Yonkers City Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaacs Engaged in Behind the Scenes Self-Serving Power Grab

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Yonkers City Council’s Musical Chair Scenario Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — October 22, 2019 —Corazón Pineda-Isaacs (District 2) has thrown down the gauntlet in her challenge of Shanae Williams (District 1).

The gameplay was afoot for some time; it was strategically pernicious. The game plan was so subtle it seemed cloaked behind an opaque veneer that was easily eclipsed by the constant and ever-changing drama that consumes the political environment that defines the City of Yonkers (CoY). Focus is on one prize, a passive aggressive assault on the present power structure that defines the Yonkers City Councilmembership. 

The protagonists number seven. Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader (Dem), Councilmember Shanae Williams (Dem-District 1), Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaacs (Dem-District 2), Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino (Dem-District 3), Councilmember John Rubbo (Dem-District 4),  Councilmember Mike Breen (Rep-District 5), and Councilmember Anthony Merante (Rep-District 6).

Corazón Pineda-Isaacs has long gotten away with conduct injurious to CoY. She has wrecked three city vehicles without a word from the administration, nor has she ever faced any financial responsibility for the damage caused to the cars she drove that were engaged in one accident or another. 

Last October she advised that after focusing on her re-election effort, she divulged that she would be working as “the new Business Attraction & Retention Specialist” for Westchester County Executive George Latimer in the Westchester County Office of Economic Development.

She retained her position representing District 2 and is now also employed by Westchester County. At issue is whether her status as an employee of Westchester County may place her responsibilities and loyalties to her employer or to the people who elected her to office to represent their interests specific to District 2. (Aside: I have a vague recollection that when the issue was whether she would be present to represent District 2, she instead chose to attend to her responsibilities to her employer.) It was a conflict of interest that the Yonkers Tribune foresaw and foretold would come about and it did.

Then there is the issue of the city-owned car she has that is paid for by CoY, as well as for the automobile insurance; and the reduced price of gasoline for the vehicle, all paid for by the Yonkers taxpayer. The use of the car is strictly defined for use within the City of Yonkers and not for use outside the city limits. Former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq. drove to his law firm in White Plains. That too was illegal. Not a word from the Yonkers Inspector General. Now with Councilmember Pineda-Isaac, the same concern; Not a peep from anyone. Why do Yonkers taxpayer’s always seem to get a bill despite standards defined being consistently trashed every time one looks at a situation. Perhaps Yonkers City Council should consider making everything that is illegal, legal so we can have no crime and accept so many of our elected officials as compliant with the letter of the law as opposed to their present debauched conduct.

Lest anyone has forgotten, Councilmember Pineda-Isaac’s sister  is now an employee of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. Have any or all of  Councilmember Pineda-Isaac’s children been promised jobs yet? If not now, when?

Now we arrive at the political shenanigans: Councilmember Pineda-Isaac is diligently invested in becoming the Yonkers City Council Majority Leader. That position is held by Michael Sabatino who is stepping down to become a member of Mayor Mike Spano’s staff.

Since Councilmember John Rubbo changed party affiliations, from Republican to Democrat, the political divide in Yonkers City Council now numbers 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

Pineda-Isaac’s next step is to gain a majority vote to accede to Yonkers City Council Majority Leader among the Democrats, that is 3 votes out of a maximum of 5 for her or her opponent that the Yonkers Tribune suggests will find Councilmember Williams her opponent. 

Pineda-Isaac has for months suggested that when the 4 year term of present Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader expires, should he intend to run for re-election, she will challenge him for the office of Yonkers City Council President.

On that basis alone, her effort to garner at minimum 3 of 5 votes from fellow Yonkers City Councilmembers may either be daunting or easy.

The women on the Yonkers City Council will battle for supremacy to preside in the position of Majority Leader. The political duel will be between Pineda-Isaac and Williams. 

Shanae Williams would be required to cast the first vote. The Yonkers Tribune suggests Williams will cast the vote for WILLIAMS.

Pineda-Isaac will vote for herself – PINEDA-ISAAC.

Tasha Diaz is the Yonkers City Council-member elect for District 3, succeeding the outgoing Majority Leader Mike Sabatino. She is likely to lean toward WILLIAMS

Councilmember John Rubbo, recently defining himself as a Democrat, should he vote with the Democratic majority,  of which he is one, Rubbo will cast his for WILLIAMS 

Council District 5 and 6 are Republican seats. A vote for Minority Leader, presently under the auspices of Michael Breen are not likely to become engaged in the Majority Leadership vote. If the Yonkers City Councilmembership rules that everyone have the right to opine and vote over the leadership of the other’s party, this contemplated scenario would be undermined only by the strong willed arm of Mayor Mike Spano which would reveal using his position as the Officer of the Executive Branch of government to undermine, even coerce an outcome from the Legislative Branch of office, an absolute no, no! 

We may prudently suggest that based on Pineda-Isaac’s intentioned assertion that she will challenge Mike Khader for the office of Yonkers City Council President 2 years down the road, President Mike Khader will cast his support of and for WILLIAMS.

So if all the Democrats vote for the Majority Leader in their caucus, Williams will have a majority vote of 4 for WILLIAMS and 1 for PINEDA-ISAAC.

Shanae Williams has proven herself smart, pertinent, and lucid in representing District 1, and will rise to excel her present district even when laden with additional responsibilities under her elevated auspices. 


eHeziYonkers City Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaacs Engaged in Behind the Scenes Self-Serving Power Grab

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  1. One poster stated that Yonkers is a Brown City sorry pal u had ur shot and failed we Hispanic’s outnumber blacks in COY so step aside u had ur chance and failed-too bad moreno

    1. True, Hispanics outnumber Black Americans in population numbers in Yonkers, however, they do not outnumber Black Americans in the electorate. There are fewer Hispanics eligible or registered to vote in Yonkers than Black Americans. Not all Hispanic residents of Yonkers are eligible voters, i.e., many undocumented residents.

