Yonkers Mayor Debate Between Mayor Mike Spano (D) and Mario De Giorgio (R) Conducted at Sarah Lawrence College on Monday, October 28, 2019

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YONKERS, NY — November 1, 2019 — The debate between incumbent Mike Spano and challenger Mario De Giorgio for Mayor of Yonkers.

League of Women Voters Candidate Forum held at Sarah Lawrence College on Monday October 28, 2019.

Play the League o Women Voters Candidate Forum:



eHeziYonkers Mayor Debate Between Mayor Mike Spano (D) and Mario De Giorgio (R) Conducted at Sarah Lawrence College on Monday, October 28, 2019

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  1. Just wondering after election what city or county jobs will be offer to Mario or his family members? Why did the race car driver that speeds up and down McLean Ave with his rust bucket scratched up slow dodge run out the back door on Mario.

    1. I am not sure that I would call Brandon Neider a race car driver. He is a neighborhood nuisance. He is spoiled by his grandmother Lorraine. This guy will be in jail one day. He skated when he contributed to Richard Seguinot death on the Saw Mill Parkway. But his check is already written.

  2. YONKERS is a chocolate city and we don’t need Mario/Mikey Goombah anymore.We can run the city without giving away cash and jobs. Vote for Prince Robinson to make the Citywork for you.

  3. Class- and race-based exclusionary politics at its finest, Yonkers. Why was the mayoral debate held at a private educational institution in the wealthiest (and whitest) part of the city?

    What a wonderful irony having the incumbent and candidate discuss the failing, cash-strapped Yonkers public schools within an educational setting that charges $72,000/year for our betters to send their pampered progeny to college.

    Why was this “debate” not held in a far more diverse, accessible, and public arena, such as the Riverfront Library?

    What I saw on that stage: all men, all white, all wealthy, and all part of the problem.

    1. The Armour Villa community was a sponsor of the debate. I am sure the Larkin Plaza community can sponsor a debate, if they choose. I put the fault on the Ludlow community leaders.

      1. Private organizations shouldn’t sponsor/organize public debates. It excludes disadvantaged communities by default since they generally lack these types of organizations and the political clout that go with them. I put the fault on the local media and, more generally, the sorry state of local politics. A debate that excludes half the city isn’t a debate worth attending or talking about.

          1. A perfect example of the pervasive racism that still plagues white communities – as if working-class people of color, or even working-class whites, don’t pay taxes. In fact, the working class pays more in taxes than billionaires.

            The people who don’t pay taxes are the white men in suits at places like Netflix, Amazon, Chevron, Delta Airlines, Eli Lilly, General Motors, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Halliburton, IBM, Jetblue Airways, and Whirlpool (among other places).

            Oh, and the Mayor’s own brother, felon and tax evader Nick Spano. It seems like a lot whites don’t like paying their fair share – north, south, east, and west.

          1. The Armour Villa Neighborhood Association is an organization for the residents of its community only. It collects membership fees. That makes it private, not public. On the other hand, the Riverfront Library is public: all of our taxes fund it whether you live in Getty Square or Colonial Heights or, yes, Armour Villa.

            In my many years on this earth, it continues to amaze me how proud some people are of their own stupidity and how willing they are to call other people names as a result.

    2. More identity politics heh! Another reason why Dump was elected. You should ask the League of women voters (more identity politics) who run the event. Everything does not have to revolve around downtown Yonkers as those who live on this side of town, deserve to know and again to have these events, considering we pay most of the taxes.

      As for these 2 candidates, it sums up politics in Yonkers when these 2 are our BEST and BRIGHTEST are our only option. It also lays bare the party political corruption machines.

      1. When hasn’t politics been about identity? Remind me again how the Irish vote when there’s a “Mc” or an “O” attached to someone’s last name, or how Italians vote when they see a surname on the ballot that ends in a vowel.

        Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians make up almost half of Yonkers’ population, with women outnumbering men, and yet everyone on that stage was white and male. And wealthy – that’s an argument about social class, not race or ethnicity. The moderator isn’t even from Yonkers – he’s a White Plains resident.

        When half the population isn’t represented, how’s that representative democracy?

        1. You prove the point. You claim “the Irish vote when there’s a “Mc” or an “O” attached to someone’s last name, or how Italians vote when they see a surname on the ballot that ends in a vowel” and assume because someone are “Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians” that this is a criteria for election. It is not. That is reverse racism which also plagues the media, culture and entertainment. I suppose you are one of those who think Kanye should not support Trump.
          Get out of your bubble now and again, it’s liberating.

  4. I watched the County Legislator debate and Ruth Walter really lied about Gordon Burrow’s record. anyone who can lie like that does not deserve my vote.

    1. Post

      Yes, she did. I will write about it. I hope to complete an article about the debate adduce by tomorrow or Monday. I have a backlog to get to, It seems every day there is another issue. — Kindly, Hezi

    1. Hezi, this is a mean-spirited post and adds no value. It does not talk about ideas. Mario is a working man who is putting himself out there to make a difference. Can you remove the above comment as irrelevant?

      1. Post

        Yonkers is an opinionated community. Everyone is entitled to make a comment. Mr. DeGiorgio knew that when he entered the campaign. I am not running and I will probably be trashed for wearing wrinkly suits. After a long day on the job we are probably worse than when we put the suit on in the morning. Whoever posted it had their fun. No harm done. If the heat is too much, people should not enter the fray.Mr.DeGiorgio seeems a resilient man and has not shrunk away. It is up tothe voters how they move ahead. It is an election after all. —- Kindly,Hezi.

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