Mayor Mike Spano Reveals His Political Vision for Yonkers Among Insiders Who Will Facilitate Those  Plans For Union Contracts, Future Political Candidates, and Election Outcomes

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The Pina Colada Hezitorial

The 2019 SOMOS Puerto Rico Conference Proves A Convenient Smokescreen

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — November 7, 2019 — Elections results have yet to be validated by the Westchester County Board of Elections. Even so, an entourage led by Mayor Mike Spano departed the “City of Hills” for San Juan, Puerto Rico. The self-described glitterati accompanying Mayor Spano, was first and foremost a Yonkers Police Intelligence Unit Security Detective.

No official announcement of Mayor Spano’s departure was divulged. Yonkers Deputy Mayor James Cavanaugh was said by a City Haller to be in charge. Similarly, no notice of Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller was made. A request of Det. Lt. Dean Politopoulos, Yonkers Police Department Communications Officer, was requested of him by voicemail at 3:35pm. Neither a telephone call-back nor an email has yet been received. It is now almost 8:14pm. ADDENDUM necessary as  of November 8, 2019: “Deputy Chief Joseph Monaco is acting in Commissioner John J. Mueller’s capacity during his absence.” Notice received from the Yonkers Police Department Public Information Director Det. Lt. Dean Politopoulis at a few minutes after 4pm.

There is a lack of agreement among Yonkers Tribune sources with respect to whether Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller and Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Detective Keith Olson are in attendance in Puerto Rico. The greater number of sources inform the Yonkers Tribune that they are indeed part of the entourage, despite a lesser number of sources advising they were seen in Yonkers today. Based on the predominance  of advisement that Mueller and Olson are in Puerto Rico, we will defer to the predominant assertions made by our sources. 

Rounding out the assembled entourage were Mayor Spano’s brother, former NYS Senator Nick Spano, Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson, Carmen Gomez-Goldberg, Spano supporter for over 20 years, mother to Elena Goldberg-Vasquez, recently elected to the Yorkers City Court, and former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq. Yonkers Police Commissioner Mueller is a long-time political supporter of former Sen. Nick Spano, a supporter of Carmen Gomez-Goldberg, and also a supporter of Elena Goldberg Vasquez.   

Interestingly, only Carmen Gomez-Goldberg has a Puerto Rican heritage.

Former Yonkers City Council President Liam Mclaughlin, Esq., is the most interesting person to attend this political round table. 

The optics are two-fold; the first is innocuous enough. It seems that for political purposes, Mayor Mike Spano attends the annual SOMOS conference every year. What makes this year different is that despite Mike Spano attending this yearly event, his accession for a third-term  requires a revised vision to maintain iron-fisted control of the City of Yonkers (CoY), the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency (economic development), the Yonkers Board of Education (Yonkers Public School District), and the unions.

PBA Pres, Det. Olson has broken ranks with the other unions operating in Yonkers. Initially it was agreed that the unions would engage their efforts in unison. In order to elevate Yonkers Police Chief Mueller to Police Commissioner, Olson agreed to and is amenable to a zero pay increase for the PBA membership. The membership has yet to learn what is transpiring behind their backs.

Little known is that the Captains, Sergeants, and Lieutenants Association (CLSA) under CLSA Det. Sgt Mike Koch, is also engaged in similar behind the scenes negotiations with the Spano Administration but the Yonkers Tribune is unaware if there has been an agreed upon contract similar to that agreed to with the PBA.

The other unions operating in the CoY are working under an expired contractual agreements.

Presently, the question that must be asked is by what basis does Mayor Spano need a security detail by his side at every turn? Who is paying the Intelligence Security Unit Detective Sergeant for the overtime that will consume over 48 hours and OT?

Who is paying the airfare and the hotel stay, and food for those mentioned? 