  2. Breaking news!!! It seems as though Det Keith Olson has broken off with the Mayor!! His wife is publicly shaming the Mayor!! Why? I don’t have that answer but is John Muller on his way out? What went wrong and why are the Olson’s now going after the Mayor on social media. It’s going to get good. Everyone get some popcorn for this. Let’s see what the response is, it appears that Olson has taken the first shot here. Get on this hezi.

  3. So Um yea, No primaries can take place if it ever comes to a special election. The party pick is chosen by the district leaders. Just wanted to give you a quick class on this.
    Silly gooses

  4. Nick and Mike we see you pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes with this one. You will either way since both Corazon and Shanae are beholden to you.

  5. Sha-nay-nay, Cora-Borra, Rub-a-dub who cares! Mike Spano will run for County Executive and win. Mr. Gozzy Latimer will be off somewhere retired with his New Rochelle girl, hopefully not posting on Facebook. Mike Khader will run for Mayor and win!

      1. Mike Khader’s a helluva lot better than Lazy Liam! Khader is working for all 6 districts, not just some parts of the City. In the next election, he’ll win by another landslide! #allthewayup!

  6. Yonkers is a losing City and the people have NO voice. Yonkers doesn’t need a Council because they always vote 100% with Mike Spano

    1. Agree.

      “Crash” Corazon should be taken to task on the vehicle abuse! If she’s that accident-prone, her vehicle should be recalled. Why are taxpayers paying for replacement vehicles and increased insurance?

      In all likelihood, Williams will be the next Dem Majority Leader. She was originally hand-picked by the Mayor, so her reign will expand. I wish her luck!

      As for CC President Khader, he’s doing a decent job considering what he’s up against. It can’t be easy working with a Council of 6 who are each individually indebted to and under the Mayor’s thumb as reward for family jobs and other promised future positions and favors.

      As for contenders for Mayor, Khader is the only one sitting on the CC capable of winning a city-wide race. He has the name recognition & the boots on the ground to get the vote out! Any real competition for him might come from someone like a Tom Meier, head of DPW and YDC.

      Speculation about Williams and/or Rubbo running for Mayor in 2 years time is a pipe dream. Turncoat Rubbo will be extremely lucky to hold onto his Council seat come 2020. And Wonder-girl Williams will not be able to pull off a city-wide race! And as for Lesnick, he’s in retirement mode and that’s where he should stay.

      Too bad, Shelley Mayer won’t consider running for Mayor, but that’s unlikely.

      We shall see how this all enfolds in the coming months…

  7. LOL Hezi…if Corazon is as useless in her county job as she has been as a city councilmember, there will be no conflict of interest….just as a debate as to which of the two she has been worse at (excuse preposition at end of sentence)

  8. Hezi, Corazon is 4 months pregnant and will be out for months again for the third time. I don’t know why she would subject the City of Yonkers to her absent leadership again! Virginia taught her well.

  9. Corazon is the next majority leader. Unfortunately, someone is selling you a bag of crap. Minute man Mike doesn’t have any votes on the council. That’s right, zero. Whoever has the support of minute man mike will lose.


  10. The lovely and gorgeous Shanae Williams will be the leader of the Democrats. She is the smartest member of the council. Corazon has a good figure, but she is no Shanae Williams. It will be Rubbo vs Williams vs Lesnik in the special primary to replace Mike Spano in 2021. Shanae will win and go on to be Mayor.

      1. Sir, there is no reason to insult Miss Williams. She is a strong college educated black woman. She is the future of Yonkers and will be the next mayor.

        1. Nobody is insulting Ms Williams just an opinion but then u choose to play the racial identity card -if that is the best u we can do then yes we r in trouble in Yonkers.

          1. Yonkers is a Brown City and should be African Americans. Whites are welcome to live here, but brown is the future.

  11. Hezi – not only are your predictions wrong, and also funny, but your rationale is way off base. This means to me you either have a REALLY bad read on the circumstances or you are being told falsehoods by someone claiming to be giving you information. Either way it’s on you.

    By the way if you had any idea how Shanae Williams is viewed by her colleagues you would never have written this article. She has chosen to align herself with Khader. Do the math again.

    1. I have given you my perspective and issues regarding Pineda-Isaac. As for who will vote and in which fashion, it is an analysis that may wake people to what is going on in the dysfunctional conduct of the Yonkers City Council. Then again that seems to have been its only function over these Last 20 years. I respect your perspective that I may be wrong. Isn’t it tiring to state your case without ever validating how you see it differently. That would be a game changer in Yonkers wouldn’t it? If one were to learn your rationale, and it may likely eclipse my thinking as you suggest, I welcome it so I can set my head around this issue with greater insight. So bring it on. It may change my perspective and yours. Thanks for your paltry comment. How about adding something more. — Kindly Hezi.

      1. It is your responsibility to do the investigations, not mine. I can tell you that you are definitively incorrect on at least 3 of your predictions.

        Another point, Shanae Williams does not take the “first vote” as you claim. If you have paid attention to one Council Meeting over the last 2 years you would know that. Once again you prove that you write nonsense, don’t fact check and write what someone tells you.

    1. Rubbos intentions were to flip to dem and become majority leader-
      now realizing it was a failed attempt he will be backing Corazon.

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