York State Assemblyman Thomas J. Abinanti (AD-92), Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney, Yonkers Acting Police Commissioner John Mueller, among a cadre of other “dignitaries” asserting themselves self important who did not care to attend, including not one member of any union who prefer to submit to fear of retribution from the Office of the Mayor of Yonkers than speak to that which undermines their tethered relationship to the power wielded by Mayor Mike Spano and those who speak in his name. For example, likes of the disgraced former NYS Senator Nick Spano, among other warlocks who huddle about a cauldron of deceit as did the witches depicted in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Others who did not attend were Nepperhan Community Center Executive Director Rev. Dr. Jim Bostic, Yonkers Board of Education Trustee President Rev. Steve Lopez, and Yonkers Board of Education Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, among others of seeming “renown”. Additionally, those who chose to shrink from speaking truth to power, do so because they have learned to suckle to the tune of “get along, to get along”. Many dance to the intimacy of Yonkers symbiotic financial Tango to which they all submit to one extent or another.

Mayor Mike Spano’s Communication Director Christina Gilmartin issued the following statement on Friday, September 13, 2019, with respect to Yonkers Fire Fighter LaPeruta’s apology. 

Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano and IDA Chairman with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s statement: “As a lifetime member of the NAACP, no one respects the diversity of Yonkers more than I do, and we have vastly increased the number of minority members of  the Fire Department. It now stands at nearly 30%, which is almost double what it was when I became Mayor. We will continue to improve even more going forward.

“Fire fighter LaPeruta willingly accepted a 75 day suspension without pay because of his actions and has been denied promotion for the past two years. He has expressed his remorse many times since the incident and has written a letter of apology* to be shared with the community. I believe his apology is genuine and  am willing to allow him to move forward in a Fire Department that grows more diverse with every passing year.” 

*Letter of Apology by Richard LePeruta” Dated September 11, 2019.

The letter of apology by Richard LePeruta dated September 11, 2019th and replicated above earned a visceral response which informed those gathered that the letter was addressed to Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney and not to anyone in the Black Community. A letter dated April 26, 2017, ascribed by the Yonkers NAACP President Andrea M. Brown suggested they were perturbed by Fire Fighter LePeruta alleged conduct on Facebook recommended LePeruta receive sensitivity training. While sensitivity training is an effective tool, it should be presented to all who are hired by the City of Yonkers and all employers so as to keep up with evolving sensibilities and changing laws and responsibilities.

The Yonkers Tribune reported this incident on March 4, 2017 under the lede: Mayor Mike Spano Exemplifies the ‘Yonkers Way’ of Nurturing Bigotry Under a Smokescreen of Righteousness That is Nothing But a Seduction of His Moral Subterfuge and Bias By HEZI ARIS

While there is much of interest and specificity expressed the most pertinent to this issue is noted in paragraphs 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10.


The letter by the President Andrea M. Brown posted above proves that Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney, and Yonkers I.A.F.F. Local 628 President Barry McGoey, and all those who were members of the Yonkers-NAACP, was shared with elected officials on every level of government as attested by people in the know on this matter. Yet on Friday a cry of ignorance and not knowing was expressed as if in an attempt to re-write history in the present, three years hence.

While LePeruta and Mayor Spano  suggest LePeruta  paid a heavy price and was passed over for advancement, thereby higher pay and likely overtime opportunities, those are the least of the concerns. Those suggestions in fact make light of the insensitivity of LePeruta’s conduct and the hurt he caused to the African-American community even if they did not have the will or the capacity to be exact in their language in beseeching the mayor for an enlightened demeanor. Andrea Brown’s timid expression only exacerbated a vile treatment of people who have suffered in one manner or another for some 500 years, hearkening to the days of slavery that first appeared on the North American continent. Lest it be misconstrued, Ms. Brown need not have been a lone voice three years ago, but she was.

Another admitted mistake by those who gathered at the Unity Fountain courtyard is their professed “trust” in the union to do the “right thing” and for Mayor Spano to do the “right thing”. Really? In Yonkers?  Are you kidding me? What was the last “right thing” government said or followed through upon in Yonkers? In the 20 years of my reporting on Yonkers, I question what were the “right things” that people today profess transpired in the name of the Mayor of Yonkers, whether Mayor John Spencer, Mayor Phil Amicone, or present Mayor Mike Spano.

The salve that seems to soothe the pain and suffering in Yonkers is a “family and friends” employment opportunity. Employment by Yonkers City Hall or the Yonkers Board of Education, a department of City Hall begets quiescence. 

Let’s explore the process, the pertinent issue of concern to those disgruntled by the conduct of LePerulta, and the consequent advancement of of LePerulta this past week.