Was Liam McLaughlin, Esq., intentionally towed to Puerto Rico to mount an eventual planned challenge to the political aspirations of present Yorkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq., should Khader want to run for a second term, or for another position in CoY? It seems the political daggers are being sharpened in sunny Puerto Rico in order to formulate a doable plan to undermine Pres. Khader no matter how hard he tries to befriend Mayor Spano.

Ancillary to the above, Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo won his re-election effort. Yonkers  City Republican Committee Chairman Justin Tubiolo, David’s father, worked out a non-aggression pact with Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chair Thomas Meier, that if his son David would be permitted to run for re-election without an opposing candidate, that David would change party affiliations to that of a Democrat. At issue now, is when this change willtake place. 

Many questions, albeit few answers from Yonkers City Hall.

All that seems to matter is that the marching orders have been engaged. Be on the lookout for what transpires next.

eHeziMayor Mike Spano Reveals His Political Vision for Yonkers Among Insiders Who Will Facilitate Those  Plans For Union Contracts, Future Political Candidates, and Election Outcomes

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      1. Post

        I was told the take was $20,000, however I do not know. The proof will be in the filing. So I am holding my tongue until then and let the proof show up in the filing. And I was also surprised that no statement was issues by Corazon Pineda-Isaac issuing a public notice thanking mayo Spano for his support of her. Your point is most valid. I had not explained myself as ell as you. I appreciate you comment. Kindly — Hezi

    1. Nice try Khader!

      Corazons event was packed!!!!

      Mayor Spano is 100% behind our councilwoman. The mayor and his brothers packed the room for her with all of Yonkers biggest players, your loss Johnny kilo.

  1. Liam haven’t you learn that the Spano’s are not worth it. You lost because of them even with Olson’s endorsement which means nothing coming from a guy that is hated by his own members.

  2. It is getting dark, do you know where your Spano is Denise? Mary? Or is he cutting the floor at Gigante’s? Or is he in the bathroom at Duos?

  3. I am in the CLSA and looking for a transfer but heard that I have to go see a Spano brother to swear my allegiance should they need anything. Nope, won’t do it. I didn’t sign up to be in the mob nor do I go to Gigante’s either. Yonkers is a disgusting cesspool and so are the politicians that gave these idiots another 4 years.

      1. Wrong, Vinny is the best out of them all but they keep him in the dark too. Besides none of the others can compare to the Kennedy’ s. Mike , Convict Nick , Lenny, including John fked a lot of people in Yonkers so the name is mud. The next people coming are from the District Attorney’s Office or the DOJ. Mueller and Olson controlling a police agency with the Spano’s is embarrassing and insulting to all other agencies. Both liars that targeted civilians and other police officials. Zeros

          1. Last win? 200,000 in the Yonkers not counting the undocumented and 18,000. Do the math pal. Those were all friends and family votes that have union jobs.

  4. The Spano’s been around since FDR and they will be around for a longtime
    The Spano bench is filled with rising stars !
    Hon. Vincent Spano
    Lenny Spano
    Christine Spano
    The next mayor will be another Spano
    They do a great job !
    Spano’s forever

    1. The only person that considers vinny a rising star, is vinny!

      A high school drop out who rode his family’s coattails for a job – a rising star?

        1. Paid to get his GED online? Is that even a thing? Who cares about a GED. The bigger picture is how he AND his wife got their jobs along with high paying salaries with ZERO credentials! She is not fit for that position.

          HEZI NOTE: TOTALLY DISPARAGING COMMENT WITHOUT VALIDATION AS TO HOW SO> If you refer to a facade, explain it, otherwise it is simply character assassination which is too often not validated in Yonkers. If you know something, say it. — kindly, Hezi

          1. My intention was not to disparage or character assassinate – rather shed some light on who some of these COY employees really are. I don’t see how saying she puts on a facade needs validation; that is my opinion. Last I checked, opinions fall under freedom of speech. There are hundreds of comments on this site that are much worse about the Spanos. That being said, my story about her will be saved for another day and time.

