Yonkers Riverfest Ends Tragically for Mayor Mike Spano and His 22-Year-Old Deputy Communications Director Akeem Jamal

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Yonkers Reality Check Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — October 28, 2019 —Yonkers’ Riverfest celebration took place on Saturday, September 14, 2019. It was the 27th reincarnation that celebrates a resurgent waterfront rising along the majestic Hudson River that draws over 15,000 people to Yonkers Downtown, one of Westchester’s biggest events. Riverfest is replete with musical entertainment, a diverse choice of international cuisine and food, and carnival games and cuisine, exhibits, children’s activities. It is Yonkers biggest outdoor event. It began at Noon and culminated at 7:00pm. The tradition, no matter its promotion, is an elaborate and opaque veneer seemingly intended to obfuscate a reality that has been denied for years.  

It is a place where locals and transients can walk down New Main Street without fear of becoming a crime statistic; a place where Spano suck ups are admonished to attend. The reality is that the 2-block radius, is intended to promote  a struggling waterfront that is surrounded by poverty, struggling businesses, crime, as well as low income housing units build alongside rental units ranging from $1,500 to 3,500 market rate rentals.

This realty, certain to be redefined by Yonkers City Hall wordsmiths as “fake news,” is in fact as real as the fact that 65 percent of Yonkers Public Schools’ student population is NOT proficient in English Learning Arts (ELA), and likewise not in math, as deduced by the most recent test scores. The Yonkers Board of Education, under the aegis of Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, is glaringly deficient by his skill set. He is guiding a failed educational system and curriculum that cannot seem to muster yearly proficiency test scores from its student body. It must also be noted that the Spano Administration’s fingerprints are all over the consistently failing Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE). It should not be misconstrued that the teachers are at fault; this is an administrative failure. This is akin to the reality that Mayor Mike Spano and those before him, John Spencer and Phil Amicone, have consistently been crying for New York State funding asserting they have been short-changed. Tin cup in hand, Yonkers continues to cry out for more, yet only last week, Yonkers City Hall will go it alone, spend $100 million to build new schools. That is what Mayor Mike Spano advised. How will Mayor Mike Spano pay for this grand intention? It seems nothing more than a Mayor Mike Spano a folly. Were New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli to conduct  an audit as to how the City of Yonkers (CoY) and its department the YBoE, to decipher how funds have been allegedly commingled with overtime abuses, and new job openings for friends and families. Perhaps Yonkers standings would rise to an evolving and worthy trajectory praised for positive capacity;then again there is no vision and thereby no plan. 

Riverfest cannot ever camouflage a failed and crumbling school district where lead continues to course through its water pipes, as asbestos dust and mold permeate many school buildings. Yonkersites don’t know whom to believe. It is Yonkers City Hall who is responsible for spewing falsehoods.  

Then there are the recent rash of violent crimes that have taken place within the last month involving another shooting, armed robberies, a violent street brawl at Murray’s Ice Skating Rink in which brawling street thugs slashed opened the face of yet another Yonkers victim out with his family.

The Spano’s have been at the helm for almost a decade and one has to wonder what has changed that would not have naturally changed anywhere else in the nation. From that time the City of Yonkers has been ruled by the Spano clan in which each brother and some cousins have had their hands in the pot. 

It is allegedly common knowledge and practice in Yonkers that lobbying cash can get things done. Every Yonkersite knows that Yonkers beats to its own drums, demonstrates selective enforcement on anything from internal rules to the New York State Penal Law. An example of that selective enforcement is why no one from the Yonkers Police Department, not the Yonkers Acting Police Commissioner, now the Yonkers Police Commissioners John Mueller, nor Mayor Mike Spano, nor the Mayor’s Communications Director Christina Gilmartin have informed the public about the tragic accident of Deputy Communications Director Akeem Jamal since September 14, 2019, almost 6-weeks ago; not a word. To this day, there has been no public comment about the accident. Could that be because someone was not following policy and procedure for handling serious physical injury accidents involving a city official?  Maybe the real victim of Jamal’s accident will get justice through his attorney.  The young deputy communication director was spotted drinking with his boss, Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson, Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, and Yonkers City Councilman and Yonkers Brewery owner John Rubbo. 

