New York Post Reveals a New York City Program That Has Secretly Exported 136 Homeless Families to Yonkers and 138 Families to Mount Vernon

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The Homeless Crisis Exacerbated By New York City SOTA Program Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — November 3, 2019 — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been sending New York City homeless families throughout the nation; so far, a total of 5,074 families, 12,482 individuals to 373 towns / communities. The populations are being relocated from New York City to Honolulu, HI, San Juan, PR, and everywhere in between, including the cities of Mount Vernon and Yonkers, NY. Each family is afforded a onetime opportunity to find a residence in a new community with a voucher valued to pay rent for one-year.

The New York Post article has divulged that one community has demanded U.S. Attorney General William Barr launch an investigation into Mayor de Blasio’s use of the Department of Homeless Services’ Special One-Time Assistance (SOTA) program. In addition to the one-year rent voucher, New York City has spent an unknown amount of millions more on travel and moving expense.

Mayor De Blasio’s plan reduces and expunges New York City’s concerns with respect to the homeless populations with every departing homeless family’s departure, while exacerbating the costs of other communities with respect to support services beyond the cost of rent.

The City of Yonkers and Westchester County have for years struggled with the homeless population, all too often denying its existence as an ever more costly subsidy that the city and county have been deficient in resolving. 

Once the Special One-Time Assistance (SOTA) families subsidies for rent runs out after 12 months, responsibility falls onto the city and county. 

For Yonkers, should one of the family members be a child of school age, the City of Yonkers (CoY) will be required o spend $27,000 per year per child. The breakfast and lunch programs that are subsidized by New York State is most often not collected for the family / guardians of such qualified who are living under the poverty line. Yonkers unwillingness or capacity to gain access to such funds from the parents / guardians is a burden the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) increasing the deficit of the Yonkers Public School District.

The City of Yonkers has been consistently running a deficit that is never in balance. It is a ledger that somehow gains approval from New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli despite not meeting the best practices standards suggested to the Yonkers Finance Commissioner’s Office by the NYS Comptroller.  

The homeless population are suffering exponentially due to many factors. Some are war veterans that are adulated with words but little else. While America wraps the colors of the American flag about their shoulders with pride, the nation has forgotten the very men and women that have asked to serve our military. Many serve more than one term. They gamble their life hoping to survive one, and then another and another. The lucky ones survive bullets, unmitigable physical deformity, and shell shock (PTSD). PTSD is defined as an anxiety disorder associated with serious traumatic events characterized by such symptoms as survivor guilt, reliving trauma in dreams, numbness and lack of involvement with reality, or recurrent thought and images. PTSD is too often the harbinger of incendiary responses by the sufferer that have caused employers to fire people from their employ, as well as bring about divorce, further diminishing a persons capacity to function within societal standards.  

At least one community, unnamed in the New York Post article, is demanding US Attorney General William Barr launch an investigation into Hizzoner’s Special One-Time Assistance program.

Closer to home in Westchester County, Acting Mount Vernon Mayor André Wallace, a Democrat who lost the Democratic Party designation, now running as a Republican in the November 5th election, had harsh words for New York City Hall in response to revelations his community has taken in 138 homeless families in the last two years.

Yet typical of Acting Mayor André Wallace, who said nothing upon learning via email from 60 to 70 outraged people last week of New York City’s conduct, when contacted by the New York Post, he was reminded of what he was made aware. This micro-managing buffoon does not know how leaders are expected serve; that is with honesty and integrity, not cover-up. The last two years were under the aegis of the former, and now disgraced Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas, under whose administration this burden was accepted in silence. If only Acting Mayor Wallace had the capacity to be transparent over the conduct that he asserts he was ignorant of under the Thomas administration when he was Mount Vernon City Council President. But now as Acting Mount Vernon Mayor, when the financial burden exacted by New York City has been revealed to him a week ago, he is silent. His silence is inexcusable.

Even more egregious is Wallace’s admission that Mount Vernon taxpayers footed the bill to remove one SOTA family from an abandoned building last summer. This very fact proves that not only had the former Mayor Richard Thomas been aware of the burden the NYS program was placing on the City of Mount Vernon, but that Acting Mayor Wallace was aware of the travesty when he was the Mount Vernon City Council President and yet he chose to remain silent. And again, Wallace remained silent when the issue was again presented to him by over 60 people who informed him of the travesty last week.

