Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Return in the Guise of Westchester County Legislator Candidate Ruth Walter

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The Jekyll & Hyde Scenario That Defines Ruth Walter Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

Ruth Walter candidate for Westchester County Legislator to District 15, comprised of the Village of Bronxville and a portion of the City of Yonkers.

The Yonkers Tribune begins this telling by harkening back to  the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a gothic novella written by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1886. The work is also known as The Strange Case of Jekyll Hyde, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, or simply Jekyll & Hyde. It is about a London legal practitioner named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr Henry Jekyll,  and the evil Edward Hyde. The novella’s impact is such that it has become a part of the language, with the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” entering the vernacular to refer to people with an unpredictably dual nature: usually very good, but sometimes shockingly evil. Which brings us to the deceitful and duplicitous Ruth Walter who seemingly espouses political dogma that is the antithesis of a majority of residents who reside in the 15th Westchester County Legislative District, as well as character flaws that reveal bias and bigotry that strains her credibility.

Strike One!

Let’s begin with a shocking occurrence to which the Yonkers Tribune has been informed. Ruth Walter, as all candidates often do, engage people to collect valid signatures on their behalf. The signatures gathered by the candidate, as well as volunteers, and those who are paid to gather signatures, when meeting the necessary required number of signatures required, are thereafter presented to the Westchester County Board of Elections. Many times, if at all possible, candidates work to get as much as 2 to 3 times more signatures than required in order to meet the minimum number of signatures to be able to stand as a candidate in an upcoming election.

One of those people hired was the son of Reginald A. LaFayette, Westchester County Democratic Committee Chair and Westchester County Board of Elections Democratic Chair. After Chairman LaFayette’s son unsuccessfully attempted to collect the agreed upon amount for his services  from Ruth Walter he asked his father for assistance in the matter. 

Westchester County Democratic Chair Lafayette called Ruth Walter and questioned why his son was not paid for the services he rendered. Ms. Walters had some excuse; she advised that Mr. LaFayette  send his son to her house to collect his earnings. And it was agreed he would do so immediately. When the son arrived at Ms. Walter’s home, she called the Bronxville Police Department and advised that a Black man as at her door and she was frightened. The Bronxville Police Department dispatched an officer to her address. Mr. LaFayette’s son was not arrested.

Ruth Walter’s conduct is outrageous in many ways. First she was aware that Mr. LaFayette’s son was on his way to her home address to collect his pay. She knew he was a young Black man. He worked for her after all. Why would she call the police? Of what was she afraid? Is she so in fear of Black people that she cannot tell the difference between an acquaintance and a stranger? And even if he were a stranger, by what measure does one call the police? Does the fact that the man is Black a basis and rationale for calling the police department?

The Yonkers Tribune has also learned that this was not a one-time incident on her part. At least one other such happenstance has taken place. This is her bias and bigotry revealed. She has not come to terms with an enlightened reality that she asserts is in her heart and mind but resides nowhere as part of her demeanor.

Her behavior is one she owns. There are no excuses for her bias and bigotry nor the fact that she has a trail of other incidences where she is said to have “stiffed” people for services rendered. This, mind you, by someone who claims to be a member of the “New Left”, a so-called  enlightened Democratic Party. It turns out she is a bigot. Her demeanor is described as that of a Communist, as she  leans so far beyond the definition of a Socialist, and a task master that has no qualms about not paying for services rendered; especially to a Black man. Ms. Walter’s bigotry is revealed front and center. Shame on her. Those who have come to support her may wish to reconsider whether casting a vote for Ruth Walter resides comfortably with their demeanor and ethical standards. Ms. Walter’s conduct is the very anthesis of the people who reside in District 15.

Shame on you Ms. Walter!