As an aside, Mr. Jamal Akeem, by the grace of God and his youth, was released to a rehabilitation center in New Rochelle and is slowly recuperating.

After the Riverfest celebration concluded with libation and some salty foods at the Yonkers Brewery was over the young 22-year-old Akeem Jamal left to fend for himself. 

Hours later, witnesses informed the Yonkers Tribune that Akeem Jamal departed the Yonkers Brewery and drove his 2017 BMW sedan to dúo Tapas Bar & Lounge serving a “sexy and sophisticated clientele and menu!” Information obtained advise that the gathering went into the early morning hours and ended at duo’s bar and restaurant with the Yonkers Mayor still celebrating with his young director until the early morning hours. Even more insulting to the Yonkers Taxpayer is that Mayor Mike Spano had a Police Detective, a member of the Mayor’s Security Unit sitting outside the bar while he was partying inside with 22-year-old Akeem Jamal.  One has to question why Mayor Mike Spano didn’t go home to his family and wife Mary Calvi, Channel 2 News Co-anchor? Yes, Mike Spano was out on the town or on the prowl; you decide. There is an old adage, that when the cat’s away the mice will play. 

The driver of the 2003 Chevy Trailblazer was a 53-year old male resident of Wappinger Falls, NY. The BMW driver was 23-year old Akeem H. Jamal. Both men were removed from the wreckage of their respective vehicles by Empress Ambulance EMS Paramedics. The YPD suggest the injuries suffered by the Trailblazer driver were not considered life threatening, even though he suffered from a broken leg, whereas Mr. Jamal suffered severe internal bleeding and was placed into a coma at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Westchester County Medical Center. Yonkers Tribune had learned early on that the Wappinger Falls resident had retained legal counsel and will sue the City of Yonkers.

For all intent and purpose Yonkers is an anomaly, something out of a time warp. It may behoove Netflix to scout out some of its characters for what really could be called “StrangerThings”. Only in Yonkers and only under the Spano regime could a person like John Mueller be appointed to the top spot of the Police Department after refusing a transfer order, amongst other things. Only in Yonkers can the Police Union President, Det. Keith Olson, get away with threatening and targeting civilians and assaulting police personnel, and file a frivolous law suit in an attempt to silence free speech or censor the media.

So why not celebrate? You have the Mayor Mike Spano’s brother Nick Spano, Johnny Spano, and Lenny Spano all licking their fingers from the rewards of having a failed babbling mayor as their brother. They cry about a cash strapped Yonkers but give out raises, promotions and jobs, and then cry for their fair share to NYS for more cash for so called “education”. 

Yonkers is a failed city and will stay that way until someone outside the beltway comes knocking. Yonkersites are sick of the sleezy politicians, and their lying city officials. So, yes, if you want to get off the train and run to your apartment rentals and sprint back to the train in the morning, then come to Yonkers. Truth be told Yonkers has nothing to offer but higher tax rates for the homeowners, a failing school district and downtown of homeless people who supposedly are now being issued summonses by the Yonkers Police Department. Did they create a summons for mental health or for being homeless? 

Here is what downtown Yonkers has to offer you: drug dealers, robbers, and street gangs right around the corner. You also have a handful of diehard Yonkers employees hanging around some of the failing businesses like Peter Kelly’s X2O – Xaviar’s on the Hudson, who filed for bankruptcy, owing months of overdue rent for use of the Yonkers Pier owned by the City of Yonkers, despite Peter Kelly having gotten a lot of taxpayer subsidized freebees. In fact if you hurry you can rent or buy a penthouse and witness what Yonkers has to offer. Point in case on how Yonkers could be wrong for you and your family under the Spano Administration is that you too can live in a city where the cachet is defined by the adage, “Yonkers, the city of hills, where nothing is on the level.”

