2020 XT6 Cadillac Luxury Premium AWD
By Driving Me Crazy Duo JOHN and LAURIE WILES 

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Driving Me Crazy automotive review Columnists Laurie and John Wiles.

PINEHHURST, NC and YONKERS, NY — November 20, 2019 — Everybody seems to be trying to out do one another in the big SUV category.  Maybe there is a greater demand for six and seven passenger vehicles. I don’t see it because we live in a community made up mostly of the geriatric set – like me … and just me, not Laurie. I thought I better get that in there.

This week we had the wonderful 2020 Cadillac XT6 Luxury Premium AWD vehicle. If you want to examine it online from all aspects, go here – https://www.cadillac.com/suvs/xt6. If you are interested in one, please visit your local Cadillac dealer and take a test ride. That alone might very well push you over the edge of “buyerdom” Yes, I made the word up, but I like it.

Being an old English teacher, in years and experience, I like it when I see the clever use of an adjective and adverb together. Here is Cadillac’s catchy phraseology regarding the XT6 –

“Improbably spacious. Impressively stylish. Effortlessly capable.
The first of its kind XT6 is the vehicle you didn’t know you were waiting for.”

You have to admit that is pretty catchy and whoever came up with it probably pocketed some green.

Let’s talk our Cadillac, pictured below, which was also in Dark Mocha Metallic –


Our Cadillac XT6 had seating for six. I think that is because the second row of seats were individual with a walk-way space between them to get to the third row of seating. The Cadillac Website says seating for 7 but I don’t know where number 7 would be seated.  Anybody seeing what I am not?


Looks like six to me. Probably there is an optional bench seat as the second row that moves forward so one can enter from the side to the back row of seats. I didn’t really see anything on that, but, hey, I am trying to defend 7 seats. This is after all, a Cadillac.

As to third row seating – Cadillac says they have the most head room; and I say “Yeah!” to that, but like most third-row seating I have tried, the seating is great if you are young, flexible, slim, and somewhat small. For two six-year olds, it’s great. For one 71-year-old, stiff, fat, and almost six feet, it was an adventure to say the least. Also, the second row really has to move up to get any pair of legs over 15 in some sort of comfortable position. If you have kids and need the seating, this is the top of the line. If you don’t need the third row, you will have plenty of storage space to start with, aaaaaand (being dramatic), if you put the second and third row of seating down, you have a whopping 78.7 cubic feet of cargo space. Simply put, “That’s big.”

I have always been one of those guys who like to carry things in the back without them getting wet. The XT6 would carry a lot of whatever I decided I needed.

Okay, that’s some basic rudimentary thoughts about the vehicle. Now let’s get to the good stuff.

Personally, I love Cadillac. I think this is a very stylish SUV. You can’t miss that it is a Cadillac and it looks the part. The front-end lines and lights have a ‘classy’ look. Don’t ask me why I would say that, because I can’t explain it, but ‘classy’ is the word that comes to mind when I look at this SUV. That pleasant, classy looks goes all the way down the sides and to the back of the vehicle as well.

The interior – style wise – is a match for the exterior. It is very attractive to look at, but it is also multifunctional and even a bit intuitive. Your steering wheel heating control is on the, yes, you guessed it, the steering wheel. Also, volume for the radio, the button for calling up the nice lady to help you with directions, telephone call, all that sort of thing. We have a thing going after our first contact. I push the button, and she says the magic word – “Yes?”, in a question … as in, “what do you want me to do?” Is that not the greatest?  I say, “Call home”, and she says “Just a moment” and then, “Calling Home” and the phone at the house starts ringing. But wait, there’s more. Push the navigation button and there is a bar at the top for “Say the directions”. Push that and our lady friend will ask you for the address – number, street, city and state. So, I say, “44 Lasswade Drive, Pinehurst, NC 28374.” And she says, “Just a moment.” Then she repeats the address and asks if this is your destination. I say, “Yes”. And she says, “Route system activated” followed by the beginning driving directions. Oh, and if you miss a turn, none of this sarcastically spoken “Recalculating”, like on my GPS. She never misses a beat and just tells you calmly where your next turn will NOW be. She actually helps you. Not that Laurie doesn’t help me. She does … I think I will stop here about that before I get into some real trouble.

Okay, before safety and all the bells and whistles, let’s talk ‘power plant’. The XT6 come with a 3.6L, V6, DI (Direct Injection), VVT (Variable Valve Timing), with a 9-speed automatic transmission. Our XT6 also has a simple manual transmission shift so you could use the paddle shifters located near your thumbs in the 10/2 driving position. (Gotta’ love Driver’s Ed).

Did I say V6? I have talked in the past about ‘under powered’ large SUVs who ask their 4-cylinder, turbo charged, small engines to do more than they should. Not so the Cadillac XT6. The V6 has 310HP, plenty of ‘oomph’ to get you going, but with the DI and VVT set up, the gas mileage is 17 around town and 24 highway, for an average of 20 mpg – pretty good for a big vehicle like this one.


The Park button is situated at the center top of the gear shift, and you use your thumb to push the release button on the side of the gear shift to move the shift from Park to Reverse or Drive. Simple and easy. Just the way I like it. The base of the shift has both D and M. Push the release button and bring the shift back and you are in ‘automatic Drive, D’ and the D will illuminate. Push the button and move the shift to Drive again and the lighted M for Manual displays.