Does New York State Conference Leader Andrea Stewart- Cousins know of Ms. Walter’s calling the Bronxville Police Department on Chairman LaFayette’s son when she asked the Chairman to send his son to meet  her at her home address so she could pay him for services he rendered on her behalf. Is junior New York State Senator Shelley Mayor unaware of this incident? Are they each willing to overlook this travesty by the racist Ruth Walter? Why? How can Ms. Walter’s behavior be tolerated by any stretch to the imagination. Maintaining support for the bigoted Ms. Walter is the first step that may return us 500 years to our past. Is this what Sen. Stewart-Cousins and Sen. Shelley Mayer intend? Will they both be silent to this issue? If so, I call for their each being individually censured and both removed from office. I am embarrassed by their silence. This is unconscionable. Silence is the very reason we got here. The silence must end today, not tomorrow.

Strike Two!

On Friday evening November 1st, Catholic School teacher Margaret Murtagh, and her husband, political commentator espousing Republican dogma for News 12 Westchester, one time Yonkers City Councilman and one-time Majority Leader hosted a “Meet and Greet” at the Murtaugh’s house. The Murtaugh’s are registered Republicans, yet with respect to Ruth Walter, particularly with respect to John Murtagh, he continues to harbor resentment over his being passed over by the Republican Party who chose Gordon Burrows as their choice for the Yonkers City Council seat that Murtagh was desirous to serve. That was 1995. In 2003, John Murtagh was chosen as the Republican candidate of choice over Robert Ferrito. Murtaugh was elected to office, yet the pain, anger, and humiliation endured. 16 years later the animosity against Burrows that Murtaugh harbors continues unabated.

So much so, that Ruth Walter position with respect to abortion is not enough to deter the Murtaugh’s. I speak of third trimester abortion, or late term abortion, a medical procedure that takes place following the sixth month of a pregnancy. The procedure involves removal of a fetus and subsequent termination of the pregnancy. Reasons for performing a third trimester abortion may include a medical issue with the pregnancy that threatens the mother’s health or fulfilling the mother’s wishes for termination. Late term abortions have long been one of the most contentious types of abortion, with many political and social activists divided on the issue.

WiseGeek.com: “Pregnancies are divided into three-month intervals, or trimesters. Each period is marked by certain milestones in fetal development. The third trimester in an average pregnancy typically involves superficial aspects of development like weight gain, bone thickening, and nail generation. Any abortion performed during the third trimester will likely necessitate some type of surgical extraction of the fetus.

“While most abortions take place during the first trimester, research indicates a varying number of reasons why women opt for a third trimester abortion. On many occasions, the pregnancy is not recognized until it has reached the later stages. Economic or other life hardships may also prevent a woman from obtaining an earlier abortion. Health issues impacting either the pregnant woman or the fetus may arise later in the pregnancy and thus influence an abortion decision as well. Sometimes, a woman may simply delay making a final decision about her pregnancy options.

“Controversy often surrounds the third trimester abortion due to debates about the fetus’ development. Since many fetuses have developed key vital organs by the time of the third trimester, opponents of late term abortion view the fetus as viable, or able to be born. Abortion critics in general may view any fetus as a living being, and therefore see the practice of abortion and third trimester abortion in particular as a wrongful killing. Supporters of abortion, on the other hand, argue for a woman’s right to continue or terminate a pregnancy regardless of the time period of the pregnancy. Further, third trimester abortions are often necessitated by health concerns for the mother or other factors that merit consideration.

“Due to ongoing debate, laws and viewpoints vary widely by region and are often subject to change. Some regions of the world ban legal abortion entirely, while others place restrictions on late term abortions. Perhaps the most banned form of abortion is partial birth abortion — or dilation and extraction — in which the fetus is partially delivered before being terminated.

“This Hezitorial brings up the issue of a third term abortion option as it is the antithesis of Catholic teaching, and for the Murtaugh’s to permit John’s venomous anger against Gordon Burrows reveals John Murtaugh willingness to eclipse his Catholic upbringing, and the teaching of the Catholic Church and the Catholic School where Margaret Murtagh is expected to teach Catholic religious practice. 