Remember Yonkers is only for the Spano’s and make sure you hire a Spano so you can navigate in Yonkers. Who knows you may even run into the wrinkled suit Mayor Spano wears when he parties with 22-year-olds at the local bars. Or you may even run into him and his brothers in Eastchester, NY, partying and dancing at Gigante’s Bar and Grill, where they know how to pack in the cougars. So if you are dead set on living on the waterfront and working in Manhattan you may want to go further north or to New Jersey. It will be a lot safer and smarter. The choice is all yours. You may want to ask around before stumbling into a time warp like Yonkers.

The takeaway is as real as it is tragic. Yonkers has yet to learn to celebrate worthy accomplishment, and yet to learn how to contend with adversity and challenge in a forthright manner. 


eHeziYonkers Riverfest Ends Tragically for Mayor Mike Spano and His 22-Year-Old Deputy Communications Director Akeem Jamal

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  1. It’s been a long time since the successful two-term mayor Al DelBello came into the city, got rid of the corruption and graft, and turned the city’s finances around in two short years – then ran the place for another two, fighting for funding from the state to improve the schools, clean the streets, lower crime (by 16%!!), and leave the city’s budget in the black. F.X. O’Rourke, who came before DelBello, was an honorable man but just couldn’t stop the graft. Why can’t Yonkers have a man like DelBello in charge? Isn’t there anyone on the Council who is both outraged and capable of winning a seat in the Mayor’s office?

  2. It’s almost 2 months since the horrific drunk-driving accident involving Jamal, a high-ranking member of Spano’s administration and still not a word or public announcement from Spano or his Communications Dept. No transparency or accountability!

    Anyone else, not connected to the corrupt family & friends network, would have been charged and handcuffed in the hospital.

    What is status of the innocent injured out of town driver? Hope he has retained good legal counsel!

    What is status with Jamal’s recovery? Is he still a city employee or has he been justly fired? What is status of charges against him?

    Appreciate update as other media is keeping all this under close cover. No investigation, no followup…just radio silence!

  3. Yonkers is the Chicago of the NorthEast where nothing is on the level. Yonkers lacks transparency, character, and is boldly unethical as well as corrupt. When City Official from City Hall and the Police Department attempt to downplay or mislead the public because of who someone is that is criminal, period. The Yonkers Police has been hijacked by the Mayor and his brothers for the past eight years. No doubt that in this case the District Attorney’s Office must do what is right for the victim that was almost killed in a head on collision.
    Our Justice System must work better than that.

    1. Tonight is Cha Cha night at Gigante’s for Mike and Nick Spano. Wise guys and cougars will be on hand to watch them glide across the floor. Pay no attention to the City Suburban parked outside the bar. That is Mike Spano’s security detail to keep him safe from all those cougars wanting to Cha Cha.

    2. Come to Generation Yonkers where the bums are abundant and violent crime is on the rise. Hurry and rent an apartment on the waterfront. Hurry and get low income prices. Don’t worry about who your neighbors will be.

  4. Mayor Mike Travolta please take DJ Lenny with you when you go to Gigante’s the land of the Cougars this way you save the taxpayer money. Nick said he will meet you there and said don’t bring that wrinkled suit just wear your large collared red shirt and leave it open . Stayin alive

  5. Mike Spano are you ever going to let all the news outlets know about your Communication Director or yourself? This is why the Yonkers Tribune has become so popular. The Tribune keeps Yonkers Transparent. So report news or incidents the public has a right to know.

