Mario De Giorgio, Yonkers Republican Mayoral Candidate’s Treasurer Resigns

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Mario De Giorgio, candidate for Mayor of Yonkers.

YONKERS, NY — October 31, 2019 — The Yonkers Tribune has obtained  letter that reveals Brandon Neider’s resignation as Treasurer from the Mario De Giorgio for Yonkers mayoral campaign effort. It seems Mr. De Giorgio has not conformed to standards as per New York State Election Law that requires that funds collected by the campaign are presented to the Campaign Treasurer so that thee treasurer may designate the amount of the donation submitted and from whom. Further, expenditures must also be validated.

Mr. De Giorgio did not supply his Treasurer, Brandon Neider, with the information required. Neider learned of donations and expenditures only from the bank statement.

Mr. Neider wrote:”As of 10/30/2019 I am resigning as Treasurer for Campaign C12775 – DiGiorgio for Mayor. I have had increased difficulty in attempting to get information regarding income and expenses regarding this campaign ad wish to no longer serve as treasurer. As per NY Election Law, Filings filings are up-to date with the information I was able to provide from the campaign bank account statements as no receipts or checks were ever brought to my attention to document.“

eHeziMario De Giorgio, Yonkers Republican Mayoral Candidate’s Treasurer Resigns

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  1. SpaNO is a republican running as a democrat. The fact that the REPUBLICANS best candidate is DiGiorgio is a huge joke. The whole selection process and election process is a farce. Next they’ll be telling us the russians are influencing the elections in Yonkers. NOT.

  2. The same Brandon Neider who was encouraging people to support Mike Spano and Dennis Robertson on June 25th from his Facebook profile? The same Neider who was floated as a GOP mayoral candidate “opponent” when Tubiolo couldn’t find a sacrificial lamb? The same Neider who attends Democratic Castle Royale events where the Mayor is always the benefactor?

    It’s all a set-up. Looks like Mario had a spy installed on his campaign whose only job was to deliver the campaign an October Surprise a week before the election. Spano is going through these young impressionable kids like a hot knife through butter. Just another Thursday in the city of hills where nothing is on the level.

    1. According to the BOE, Neider became the treasurer in February 2019, long before he jumped ship to support Super Mario.

      Maybe he realized that he was stuck with a Loser.

      Anyone who supports this plan less knuckle head should be committed.

  3. Apparently the great business man can’t run his campaign finances. No wonder he’s not selling children’s clothes. The grammar school graduate went bankrupt, like his campaign. He is the poorman’s Donald Trump and when I say poor I mean destitute.

    1. Well, he should have taken the Spano course on how to use the taxpayers City jobs for campaign contributions! How about Mike Spano and Nicky taking kickbacks for all those big developments going in our city? How about paying other politicians to vote a certain way and then not paying up? How about how to to get SIX men and woman to vote for term extensions and pay them off with Friends and Family jobs? How about you shut up because SOONER or later the Spanos are gonna get nabbed! Four more years could mean a mistake on their part where they can’t pay someone off and end up in jail! It already happened to Nicky! If Annabi had only worn that wire they would have already been there. Did you ever hear of a generational curse? Ask the Kennedys!

      1. The Khader’s will fall off the face of the earth as soon as the FBI can’t use Johnny “the rat” limo anymore. Maybe he can be a CIA translator like his brother Mikey.

        What goes around comes around.

    2. Look Spano Minion,
      Give it a rest. Your gonna win and we will all wait for the day this family is escorted out in handcuffs. No one will be surprised just placing bets on for what ? There are so many illegal things to choose from! Guarantee it won’t be for any of the big stuff! It is gonna be for something stupid! That’s the way life works!
      I can hear that whistle from the Karma train

    3. The disdain the Spanos and their acolytes have for uneducated people is astounding when you take into account that Mayor Mike attended Manhattan College despite allegedly never graduating and Vinny the City Clerk allegedly had to settle for a GED. Not everyone can buy seven-figure elite communications teams that espouse verbiage that is clearly outside of the Mayor’s vernacular. Not all of us can grift hard enough to send our kids to Villanova or the University of Maryland either. DiGiorgio might not be conventionally educated but I assure you that his father wasn’t a County Clerk who could afford to send him to Sacred Heart with a silver spoon in tow. DiGiorgio might be a Republican but the only Trumpian candidate in this race is Spano and his siblings who see government as an extractive vehicle for self gain. Besides, only a family of geniuses can manage to turn a municipality directly outside of New York City with miles of riverfront into a municipality under serious fiscal stress when the economy is booming. If you think it’s bad now, wait until term three when the sluggish national economy hits the fan.

  4. Spano smear campaign in full force! What the hell was wrong with Mario as everyone knows that Brandon is brought and paid for by the Spanos. Or is this the end game? Mario we all knew you were some dumb sacrificial lamb but they brought your granddaughters into this. I hope the money pay off is good enough so when they are older they are not ashamed of their grandfather. This is corruption just like everything else written all over it! Seriously, where the hell are the Feds? Justin Tubiolo destroyed the Republican party with his deals and this reeks of CORRUPTION! Their luck cant hold out for much longer!