First, there is no way a posting on social media attributed to anyone can be attested without question to the individual said to seemingly be the author. There is no mechanism to ascertain who is who. There is no legal means to ascertain who posted anything except for having access to an IP address which is coded into any message emanating from a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Should any person’s life be threatened, and it is recognized, the person concerned can launch a request of the place onto which such a threat was expressed and gain a court’s decision to obtain an IP address and thereby obtain the name of the owner of any of the equipment mentioned. But, that does not guarantee that the owner made the comment or the posting. It could have been another person. In the same way that you may own a car,  that may have been stolen from you, or that you permitted someone else to drive. When a traffic camera takes a photo of that car, you will get the bill, but were you the driver? In an accident, there are instances when the person driving was not licensed and while formation is exchanged between those suffering an accident, the actually driver moves to another seat in the car to avoid being responsible for the accident and to be found guilty for driving without a license. 

It should be recognized that while LePerulta was passed over and waited for advancement, he knew full well that City Hall would not fire the “friends and family” membership of which he is one. For example, in any municipality other than the anomaly known as Yonkers, LePerulta’s conduct, to which he admitted wrong-doing, though it could also have been a legal ploy, served him well. He initially refused to accept a 90 day suspension without pay. He did agree to 75 days. Once that was agreed to by LePerulta, The City of Yonkers (CoY), the Yonkers Fire Department, a call for LePerulta’s dismissal would legally fail because it is what is referred to as double jeopardy, you cannot sue a second time for the same issue / crime / concern after the case was agreed upon. Should anyone attempt to fire LePerulta presently, it will simply be thrown out of court and LePerulta could legally launch a financial challenge against CoY Easily gaining a remuneration of $500,000 and being re-instated

I can and do appreciate the anguish, frustration, anger, and disrespect LePeruta’s conduct impacted people of color, and those who have the capacity to appreciate those sensibilities. It shouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination. Native Americans, Women, Blacks, Chinese, Irish, Italians, Jews, Hispanics, Gays, Transgender people, Indians, Asian Americans, Koreans, Philippinos, Cubans, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Puerto Ricans, Arabs, and Africans. Each has borne the animosity and bigotry for being besmirched as the other in America, as they have likewise suffered in other countries in years past or to this day.

The difference from elsewhere to Yonkers is that Yonkers claims to be enlightened and tolerant when our conduct toward one another and our institutions are anathema to our professed to be our collective demeanor.

The first takeaway is that rather than “trusting” in a system that has failed Yonkers, that awaits the Mayor to respond with integrity and sensitivity to issues of bigotry, bias, in any and agenda to be balanced, timely, and fair to those affected would be best ameliorated by reaching out to media. Media that will give expression to their being disrespected, overlooked, being offered less because of one issue or another. What is the point of waiting three years for a remedy to find out the bias against people of color, specifically African-Americans in this case, is nothing but a ruse which has maligned them as individuals and collectively. 

There are tried and true ways to challenge such bias. Rather than people of color awaiting an ethical outcome from the “man”, those who are maligned must beseech their elected officials to draft legislation that will disallow such deals and conduct to be engaged. Legislation toward ending such con games not being permitted in CoY demand a steadfast plan. The Yonkers City Council must move on ameliorating another situation analogous to the one herein discribed. Such a vote must be taken, it must be either a “Yes” or a “No”. An abstention is deficient. Every “No” and every “Abstain” must be remembered by the electorate. That is so the voter does not continue to keep such elected officials in office for another term or to promote such elected officials up the political food chain in the hope of getting rid of them. We have some present elected officials who have moved up the food chain but they have yet to deliver for Yonkersites. And likely do little more than promise the world and deliver a middle finger of contempt.

The issue must be brought to media, not social media. Find the media source that you trust and tell them your travail and define it in all its intricacy. Best yet, tell more than one media outlet. Yonkers is not an island. There are newspapers, tv, radio, and new media throughout Westchester County. In fact, New York City, one of the biggest and most powerful media centers in the world is our neighbor. Are Yonkersites suffering from laryngitis? 

Lastly, speak up, explain yourself, learn the difference between right and wrong. The City of Yonkers has been protecting the “friends and family” network, they no longer recognize that the fear of retribution, the lies, the deceit, the false denials are waning in effectiveness. A new day is dawning because the repression and deleterious response of this administration and those prior to this one over the prior 20-years has become lethargic and complacent by its successful repression of right by the gruel of wrong they have fed CoY. Take that to the bank! The writing is on the wall. You can smell their fear!