  6. Yes Yonkers has a few nice building on the waterfront but that is not what Spano started. Actually that was started by Spencer. Yes Mike Spano did an amazing things like let his cousin Joe Spano make hundreds of thousand of dollars, handed out patronage jobs to friends and especially family, took over the BOE finances and borrowed from Paul to pay Peter, gave his brother Lenny’s significant other a nice position, let his convict brother take control of most unions and contracts, let Keith Olson and John Mueller target police personnel and civilians, had to disband rogue police units, and make sure that outsiders are promoted first, make sure there is no transparency, raise taxes twice, change self serving term limits by using a useless system like the city council, let City Officials off during playing demolition derby, stopped Police Officers from being drug tested, YPD has the highest drug infested problem since he landed, parties like a rock star, cost the taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars in police overtime for his security, let’s police personnel sit outside bars and restaurants throughout the County while he and his brothers drink and dance across the night, basically if you want to live on this illusion that Yonkers is so great make your way past the homeless and drug dealers to get to that nice high rise before dark. So this is what a decade of Spano’s have done thus far. 8 years later and he is still promising new schools. All Mike Spano wants is cash and jobs for his network. No doubt your taxes will go up again.

    1. You forgot more tax breaks for the companies and higher taxes for Yonkers residents and you pay high rent and 10 percent of the rentals are low income.

    2. You also forgot his brother Vinny’s wife got a nice job too with zero credentials…did not finish college. She got the job handed to her when she conveniently got pregnant the first time around.

  7. What Mayor Mike Spano Mike Spano and his administration has done for the city in 8 years is absolutely amazing and historical, Generation Yonkers is thriving people from all over are coming to YONKERS to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY ! Absolutely beautifying the city through a massive infrastructure plan and major development over 2 BILLION DOLLARS, look around ladies & gentleman “THIS IS NOT THE SAME OLD YONKERS” IT IS NEW, VIBRANT, HIP AND COOL! We can’t take the chance of letting someone that doesn’t have the credentials and overall experience like the 42nd Mayor of our GREAT CITY and coincidentally #42 (like the great one HALL OF FAME New York Yankees Pitcher Mariano Rivera) Our Honorable Mayor Mike Spano has 16 years in the New York State Assembly and 8 years as Mayor of the 4th Largest City in New York State, Mayor Spano has always worked in a bi partisan manner with his colleagues to get things done for his constituents and for the good of the people of our great city. So it’s a no brainer Ladies & Gentleman it is the right thing to do for the GOOD OF OUR CITY AND THE CITIZENS for the future! #KEEPMIKEMAYOR May God continue to Bless you Mayor, your entire family City Of Yonkers and America and ALL of you !

  8. Mayor Mike Spano has failed from the onset. He let his brothers dictate and run the city for the last 8years. When does any police personnel have to go to see Nick and Lenny to get a transfer or a promotion?They even screwed the real PC like Gardner all to set the stage for this comedian Mueller because of 8 years of lobbying cash by the PBA President Keith Olson. Wondering what the union members got for their union deductions? Was it new uniforms, equipment or better benefits after Olson allowed changes to 207c, or more training or 200 more cops or more police facilities? Imagine Nick an ex-con and Lenny another snake in the grass and School Master calling the shots for the City. No wonder the Mayor is drinking and running around with all those women in Eastchester. Basically besides standing in front of a business that logistically needed to rent a spot in Yonkers Mike Spano has nothing to do until Thursday night at Gigante’s. Dummy, all you had to do is not screw your friends and be the real Mayor.

  9. Plain and simple the Spano’s need to move on after a decade of corruption, partying and cover ups. Step down so you can drink all you want but as a private citizen

  10. This is not about the Mayor’s race. This is about Mike Spano drinking all day long with members of his administration including Akeem. This is about a bunch of drunken City Officials partying all day and night with Mayor Mike Spano. This is about a city official almost killing another person besides himself while driving drunk. This is also about the attempted down playing of what actually happened by members of the Yonkers Police Department. Just listen to the 911 tapes.
    The other facts like Mike Spano chasing tail is on Spano. Now he has to deal with his wife Mary Calvi and Denise. Yonkers is a trash town. Just stay on the train and keep going north people

    1. I agree this is about unlawful and despicable behavior by this Mayor and his cohorts. We have a compromised and corrupt dumb-ass Mayor with a big following of incompetent friends and family network who will vote for him. Get the vote out, vote for something different, it’s got to be better!! When will this torture end?
      Moody’s negative bond rating Just announced, more fiscal mismanagement, no end in sight. God help Yonkers from the shame and doom of Spano!!