“Two issues here. One is that the Murtaugh’s are willing to besmirch their views to support their candidate of choice Walter over their Catholic upbringing.

“Yet more egregious than the Murtaugh’s dislocated loyalty is that Ms. Walter, as much as she wanted a “Meet and Greet” opportunity under the Murtaugh’s roof, should have respectively recognized that she was placing them in a predicament that she could have graciously suggested to the Murtaugh’s that she was honored by their offer, but that it would be deleterious to their respected name and profession. That is what an honorable and humble person does. Among the three of them, they each, in their own right, soiled themselves.”

The Murtaugh’s reside in Yonkers; they live within the area served by the Bronxville Post Office.

Strike Three   

Witnesses have advised the Yonkers Tribune that after the League of Women Voters’ sanctioned debate concluded, and upon Westchester County Legislator Burrows and his fiancé departed the forum, they were accosted by Bronxville High School students who encircled them, carrying placards of Ms. Walter’s face above his head and photographing his reaction and the fear exacted upon his fiancé. The Yonkers Tribune is familiar with this “New Left” tactic that attempts to dominate a situation of their creation, and an effort to exact a retaliatory response that undermines the credibility of those being verbally assaulted. This tactic is promoted on the “down low” as a sanctioned intimidation tactic by the Democratic Party’s Indivisible, albeit burgeoning faction. If only the faction that had attended the debate capable of verbalizing their issues at the debate and / or thereafter respectfully, perhaps they would be more readily heard. Their tactics are alien to American discourse and is prone to eventually fail. 

Interestingly enough, the Yonkers Tribune is familiar with a similar League of Women Voter’s debate that took place about two years ago where Ms.Walter posted statements made at the debate despite being admonished to not do so. So much for decorum, or rather lack thereof.

Further still, the Yonkers Tribune has gained access to the Armor Villa Neighborhood Association President Steve Wagner’s letter of Tuesday, October 29, 2019, that was addressed to Ms. Walter and her attending campaign personnel.

Mr. Steve Wagner wrote: “I need to bring to your attention several issues that have become a matter of concern amongst all of us who helped organize the debate last evening.  As you were made aware, this event is conducted under the auspices of the League of Women Voters of the Rivertowns and is conducted under their rules.  These rules include absolute no political material for or against any candidate including buttons, banners, pamphlets etc.  These rules were made clear to your campaign prior to the invitation for you to participate in the debate.

“Prior to, during and after the event there was a large gaggle of young people carrying placards with your image and other campaign material on the premises and inside the debate room.  They were asked multiple times by both … the organizers, league representatives and Sarah Lawrence College personnel to dispose of all these materials and some was confiscated,  but the young people kept returning with more placards.  This is a serious issue not only because of its unfair and disruptive nature but also because it jeopardizes the not for profit status of the college, the participating associations and the League of Women Voters if it is perceived that we did not take sufficient steps to have all such material prohibited from not only the room but from being brought on campus. 

“Furthermore, the behavior of some of these students inside the debate room was disruptive and disrespectful to the serious debate underway between you and your candidate.  I received numerous complaints from other attendees after the event.

“Further, I just received some campaign literature from you stating that due to the  over capacity crowd that was there for you the walls opening the space up had to be removed.   In truth, given the large number of participating organizations supporting the event this year, it was impossible to make any accurate determination as to the political affiliation of the attendees with any accuracy.  Therefore to make such a claim is disingenuous and misleading.

“The other issue relates  to the archival video of the event. I want to be clear that any of us who use the videotape whether for archival purposes on any other approved use may not edit the footage in any way shape or form in accordance with League of Women Voters Rules that I believe you signed off on prior to the debate.

