City of Yonkers Breaks Ground on Getty Square Streetscape Improvements

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New Sidewalks, Planters, Bike Racks, Benches & More Slated to Revitalize Main Street

YONKERS, NY – November 1, 2019 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and other local officials today broke ground on Getty Square streetscape improvements along the intersections of Main and Palisade Streets and North Broadway.

(L-R): Jaime Martinez, Yonkers Downtown BID; Symra Brandon, representing NY Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins; Yonkers Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino; Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano; Yonkers City Councilmember Shanae Williams; Yonkers City Engineer Paul Summerfield; Yonkers City Councilmember John Rubbo. (Photo by Maurice Mercado, courtesy of the City of Yonkers).

“Today, we mark another milestone in the transformation of our downtown,” said Mayor Spano. “Investing in how the center of our downtown looks and feels will help create new growth opportunities for our businesses and residents and adds to the improving quality of life for those who live, work and play here.”

The $1.7 million capital improvement project will include the installation of:

  • 750 square feet of new ornate blue glass paver stones
  • 500 square feet of new granite paving stones
  • 38 pre-cast concrete cube benches
  • 14 new street trees and grates
  • 6 new trash receptacles
  • 6 new ornate bicycle racks
  • new traffic & parking signs
  • 7 new ADA pedestrian ramps

And the replacement of:

*  structural steel and concrete slabs for existing building vaults located beneath the existing sidewalk pavements

  • 7 existing sidewalk cellar doors for safety purposes
  • 20,630 square feet of concrete sidewalk with new pigmented sidewalk pavement
  • 1,000 linear feet of existing concrete curb with new 6” new granite curb

The Getty Square streetscape improvements are designed by Jan Saltiel Rafel, ASLA, LEED AP of Edgewater Design, LLC. The project is scheduled to be complete in spring 2020.

SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor



eHeziCity of Yonkers Breaks Ground on Getty Square Streetscape Improvements

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  1. This is nothing more than a pandering political election photo-op stunt. John Rubbo should be more concerned about the roads in his own district which r an absolute disgrace. The stretch of Yonkers Ave with Rubbo’s district looks like an A-10 Warthog used it for bombing practice and these roads have been in this condition since he took office. Rubbo u r one and done.

  2. Are we still busing? Really? Everyone in the city loses a minimum of 30 minutes a day, every day, during the school term. People alter their schedules because of it.
    Yet, no one will talk about it. I am not the only one who is fed up.

    Hezi get on this!!!!!!!!

  3. I see everyone talking about the homeless and roads, which I do agree are issues that need to be addressed, but what about the schools and the education of our children?! Classes such as art, music, foreign language, etc are cut. Sports are practically non-existent. Yonkers has 2 HS football teams made up of several schools each?! I remember when each school had their own team.

    But Getty Square needs granite and ornate glass paving stones and granite curbs. I wonder who this lady is related to on the city council, since the absurd level of nepotism has previously been shown with regard to positions and contracts.

    1. At over $27,000 per student we need better achievement grades and a tighter budget. I’m sorry but money is not the problem. Why are we spending over $75,000 for security guards? How much waste is there. Is a proper audit done to make sure only Yonkers residents are attending? You go to school to learn not to play football. Do that in your own time and MONEY. How about getting to the top of the list in NY State instead of being always at the bottom. Much can be done by Parent, Pupil and Principal.
      Not a single dime should be spent. I saw that since SpaNO took over the BOE has it’s own garbage collection. Please do tell what nepotism is going on here. Yonkers is as Trump would say a $hithole……

  4. I am from yonkers . They should start cleaning downtown make more improvements do something for homeless people and improve the parking space and roads and are school we dont have enough programs to provide to are school. This is the reason I moved out of yonkers.there is lack in system in there

  5. Getty sq. is still a mess…walk 2blks off the waterfront and it looks 1980s bronx.
    Still too many homeless and strict parking enforcement keeps people from going….restaurants are few and spaced out too far…. like putting lipstick on a pig 🐖.

  6. Sundays NY Post The Mayors of towns who were unwitting recipients of homeless New Yorkers. New York refuses to tell Yonkers how many homeless families they’re housing and where. 136 SOTA families to Yonkers. Put down the shovels and start finding out what is happening in Yonkers. New York city is sending us their homeless and we know nothing.

    1. Yes your right there are way too many young homeless people.The mayor doesn’t care.All he cares about is bringing rich people here.They’re building many buildings for the rich.

  7. Are we getting a “clock”, colonnades and a urinal again in Getty Square? We need more police in that area and more code enforcement to keep the storefronts clean and the people “in check”. Please just don’t “perfume” the area, make hard changes.

    1. This is all window dressing! Use this money to pave the decrepit roads in our City, clean up the litter and fix up parks. Priorities are all out of balance in CoY.

    2. I agree with you. Too many junkies in the streets. Notice that the stores are close by 6pm or 7pm. I never see any law enforcement when I’m waiting for my bus.

  8. I think for me as a person that was born and raised in Yonkers this is the least of my worries what about all the congestion the mayor has caused in Getty Square all these high rise buildings only for the wealthy that can afford it, where are the low income high risers for the hard working families that already exist here in Yonkers and that new firehouse he’s having built is in the worst place on the corner of palisade and elm I hate going to down town Yonkers because what use to take me only 6min to find parking now takes 20 its always a hassle to do anything down there now it’s the worst its ever been

  9. Getty Square better known as Ghetto square needs a complete makeover. Many of those trashy shops hair, nail salons beauty supply stores need to go. Including those 99cent stores.

    1. Went to a funeral at St John’s in Getty Square and watched numerous drug transactions taking place but then again some not all Yonkers cops r lucky if they can find their way out the front door of the Precinct.

  10. I guess this is supposed to motivate the people who live in the new buildings down by the waterfront to stop spending their money in Manhattan where they work. New sidewalks and some garbage pails is going to turn this toilet that is known as Getty Square into a bustling commercial area.

  11. The city’s broke. Where’s the $1.7 million coming from? And all that money for a few paving stones, a handful of garbage cans, and some bike racks?

    Nothing but fake news before the election.

        1. Take care of the homeless in the square, fix sidewalks where the bricks are missing and streets that are caving in, affordable housing and make landlords responsible for pest control in their buildings. This is what needs to be done.

          1. Absolutely, I live on Willow the landlord has huge holes in the building walls and there is a stench.However, rent is due on the 1st after a mouse was on my bed in my extremely clean home.

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