  11. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    One of the biggest issues here is that so many people are against Mike Spano running but instead of voting they will sit home. Go out and vote against him. If you do nothing, then nothing will change.

  12. Hezi,
    Please continue to keep us updated! I have a feeling Akeem’s accident is going to bring the Spano’s reign down! He can sweep this mess under the rug all he wants But it’s not going to work.

    The victim is not from Yonkers and this is a good thing!

  13. I am not a member of the Friends and Family network, and am frankly disgusted at the level of corruption that goes on here at the most basic level. That being said, if Party Mike needs a wingman, I am available.

    1. This article is about irresponsible drinking, reckless drunk driving by a high-ranking city employee and the lack of accountability and transparency under Mayor Spano’s watch. Was DWI issued to Akeem? Is he still on the city payroll? Does anyone know or how can one find out?

      Let’s stick to the topic and stop with the noise about other elected officials, races, fundraisers, etc.

    2. Ur absolutely correct that Spano is going to trounce his opponent but u and ur ilk will fail to mention is that less than 20 percent of the registered voters in the COY will turn out to vote-because both candidates and their followers r nothing more than bags of shit.

  14. Hey what else is new about Yonkers City Government? You have officials in the PD that play by their own rules as apparently evident in this DWI story. Any new police recruit would have seen it was a DWI and not an accident with minor injuries. This should be shocking to all as how this was handle and not released to the press. But threats and spreading misinformation are what the Spano’s and others around him do well.

  15. wait till everyone starts writting about hezi!!!! Ohhhh wait pry tell to what has been uncovered about thy holy one. This will get fun my friend. Who had been coming home with you hezi? Yeaaaaa – surprised aren’t you.

    1. Who cares about what Hezi does? He’s a private citizen. His business is his business. Just thankful for his poignant and honest reporting about the charades happening in CoY.

    2. Who? Yonkers isn’t safe by Keith Olson the Yonkers PBA Deputy Police Chief and his best drinking buddy Johnny transfer the smartest appointed PC that ever came from Nick Spano and Mike Spano two Gigante’s dancers? Ha ha ha ….. Yeah Yonkers isn’t safe by Keith Olson the public figure that forgot about the meaning of arbitrary and capricious.

    3. This is a powerful story by an outstanding news reporter Hezi Aris, I encourage everyone to read it! Corrupt Politicians don’t have the power to coverup the truth for long, this story is the truth, read it again and again until you realize how these corrupt Yonkers thugs do business! Radial Liars have a legacy! Hush Hush cover it up, nobody will know. The truth is everybody knows! Thank you Hezi for this powerful story, keep writing.

  16. Mary Calvi could give a rats ass who Dumbo sleeps with. She has known about Denise Egiziaco for years. Mary just smiles and does epic foto ops for the sake of their children. Mary is no dumb broad, she puts up with the Mike’s for reasons that should remain private.

  17. does anybody know when the yonkers home owners will benefit from all the tax savings the developers are getting from mayor spano and the ida.

  18. Come to Yonkers where anything goes. Just make sure you are giving money to the Spano’s and you can violate any laws because Nick has the final word over everything. Remember driving drunk and brawling are fringe benefits for all city employees. Don’t worry about Johnny the transfer guy, he only listens to Nick and the fat man Keith the “ Woodsman “ Olson.

  19. 1- Mike Spano has done nothing to help the taxpayers of CoY. He keeps sticking to us from every angle.

    2- Spano doesn’t care about YPS children!!! The only time he brings up the “Rebuild Yonkers Schools” is when an election or primaries are around. Get a grip, folks! Stop putting the Spanos before your children.

    3- The CoY is infested with Spano goons! I mean INFESTED! It’s disgusting.