          2. Post

            To what comment are you referring. I don’t have names, email addresses, no identifying info that I am permitted to see by legal contract that my lawyers devised years ago. It is unbreakable. So be specific. —- Kindly Hezi

        1. NOTE BY HEZI: The epithet expressed in Arabic was deleted. You cannot hide behind another language in the Yonkers Tribune.

          John stop blaming Keith Olsen, he seems like a nice guy. The person trashing you is Jordanian “ya hmar” (that means donkey in Arabic) HEZI’S NOTE…it infers “Jackass”, not donkey!

          I fully support Mayor Mike Spano, i can give two shits about any so called corruption. Yonkers born and raised family, who know how to stay on top and spread the wealth throughout multiple communities in this city. As long as he continues the great Job he is doing, i’ll take him for 8 more years.

          On a separate note i am extremely thankful for John, because if it wasn’t for his constant need to bring attention upon himself on EVERY single article written here; this website would have never been brought to my attention. So i feel a social responsibility to attack him on every single comment section he infects with his need to be noticed.

          Hezi you are a great reporter, do i agree with everything you say? No. But my Goodness i hope my children can be as good as you in their future traits. You are the GOAT of reporting in this city Hezi! Stay Golden Ponyboy! #AllTheWayUp #SilverStar #JohnnyKilo

  5. Johnny Khader is worse than every crooked politician in this city’s history, because he is JEALOUS that it isn’t him. He is a the Fredo of his family, with Diabetes and high blood pressure. I don’t even go to church because of his mother’s voice.

    His wife is a lovely Women, I feel so bad, everyone likes her, we all hate him – Jordanian Person

    1. John Khader seems like a very successful business owner to me. His Limos are always on the road and he has many brand new Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s and buses. Every wedding I see in lower Westchester uses Top Class. Seems like your jealous KEITH. Lol. All the way up. All John Khader does is win.

  6. Poor Mike Khader, i was at a bar last night with 3 people in his family who trashed the hell out of him because of his brother John. He lost his base, MPAC was a crooked scheme to funnel money into the low class limo smuggling business they run. Hell even his mother was thrown off the church choir. Never Khader unless you want to pay the leases for Fat Boys 3 series.

  7. No only does the Jamal case scream for Justice but what ever happen to the 3rd precinct cop that overdosed in uniform? Will he be coming to answer a call at your home? Yonkers keeps all it’s employees. Hiring at every level. No need to list DWI charges or accidents nor worry about drug usage while working, or womanizing nor harassment of civilians. Yonkers police department stop randomly checking for drug usage by the Spano Administration.
    File a formal complaint at your own risk. The current PC has to run everything by Keith Olson and Nick Spano.Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is too busy trying to make up to Denise and is ducking Nader.

  8. Denise are you dumping Mike Spano yet? We bet Mary will be hitting the road soon. Carmen is safe as long as she keeps paying lobbying cash to Nick Spano

    1. Why would Mike owe Denise an apology? Why would Denise be dumping Mike?

      Because he’s been screwing around with Cougars? No need to get your panties in a bunch Denise. How do you think Mary felt when she confirmed what she suspected about you and Mike?

      What comes around goes around. The only difference is that Mary’s significant other is HOT and you’re NOT.

  9. It’s been 6 months since our contract expired and we’re not waiting forever for a raise. We’ll take 3, 4, and 5 if we get our 207c rights back and YFD’s longevity. Oh and by the way we want that in place well before the budget circus. Thanks

    1. The CLSA better go it alone or stick next to the Firefighters. You definitely DO NOT want to trust Keith the Woodman Olson. He should change his name to Keith Spano.

  10. Yonkers has its own “whistleblower” who is working closely and quietly with the NY Attorney General. You shoulda left when you had da chance Freedo. Now you’ll have a matching title with Jumbo.