  5. I find it interesting that this kid, who is the treasurer can’t even spell De Giorgio’s name correctly. It shows the high attention to detail this child has. It sounds like Brandon Neider didn’t do his job and now he is trying to cover his a$$.

    1. Agree, Neider’s some treasurer that can’t spell candidates name correctly!!!

      It’s widely known he is also a Spano puppet so why, for heaven’s sake, would DeGiorgio entrust him as treasurer?

      Neider’s been the Republican party’s nominee treasurer for many candidates in the past. So he’s experienced in campaign finance reporting and should know better! Now, less than one week before Election Day, he resigns to distance and protect himself!

      DeGiorgio’s finance reports reflect deficit spending? No contributions, cash or check, in any of the filings? No primary reporting? Red flags all over!

      Mario is running a sloppy campaign, no doubt, but this pullout by the Treasurer looks like a set-up and Spano sabotage!

      Rotten on so many levels.

      1. Correction: check donations have been reported, but zero cash donations. What happened to $$ from the barrel?

        Treasurer usually handles all campaign receipts and manages the campaign checkbook. Candidates typically leave this to their treasurer. Guess Mario
        didn’t trust Neider?


        Lorraine and Elliot Palais’ son-in-law, Brian Neider, was arrested and removed from his employ as a maintenance worker whose responsibilities were demanded at the Cacace Justice Center. He was arrested for allegedly stealing from a locked draw in which Police Benevolent Association funds were kept. It is further alleged that similar occurrences have taken place for about a year’s time but that this is the first time video footage of his conduct is revealed.

  6. Johnny “limo” lear and Dorothy O’Brien is Lauren khader, campaign manager for Mario. What low life white trash these people are. This is not an accurate representation of the Arab-American community. The Khaders are just the low life’s of the community

    1. Hey keyboard coward any one that knows me knows I am not john lear if I got an issue with any one I deal with it head on I do not hide behind screen names and call people names that I wont say to their face.Now if you got balls sign your name here I forgot you wont you probably will spin it off typical coward, and just remember one more thing, Don’t be a hater your going to love Johnny Khader-JK

      1. No John that is not a joke, the entire community literally hates you. Even my Grandmother hates your Mom for ruining the church Choir every single sunday for 30 years. Get a nutritionist and voice lessons.

        Hezi even if you do not allow this comment, seriously come to St Mary’s for just one sunday and listen to her, she is like a dying moose.

  7. Mary Calvi didn’t take the Spano last name for a reason. She is the smartest out of all of them.

    She will drop off Mikey at the closest pasta place and go on with her life.

  8. What would be Rubbo’s campaign slogan?
    Keep Yonkers (Brewery) Going Forward?
    Keep My Brother Employed?


    Please Let me Keep my Council Seat?

    2021 will be your year Rubbo- the voters are coming for you.

  9. Any investigation of Rubbo and Spano for negligent homicide? They got drunk with the kid from the Mayor office.

    I hear there is a lawsuit? Is the City or Yonkers Brewery named in the lawsuit? Hezi- do you know?

    1. Post
  10. Does anyone Know where John Rubbo sit in the council? Did they bring him a baby seat? He does make a mess when he eats.
    Especially when he drinks with a 22 year old and the guy drives off drunk.

  11. Mario recently took his grandkids on vacation in Fla. Was that paid from by the barrel money? If not, where is the barrel money that you should have legally regarded?

  12. Well, I saw this coming. If you have ever been to a Mario DeGeorgio event which I have, you would know that he has a barrel in the middle of the room and he asks people to put cash in it. Anyone that has been to one of his events would have seen it. So when his financials came out and no cash was on his records, that would raise a few eyebrows.

  13. Is it true that Mario is working with Kader? There is a rumor the sister that works for the limo guy is “running” Mario’s campaign. Her name is Linda, Lauren, something like that. I hope she does the limo business books better than this.


  14. Mario thought he was the Republicans savior and was bad mouthing the same people who voted to give him the endorsement. He is a two faced wannabe who continues to lose everything he runs for. I hear he wants to run against Rubbo next. Rubbo should hope for an opponent like that clown.

  15. There has to be a crime here. Hasn’t DeGiorgio had fundraisers? Where is the money? I know he was soliciting cash donations because I was almost foolish enough to give one at the Rivers Edge event! If he can’t manage his campaigns finances how can he trusted with a budget over $1 billion!

    1. A man who solicits blind cash donations would still somehow be better at managing the city’s till than Spano has the last 8 years. Those shiny new buildings don’t hide the municipal credit downgrades.

  16. Oh my. Did anyone look at his filings? Did he file all of the cash he collected? I hear he requested people only pay in cash at his fundraisers. How much cash did he report?

  17. The man wants to be Mayor but can’t properly file his $13,000? Haha. Maybe Dorothy O’Brien (aka Lauren Khader) should be his new treasurer. If not her than maybe her brother Johnny “Limo” Lear.

    1. I find it interesting that this kid, who is the treasurer can’t even spell De Giorgio’s name correctly. It shows the high attention to detail this child has. It sounds like Brandon Neider didn’t do his job and now he is trying to cover his a$$.

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