“Finally, I was disturbed to learn that following the debate, as Gordon Burrows was exiting the room he was accosted by a group of unruly young students carrying placards with your image on them. They surrounded him and took video of him with their cellphones with the signs carrying your image held above him. When his campaign aide asked them to cease and desist, she was threatened by some in the group.  This is totally unacceptable behavior and quite frankly reflects badly on you and your campaign staff.  All of us who work to put this event on pride ourselves on the effort we put forward to run a professional event, abide by the rules and recognize this is an important civic activity designed to build voter awareness and participation.

“While talking about what transpired at this event is in a sense spilled milk, I need to make you aware that after discussions with Sarah Lawrence College, I will be asking for security to be on hand to prohibit any campaign material from the premises and escort any unauthorized or unruly individuals from entering or remaining in the building and on the campus when we again host any type of debate or discussion on the campus.    We organize these events at our own expense and we believe they serve an important civic function. We expect and demand that all campaigns adhere to the rules and the long established protocols of these events.”

The letter to Ms. Walter was signed, “Respectfully, Steve Wagner.”

This telling is as real as it gets. Ms. Walter’s conduct and that of her campaign is wanting on many more fronts. The ones mentioned go to reveal the flaws, demeanor, deceitful duality of conduct that is in juxtaposition to that which she espouses. She is gifted with a soft voice, easy on the ears, but shrill to the thinking mind. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5. 

The debauchery of the political dogma defined by candidate Ruth Walter is her willingness to deceive the voter. Can the residents who expect to be represented in Westchester County Legislative District 15 trust Ruth Walter? I suggest, as defined in this Hezitorial, that she cannot be trusted to govern in a balanced manner, cannot be trusted to trash the bias and bigotry she harbors, nor can the anguish and pain she has exacted upon others be dismissed as if to suggest she has been exonerated. 

Game Over!


eHeziDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Return in the Guise of Westchester County Legislator Candidate Ruth Walter

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  1. I have known Ruth Walter well for 12 years. She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, generous, and non-racist persons that I know. She is a woman of extreme integrity. She fights for the less fortunate and the under-represented. She has employed teens of all colors and persuasions in her cheese store for the entirety of its existence. Ask her employees and fellow townspeople if you doubt.
    This is a ridiculous and slanderous commentary and is not to be believed. She will be a fantastic, involved, and caring legislator for all of District 15’s constituents. Unlike her opponent, there will be no spousal or substance abuse in her tenure. In addition she will actually do the work of the people by attending her legislative meetings (which she is already doing despite GB’s pathetic and flailing attempt to contest her win with a baseless lawsuit). Go Ruth! We are proud of you!

    1. The article is a description of what transpired. You may choose to ignore the integrity of the telling. It is fact. It is not slander. Whether you know it or not, the Yonkers Tribune; and the Bronxville Tribune report the news, we do not make anything up. I will await the decision of the Westchester County Board of Elections for their final decision. Whatever it may be, whomever is declared the legislator I wish them well so that they may serve the electorate to the best of their capacity. Her calling the Bronxville PD is a fact; I know of one incident that we reported years ago when Burrows allegedly engaged in the use of an illegal substance. The court chose to dismiss the charges. Why I do not know. As for spousal abuse, I am not aware of his past conduct toward that regard. If he did engage in that behavior, I should hope he received counseling and that the issue is no longer a concern. —Kindly, Hezi

      1. Please share with your readers exactly how many persons of color in Ms. Walter’s current or past employ as well as her long-term friends and civic colleagues who are persons of color that you actually interviewed for this story before erroneously (and laughably) labeling her bigoted and biased.

        I thought so.

        Words matter. So does journalistic integrity.

        Best of luck.