# # #

If you know something, say something. All shared with Publisher / Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris is confidential and never shared, ever. Direct email to: We do not answer calls from anonymous caller, and do not return calls to those who do not leave a message. If you don’t trust our integrity, no need to call us. Work with the people you trust.

eHeziRED TRUTH: Yonkers False God Is Neither Ethical Nor Righteous By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Reggie, you are the man.
    Racism is defended by these unions .
    Time to kick some ass.
    Racism is the cruelest hatred.
    Not some joke like fire unions portray it

    1. Really? Very Interesting…Just saw a story about a Deputy Fire Chief from FDMV who was recorded by one of his lieutenants making racial statements about other firemen and city officials( DC Alfrarid Salahuddin, one of Reggies pals who was at his Lt. promotion ceremony in the fall of 2013).. He just got suspended without pay.. Apparently hes worried about the Hispanic population taking over and that “Ni@@ger shit would then be over”..(his quote)..then went on to disparage
      Hispanic women..It is not yet apparent what he has said about Thomas Duffy, a Caucasian Fire Chief or any other firefighters at this time..


    3. Reggie is a moron. Bye Bye Vulcan Decree. You’ve outlived your usefulness and we’re tired of Reggie using it for his own advantage.

  2. The focus should be on recruiting and hiring women for the Fire Department. The. Vulcans have had the exclusive right to do recruitment for the Fire Department and they failed miserably at recruiting women and African Americans. Hispanics seemed to get themselves hired and promoted quite easily. So have military veterans. It’s time to recruit and hire women onto the Fire Department.

  3. Reggie Cruise overplayed his hand bigly. He should have understood the legal dilemma Mayor Spano was in by being asked to violate Laperutas rights. Instead, Reggie Cruise decided he was going to talk truth to power and force Mayor Spano’s hand. The result? Reggie Cruise won’t have his nasty phone calls to Mayor Spano answered any more. Mayor Spano has directed the City’s Attorney’s to make application to the District Court to vacate and terminate the 40 year old consent decree. And perhaps most importantly Mayor Spano has directed the Human Resources Commissioner to hire Hispanic women to take over the minority recruitment efforts for the Fire Department in order to increase the number of females, Hispanics and other minorities to apply to become Yonkers Firemen and Firewomen.

  4. Word is this racist does not want to go to work.
    He is out on permanent sick leave. his friends that got him advancement
    have now taken care of their friend again.
    Real tough guy. Figures. A true Yonkers Protected Civil Servant.
    Gets top tax dollars to break all laws, create a culture of hatred, then gets his friends to not
    only protect his dumb ass. but get him advanced to supervisor. then hide him away on permanent paid sick leave.
    You know he is afraid . they advanced him through the back door.
    Fire him now and toss his ass out the same back door

  5. There is no such thing as double jeopardy when it comes to this.
    THIS IS A HATE CRIME ! It was not handled as such.

    1. Hate Crime? Like when Lt. Mitchell and the rest of his crew , after a night of drinking and celebrating their Hispanic heritage , went on a drunken rampage throughout the southeast part of Yonkers , eventually stopping at a strip club at 4 AM (as their wives were home sleeping) and assaulted a civilian…And as the civilian lay lifeless, the same crew waved a Puerto Rican flag over his body? That’s not a Hate Crime? Lt. Mitchell took his punishment and we have moved on..or should there be double jeopardy for that as well?

    2. HATE CRIME ? what crime was committed? it was a poorly executed tasteless joke .a loss of pay for 2 and a half months as well as benefits s personally seems heavy handed too me . NO one could have ever proved he was the poster but it was probably better for all concerned to just let it go . so as far as the African American dog and pony show after the fact what is their motivation?

  6. Hezi, ask about Laparuta making jokes about the facebook racial slurs.
    This guy handed out Black and White cookies to every fire house in
    Yonkers. Not joking. For real. along with cookies was note saying. We all should get along.
    The Rodney King statement.
    Reggie Crews and the NAACP are correct in asking for this racist to be terminated !
    I also believe the pay he was docked was returned to him in overtime.
    Why is this guy been protected ?
    Yes !!!!! Bring Reggie up to Oak St and see who the neighborhood people will support.
    The nut job cannibal racist or a real fireman Reggie.
    Reggie stay strong ! You are the Bravest !

  7. Hi Hezi,
    I remember this guy Laparuta took bites out of a fellow
    firefighter during one of his misdeeds.
    It happened at Yonkers Race Track . It was at the collation for
    fallen Yonkers Firefighter Patrick Joyce, after Joyce”s funeral.
    He got into a brawl and actually took bites out of his opponent.
    Nothing was ever done to him then. He should have been fired years ago.
    Pagano was Commissioner and allowed this disgrace to go unpunished.
    Now once again he has contributed with the Unions to disgrace our city.