    1. When they do come, there are a lot more than one whistleblower. You union members need to push back. As for police union you need to get rid of the fat lying President that hasn’t been in uniform for over 20 plus years. Look at him, he lies to his trustees and they try to bully the precinct cops. You officers are cops, right? Then push Olson out. Band together against the Spano’s. Stop listening to bullshit from Mueller, Olson and the Mayor Spano. Send Olson packing and vote him out and no to his menu. Follow the Firefighters they came out on top. Keith Olson sold you out like Mike Spano was out drinking with girls and his young communication director.
      Word is that letters of complaints are stacking up against these people. Don’t be afraid.

    2. No body cares which Spano lackey stays or takes over. Won’t change the damage that some union leaders did to their members nor the damage the Spano brothers did. No hard working union member should give dues to the Mayor’s brother. For what: to make Keith Olson’s friend to PC? Besides losing your 207c what did Keith and Nick do for the uniform patrol? Answer nothing and nothing. Meanwhile these asses are running around the city on your dime asking you to turn a blind eye to what they did do. Then if you do, they will deny it and put it all on the uniform. Do your job just like they took your benefits. Firefighters stood united and lost nothing.
      If you don’t, the curb running union rat will get even fatter with your cash. All you got for all that money to Nick Spano was fake receipts and a bald headed Joker as PC.

  11. Rumors are flying that Meier is going to be made deputy mayor. If this is true, who will he be replacing? And who will take his spot in DPW?

    1. Kavanaugh is leaving and is being replaced by Meier because he is more “liked” by the City Workers and the unions. Spano is going to try to use Tommy’s “friendships” with the unions to get some contract confessions.

  12. And somehow through all this Mike Spano actually thinks he will get elected County Clerk or even County Executice? Delusional folks just delusional.

  13. Yonkers is in trouble folks. You have the Spano’s running around drinking and hitting on anything that has two legs. You have Mueller and Olson running the Yonkers Police Department attempting to look legit but really the department belongs to the Spano Brothers.
    If any city department reeks of corruption that would be Yonkers. It is a department where you can steal personnel files, tamper with evidence like the Jamal accident, but there were others, physically attack other personnel, threaten civilians with bodily harm and tickets, use the PBA funds for lobbying with Nick Spano to get that out of jail card. Now come to Yonkers. You won’t see this on channel 2 either because this could damage the image of the Mayor’s wife or was that girl?

      1. Post

        I have not heard anything from the Office of the Westchester County District Attorney. I don’t understand what is taking so long. I will email his office in the hope that there will be a response that they are at least working on the occurrence. In the meantime, Akeem Jamal is in a rehab center in New Rochelle. —- Kindly, Hezi

        1. Any other Yonkers resident would have been cuffed and charged already. Just listen to the 911 tapes. The real victim’s lawyer will be given all the information of what occurred that morning. Anyone else would have been charged already.


    If the interested party has an interest to learn more, it behooves them to find out on their own and not involve people who may be hurt by their telling / sharing that which may haunt them for the rest of their lives.I do not believe I am dramatic about this request. I have no interest in this issue because the concerns have been known to have taken place for two decades that Iam aware. At the present, I am backlogged with over twenty concerns that I have explored for moths yet have not found the time to reveal such is my backlog. Be wary Yonkersites. Kindly, Hezi

    The CAPS are not me yelling, I used them only to differentiate for the initial request.

    1. Non renewed director, racism claims/lawsuit, harrassment claims, union settlements, and overspent OT budget. I heard the deputy wears the pants in that relationship.

  15. Yonkers is full of waste even at the Yonkers public library where the library director makes 160,000 dollars more then the mayor. But I hear he did not get his contract renewed. His shenanigans must have caught up with him. Someone grew a pair of balls on the Yonkers Public library.

  16. Mike Spano can I be police commissioner? Please, please, Keith Olson gave your brother Nick plenty of the members cash without even voting on it. Give them a zero now and don’t worry the CLSA thinks I am a nice fruit cake. Come on Mike we did you boys right in Jamal’s accident.