        1. Only one incident is sufficient. And I am familiar with two others. Journalistic integrity based on your response reveals you have no understanding of what it means. I am not here to convince you of anything. I am strictly reporting the facts. Interestingly, you imply the reporting is erroneous. It reveals you are ignorant of what transpired, and ignorant of two other incidents to which I am familiar. ~~~ Kindly, Hezi

  2. Hezi,
    Your article made it to another facebook site that was in another town. The woman that read it was very upset at this candidates behavior and wished she would have read your article sooner. She would not have voted for Ruth and knew many on the site would not have as well. A lawyer that works for the COY posing as a Mom posted that your articles are fabricated and she personally knows Ruth and not to believe you. The article has since disappeared but not before people I knew and read it.
    You are reaching further than Yonkers and I applaud your courage and beg you not to give up. It may seem like these type of people keep winning but they are not and eventually the truth will catch up with them.
    As I am sure you may know even Spanos inner circle is all white privileged men. So many minorities are fooled by the crumbs given to them by the powers to be when reality is it is all a giant chess game.
    Please keep them in check and the day will come that justice is served and it will be checkmate.

  3. these comments are very funny. the jereis machine doesnt lose. even if Ruth Walter wins 2 years is right around the corner and she should get ready for a primary. shelleys been running her mouth too much- she should watch out or she may have a primary.

    1. only way Ruth walter loses in two years is even zahy and the khader machines goes against her again the fake dems and arabs worked day and night against Ruth Walter Smh we need to elect real demecrats

  4. This is great I love the tribune!! I heard Zahy and Burros was cuddling and crying together its time go baby #BlueWave #AllTheWayUp

  5. And the voters have spoken. The BOE website has Ruth up by 200 votes with 51% of the vote with all precincts in. This loss spells trouble for Nader Sayegh who refused to endorse the nominee of his party and is only in the Assembly because team Zehey were able to invalidate his primary opponent’s petitions. Clueless Nader can now expect a primary from the left.

  6. ROW “A” ALL THE WAY 🇺🇸 💪💙DEMOCRAT 👉 Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chairman Thomas Meier “Let’s Celebrate TONIGHT” Mike Spano “SPANO 3rd Term” #KEEPMIKEMAYOR #4MOREYEARS

  7. The Spanos are famous for putting spoilers in races, who have no intention of campaigning, paying them off to do their dirty work and promising them something at the end. Why didn’t they choose to put a spoiler in this race?

  8. You proved Hezi’s point. Neither candidate deserves our vote. But knowing all of this about Ruth, why would Meier and the Spanos continue to endorse Ruth, fundraise and canvas for her? A slap in face to the Black County Chair and Black voters.

  9. Hezi you’ve been ranting for years about the Spanos for years and praise the extols of good governance in a nonpartisan manner, but you give Gordon Burrows a pass? It’s become an inside joke in the County Legislature how frequently he misses meetings, some of our colleagues allegedly call him Goner Gordon. Even for the two most important things that the County has done aside from voting on the budget such as what the county is going to do Playland and the Westchester County Airport he’s been absent throughout the entirety of the process. Beyond criticism of his job performance are serious concerns regarding he demeanor. is it true that Gordon Burrows was allegedly caught using cocaine? and he has never apologized or expressed remorse about it? Gordon Burrows allegedly was involved in multiple domestic disputes with his ex-wife and children, and has never addressed these concerns? Instead, he had the gall to talk about opposing criminal justice reform and undocumented immigrants at the debate.

    If Republicans are so afraid of migrants bringing drugs and violence to our area, why do they allow Gordon Burrows to bring both to the County Legislature? someone with your journalistic integrity should work hard to paint the picture of two very flawed candidates. I’m not voting for Ruth Walter either, these stories have been common knowledge in the county democratic committee for sometime. Gordon is trying to max out his pension to ride off into the sunset on his family name and our dime and it looks like he’s pulling out all the stops to make it happen. when this seat is vacant in 2 years, I hope that Chairman Meier and the Democrats nominates someone who doesn’t have her baggage next time around.

    1. You proved Hezi’s point. Neither candidate deserves our vote. But knowing all of this about Ruth, why would Meier and the Spanos continue to endorse Ruth, fundraise and canvas for her? A slap in face to the Black County Chair and Black voters.