In juxtaposition to Acting Mayor Wallace, The New York Post article advises that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said he was considering suing the City of New York over the “secretive, unfair” program. The reality is it was not a secretive program. Many people in government were aware of it as was noted in the City of Mount Vernon by Acting Mayor Wallace 2 years ago and reminded again last week. Even if we would want to accept Mayor Spano’s designation that the program was “secretive” why then, when he recognized the program was “unfair” did he not initiate suing the City of New York over what he describes as the “secretive, unfair” program.

The City of Yonkers has turned to arresting the indigent in CoY. Yonkers Police have been ordered to issue summonses to the indigent. Those summonses are a fine that are not likely to be paid by people begging for food n the streets. The strategy is to catch them again and thereby issue a warrant against the,. That in itself is illegal. Only in Yonkers can YPD directives that are illegal be permitted. Perhaps an issue of pertinence to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.

The cost of SOTA has totaled over $89 million. Housing is a concern, yet the greater concern are the mental health issues that are going untreated and permitted to exacerbate among an indigent population that requires mental health treatment and vocational training and counselors to assist this population toward a more efficacious outcome for them and society overall.

This is not rocket science. 

This issue will be discussed on the Westchester On the Level broadcast of Monday, November 4, 2019 at 11am. Listen to the broadcast live or on demand by clicking onto this hyperlink. If you have a state or inquiry on this issue, you are welcome to call the broadcast at 347-205-9201. The hyperlink –

SPECIAL NOTE: A call to a Yonkers City Hall by was of a City Haller conduit that has the means to reach Mayor Mike Spano was place by this writer on Sunday, November 3rd at 12:38pm. I am uploading this Hezitorial at 4:25pm without ever receiving a call from Mayor Spano, or anyone else for that matter on this grave and financially burdensome concern for all Yonkersites. That is the travesty of Yonkers: It has yet to learn to celebrate positive news and information, and learn to contend with adverse circumstance honestly and intelligently, whether of its own doing or outside their purview. Yonkers spin cycle is broken.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you know something, say something. Your identity is maintained by every means possible, legally, as well as by my word of silence. Direct email to:

It seems I have erred in judgment. I have a backlog of pertinent concerns to which I have been informed. The General Election of November 5th will soon reveal winners and loser. I have promised myself, and the Yonkers Tribune readers that I will be working on at minimum one issue and /or concern every two or three days. I must admit I have been overwhelmed by that which must be completed for this publication, as well as other pertinent and even mundane issues. I sincerely apologize. Kindly, Hezi  


eHeziNew York Post Reveals a New York City Program That Has Secretly Exported 136 Homeless Families to Yonkers and 138 Families to Mount Vernon

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  1. Homeless people have been living on the Waterfront for a while now. Spano’s knew as they are building a shelter near the Waterfront. Now come one come all.

  2. If the New York Post didn’t write about the story the Yonkers Mayor would not have commented about the homeless families already here or on their way. Wake up Spano the city is already dirty with corruption and garbage. Seems like the NY Post caught these politicians in another bold face lie. Vote for any politician who lies.

    1. Typically these days the pass the buck attitude is disgraceful and should be delt with we’re talking about people not just numbers unfortunately when our nation turns an blind eye to people who are treated in cages for doing no fault but wanting to come into our country this behavior does not surprise me

      1. Stop with the misinformation that picture of children in cages was taken in 2014 during the Obama administration-this from the same POTUS who read about the 2014 VA scandal where over 1,000 veterans died while waiting for care in the newspapers, this from the same POTUS who deported on the average of 385,000 illegals each year.

  3. Haha, 80,000 homeless people in New York City alone and DeBlasio is playing three-card monte with them.

    Each day $169 BILLION passes through Wall Street and yet none of the politicians will touch any of that money to pay for housing, education, health, roads, subways, airports, or any of the other things that the city, state, and country need.

    Proof positive of a dying empire right there in the Empire State.

    (Oh, and Yonkers sucks)

    1. I agree that Yonkers sucks as well as it’s Mayor. The Homeless problem has many facets which include returning veterans, mental health, drug addiction and even some that the system molded to expect the system to provide everything. Please don’t sound like a leftist or a current day democratic that expects the system to fix everything in life. Help the homeless help themselves. Asking money from Wall Street or the rich helps who? Gives jobs to whom? Good point and Yonkers is very corrupt and it is a city that if you work you and own anything you can expect to pay more thanks to Mayor Mike Spano and Mayor Nick SpaNO.