    The Yonkers Fire is completely lawless.
    The Federals have to step in at this point

  8. It seems to me that the Crews guy who runs these Vulcans of the YFD is the main person behind the double jeopardy. If true, he may have gotten away with theft, therefore not reprimanded yet. This is an easy fix. Instead of LaPareuta going through the NAACP to speak to the community, why doesn’t Crews go (as community service) to the community where LaPareuta works and find out how they feel about a person who has been a fixture there for a long time. Hopefully and most likely the narrative will not work in the favor of the Sharpton wannabes.

    1. We should bring in the feds and arrest Fat Barry, Dopey Keith, and Big Nick. Little Mikey needs to leave City Hall in cuffs. Shanae for Mayor

      1. Omg! You are truly delusional. Shanae is a puppet, she blows with the wind and will never be Mayor, so don’t give us nightmares!

        Arrests may be forth coming, but rest assured Barry the head of 628 is beyond reproach. He’s a most honorable man in every way and has the support of the union, black or white.

        Btw, Mr Delusional, he reached out years ago to NAACP when this incident first happened. Yes, the FB posting was wrong, but with proper training and oversight it won’t happen again in the YFD. It’s a strong brotherhood, that is truly colorblind, whether fighting fires together or living together. YFD is fierce and they have each other’s back!

        1. never again: isn’t there another lieutenant that is in the disciplinary process for use of the word n*gger in the firehouse a few months ago?

          1. I was unaware of that but that person is definitely in need of sensitivity training. Alas that person is unaware of how to conduct himself/herself in these days. The old discriminatory and biased standards were inappropriate in the past and perhaps even more so in the present. One need not like anyone. One does NEED to be respectful. — Kindly, Hezi

  9. These so-called leaders and ministers are really making fools of themselves They sat back for the last 10 years and watched silently as the schools were decimated and stripped of any sports, arts, music, guidance counselors and other essentials. Now they want to pounce on Mayor Spano for this? Really? C’mon. You’ve only made fools of yourselves.

  10. Shanae should be ashamed of herself! No one likes someone that isn’t loyal. This mayor made her a council person and stood with her even when she was not endorsed by the very same people she stood with at this presser. Hang your head low Shanae. You truly should be ashamed. The mayor should have left you to do his schedule.

  11. Don’t use your real name or the name of your employer on your FB page and you can write whatever your heart and mind can come up with. Until FB deletes it themselves or it is reported.

    1. With the Yonkers Tribune there is no censorship, your email is not known to me or your name. The reason is I do not want anyone to suffer any retribution at my expense. This has always been my concern, protecting Yonkersites. Thanks, Kindly, Hezi

  12. LaPeruta never should have plead guilty. He should have claimed his account was hacked. It’s impossible to prove it was him who posted – like red light cameras that’s why the owner of the car gets a fine and there’s no moving violation because it can’t be proved who was driving the car.

  13. This is old news. The fireman did something horrible (off duty) and admitted to it and apologized for it. He was given a heavy penalty which he agreed to. Now almost 3 years later people who were unhappy with his original punishment want to increase that punishment after the fact by denying him the right to a civil service examination promotion. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get a chance to rewrite the agreed upon punishment. If you didn’t think Mayor Spano did the right thing by suspending him without pay for 75 days and you wanted him fired then you should have went after Spano 3 years ago. Since the suspension Spano has not had any backlash from anyone in the African American zCommunity. He could have been primaried several months ago. Actually he did face a primary challenge from an African American woman but none of these current complainers supported her. She was left high and dry and Spano clobbered her. The Fireman paid his penalty that Mike Spano agreed to. It’s not the Fireman people should be seeking retribution from it is Mayor Spano. He’s the one who didn’t fire the fireman and suspended him instead for 75 days. The fireman didn’t agree to a penalty where he would never be eligible for promotion on a civil service examination. He took the 75 day suspension and nothing more. No community service, no probation, no fine, nothing especially no future promotions. He did wrong. He admitted. He apologized. He agreed to a penalty. That’s it. Anyone who has a beef should take it out on Mike Spano and they should have done it years ago.

    1. The prior NAACP President, Andrea Brown, was a Board of Trustees Spano appointee and staffer for Stewart-Cousins. Her members had to force her to write that weak letter of inquiry to the mayor two years ago. Spano knew what he was doing when he appointed Andrea Brown. Spano needed someone he could keep under his thumb, who wouldn’t get out of line, wouldn’t speak up and wouldn’t make any demands.

    2. What about the POC Yonkers FF who was doled and had more drugs in his system than a CVS pharmacy, was fired but taken back under the Spencer administration. He had also been locked prior to becoming a Yonkers FF for CPCS7 but because he was a POC he got a play despite the fact that he was a crack head.

