Yonkers Police Department Files Charges In Wrong-Way Driver Accident Involving Akeem Jamal on Sunday, September 15, 2019

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Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.

Akeem H. Jamal is Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s Deputy Communications Director.

YONKERS, NY — November 14, 2019 — On Sunday, September 15th, 2019, at approximately 4:45 AM, members of the Yonkers Police and Fire Departments responded to the area of Central Park Avenue at Palmer Road on a report of a motor vehicle accident. Thereafter first responders located what appeared to be a head-on collision in the southbound lane of Central Park Avenue involving two vehicles, both occupied only by the drivers who were removed to a local area trauma center; a criminal investigation was initiated.

Detectives from the Major Case Squad and Crime Scene Unit were assigned to the case. Investigation has yielded that vehicle one, a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer, was being driven by the registered owner, a 53-year-old resident of Wappingers Falls, southbound on Central Park Avenue proper when he was struck by vehicle two, a 2017 BMW being driven by 22-year-old Akeem JAMAL, a resident of Yonkers, and Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s Deputy Communications Director . JAMAL allegedly operated the BMW in an intoxicated state, driving northbound in the southbound lane of Central Park Avenue against traffic for a distance of over one mile; subsequent testing yielded a blood alcohol concentration of 0.11% – 0.12%, establishing probable cause to charge JAMAL this date with the following:

1. NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law 1192§2 Driving While Intoxicated; per se. (> 0.08%) – misd.

2. NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law 1192§3 Driving While Intoxicated – misd.

3. NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law 1212 Reckless Driving – violation

4. NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law 1130 Divided and Controlled-access Highways –infraction NYS Penal Law 120.20 Reckless Endangerment 2 (Class A Misdemeanor)

5. NYS Penal Law 120.00 Assault 3 (Class A Misdemeanor)

As a result of this incident, JAMAL suffered extensive head and bodily injuries not then considered life-threatening; the 53-year-old resident of Wappingers Falls suffered injury to his head and leg. JAMAL was issued a desk appearance ticket and will be arraigned on a future date. The case is being prosecuted by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.

NOTE: Charges are merely accusations and the defendant(s) are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.


SOURCE: Helen Jonsen | Director of Public Information | Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.

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SOURCE: Det. Lt. Dean Politopoulos | Yonkers Police Department | Communications.

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Akeem Jamal Update By HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers Riverfest Ends Tragically for Mayor Mike Spano and His 22-Year-Old Deputy Communications Director Akeem Jamal By HEZI ARIS

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Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director Akeem H. Jamal Suffers Serious Car Injuries HEZI ARIS

eHeziYonkers Police Department Files Charges In Wrong-Way Driver Accident Involving Akeem Jamal on Sunday, September 15, 2019

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  1. Hezi-
    I would like to see it if you could ban all the Khaders and their fake names like John “Limo” Lear from this site. Brian Harrod and Ru Ros took the lead in banning John Lear and all the other fake accounts from Facebook because of The Khaders. The Khaders are the most rotten people in our community. They are low lives and many members of our community see it. I would describe everyone with the last name Khader or within that family with the word “Kalb”. This means dogs which is exactly what they are.

    A proud member of the Jordanian Community in Yonkers who is sick of the Khaders

    1. Your vendetta against the Khader’s is your personal beef. Why do you bring it into a public forum? I am friends with the Khader family and they are fine people. I am not Jordanian! I find your comments about this family despicable and defamatory. And honestly I don’t believe the fake accounts you refer to belong to any of the Khaders.

    2. Have the capacity to “blocK” anyone becauseI do not have the identities of any of those who comment herein. If other websites can block those who comment so be it. In order to protect the people who comment on the Yonkers Tribune access to that information is be legal contract must adhere, does not afford me the information to know one from another.—- Kindly, Hezi

  2. Obviously most of the recent comments are off base and off point. So, this is a about a City Official drinking all day and evening with other Yonkers city officials which included Mayor Mike Spano. The Tribune found that some members of the Yonkers Police Department were attempting to downplay what really happened during this accident. The Tribune got the story right. Not a word from Mayor Spano who was with Akeem Jamal at the “duos” bar on Yonkers Avenue and not a word from that new master PC John Mueller who is known throughout the police department as the “Joker”.

  3. Since John “Kilo” Khader lists everything in this article with numerical bullet points, i want to do the same!
    1. I wish Mr Akeem Jamal a speedy recovery.
    2. Uber
    3. Hezi should cover the Jeffrey Epstein case i think he is the perfect man for the job, he is a modern Sherlock Holmes.
    4. John “Kilo” Khader is a tax evader.
    5. J-Kilo’s mother ruined the St Mary Church Choir “I know this really pisses you off i hope it catches on with other people”
    6. He needs to stop ruining the Yonkers Tribune with his constant need for attention.
    7. He suffered a terrible drunk driving car accident about 25 years ago, wrecked one of his top class cars, but somehow got away with it. Note that he was a decade older than Mr Jamal. #Immature.
    8. The city needs to take an entire week to go over drunk driving with all it’s employees because it is a very serious issue. It is just a story you read until it happens to you. Someone could have died.
    9. I understand that nobody is above the law, i understand that justice should be served but my personal opinion is, insurance will justify the victim, and his injuries are punishment enough. I do feel bad for the kid. I hope he is OK, he seems like a nice guy.
    10. To all the Pro Spano, / Pro Liam or just about everybody who hates Khader … you guys know that all of these comments about him, are …. him right? If i was Hezi, and did all this darn work every-single day, “whether you agree with him or not”; imagine it is constantly being hijacked by that fat fuck John Kilo.
    11. John Habibi let me explain it to you in a language you understand, it is like your mono tone mother rolling a giant pot of grape leaves everyday, just for the people who eat it to unravel the leaf , and just eat the rice. It is insulting to the hard work put in.
    12. Hezi i got your back! Getting my pre-paid Visa this week because i can not wait to subscribe!