  17. It’s a well known fact that Carmen Goldberg had and is probably still having an affair with Nick Spano. Don’t let her fat ass fool you. She can get on her knees! Word out there now is that she is focusing on Mueller to get her son the YPD cop accolades and advancement. Word also is that Mueller is so stupid that he’s failing to get it.

    1. Nick Spano, Mike Spano, Lenny Spano , they all have girls on the side. Ask Denise about Mike and the rest. Mary Calvi knows she has a stray cat. The most corrupt Administration yet. Come on Nick you had to go to PR to get out of the house.
      Nick tell us how Mueller’s interview went. Did he raise his hand before he answered questions or did Keith Olson have a couple of more C notes hanging out of his parachute poncho? We bet none you guys got any sun.

  18. 8 years of fat Mayor Mike Spano and 10 years of an eating union rat that tells the members lies and who to vote for and give their cash to the Spano’s to lose benefits.
    And you know what the members got for 8 years of $48,000 every year? They got a Police Commissioner that was never a working cop but a partying drunk who refused a transfer from a real Police Commissioner. First thing he did after his brother ran off with a fat pension was cut all the CLSA members and target certain cops. You call this feather a leader?

    1. Mike Spano tells people he brought Lionscape to Yonkers when he wasn’t chasing his co-workers. Nah, Lionscape did it because of location and they can shoot In NYC. They won’t be open at night that is for sure. This way no one can put the Spano arm on them or crash their cars into their employees and have Spano loyalist cops tamper with a crime scene. Only in Yonkers people.

        1. And now the 911 tapes reveal that some idiots were claiming that the Jamal accident was a minor one ? Lol
          Both involved are still getting medical care. That is why Mueller and Olson are running the PD for the Spano’s. Can’t wait for the real investigators to land. All they have to do is ask around and get those love letters that Corp. Counsel has.

    1. Hezi i am just casually trolling, so i apologize for the VPN and Fake email. I just enjoy coming on here once in a while to say how much i hate the dirty Khader family. John has f***en balls coming on here every single day ripping everyone and their mother, but begging them to come to his pig roast. If Nick and Mike Spano bumped into John in a public bathroom he would probably beg them to wipe their ass. He is such a loser, and an embarrassment to the human species. He should not be allowed to the privilege of internet, and how the hell can he eat that much! He needs to stop eating! Kids are starving on South Broadway! John habibi stop eating.

  19. Keith wondering where you put some personnel files. The Westchester District Attorney’s Office know you can’t trust what goes on under the Yonkers PD or the Spano’s

  20. You better bring back four 4’s from Puerto Rico and our rights under 207c that you gave away last time. Our contract is expired for 6 months and between 6% Tier 6 pension contributions, crazy health insurance contributions, union dues, taxes and social security deductions WE are fed up. Wake up fellow Tier 6ers, it’s time to take over.

      1. Remember guys Olson bought Mueller and you boys lost 207c and wait longer to get 25 vacation days. Vote the fat man out so he can spend his own cash

    1. True you have the numbers. You are cops, tell the Spano’s and Olson to move on. The strength is now in Tier 6 not the Olsonettes. Stand with Barry , dump the union rat Keith Olson who spent your dues on the politicians that took your 207c and vacation days. Took you dudes 10 years to get your retro. Don’t be scared and tell those rat trustees to move on. We will protest you legally. Just ask around.

  21. The Other unions in Yonkers better
    Watch their backs. The only ones that didn’t get screwed by these fat bastards were the firemen. The Teamsters and City Hall union people and even the fire bosses all got screwed. Oh and the rank and file cops too shouldn’t be left out. Watch you backs boys because there was a lot of tard baking on the beaches of PR this week.

    1. Well said! Keith Olson is a lying union President that sold out the entire membership for Nick the swamp rat to make that begging nut job Jon the Joker Mueller who refused to transfer. Olson used the union funds for his own political aspirations. What did the members actually get for Nick’s bill? Det. Montero was so right about them. Yonkers is very corrupt. Where are the community leaders? Bring back Karen, or Hernandez. Two damn good speakers. Too bad Carmen two-faced sold Fred out for a date with a convict.