      1. Burrows took out an advertisement on my website because we have a large readership. He did not pay for my support. You may wish to marginalize me but we are in the media business. Everyone is welcome to advertise on this website. I do not sell or malign my integrity on behalf of any candidate. My Hezitorial with regard to Ruth Walter my offend you. Her fascist and bigoted demeanor offends me. Your commend deflects the fact that you seemingly don’t care that Ms. Walter is a bigot. Gordon Burrows is not. It is that simple for me. — Kindly, Hezi

    2. gee, Gordon’s cocaine arrest vs Democrat devils DiBlasio and Cuomo releasing all manner of hard-core criminals into society…are you kidding me?

  10. Luckily, Reggie was outside waiting or his son would have been arrested or shot by these trigger-happy police, who are “frightened” of Black men.

  11. Based on this article she sounds like a racist among other things! Which is something I’ve heard over and over lately. I was once a supporter – after reading this I’m not!

  12. Both want power, but the White Liberal is the one, who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor and by winning the friendship and support of the Negro, the White Liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or a weapon in this political football game, that is constantly raging between the White Liberals and the White Conservatives. – Malcolm X, October 1963

  13. Fred Polvere, You have fallen under the misguided belief of all these progressive white groups out here, that just because someone is left that are not racist. Hezi got every detail of the story correct, except, the occurence happened at her cheese shop in Bronxville, which makes it even worse that Ruth Walter felt “threatened” by a short young black man, who worked for her and then she called to her store. Her cheese shop has large storefront windows, in broad daylight in a public place on a busy street, with his father waiting outside. Grow up, Fred, and accept the reality of racist society we live.

  14. He didn’t make any endorsement in that race. Mike Khader endorses Walters. It seems the Mayor stayed out of this one so not sure what the first comment is talking about.

    1. The most recent edition of The Yonkers Rising backpacker has a full page advertisement paid for by Mayor Mike Spano’s re-election committee that endorses every candidate designated by the Yonkers City Democratic Committee. So it seems evident that Mike Spanohas abandoned his long-time friend and associates Gordon Burrows for the likes of Ruth Walter. ~~ Kindly, Hezi

    2. Mike Khader needs to worry more about the city, and his hairclub for men instead of listening to his brother Fredo. Yonkers can not have somebody running our city who is controlled by a sad adult version of Eric Cartman.

  15. The mayor has been a disappointment for a while. He turns his back on his friends for political points. The spanos used to look up to Gordon’s father they should have some respect and do the right thing.

  16. Hezi, good article. This is the typical of the “holier than thou” crowd. It is not a Democrat or Republican thing, but a respect thing. Ruth Walter’s behavior has been disrespectful to her opponent and the constituents of the 15th Legislative District. Ms. Walter is looking to get elected at any cost, including integrity. We deserve better. If a candidate is being mean-spirited and dishonest before their election, I can only imagine how she would act as a public official.
    Ron Matten

    1. Everyone is holier than Gordon and his cohort.
      You haven’t made an argument – just unsubstantiated statements.
      But that is par for all GOPers.

      1. Hezi’s fact based article substantiated my statements. I watched the video and Ms. Walter’s lied about Gordon’s record. I get it. Facts don’t matter, when you are pushing a dangerous agenda.

  17. Shame on you Hezi.

    If there is a story which involves money, even in the most cursory way, where one of the parties involved is Reggie Lafayette, or a member of his family, and you take the Lafayette side, then you are either a scoundrel or a fool.

    And it is hard to believe that you are smearing John Murtagh. While I disagreed with him bailing out the egregious behavior of Phil Amicone, he is without any doubt, one of the most honest persons in Yonkers.

    As far as supporting Gordon Burrows, why would anyone with any integrity support him? Gordon has a history that should preclude him from being involved with making the law.

