Unofficial Westchester County Election Results Upon Being Tallied Will Be Published Beginning Shortly After 9pm on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — November 5, 2019 — Review unofficial results by clicking onto the hyperlink.

For Westchester County Legislator results:





eHeziUnofficial Westchester County Election Results Upon Being Tallied Will Be Published Beginning Shortly After 9pm on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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    1. Stop trying to make a problem where there isn’t one, Vinny!

      Now go take Timmy and your wife for their next Botox appt!!

      And bring Timmy a box of tissues, it will get easier with time.

  1. Ron no matter which side of the isle your on , on thing is for sure. Yonkers will always be a suck City with lying politicians who would sell their asses to stay in office.

    1. Call me naive, but I am going to believe that your statement is not true for everyone. If I really believed you, I would move to Eastchester or Riverdale. I think we can do better and we will.

    2. Not going to happen in Yonkers Ron. Go down to the waterfront after dark and tell me how you feel. Then hop a bus with this begging traveling Mayor Spano and help him beg for money to rebuild the schools. So after eight years in office we never invested into any upgrades since Mayor Spano took over the BOE? What time does the show start, I have time to watch it again. Lol

      1. Not quite true. Yonkers is making investments in its schools. There is only so much you can do with multiple decades of neglect. And yes, I have accompanied the Yonkers delegation to beg for money.
        Turnaround is not an overnight process and it will probably take another 20 years to make it right. The lack of capital investment in the entire City has been going on for multiple decades and you are not going to fix it in 8 years.
        Ron Matten

  2. Who would have ever thought that Keith’s wife would be working along side Lauren khader to help Mario DeGeorgio try to beat the Spano’s? Politics is strange isn’t it?

    1. Does she have blonde hair and is she hanging out with Mike Spano when KO is down at the Yonkers Brewery squeezing beer drops out of a can?

  3. gordon is DONE the Republican party is a JOKE no leadership at all rubbo is a dirty rat. The city need Anthony Merante to save the Republican party!!!!! QUICK need real leadership get rid of the hooker tubiolo

    1. I concur. I am not sure whether early voting is tallied. Absentee votes are not tallied, but not sure how many are outstanding. The only certainty is that we will be paying higher taxes and we will all die.
      Ron Matten

      1. Early voting will not favor Gordon. He would have had a chance on absentee without early voting but the early voting starched him.

        Guess it’s off to Coke Mountain for Gordy boy.

      2. Early voting seems to be tallied already but unclear whether those numbers are being reflected in the westchester county final tallies

  4. Sorry Gordo. Enjoy retirement. Will be plenty of time for “ski trips”.

    Now the question is how long until Tubiolo switches after this embarrassment of republicans? (Which his own father orchestrated)

  5. How you feeling today Lauren and Adele? Mike Khader? John khader? You guys okay this morning? How about that ass? Still hurting from that slap it took last night? Khaders are Haters. We all look forward to helping mike with his upcoming race.


    Dorothy O’Brian
    John Leer
    Liza Purple

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