  14. Not sure how LaPeruta can be racist? I know for a fact he was married to a undocumented Mexican woman with two daughters. He was able to get all of them citizenship. The oldest daughter just graduated college. Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound like a racist to me. What do you think, Hezi?

    1. Always racist against Blacks. Never racist against Latinos and Asians. And just because you marry a subservient, undocumented Mexican, who doesn’t speak English, that doesn’t not make you a controlling racist. She has no where else to go, is expected to be grateful for her Greencard and shut up.

      1. Blacks got to understand that they are no longer the main group of minorities in the United States-it is now Hispanic’s who claim that distinction.

    1. Rubbo is a turncoat and a traitor. He defrauded the Republicans in the 4th district who supported him, just 2 years ago!! He knows he can’t win reelection on his terrible record, so he changed his party, thinking that will help his lot, lol!

      He needs to return all campaign ca$h he collected! He definitely can’t be trusted at this point. Trust and respect are something you earn and he has yet to prove he is worthy of either.

  15. Mike khader was a no show. Shanae should learn she can’t count on mike khader. Mike Khader is a liar and you can’t count on him. hopefully Tasha diaz is reading this too. Corazon already knows his deal.

  16. Hezi, The story is the Dem Caucus all promised to attend the day before, then none of them showed up at the press conference the next day, except Shanae.

        1. Where was Rubbo the new ”fake” Dem? Guess he was not sure what or who to stand with? Indecisive or is he just too ‘middle of the road’ to have a position on this? It’s just not a “black or white” issue for him, lol! Or is he too “bi-partisan”? His famous and played-out catch-phrases!!

  17. Hezi,
    How come the Yonkers Fire Commissioner is not a Yonkers FD guy , but a FDNY guy ?
    Look at the Pyle of crap that serves Yonkers.
    There has been two losers from YFD that City Hall has tried.
    Both horrible and at best inept.
    The top guys the chiefs all had access to all the answers to the promotional exams which they all pass on to their friends and families. This is common knowledge amongst the ranks.
    Thats why all fires never get put out.
    Time for a good old ass whooping. It is rotten to the core.

    1. sweeney is an inept piece of trash. everyone that worked together to conceal lapuertas name and keep it off of the firefighters to be promoted list is also trash. this includes the aforementioned sweeney, the puppet known as pj and chief puppet daniel flynn.

      rather than sweeney resembling a leader in any capacity, he takes it up the ass from a low life like pj.

      if the word c**ks***er was in the dictionary, sweeney and pj would have to split the pic next to the definition

  18. I am appalled and surprised that City Hall did not fire this bigot.
    Our tax dollars , and for what ?
    My FF’er friend insists this guy is really OK.
    I asked where does he live ?
    Guess where Hezi ?
    Out of Yonkers and out of the State of New York.
    He lives in Connecticut State.

  19. The Federal Govt has to step in, NOW.
    Enough is Enough !
    That was the most racist picture ever.
    City Hall has lost control of its Police and Fire, never mind the schools.
    Dude needed to be fired. Instead he gets a promotion.
    Good Luck if your house goes on fire. You know that clown will not come.

  20. The Federal’s start with all the white guys have the promotional test answers( Hezi, this is a fact) and the unions have a lock on City Hall.
    Reggie you are right brother.
    This a club in which we are not invited or we get the crumbs from these out of town upstate users. Right On Reggie !
    You have us the Yonkers residents, We vote therefore we are the majority.
    We have your back brother.

  21. Where is the Fire Dept Chaplain, Father Cleary and The Holy Name Society on this issue ?
    I guess Tom Fitz left the room again.
    Hezi, check out his family and the massive cover ups there.
    City Hall in on all of those cover ups .

  22. Who was Fire Commissioner when this racist putrid bombshell went off ?
    Was it the Dunwoody Beat Down Commissioner ?
    The group that closed 71 and denied a fellow seriously injured FF ;er medical attention ?
    Covering up and paying off City Hall.
    Keep on Keeping on Reggie !
    It is about time the Good Old Boys got exposed.

  23. Hezi,
    Post the best way to send you the real dirt that goes on ,
    There are so many cover ups and so much deep scandalous events that have been
    allowed to go on because of unions buying politicians.
    Post the way and you will see how morally bankrupt Yonkers Fire Dept is.
    AMEN !

