Akeem Jamal Update

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Akeem H. Jamal is Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s Deputy Communications Director.

The Yonkers Tribune has received many requests over the last two months inquiring about the whereabouts of Mr. Akeem Jamal, How has recuperation is progressing, simply an outpouring of concern. It is for this reason, that this article has been written.

NEW ROCHELLE, NY and YONKERS, NY — November 13, 2019 — Tomorrow will be two months after the September 14th RiverFest 2019 extravaganza that inundated the Yonkers riverfront with partygoers. What began with festivities, food, and extravaganza ended in tragedy for Akeem Jamal in the wee hours of September 15th. Mr. Jamal, Mayor Mike Spano’s Deputy Communicatíons Director had suffered a head-on crash when it was learned that he was traveling against traffic, that is traveling north on Central Avenue designated for traffic traveling south. The driver who was correctly traveling south on Central Avenue is a resident of Wappinger Falls.

Yonkers Tribune has learned that Mr. Jamal is recuperating at United Hebrew of New Rochelle after being released from Westchester County Medical Center. The Yonkers Tribune called the facility this afternoon on a personal note. When I was connected to Mr. Jamal’s telephone extension, I said, “Good Afternoon Akeem, this is Hezi.” The response I got was, “This is not Jamal!” If the person on the other end was not Akeem, it seems illogical that the person answering the telephone knew that Akeem’s last name is Jamal. The denial is superfluous as I remember and recognize Akeem Jamal’s voice and it was he who denied his identity to me despite the telephone extension being the correct extension for Mr. Akeem Jamal at the facility. 

The Office of Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. has previously succinctly advised: “The DA’s Office does not comment on the existence or status of an investigation. If and when charges are filed, we will make that information public.”

The Yonkers Tribune has been informed by the good offices of the Westchester District Attorney that the Yonkers Tribune is on their mailing list and will be receiving public notices that come under their auspices and purview when they are issued and disbursed to all media.

No further information is known about and with respect to Mr. Akeem Jamal.


Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director Akeem H. Jamal Suffers Serious Car Injuries HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers Riverfest Ends Tragically for Mayor Mike Spano and His 22-Year-Old Deputy Communications Director Akeem Jamal By HEZI ARIS

eHeziAkeem Jamal Update

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  1. He will not lose his job. Spano owes the family something. That’s why Jamal’s dad was appointed to the Board of Education. Wake up people!

  2. Is it true that Mike Khader was a republican shortly before he decided to run for council president? Shanae or corazon should primary him if this is the case.

    1. Good one vinny… get ready we have a line of candidates against Rubbo. If he thought Maeve was a challenge wait till you see what we have coming his way.

  3. Mr. Spano is not responsible for this young man’s injury. Michael Spano did not summon Satan to his bedside. DPW did not drive his car. The Police Commissioner does not have suspenders on this race. It is between Satan and Allah.

    1. Spano is implicated as he was out drinking with this young man, setting a truly bad example. While he is not directly responsible for the accident or injury, his behavior was contributory. If he’s not guilty, then why hasn’t the Mayor or even his office publicly addressed this accident and injury involving one of his high-level staff?? The silence is deafening!

  4. If that was him who answered and not a nurse, aide, family member, therapist, etc., he was much nicer to you than I would’ve been. You are not his friend and don’t care about his well-being as you are-were obviously only phishing for information. Complete sleazy, as per usual.

    1. You are evidently exposing your demeanor and not mine. I hae no need to speak to hi other than to wish him a speedy recovery. While you do not get it, that is not my make up and never was. But you are entitled to you perspective. — Kindly, Hezi

  5. What a shame that the District Attorney’s Office has to pry out the truth from the Yonkers Investigators. Ever since the Spano’s decided to pal around with Keith Olson and his dirty games. Shameful how Yonkers attempted to intentionally mislead people from what actually happened on the night of this sad story. Thanks to the Yonkers Tribune for informing the Public who have a right to know what goes on in City Government.