      1. The “system” operates for the good of business (read: Wall Street), government (read: Washington), and the military-industrial complex (read: the Pentagon) at the expense of the rest of us, who finance all of the above with our taxes.

        The fact that New York City has $169 billion dollars passing through Wall Street each and every day and the city is unable to connect any of that money with the needs of 99.9999% of its residents speaks to a system that is severely dysfunctional. Wall Street adds nothing to our economy; it merely moves money around, often in illegal ways, in order to generate additional wealth for the wealthy. Hedge fund managers merely extract value in abstract ways for themselves and their wealthy clients. When they crash the economy, they expect us to pay (and we do).

        On the other hand, when your car breaks or your sink is stopped up, you call a mechanic or a plumber. They add value to the economy and keeps things moving along. Public money pays for things like roads, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals, parks, transportation – you know, the things that the vast majority of us need.

        You ask: “Asking money from Wall Street or the rich helps who?” The answer: it helps the overwhelming majority of Americans, who aren’t rich.

        Getting back to Yonkers, if Spano were serious about the city’s homeless problem, then he would be building more affordable housing as well as investing in some of the programs that you mention (veterans, addiction, domestic abuse victims, etc.). However, you only need to work around the city to see where his priorities are: luxury housing. It’s social restructuring geared towards the wealthy – gentrify the downtown, which drives up prices and drives out the working poor who live there. The irony is that Spano’s taste for luxury housing is likely compounding the homeless problem in Yonkers.

        1. Homeless housing and services should be shared by each municipality in the county. This should not be the burden of the cities because of where the services and shelters are located. Let’s start with Bronxville, tuckahoe, eastchester, Scarsdale, Hastings , Irvington, Chappaqua , Pleasantville , Mount kisco, Armonk , pound ridge , Bedford for homeless housing to be placed within their municipalities and school districts, especially for families with young children. Each municipalities can contribute a small amount of services locally to assist these families and individuals.

  4. Congratulations citizens of Yonkers. You got four more years of lies and deceit. You have a broken political system where all the other politicians whether Republicans or Democrats vote for the Mayor and then their gifts. Vote for Mike Spano and make Nick Spano your lobbyist.

  5. Andre Wallace is not a Republican Hezi, you know that. He is a Democratic running on the Republican line. Common in MV. Richard Thomas did it, and Shawn Patterson Howard tried to get it. Shades of Cavallo.

  6. Mayor de Blasio of New York City is trying to solve his homeless problems by sending them to Yonkers and nobody knows about it. Give me a break someone had to know what was going on. 136 SOTA families to Yonkers!

    1. True, that is why that drunken Mayor Mikey dance shoes picked that other loser Johnny “ transfer “ Mueller to come up with “ targeting “ veterans and other homeless with frivolous summonses.
      We remember your last brilliant idea when you were jailing people caught on a certain street at a certain time. Overtime was the incentive to just arrest.
      Very troubling what goes on in Spano world.

  7. Mike Spano went into the Sharing community at 2am and put homeless people out into pouring rain and frigid cold with nowhere to go maybe one cold rainy night it will happen to him.

  8. Only in Yonkers can such tactics be used. No justice in the City of Hills. Wondering if the Spano’s will let them build the new shelter in Crestwood? No instead they have it being built next to schools . Nice Mayor Mike double talk.

  9. Maybe the FBI should look into how the homeless population is now being targeted with summons to get them incarcerated knowing dam well they will not show up to pay the summons. If that is true we would like to know what bird brain thought of this idea?

    1. Mike Spano gets the Emmy Award for claiming he didn’t know. Yeah and Nick Spano is not involved in the New Homeless Shelter being two blocks from Generation High Rise Yonkers. More cash for Gigante Mike Spano.

    2. Come down to the Yonkers Waterfront and meet your new neighbors plus use the Yonkers Library for free and be just in time to hang out with the local politicians at the Yonkers Brewery during WIng NIght. Please leave your bags outside and hurry in before you get a Yonkers Summons for standing too long.

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