    1. Direct any and all info by directing email to Define the issue to some extent. I will respond. My telephone contact is 347-415-4326 when not available to respond leave a message. I do not pick up unknown callers, anonymous callers. If you trust me you know my word is my integrity. What I discuss is strictly between us and no other. If you are uncomfortable, you may prefer other media. Thank you. Kindly, Hezi

  24. Race don’t matter they all hate each other its all about the $$$.
    Jealous of everyone else paychecks. Their so called leaders live no where close to Yonkers they to couldn’t care less about affairs in this city.

  25. Shanae would still be doing a schedule if she wasn’t appointed by Mayor Spano! She would have also lost her primary to Terrence as well. Shanae showed true colors with us and it’s a shame. I don’t have any respect for someone that turns so quickly. Why didn’t you ask these questions 2 years ago when this happen Shanae? Oh that’s right, you didn’t care but now you do? Laughable

      1. Shanae is doing this now to garner the black vote in her district. Question not answered is: Where was her outrage two years ago when this happened? Crickets then…

        Now, her response is just politically motivated for her own self-preservation as she lost the trust/support of the majority of her constituents when she ignored the will of people and voted in favor of extending term limits for herself, her colleagues and the Mayor! She needs a new platform now, so she jumps on this bandwagon! Instead, sensitivity training should be mandated for all city employees!

      2. Shanae couldn’t be Mayor. According to Barry, “Yonkers is not ready for a Black mayor, but it is ready for a Latino mayor, just not one like Virginia.” Ironic comment since he endorsed IDC Virginia every election and gave her money.

  26. Interesting when Blacks advocate for their community, it is victimization. But when Latinos advocate for themselves, it is a different narrative and you call for every city to be a sanctuary city, every Latino illegal immigrant to have a driver’s license and every job applicants speak Spanish. The colorblind society you call for does exist. You want a colorblind society to assuage the guilt of slavery.

  27. Since Barry Mcgoey is bringing Nicky the boxes of ZITI, Mikey and Barry are great friends. There isn’t anything Mikey wouldn’t do for his friends, so long as Nicky has the ZITI.

  28. We live in bizarre times, an era in which victimization is worn as a badge of honor, and anyone who “feels” victimized can demand the life and limb of the transgressor. In this cowardly new world, opportunists are always on the lookout for a chance to become a victim. Once that status is achieved there’s no end to the compensation they can expect. At the top of the list of expectant victims is the African-American. During any conversation on social media the thought police are patrolling the language with a vetting process that can only be described as something out of dystopian novel. Anyone who dares disagree with, or use satire toward, a black person is to be reduced to the lowest level of degeneracy which heretofore has been reserved for only the most iniquitous of human endeavors. Moreover, according to those ever-vigilant wannabe victims, there is no amount of contrition that can forgive those who have trespassed on the sacred ground of black sensitivity. If we are to truly become a colorblind society we must cease this endless pursuit of “victims” to placate with the tearful embrace of public commiseration. How can we agree that we’re all equal if we make it easy for one race to be invulnerable to the slings and arrows that others must learn to cope with, bereft of that impenetrable shield? No one should be destroyed because of a momentary lapse of judgment that offends another person or race of people. If we were to punish that behavior with an everlasting penalty; who among us, of any race, could honestly say we don’t deserve a similar fate?

  29. Who are these Vulcans? Are they from Star Trek? They must be because I’ve never seen them do anything for anyone in the City of Yonkers or Westchester.

  30. I am sick and tired of the self entitled cops and firemen. They play the same old song that “we protect and save lives” and in return they jackup their pensions and rip our city taxpayers off. Sad to say but retiring with pensions of 200k annually is absolutely ridiculous. When someone complains about their antics it’s “taboo”. We can find thousands of citizens to do what they do for half the price of our money. They are not special nor doing us any favors. Bunch of overpaid white supremacist rednecks!

    1. Are you kidding me? She was one of the thugs for 5 years. And she’ll soon learn what it’s like to be on the outs. She won’t be able to get anything done for her district except for where it’s being developed and gentrified. And she’ll eventually be forced out and have to get a real job.

  31. If you have cash in Yonkers you are golden. The best keep secret in a corrupt City where the Nick Spano Lobbying firm has all the union heads in his pocket.

  32. everyone gets a second chance after serving their time except white people

    not only did this guy admit he was wrong but he apologized at the time

    and he took the penalty of a 75 day suspension without pay or health insurance and other benefits

    1. The group of black “leaders” expressing their outrage of the promotion of a Yonkers FF to Lieutenant would knock you over to mug it up with Rev Jesse ” Hymietown ” Jackson or Rev Al “Diamond Merchant”” White Interloper” Sharpton if they- came to Yonkers with no concerns about their prior racist statement. POC are some of the biggest hypocrites this nation has ever seen-thats word up.

