Prudence Informs Rob Astorino’s Political Prospects

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The Potential Republican Resurgence Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — October 13, 2019 — If anyone can be considered the standard bearer of Republican dogma in New York State, it is likely to be former Westchester County Legislator Rob Astorino. While a prudent and logical path has always existed for Astorino, muddled messages conceptualized by and from Republican spokespeople went to obfuscate his future plans. That game plan may have proven itself in the past, but no longer. Astorino is facing a moment of truth that will go to decide his future political prospects, his relevance as a CNN commentator, specifically with respect to the national political landscape, his future earnings prospects, among other concerns to be divulged herein.

In fact it was only last Thursday that Westchester County Republican Committee Chair Doug Colety noted that he had spoken to Rob Astorino with respect to Congresswoman Nita Lowey’s announcement that she would not seek another term in office. The inference was clear, Colety was intimating that upon conferring with Astorino they had concluded that Rob Astorino throwing his name into the mix to succeed Congresswoman Lowey was imminent. It was what is best referred to as intentionally misleading (e.i., a red herring).

Astorino’s re-election bid as a Republican for another term as Westchester County Executive was lost to present Westchester County Executive George Latimer, a Democrat.

The outcome was uncertain, though the prospect for a Democratic Party win was palpable. 

Despite the loss, Rob Astorino was left with a war chest equivalent to some $800,000 that would come in handy in a future political contest but could not be used were he to run for a congressional seat.

That being the backdrop, the political reality would have Astorino scrambling for a job. He was a well respected sports commentator. He was a standard bearer and experienced in governance, and a proponent of Republican values. The political realm with which he long thrived was the winning ticket. He was hired by CNN (Cable News Network) as a political pundit, gravitating to a well respected and learned authority on national issues.

Were Mr. Astorino to consider campaigning for a seat in the U.S. Congress, he would lose his $500 per segment. (I initially wrote $200,000 per annum paycheck from CNN which required correction … My error; my apology! — Hezi). That very fact is certain to have impressed Mr. Astorino to forego the prospect of launching a campaign to succeed Congresswoman Lowey to represent District 17.

The quandary Astorino faced was how and what could be devised that would serve his penchant to serve the public interest, permit him to maintain his employment with CNN, and even grow his pension. He was either clairvoyant or has the deductive acumen that presented him with a stellar solution.

People with knowledge, as opposed to those who would attempt to intentionally mislead the press, have informed the Yonkers Tribune that Rob Astorino will divulge, within an unspecified time-frame, that he will launch a campaign against New York State Senator Pete Harckham representing District 40. The election will take place in November 2020.

Recognizing NYS Senate District 40 is the epiphany to Rob Astorino’s quandary only seems brilliantly simply when revealed. Becoming a local politician will not undermine Astorino’s standing as a political pundit on the national stage for CNN. By virtue of our informed, albeit anonymous sources, the deflective red herring maneuver is now null and void. The icing on the cake for Astorino, winning elected office on the New York State level will also grow his pension.

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eHeziPrudence Informs Rob Astorino’s Political Prospects

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  1. Come on this is fake news from a politco wanting a 6 figure job from Rob. He’s not going to run for anything, bc it makes no sense for him to do so.

  2. Thing is, even if Astorino wins SD40, 2021 Is a redistricting year. Meaning, SD40 will then have Ossining and other progressive areas and no more Putnam County. So he’s going to run so he can sit in the minority with zero power for one term and then be redistricted out? Seems dumb even for a Republican.

  3. rob astorino cannot win the 17th CD the registation is 2-1 in favor of the democrats…should he run for the state senate in 2022, if Trump is still in office he can’t win that seat either…If Trump loses in 2020 and he runs for the seat he will have to hope there isn’t further attrition of republicans in the county in response to the disaster that donald trump has wrought..Finally rob is not a full time employee of CNN He can’t possibly be making 200,000 ..He is a panelist occasionally and probably gets 500 per appearance….Only an anchor or someone with a show of his or her own can command the really big bucks eg rob needs a job and he will pick the most probably way to get one

  4. Astorino isn’t against running for CD-17 because he would suffer a significant loss in pay (174k vs. 200k). He’s against running because he would lose. It’s a solid blue seat, packed with affluent donors and voters who would make sure that someone who imposed draconian stupidity upon this county as recently as three years ago doesn’t return to power. That coupled with the fact that Trump is still on the ballot and it is electoral suicide. His decision to run for Harckham’s seat isn’t rooted in his desire to boost his pension, it’s gambling that Democratic turnout will be suppressed in the 2022 midterm elections if Trump isn’t in office. He’s hoping the elusive NIMBY pearl-clutching vote will support him once again as they did in 2009 and 2013. The problem is Astorino understands that Westchester has shifted demographically, and the voters he could once count on are either 6 feet under or living in Florida. Also, there’s no guarantee that an emboldened Democratic Party will disappear after Trump is out of office. All Harckham and the Indivisibles have to do is keep their base invigorated, Astorino has to make sure his still exists.

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