  22. PBA membership is waking up. If we don’t get a contract reinstating our rights under 207c and getting increased longevity by election time then will be a whole new team put in place to get it done. We’re all getting really tired of the bullshit excuses and promises coming from our so-called “leaders”.

  23. The PBA President Keith Olson screwed his membership last contract allowing the city to put the burden of proof on the cops by allowing changes to 207c. What’s next?

  24. Let’s see sunny Puerto Rico with Carmen I’m a two piece walking in the sand surrounded with Nicky Boy Spano wearing his orange cut off Federal Jump suit shorts, and John Transfer wearing a jungle patch and a heavy layer of sun cream protecting his head and Mike Spano and Liam carrying their drinks as Sabatino holds the umbrella. All day they will be trying out for the survival show Naked & Afraid.
    Now that is Generation Yonkers folks.

    1. Yes, instead of the Yonkers HBO movie “Show Me a Hero” our current state is “Show Me a Shit-Show in Yonkers, City of Disgraceful Living!”

    2. Liam is too stupid to realize that the Spanos not let him Lang around so they can belly laugh when he runs off to fill up their drinks. They like having a little leprechaun as court jester.

      1. So true the Spano’s use ALL for their own personal gains. Can’t wait for Mike Spano to leave with his brothers who made a lot of cash in Yonkers. The Unions will never the worst Mayor in Yonkers History. Nor will they forget your wrinkle dirty suits or womanizing either. Take Denise to PR, she looks better than the others.

  25. Carmen formed Latinos for Spano against her fellow Puerto Rican, Fred Hernandez. Carmen remembers she is a Latina when it is convenient for Nick and Mike.

    1. Carmen is Nick’s girl. She pushed for John Mueller to be head loser of the YPD and Olson went all in with the members’ cash for a Nick Spano Long Island Cheeseburger.
      Now they own the local new Judge too with the endorsement cash.
      Can a normal person get a fair hearing like the Spano’s?

      1. Is it possible for you guys to actually say what you’re trying to say? For those of us who are trying to figure this thing out but do not have the insider “code”…I cannot figure out what you are talking about.

        Liam is in Puerto Rico angling for something? What is he angling for?

        Carmen is there but she already got what she wanted.

        The mayor is there…but he’d rather be at Gigantes, no?

        Mueller is there to plan with Nick…got that.

        But what else is going on?

    2. Carmen is like the Spano’s. They can’t be trusted. They all know nothing about loyalty or respect. Bunch of bobble heads. Now Liam is doing a re-mix.

    3. Yeah Hernandez was much smarter than the Spano Brothers combined. He would have been much better than dyslexic Spano. The guy can’t put four words together. Guess that’s why he is chasing a** all the time.
      Goldberg sure helped Hernandez. He got sunk from double agents.

    4. Hispanic’s from South America have very little in common with Puerto Rican’s please do not insult us by comparing us with them.

  26. PBA members are fed up with their dues dollars going to bathe and feed the Spanos for nothing but jobs and promotions for certain friends and family members. The Firefighters use their dues dollars to fight for their members and they get their money’s worth without jobs and promotions for friends and family members. I should have been a Firefighter.

  27. This is Indivisible. The tax dollar becomes their bank account. Is Liam joining Rub a Dub Dub and switching parties? After the Tubes snubbed the Lep with Sweeney, the Lep is pissed. I think so.

    1. Liam would have done worse than Sweeney did. Liam is HATED by most of Yonkers residents. He’s a self serving lying politician with no integrity or backbone. And he’s lazy.

  28. Maybe Mike Khader should be appointed to fill Judge Scatareticos vacant seat on the City Bench. He is an attorney. He could make a real difference in the court system where he knows his way around.

