Dopers (Drug Addicts) in the Yonkers Police Department

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The Dopers Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY — October 3, 2019 – Addiction and alcohol abuse has rarely been openly spoken about among Yonkers Police personnel, no matter the rank, and never  publicly.  Over the past two decades, the Internal Affairs Division of the Yonkers Police Department uncovered some concerns among personnel. Such Police Officers  were recognized through so-called random drug-test screenings to be suffering from an addiction, no matter the catalyst. Test results were often gleaned by taking urine samples. The testing was basically to uncover chemical signatures that revealed the use of marijuana, as well as cocaine. 

The percentage of officers testing positive for substance abuse years ago were few and far between. Neither then, nor now, does the YPD test for opioids, pain killers, steroids, fentanyl, heroin. It must be recognized that police work in the present is much more stressful than in years past. So stressful, that an increase in drug use, depression, and suicide has and continues to undermine the capacity of every police department no matter the locale.

Yonkers Police Department seems to have no accountability for those “dopers” who are deemed invisible when they wear their shield. Ever since Mike Spano acceded to the office of mayor almost 8 years ago, random drug screening took a back seat to the consequence of addiction physically, mentally, and financially on an individual, their family, the community at large, and the department itself. The Spano Administration chose to espouse pride and respect for the department dressed in blue, but in actuality they undermined the police department by mouthing the words that covered up the fact that they did not care about the officers in blue. Had they cared, they would have continued the paltry drug testing, not to catch a wayward police officer, but to learn who had a problem and contend with their personal demons so as to bring them back to a state of health. The excuse that testing was too costly, and deemed unnecessary by the Spano Administration, in hindsight revealed that were not respectful of the YPD personnel. They were outwardly  embarrassed when an officer overdosed on an illicit drug, but they used that knowledge to dominate and threaten YPD personnel. City Hall wanted administrators to out those suffering addiction. YPD wanted internal complaints so as to engender fear among the personnel in order to control them. 

It proved to be an untenable concept. Precinct commanders didn’t want to be known as rats to the officers in their charge because to do so would only breed contempt. Secondly, if anyone in the police department thought that administering such tests would be their way of targeting good and decent personnel by exacting a childish grudge, they were mistaken. 

Other than testing a bunch of rookie cops here and there infrequently, Yonkers is more concerned about contract givebacks, take home cars, and making sure the union heads keep that endorsement cash close to their vests.

Keep in mind that Yonkers is a very corrupt political town and one could and do say that the Spano Family has taken full control of every department with its Spano loyalists or plants placed in every unit or form of government from construction contracts, building permits, to student’s club money accounts’ usage by the Yonkers Board of Education to purchase accounting software that is not warranted nor needed for high school students’ club checking accounts. The only confusing part is who is really running Yonkers. 

Over the last ten years YPD has increasingly suffered more drug overdoses, with drug usage on and off-duty, and yes, drug related deaths as well. Somehow there are reports that some supervisors may have dropped the ball, so to speak, and have not reported what has been occurring within the Yonkers PD.

Now sources report that when Yonkers Police Officer Robert McDonough overdosed in full uniform and on duty in his police car while parked at the Third Precinct parking lot, the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (the union) had inserted their black-gloved hand into the  internal investigation, which could have or may have obstructed an Internal Affairs investigation. Obstruction comes in many forms and we will let the readers arrive at their own conclusions. The takeaway is that by protocol, Internal Affairs must be permitted access before anybody else.

When an officer is involved in an incident of some kind, supervisors are the first to be told, yet are not always the first to attend. It happens too frequently that union representatives do not await Internal Affairs to conduct such investigations, which is protocol. One has to wonder why the union is permitted this capacity.

Many readers will remember that Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson is far from credible and his reputation derogatorily precedes him. Sources say that the Yonkers PBA usually goes into an automatic defensive mode which does not help when union reps are interfering and telling other police personnel what to say. Now the department is at the point where Olson is telling Police Detectives like DellaDonna, to refuse to give a urine sample and a blood sample for testing for drugs, and others, not to cooperate with Police Investigators. Not helpful to anyone. Not good union practice either; placing good cops’ lives in danger because someone may have a problem.

That is what causes more drug usage and subsequent deaths. The mindset that permeates the Yonkers Police Department is that PBA President Det. Olson is so powerful that you can do anything on the street and not get fired. A mind blowing revelation that falls on the shoulders of Mayor Mike Spano.

Mayor Mike Spano plays false pretense with Yonkersites asserting he wants accountability but does not demand it. Instead, Mayor Spano permits Olson’s derogatory excesses so as to leverage Olson’s endorsements and cash, thus making sure no one is held responsible or made the wiser. 

There are Yonkers Police Officers who refuse to talk to ANY investigators citing Hippa regulations.They may do so by omitting a word or two out of a report from a witness, may overlook evidence, may move evidence, and thereafter then engage in a theatrical tirade / drama. Mayor Spano tells people he wants to fire drug users. Such directives are followed up by P.O.s taking their place on stage and rehearsing their part. By the end of the show, wink, wink, the arbitrator, if it gets that far, rules in favor of the union member as expected, because it just happens to be that Yonkers Corporation Counsel put up an innocuous legal case. No drinks and no popcorn, just drug users and drug stealers getting saved to overdose another day.

Yonkers PD has a no nonsense policy and procedure that is not worth the paper its printed on because of the theatrics employed by the Yonkers PBA. They have a long track record of harassment, and obstruction and hinderance of investigations under Keith Olson. The families of those now deceased police personnel should be holding the PBA and the City of Yonkers accountable for what has now become commonplace in the Yonkers PD. 