  33. You would think clergy, of any faith, would be about forgiveness and redemption. But this is not about this one fireman at all. He’s just the excuse. This is about power and influence and losing it. This is about Democrats taking the black vote for granted. This is all political people.

  34. the problem with khader is he can’t tell the truth, probably the most dishonest politician in yonkers. the black community will remember.

  35. The koward khader hid under his desk when it was time to show leadership!
    This weak link wants to be mayor. a real joke , continue to rob taxpayers with your phony videos.

  36. Where was the African American Advisory Board back in 2017 ? Was their “advice” sought immediately after this happened? Was their “advice” sought as to an appropriate penalty? Was their “advice” sought as to whether or not the recent promotion should be approved? What exactly does the African American Advisory Board do?

  37. It seems like the firemen’s union was very proactive after this incident occurred back in 2017 and reached out to the NAACP and also met with the NAACP Committee. It seems like the union and the NAACP both agreed that there should be more sensitivity and diversity training in the fire department. The letter from the NAACP was addressed to the Mayor and outlined as much. Did the Mayor ever respond? Did the Mayor agree? Did the Mayor follow through? These are questions worth seeking answers to.

  38. Love him or hate him Laperuta did something wrong, apologized, agreed to a certain punishment, paid his penalty, and was entitled to move on with his life and his 25 year career.

    Some people were still unhappy with the punishment and that’s their right. But just like every other American including felons and terrorists and everyone else LaPeruta has rights too. He has the right to be free of double jeopardy. He paid his penalty and is entitled to his rights not being trampled on.

    Mayor Spano had no choice but to promote LaPeruta because denying him his civil service examination promotion for no other reason than the incident for which he had already been punished for would subject the City to millions of dollars of liability and legal fees.

    So move on. Get over it. And maybe, just maybe LaPeruta won’t still sue the City for violating his rights for over 2 years by not promoting him immediately.

  39. Your Hypocrisy is laughable. You have no idea what people of color have gotten away with on the YFD. From threatening on social media to kill white fireman in their sleep…to recently beating a man into a coma while in uniform in front of a strip bar! Or how about stealing tools from the firehouse, Reggie Crews? They shouldn’t throw stones in their BIG glass house. Before his discipline, the longest suspension in the YFD’s 116 year history was 15 days. LaPeruta got a 75 day unpaid suspension. Healthcare revoked from him and his family for the period of suspension. Passed over multiple times for a promotion EARNED. He paid the price. No one talks about his 25 year career. Over 20 of it helping people in the poorest part of Yonkers… the most diverse. How about his volunteer work with severely handicapped children at Elizabeth Seaton Children hospital in Yonkers? Guess no one wants to hear that. The guy makes one tasteless joke and he’s portrayed as a villain. Who on the planet hasn’t made a tasteless joke? You are all hypocrites.

    1. If what you allege, why has YFD stayed quiet about the allegation you assert? Threatening to kill white officer? Was that resolved? How? Is the person who threatened to kill a fellow Fire Fighter still on the job? How so? Yonkersites are not made privy to the complexities and delinquent conduct that takes place in many departments. Why are such people still on the job? Who permits it and why? YFD Commissioner has yet to learn how to speak. Perhaps he never will. And so the stomach turns. Kindly, Hezi

    2. And exactly what is the point of your comment? Racism is institutionalized and systemic. Blacks firefighters do not wield that kind of power in the fire department. Not one black Deputy Commissioner in Yonkers. Not one black Commissioner in Yonkers. But they have a Latino Commissioner of Human Resources. You can’t mix Blacks with people of color to prove Yonkers is so inclusive. And bravo to Reggie Crews for standing strong and not being intimidated.

      1. Black firefighters are part of a union that fights for and defends all of the firefighters not just some of them. If Reggie Cruz was so strong why wasn’t he able to convince any of the other African American firefighters to go stand with him? The only thing Reggie Cruz did was make a fool of himself by overplaying his hand and now he will have zero influence with Mayor Spano and will no longer be able to leverage the African American firefighters for his own personal benefit and agenda.

        1. OMG ! You are so RACIST for speaking the TRUTH! You can’t be talking about the same Reggie who stole thousands of dollars in tools from Fire Station 3 on Vark St. are you? The same who only fessed up when officers threatened to call police? I guess they just fell into the trunk of his car. NOT the Reggie who stalked a pretty civilian women across from his firehouse until the husband complained to the Dept? Why did he get a pass? Hmmm…. where’s his discipline? Where’s the angry clergy? Where’s the apology? BTW Shanae Williams was asked to look into this and did NOTHING! Wake up !

      2. Did you ever think there are no black chiefs because none have passed the TESTS to be promoted, I guess you think they should be appointed because of their color.