    4- Every year Spano cries the city is broke and then turns around and gives promotions and hires New city workers. Most coming from the Spano Circle. Can you explain this Mike? Also, can you explain what happened to Akeem? I mean we’re still waiting for an update FROM YOU and not Hezi (thanks Hezi!)

    1. Save your breath Mike Spano can’t answer now because Mary Calvi is out of town and he is dancing and drinking with his brother Nick at Gigante’s. Save me a seat Mayor Mike Spano I am at the cleaners getting my suit pressed. Do you want me to get yours from the trunk of your city car?

    2. Agree with all 4 points! And also why no word from Administration on Akeem or this accident. Definitely trying to sweep it under the rug, but not for long as any good lawyer will go after the deep pockets and the CoY will be on the hook for collateral liability and damages! CoY better have good insurance and not be self insured!!!

      1. You won’t get Justice in Yonkers unless you cough up lobbying cash or just cash. Nick Spano controls the New smiling Joker and anything else that goes on. Mike Spano just drinks, chases tail, and wears wrinkle suits as the decade Mayor promises new schools or did he say more jobs for his family. Call Nick for clarity.

    3. Someone tell Johnny limo and the Khader clan to stop it… they’ll the clown get his head out of his ass if he knows how to read a budget he knows there’s money set aside for jobs if someone retires the money is still there for the job it has to get used when rob astirino was laying off jobs and not hiring people after someone retired everyone was crying about you guys will never be happy Johnny limo is played both sides in the CE race the clown council president plays both sides with the dems and the republicans all a bunch of jokes… 95% of people in Yonkers want the mayor to run another 4 years and it WILL happen stop losing sleep over it

      1. Omg! You are definitely a Spano hack and a beneficiary of an undeserved job!!! I Can tell by your unintelligible ramble and your run-on sentence. Ever hear of punctuation??!! Go back to high school and take a primer in grammer and reality.

    4. Maybe the lawyer for the real victim in the crash will get Spano to answer why they left a 22 year drunk boy to fend for himself.

  20. This story is about being drunk, driving drunk, chasing skirts and cover ups. Not about Nader or any other functions. But before Nader or anyone else contemplates about his or her chances they must distance themselves from the Spano’s and there suck ups like the story says.

    1. Nader had people there last night across the board from teachers, doctors, attorneys, BOE, politicians, District Attorney and a strong arab American community. 200 people strong!
      Nader is a lock to win again and then run for Mayor of Yonkers! Nader 2024!

    2. Who? Tom Meier? Nobody from the Mayor’s core staff was in attendance. If it were up to Spano, we’d have Assemblyman Levy.

      Nader is above the Mayor. He should do us all a favor and do him in for all the times he’s screwed him over. Nader could’ve been much bigger than if Spano never sidelined him with hacks like Quezada.

    3. Nader was the MC tonight for Judges Capone, Milligram, and Quinn. 80 people showed up and supported them. Nader throws the best fundraisers. God Bless him

  21. Every wrong doing in the COY is either covered up, swept under the rug or just forgotten by all the Yonkers agencies- a really sad commentary on the disrespect shown towards the taxpayers-the COY completely disregards ur concerns. On Nov 6th the Yonkers talking heads will tout the apparent resounding victory of Mayor Spano but will fail to mention that only 10-15 percent of the registered eligible voters actually voted-which clearly shows a lack of confidence in Mayor Spano and his administration.

  22. Nothing fake about Mike Spano . The Mayor can’t be trusted just like some of his brothers. Was it fake when Jamal crash, or when term limits were kicked to the curb? Better check the video and audios the District Attorney’s Officer has pal.

  23. Hezi , Hon. Nader Sayegh had a successful fundraiser last night with over 160 people!
    Mayor Spano did not show up
    Not one Spano was in attendance
    Not one member of his staff
    Please explain ???