The City of Yonkers has now stacked such officers in an undisclosed hideout where they are running out of room to accommodate them all.  These people needed help in the past, and need help now. Police work is not a place where you want to get high. Lives are put in danger on all sides. The Yonkers Police Department needs to find integrity and professionalism first before it slaps cuffs on some teenager for the same thing. Unions are much better run when they are not paying Nick Spano lobbying money every year. 

Now is the time for the Community and others to rally together and send a message to the Spano Family that enough is enough. Perhaps not everyone can do the job of a professional Police Officer.

RIP Daniel Egan and  Pete Salva

EDITOR’S NOTE: Lest it be forgotten, former Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, recognizing the high number of drug addicted police officers on detail, was desirous to have testing undertaken for everyone in the department. Yonkers City Hall refused with Yonkers PBA support.


eHeziDopers (Drug Addicts) in the Yonkers Police Department

Comments 28

    Cops know what they signed up for.
    Should of been firemen if they wanted no accountability and
    party your ass off.

  2. Rise up civic groups and demand accountability from City Hall. Remember this; there are investigations for the ordinary citizen and then there is the Yonkers Way of investigating for drug using cops, and the friends and family network.

  3. Funny how the Spano’s misled the entire community without any open process to the public. Two interviews and union lobbying cash and promises to screw the members took the spot.

  4. Not only does Mueller and Olson have no credibility but police investigations will be compromised from beginning to end. Just look at the Jamal crash. The Westchester District Attorney’s Office will need a bigger boat.

    1. Keith Olson’s dream came true. Just wondering when Nick Spano will pin the deputy dog shield on him. Better be made of gold at almost $ 400,000 of the members lobbying cash.

  5. Sorry bullhead, but the only lies comes right out of the mouths of Jon the Joker Mueller and his Fat Union boss liar Keith “Nicky” Olson who is one of the biggest cowards in the County. He hides behind the members’ cash and the Spano’s. Being afraid of the truth is scary when reports and statements surface with facts. Bull huh, you couldn’t even kick another cop out of the union without lies. You attacked another cop from the rear twice with your COMMISSIONER watching and drunk. You lie to save drug addicts, and perjurers like Vera who lies to another person. Yeah, it is real bull when you back-stabbed every real Police Commissioner since Taggart.

    Now drink up with your bullhead Joker friend. One thing is for certain, you told on too many bosses and people.

    Now go grab a bull sandwich with extra cheese and try not to drip it as usual. Losers.

  6. Hezi continues to write BS. I used to enjoy when you posted articles. Unfortunately, you have become driven by hate with baseless accusations. I hope you have a lot of money because I’m sure you will be sued a ton. Long live commissioner Mueller. That’s correct COMMISSIONER! You go after anyone that doesn’t show you the money. Too bad. You have fallen very hard.

    1. Let’s have honesty, accountability and NO nepotism or favoritism. This goes for all government, especially Yonkers City Hall!

      And it permeates beyond to YBOE, YPD, YFD, YDPW and all the other city agencies. Citizens need CC reps that are going to ask the hard questions and find solutions. Not gonna happen with this Council and the newbie coming on.

      They are all cowards! Bought and paid for. Better People are out there, they need to be running and represent US!

    2. This is an article! Perhaps you cannot see the forest for the trees. If you don’t like what he writes, then don’t read it. Very simple solution.

  7. The Yonkers PBA and their few friends have stooped even lower than sewer caps and now is pointing fingers at retired cops that don’t do crack, snort cocaine , pop opioids and obstruct investigators and investigations. The blue line just keeps growing bigger.
    Setting other up is the amigos speciality. Just like taking personnel files right KO

  8. Time for the Yonkers Police Department to be sanitized. Bring extra cleaning equipment to the PBA office. Remember Olson records and videos all those in his office. Almost like when he ordered John Donaghy to remove all video equipment from the Dunwoodie incident when Olson’s trustees tried to stop another from leaving the meeting.

  9. KO you said that the allegations and whispers against you and and Mueller were baseless?
    Maybe you should retract that statement pal.

  10. The policy and procedures of the YPD concerning drug testing and addiction is not worth the paper it is printed on. That union loser Keith Olson is not concerned about good decent cops working alongside of pill poppers and main liners.
    He is very concerned about his bought and paid for PC , “ I didn’t have a beer festival in my precinct “ Johnny Mueller.

    1. What happen to the cop that overdosed in the radio car or the cop that was in the property room, or the cop that refused to be tested? We won’t mention the baby sitting unit in communication

  11. Looking for opioids and a job with no accountability and no consequences? Just sign up for the next Yonkers Police Test. Also you can assault other employees, search without warrants, threaten civilians and make up rules as you go like whether or not you want to investigate certain type of accidents or crimes.

  12. Only in Yonkers can a drug addicted cop keep his job after overdosing on and off duty. The Yonkers PBA President says don’t cooperate with IAD and maybe Olson will get you on the Detective list if you swear into the dirty PBA

    1. Actually the Firefighters are tested and they cooperate with the system. They don’t kick around evidence or say they didn’t see a thing and they don’t turn out with guns every tour. They also don’t arrest individuals and take their drugs.

      1. YOFD THE BEST! They continue on faithfully saving lives in this hellhole of a city burning down its own buildings due to lack of proper code checks and just for the sake of politics to kick out the poor that they took on in droves since 1970

  13. Why doesn’t the Yonkers Fire Department have random drug screening as well? It would seem logical that the current stresses of modern society, as well as the stres of their profession would impact them as well, and put educators and local politicians as well.

  14. Everything that Keith Olson does and says is a lie. Let’s see what his bitcoin Johnny boy does. Communication is going to be the new 5th precinct.

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