        1. We should lower the standards like we do for the Fire Fighter test. Affirmative action = Unqualified !!! EVERYONE can study! Did you ever consider whose jobs are being STOLEN from the men at the bottom of the hiring list? All those men who studied hard? All those men with families of their own? But because their skin is the wrong color, they lose a life changing job they worked so hard for. There is a name for GIVING a person a position because of their skin color… it’s called RACISM. Maybe someone just study harder and stop playing the victim Reggie.

      3. Hezi, not only did this Fire Fighter threaten to kill men in their sleep, but advocated for a “ Bloody Race War -the bloodier the better”. Yanko Perez is a POC and immune to justice. Zero ramifications. Zero discipline! You’re the “reporter”, Hezi. Do some research instead of focusing on ur hate for Spano. Come on. Wake up. I am forwarding you screen shots of his threats made on Facebook. Up to you if you choose to show them to the public. Up to you if you want to be ‘woke’. The Tax Exempt “Clergy” and “Reverends” condemning LaPeruta don’t want JUSTICE. They want power and money from their community. Everyone knows this, but they’re afraid to say it. They don’t want to be labeled “racist”.

        1. You choose to believe I hate the Spanos, and that is where you are wrong, I simply hate inequity. If people, whomever they are on the wrong side of the equation I report it. And don’t forget, while I am the reporter, I don’t function in a vacuum. You may want to challenge me Regarding Yanky, but I remember covering that story I can’t even remember when. I have no sense of time. And that was a difficult issue to report about because there was silence at every turn. At the end of the day, Yonkers, and perhaps other places as well, but other places do not interest me, I celebrate governance in Ossining, in Bronxville, and I dare say, my hope for Mount Vernon. There are positives about Greenburgh, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Bedford, and other communities, but one person cannot cover it all, as hard as I try. Yonkers is adept at saying nothing or very little, and respond in a derogatory manner when they are found out. It is up to governance to wise up in Yonkers. If you think about it, you will realize that Yonkers does not celebrate anything positive about the city of relevance, and they attempt to bury the derogatory concerns, when if they had the cerebral capacity, they would own up to issues of deficiency, and work to ameliorate it over time. Instead, they plot to undermine others rather than to create a bigger mor inclusive tent. So hatred for the Spano’s, absolutely not. Ask them directly how I hurt them and you will come to realize that their truth is their doing, not mine. We all make mistakes in life, and I have done as well. I have also learned from them. I believe my mistakes have informed me in a better way because those mistakes have molded who I am today. Hate, not in my vocabulary. As for the Spano, I can attest by my word, that I have done my share to advance them in a credible way. They have shown themselves wayward on many fronts, because they are seemingly hell bent on engaging their interests above those they profess to serve. I can recognize a needle in a haystack. I ok for the good in people. I accept the integrity of every human being, of every culture, education, circumstance with respect and have learned that there is value to everyone, from the simplest to the most erudite. You may not want to believe it but I know from so many walks of life and circumstance and I cherish them for who they are and in doing so, while I recognize differences, discerning it does not engage a bias bone in my body. I have lived among those of every faith, some you may have even heard of. I have studied their books of learning, and their languages, and their lifestyles. Bias, bigotry, not part of my vernacular. My experience in life allows me to feel the pain of the Chines in the hand of the Japanese, to walk in the shoes of the Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians when they were interned in concentrations camps in the U>S and Canada.I have been bequeathed with the memory of my parents whose parents were murdered in extermination camps during the Holocaust. I learned to walk the walk and talk the talk of the outcast in American society, Blacks, then called the N word, and Jews, then referred to as Kikes, and to this day. So I walk in the memory seared into my mind as I was with them in those journeys though I was born in 1950. While some will demonize what I do, they are jealous of the efficacy of this news site for its capacity to uncover news een before they take place because many in Westchester reach out to me knowing that I have integrity and my word is my passport to all people. I son’t worry about the Spanos. They have the means to worry about themselves. — Kindly, Hezi

          1. Nicely said. But do you honestly think you have “no bias”??? That is a ridiculous statement. Everyone has some kind of bias, even if they know it or not. I respect your work, but I am surprised by your naïveté.

  40. Hezi, Thank you for intentionally calling out those who did not attend. Spano knows Stewart-Cousins is scared of her own shadow when it comes to publicly being unapologetically “black,” Mayer is beholden to the union money and Nader is clueless, so they choose bury their heads under the sand. Shanae is learning her colleagues on the City Council have no respect for the Black Community.

    1. I am appalled that so much of the hurtful bias and bigotry has been kept upset. This teacher us that. The system is dismissive of many people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Kindly, Hezi

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