New York Attorney General Fails to Recommend Criminal Prosecution For Any Police Officers In Connection With The Death Of Jonathan Maldonado

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Attorney General Adopted The Police Version Of The Facts And Failed To Take Into Account The Testimony Of Several Civilian Witnesses And Video Contradicting The Police.

Jonathan Michael Maldonado – December 11, 1995 to November 29, 2017.

NEW YORK, NY — October 11, 2019 — After an almost two-year investigation into the death of 21-year old Jonathan Maldonado during an encounter with Greenburgh Police Officers on November 29, 2017, the New York State Attorney General’s Office has issued a report of the officers’ actions but declined to bring criminal charges against them. While the AG did not bring criminal charges, the report issued recommendations regarding the taser use policy and training regarding tasers. The NYAG conducted the investigation pursuant to a 2015 Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo appointing the New York Attorney General as a special prosecutor in matters relating to unarmed civilians suffering use of force by law enforcement officers. The family is disappointed with the AG’s decision not to bring criminal charges, but is shocked that the report relies solely on self-serving statements of the police officers who allegedly caused or contributed to the death of Mr. Maldonado. Attorney Debra Cohen stated, “Through our investigation, we have already amassed significant evidence that contradicts the police version of the facts, but the AG inexplicably failed to include those facts in its report.”

Jonathan Maldonado went into cardiac arrest after he was pushed to the ground and tasered by Greenburgh police officers who were responding to a shoplifting complaint from a nearby store. Police failed to start CPR for several minutes, instead repeatedly injecting Mr. Maldonado with NARCAN because they believed his condition was caused by a drug overdose. Mr. Maldonado never regained consciousness and was declared dead after he was transported to a hospital after more than twenty minutes at the scene.

Mr. Maldonado’s mother has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against three Greenburgh Police Officers, a lieutenant and the Town. The attorneys handling the case are Debra Cohen and Randolph McLaughlin, co-chairs of the Civil Rights Practice Group at Newman Ferrara LLP. Attorney McLaughlin stated that “Through the federal lawsuit we will continue the search for the truth as to how and why Jonathan died during his encounter with the Greenburgh Police Officers.”

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Press Release: Debra Cohen and Randolph McLaughlin, co-chairs of the Civil Rights PracticeGroup of Newman Ferreira LLP


eHeziNew York Attorney General Fails to Recommend Criminal Prosecution For Any Police Officers In Connection With The Death Of Jonathan Maldonado

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  1. Another criminal loses his life. The only difference is that he is from a political criminal family. The police did nothing wrong. This skell set his own death in motion.

    1. Don’t be *ick! No one should be killed over an alleged theft.

      You are attacking without the facts, the same way the arriving officers did.

  2. Has the AG’s report been made public?

    Hezi it seems that Nancy Maldonado’s Attorney’s are merely grandstanding and skewing the story?

  3. Is this the same family that bought a very expensive house in my neighborhood(colonial heights) out of nowhere?

    No surprise of a law suit somebody has to pay the bills

  4. A young life lost, under very suspicious consequences. The NYAG must review ALL the evidence. Prayers for the family and may justice prevail!

  5. Is this the khader nephew that was shoplifting, had drugs on him and injested the drugs to try to avoid the drug rap? Oh that’s right, the cops were wrong. Unbelievable. So sad but it was his own doing.

    1. sad is that these thugs with badges, charged at him, slammed him, stepped on him, sat on him , tazed him twice, all in front of eye witness.
      All will NOT resisting.

      What is worst is that they did not think to give him cpr, or anycare for several minutes.

      If he over dosed how the heck did he manage to run so far, he was alive when they police arrived. They gave him narcan after they attacked him and killed him. They need to give him cpr. Poor training poor observation of situation.

      They did nothing to save him.

      They were all reckless. Body cams don’t lies.

      Ag failed this kid and his family.

  6. Hezi, please do this story and write the facts. This is s nonsense presser. The people deserve to know the truth about that incident.

  7. How many times must Law Enforcement Officer be vindicated from having committed any wrong-doing in an incident, before they are permitted to move forward with their lives? Cuomo and his ilk try their hardest to come up with new and improved ways to be critical of law enforcement; often in the same stroke destroying the careers and future of those, who risk their lives on a daily basis protecting the community.

  8. I Stand with Greenburgh Officers and officers across the country

    Of course a law suit probably just looking for money. Is it possible to truly grieve and sue at the same time? Phonies

    1. You don’t get to grieve until all the evidence comes to light. The Lawyer on news12 stated the written report by police Contradicts body cam video footage and I witness statement.

      The truth will come out one one or the other.

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