    1. I had intended to attend myself, but could not. I am pleased for his support. As for Mayor Spano, or his entourage, I suspect they had to contend with another issue or concern. Even so, I would have expected a representative to have attended. Sadly, I do not have a more cogent response to your question — Kindly, Hezi.

    2. Sayegh another guy who never gives u a straight answer-ask him about the 2020 Bail Reform Bill that Cousins, Mayer and himself voted for – with the new bill almost everyone with a few rare exceptions, everyone who gets arrested walks out of jail with no bail, thanks to the three above mentioned bags of c**p.

  24. Mario DeGeorge has a girlfriend in New Rochelle. He is claims to be a businessman, but he really was a shoe salesman. On November 5 vote for Al Bundt the make believe businessman. The guy didn’t even finish high school.

  25. This article in the way it attacks Mayor Mike Spano is down right Disrespectful Insinuating the mayor might be up to no good while his wife is at home is disrespectful disgusting and fake news.. The Mayor Mike Spano is a family man and a great guy and no he didn’t get me a job or is he a friend of mine I’m just sick of fake news..!!! Oh and I dont hide from anyone that’s my real email address..!!!

  26. Khader haters unbelievable if you can’t beat the Spano’s join em stop being bitter and salty he didn’t endorse you guys Liam is the man for the job get over it!!! The people of Yonkers LOVE Mayor Spano the polls will show it. Only the dirty politicians that want to line there pockets up will be voting against the mayor. Mayor spano has never done anything wrong always putting the city he loves most first he wants best for this city his brother Nick has always worked hard for Yonkers you guys will always be bitter for what ever you’re reason is after spano is finished with his work John rubbo is next man for the job we need qualified individuals in office not people who want to work against the mayor. Khader’s true colors is being shown he’s worse than Andrew Wallace he should of stayed in mt.vernon keep the dirty politics in mt.vernon with Kingpin Laffiet. NEVER GET A MANS FAMILY INVOLVED WITH POLITICS YOU WILL REGRET IT #KARMABABY God bless the spano family Yonkers loves you Nov5th vote spano!! Women lie men lie.. but the numbers on Nov5th won’t lie #SPANO #4MoreYears!!!!! Talk bad all you want about Akeem but you can bet on it he will Unset Tasha next time around #SPANO #RUBBO #YonkersLove

    1. Spano needs to get it through their heads that the Jereis Family runs district 3. Mike Spano and Tom Meier can shove the nomination up their ass because they don’t need it or want it. The people of district 3 have spoken and they rejected the nominee of Mike Spano and his democratic committee. Shows how valuable an endorsement from Tom Meier is

    2. Sorry to say that ur comments indicate that there is no hope for u other that prayers because u r an apparent flaming idiot-with people who think like u no wonder COY is the cesspool that it is-u must have just moved to Yonkers and quickly drank and ate the bullshit.

    3. This message is not from any Khader. Stop with the distractions!

      This post is from an informed and disgusted taxpayer. The general public is becoming more aware of the pillaging that Spano & friends & family have done to Yonkers.

      The nepotism and cronyism is waist-high in City Hall and has spread to the City Council. In the last 8 years, how many positions have been added in City Hall? How many went to friends & family?

      Just wait for another tax increase coming in 2020 together with the annual threat of cuts to essential personnel/services in Fire, Police and Teachers. Spano and the City Council don’t want to eliminate waste as that would mean trimming the excess baggage in City Hall, like all the layers of Directors, Asst Deputies, Deputies, Asst Commissioners, etc. Can’t do that as that’s where all the bodies are buried!! And that’s before taking a deep dive into the BOE.

      Spano and his administration have done nothing for the taxpayers of Yonkers. The schools are failing and residents are hit with rising property taxes, income tax surcharge, exit tax, red light camera fees, increased water rates, permit fees and every other nuisance tax one can imagine. Yonkers has been fiscally irresponsible for years and years under Spano and as a result taxpayers are definitely worse off, that’s a fact!