    “In October, 2002, he was charged with violating an order of protection on his ex-wife Tina Burrows, during their court proceedings. The two have five children together and were in the middle of a divorce when he was accused of screaming at her, charging her vehicle, and throwing clothing in her face when she stopped by his Colonial Heights home to pick up their children. It was the third time in two months he was arrested for violating her order of protection.”

    “Gordon Burrows, county legislator and former Yonkers city councilman, is speaking out for the first time since being arrested for cocaine possession. Burrows was on his way to Vermont for a ski trip on Feb. 5 when the arrest was made. He is calling his drug arrest an ‘abberation’ (sic) and is asking the voters for forgiveness.”

    The only aberration here is that Gordon was caught.

    But the sleaze doesn’t stop with Gordon.

    Running Gordon’s campaign is Zehy Jereis.
    “Former Yonkers GOP Chairman Zehy Jereis, already serving a four-year prison term for corruption, was sentenced to 15 months additional prison time Wednesday on an unrelated tax fraud charge involving his Brooklyn gas station.”

    Then there’s Wilson Soto, who ran a big fundraiser for Gordon.
    “Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore today announced that Wilson Soto (DOB 06/26/66) of _____ Road, Yonkers, New York was arraigned today on a Felony Complaint charging him with:
    – one count of Offering a False Instrument for Filing, a class “E” Felony,
    one count of Illegal Voting, in violation of New York State Election Law, a class “E” Felony.”

    I was at the debate at Sarah Lawrence College and Gordon was the last angry man – scowling, interrupting and attempting to give more rebuttals that the rules allowed.

    Gordon thundered against “illegals” and touted his support for harsh bail requirements. How absurd is it that the candidate who has a documented flagrant disregard for the law and surrounds himself with ethically challenged supporters portrays himself as the law and order candidate.
    Gordon is a career politician who shafted his own neighborhood. The Yonkers City Council voted unanimously against his bill to give a County Park in Yonkers to Eastchester.

    OF 7-0.”

    Hezi – I have been a supporter of your work, but this column was beyond belief. It isn’t that it is so one-sided as to be listing under its own ludicrousness, but you have been taken for a ride by people of disreputable character who see Gordon as one of their own.

    Fred Polvere

        1. Fred Polvere Is that cranky old guy whose screaming at the kids to get off of his lawn. In his case, he’s screaming about Scout Field. He’s in love with Ruth Walter, because they are cast from the same broken mold. Fred thinks he knows best, just like screaming Mimi.

    1. Ruth Walters is nuts lol , just a very angry nasty women.

      also on another note, i googled this Khader guy , if we sell the food in his stomach we can feed every child on a reduced lunch for the entire year!

    2. Ruth Walter refused to pay teenagers who worked on her campaign, I paid those teenagers out of my own pocket because I recruited them to work on the campaign, Those young people were looking forward to that money to enjoy their summer and save up for back to school clothes and stuff teenagers buy. Ruth Walter and her people played a lot of games when it came time to repay me my money, She even went on to explain to me how a Campaign works, Finally Ruth called me and told me to come get the money when I entered her HQ she had an officer there waiting for me and she had told this officer I was extorting her and threatening her, she used my look, my size and my race against me, I am a larger person 300 plus pounds and have a big beard and always wear sneakers & baseball caps. My father who was unaware of the situation believe he was just dropping me off to pick something up, he wondered what was taking so long and came into Ruth’s HQ

  18. Spano is a wimp.

    A typical spineless politician.

    Gordon has been your neighbor and friend for 35 years!!!

    The Spano’s and Burrows go back together for decades.

    You throw it all away for some Socialist from Bronxville who hates you and your family.

    Your such a disappointment Spano.

  19. There’s a clear double standard in the Democratic Party!
    White Socialist like Ruth are try to take over the Democratic Party with people like Shelly Mayer and oust the likes of black leaders like LaFayette and Jenkins

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