  6. Mr. Jamal, while a young man, is still an adult who has to be held responsible for his choices. The accident was his fault. With that said, if there is any truth to the rumor that Mr. Jamal has somehow had what was most certainly a DWI swept away, is an entirely different matter. This would be a shocking disgrace if indeed true, but by no means would it be a surprise to anyone to find out that this sleazy family in charge of City Hall had their hands in it. Moreover, how could this Mayor actually have such terrible judgment so as to be getting drunk in bars with twenty-somethings that work for him? He must be a complete idiot. And despite what Scarpino said about an investigation ongoing, we have all heard of many instances where police charge drunk drivers in their hospital beds. I hope the innocent victim who was injured hires the best lawyer around who uncovers all the sordid details surrounding this case and holds everyone involved accountable.

  7. MKE YOUR THEME CONCXITAN, ALBERT WANTS TO TALK TO YOU TODAY. A powers fetch companion to Spano. Extrodibnary cool MIke., kinky boot sleeping with pizza

  8. What favor will Spano offer to the Westchester DA to close his eyes on this ?

    Yonkers will always pay the price of the corrupt politicians.

    Hezi can you start an online petition for the Westchester DA to release information about his findings? Where is the YPD? Is Mueller showing loyalty to his boss? Did Spano ask Mueller for loyalty ?

    1. Yes!!! The people of Yonkers deserve better. The coverups, corruption, backroom deals, favoritism, incompetence and nepotism that is rampant in Yonkers has to be made public and come to end!

      1. If you think the corruption in Yonkers is suddenly going to disappear, you are wrong. Look at our “President” for example lol I was once a Yonkers resident but moved out as fast as I could. I have had my share of experiences with corruption and trust me, you get nowhere. It is amazing though, how such corruption is rampant.

    1. Unbelievable….Doesn’t say much about Akeem’s character. Why lie? He could have just manned up and had a polite conversation. If he was uncomfortable answering any of Hezi’s questions on his recovery he could have simply said “I’m not comfortable releasing information on my rehabilitation.” That would have been the mature thing to do. And this guy is or was the Mayor’s Deputy Director of Communications? Seems he has a lot to learn about communicating!!!!!

  9. Akeem is garbage just like the Mayor- shows his true character when a MUSLIM is drunk and public drinking shows shame to our religion and I hope people of our community will remember this

  10. Spano should be named in the lawsuit.

    If the Westchester DA does nothing about this, the federal government should get involved as this could lead to bigger problems in our community.

      1. The Yonkers Police Department needs a new Police Commissioner now. The tampering and cover ups have gone on too long. The Yonkers PBA needs to get rid of a dirty lying union prez that gives lobbying cash to get Mueller in and 207c out.
        Then ALL citizens will get a fair police investigation.

  11. Rest up Jamal. With all due respect. You should not invade the kids privacy. I was in a bad accident some 4 years ago, I can tell you first hand that if I answered the phone and it was a reporter, I would have done the same. Would you be quick to get on the phone with a reporter when you were resting up recuperating after the surgery you had last year? I think not. Other than this, continue the sometimes good work you do. My only criticism I will share is to drop the hate and just report facts, not hear say.

    1. To what hearsay do you refer? This call was not intrusive, a simple intent: how are you doing. It is two months after the accident. I have no need to inquire about any of the events as I wrote them before anyone else and they are on target. Not a word from Yonkers City Hall or the YPD. I will await the findings of the Office of the Westchester District Attorney and you will notice corroboration by way of those findings and declarations. And there is no hate in my reporting, there are only facts. Interestingly, no one is writing about this incident anywhere. It happened, everyone knows it, and Mr. Akeem Jamal knows it happened. He is still in recovery two months later. So who does report in Yonkers? — Kindly, Hezi

        1. Hey lmao! Akeem was seen drinking all evening and until the wee hours of the morning. Even his friends advised him not to drive. He proceeded with reckless abandon to get into his car and drive the wrong way for several miles before he smashed his car into an innocent driver. That could have been you, me, my spouse, my kids, my friends! Makes me sick, MADD!

          So let’s make no mistake, alcohol was definitely involved in this accident, no excuses. And city officials, the Mayor, Spano, Councilman Rubbo and top brass in YPD were all out drinking with Akeem. So you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out!

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