  27. A few things…. A local DWI is not something that the DOJ should look into, besides the fact that the DOJ has enough trouble of its own right now.

    Spano has done nothing during his tenure besides give jobs to his family and friends.

    I early voted for Mario degiorgio and I urge you all to do the same

  28. Make sure you vote for Mike Spano and help keep the Spano Family employed and the parties going. So what a Police Detective sits outside Eastchester’s Gigante’s while Mike Spano dances with the wolves.

    1. You are something else man. Your judgment of this man and his family is dead wrong and Mayor Mike Spano and his family have done alot for this City..!! Why don’t you look into the mirror and judge yourself and your own family..!! God-Bless you need it..!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

      1. What has the Mayor done for the Yonkers taxpayers???? He cares about Yonkers, blah-blah. All I see are rising taxes and a city that is not moving in the right direction.

        New buildings going up, PILOTS being handed out left and right, developers profiting at taxpayer expense, no plans for improving infrastructure to support growth, more displaced people, more homeless, more crime, terrible schools, etc. Please enlighten me what this Mayor has done for Mr Average Joe Homeowner?

  29. Can someone go to duo’s and see if Mayor Mike Spano left his wrinkled suit jacket there? Make sure he doesn’t sneak a drink too.

  30. Mayor Mike Spano you really have become a product of who you associate with. Your a drunken womanizing mess. When I go out can I borrow your cop drivers and have them sit outside Gigante’s while I dance with the cougars?

  31. A fine column, Hezi. You juxtapose the sad reality of downtown Yonkers with the fantasy world that the Spanos and their minions are trying to peddle. If only the good people of Yonkers would wake up to the reality. Keep up the good work.

    1. Let’s see the Yonkers Mayor is spotted at the Yonkers Brewery drinking and rubbing bellies with Olson and his suit lapel Johnny Mueller at around noon with Jamal. The rest needs to be answered by Mike Spano and the Jamal family.

  32. Is the DOJ inquiring into the handling of this DWI? And whether Akeem Jamal a city employee or his father who sits on the School Board used influence in the police department to “make this go away”?

    1. Was this guy Akeem even charged with DWI? Is Akeem still employed by Yonkers? Anyone know?

      And the Mayor, Rubbo and Olsen wonder what’s their liability is here? Hope they each have high dollar limit personal insurance! They better lawyer up as the innocent injured party will go after all involved.

      Taxpayers will not be on the hook here for these fools! Let them all be sued personally as they were NOT on city business.

  33. Does Hezi believe that the taxpayer should be on the hook for the mayor’s dry cleaning bills? Does Prince Robinson even own a suit?

      1. The taxpayer is on the hook for the mayor’s juvenile behavior. I think that this kid can sue the city for 10 million dollars. Next we will see Mike drag racing Brandon.

          1. Hezi is a loser who only wishes he was a Spano. The mayor should get his name off of your site. This site doesn’t deserve any money: it’s all fake news and run by a jealous no good person.

      1. The person who was traveling southbound on Central Avenue was driving from Wappinger Falls, Dutchess County. He was hit by Jamal Akeem when Mr.Jamal was traveling northbound on Central Avenue designated for southbound traffic. The Wappinger Falls,NY driver suffered a leg injury; broken bone. —-Kindly, Hezi

  34. Nothing new here. Mike parties with kids, gets them drunk and leaves them to fend for themselves, while he is safely driven home or to wherever by YPD. The Sopranos know Yonkers voters are either asleep or easily bought off with a high-paying, no show, city job.

  35. I am surprised after reading this. I will vote for Mario DeGeorgette. Even if he dosent win a close race will send a massage to the mayor.

  36. This story is right on the Spano’s are robbing city hall blind, they are as corrupt as it comes. The family and friends network has been pilfering money for years, a perfect example is how papa Mousiello needed his jewelry salesman to get a job as their failing jewelry business could not afford to keep paying him. So wrinkled suit Mike gives him a position as director of office of emergency management, I guess his jewelry experience was a big help.

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