    1. I think the magnificent Nader Sayegh should be appointed. He can keep his state assembly seat and be a judge. We know he has enough spare time.

      1. Post

        Sabatino decided not to vie for re-election. The person that ran to represent District 3 is Tasha Diaz.
        Sabatino will get a government position working for the City of Yonkers. I am uncertain in which department, but it is a done deal. — Kindly, Hezi

  29. Justin and Tom never meet regarding David. If they did who – what-when -where. Can’t answer Fake News! Not the standard of the Yonkers Tribune. Shame on you. And a surprise for the high standards of the Yonkers Tribune.

  30. Carmen Goldberg is a moocher. She smiles in everyone’s face and kisses everyone’s ass so she can get positions for her family. People need to watch out for her. I guess her strategy works because her son is YPD, her daughter in law works for the Mayor and now her non biological daughter is becoming a Judge. What a snake!

  31. Carmen received the 2007 Bronx Conservative Party Woman of The Year Award and 2009 Westchester Republican of the Year. Carmen is collecting for her decades on her knees for Nick and Mike.

  32. Liam you did a lot better on your own. Once you started hanging around with the Spano’s is why you lost your seat. Look at Rubbo ran a Republican and won. Then he wakes up a Democrat. Another Lost soul.

  33. CONGRATS to an Amazing Man and one of my best Friends ⭐️City Of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano (Mike Spano) and the entire SPANO/CALVI families♥️💙THE KING Mr. LEONARD N SPANO is smiling down from up above and LOVING what he sees, and watching THE BIG SMILES from THE QUEEN Mrs. Josephine Spano as her son became victorious AGAIN ! was PRICELESS (what Mr & Mrs SPANO instilled in their 16 kids 💪integrity♥️pride 💙passion and a ♥️ENORMOUS giving HEART “THE SPANO FAMILY”)👑Thank You ALL for letting me be a part of it ALL these years ♥️BLESSED♥️WOW! the entire SPANO administration WE DID IT AGAIN ! a 3rd TERM ♥️Speechless💪🇺🇸 A BIG THANK YOU to ALL our GREAT CITIZENS who CONTINUE to believe in the VISION and look forward to seeing ABSOLUTELY MORE incredible milestones ahead, CITY OF YONKERS New York Ladies & Gentleman is the place to WORK, LIVE and PLAY in ! #4MOREYEARS #KEEPMIKEMAYOR ♥️LET YOUR HEART ♥️Friends Supporting Friends (CITY OF YONKERS) NEIGHBORS helping NEIGHBORS-GROUP Business Networking influencers movers shakers

    1. Amazing man my ass, he is a low life scum just like his felon brother. He is as dumb as a rock and a puppet for the felon. If you converse with him it’s like talking to a moron.

  34. Nicky the Felon is allowed to leave the state?

    Liam the Leprechaun can be in that much sun?

    Where is Mary Calvi in this mix? Her fake smile on election night was impossible to conceal.

      1. Wake up union heads of Yonkers, Keith Olson cut another underhanded deal to make that screwball John Mueller the PC. How does a zero sound boys? Remember the last contract boys, Keith Olson and Andrew Quinn begged Spano for a Christmas contract to save his seat against his PBA opponent Detective Montero. After he allowed changes to 207c to save the city millions he along with others conjured up lies to expel the Decorated Detective. YPD members will never forget that, nor will the courts. Keith Olson is attempting to sell out the other unions again and taking down the CLSA again. Wake up Koch, Mueller and Olson are not the bosses friends.

      1. Ur absolutely correct that can he can go anywhere he wants but one thing that will never change is that he is and will always be a convicted FELON.

  35. Rumor has it that part of the Police Detail accompanying the Mayor in Puerto Rico, is YPD Patrol Officer, Deputy Dawg, in order to personally issue WAPA News Reporter, Orlando Rivera, a parking citation, for illegally parking, while filming the Mayor and his Entourage. (rumor has it that Orlando Rivera knows Ru Ros)

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