    1. Hey Khader hater, I have commented with numerical points numerous times on Hezi’s posts, with facts unlike your disparaging points. The only valid points you raised here and which I agree with are #1, #2 and #8. For the record, I am not associated, in anyway, with John Khader. It is offensive to resort to personal attacks, character assassination and smearing someone’s mother is very low!

  4. Maybe I’ll go to intel maybe I won’t. That’s a question left to be answered. Only thing I know right now is I signed my name, now why don’t you grow some balls and do the same? Nobody likes someone that hides behind a computer screen.

    Stay safe

    Gene T

  5. They should put this out to a referendum. Should be 3 questions.

    1. Reverse third term and make for just 2 four year terms.

    2. Abolish term limits

    3. Keep as is with mayor serving possibly 3 terms.

    Let the public decide

  6. I have to agree for John Fritz. People that have the balls to write about someone on a computer should at the very least leave your name. Ball less wonders.

    Gene T.
    3rd precinct YPD

  7. To the person who posted, “everyone keeps fighting”-what you said was dead on. However, do keep something in mind. The people who know the most about corruption and nepotism exhibited by the Spanos are city employees, and there is no way any of these people would even think of publicly opposing them. The Spanos are spiteful and vindictive, and do not hesitate to exact revenge on anyone who disparages them.

  8. Fact,: Mayor Mike Spano and other city officials drinking all day and night with Jamal.
    Fact: Mayor has Police Detective wait outside bar until about 1:30 and then gets home after drinking with Jamal. The rest is Public knowledge that sure was no minor accident .

    1. When the lawyer of the injured victim starts taking depositions especially from the detective waiting outside for Spano it will be interesting-hope he has a good lawyer because he is going to need one.

  9. Everyone who keeps fighting about Mike Spano being RE elected I will make this very simple:

    1) Mike Spano undermined the public by claiming to have not wanting a third term

    2) The public voted down the extension of term limits twice in the past

    3) Spano maneuvering put the term limits extension to a council vote late enough that it was outside of a court challenge or public vote (because they knew referendum would be defeated). See mike bloomberg’s playbook.

    4) John Rubbo sold his soul against the people who elected him and will never win any RE election.

    5) Justin Tubiolo also sold his soul to buy his son another term as a legislator and David will soon be a Democrat at which time Justin will have no choice but to resign. David will similarly lose as a Democrat.

    6) Shame on the people of Yonkers for not coming out to vote against the spano machine and deny Mike his third term

    7) if you don’t act on it don’t complain about it. Mike is the mayor for another “4 years”

    8) in a special election between mike Khader and Liam the Ginger, Khader will win.

    9) we will continue to complain about this when that happens but again none of you are urging your friends or family to vote for real candidates. You are not getting actively involved in your parties to raise real candidates. You sit on the sidelines and let all these games play out and do nothing.

    10) The Republican Party is dead in Yonkers at the hands of the Spanos.

    1. Westchester CE Latimer today proposes legislation to reduce term limit for CE from 3 terms to 2 (four year) terms and if passed by BOL would include him. Now that’s an honest man concerned about good governance!!

      Totally contrary to the corrupt Yonkers model whereby self-serving politicians increased term limits from 2 terms to 3 (four year) terms earlier this year. Yonkers is moving in the wrong direction!!!

  10. Hey Mario-before you start touting the Mayor’s great victory, maybe you forgot just how he got the opportunity to run in the first place. Ler me remind you. He and his crooked family just decided for themselves that they weren’t ready to relinquish the mayoralty. So what did they do? Well, first they told the City Council what they wanted. And it was just fine with that bunch of dim-witted puppets because they got themselves and their relatives jobs in exchange. Then they wiped their asses with the City charter which stated that the mayor could not run for a third consecutive term. Finally, they spat in the residents faces by not even giving us an opportunity to vote on it. Yes you’re right-they should really be proud of themselves. What a bunch of scumbags.

    1. Question: Can we the people reverse the 3rd term so that it is not in effect for perpetuity? And instead have the question of 3rd term go to a voter referendum for 2020. How might that be accomplished? 3 terms is an affront to democracy especially when there are several City Council candidates who win their primary and then run unopposed in the General Election.

      1. Interesting concept. Perhaps i can gain some insight to your question. A new referendum toward that end may be appropriate or, since the extension for a third term was approved by the city council it could conceivably be rescinded or stopped by them. Perhaps the best is through another referendum that stipulates the extension be deemed inappropriate and if a suffice to number of voters sign such a document, it may prove to be legally insurmountable. Just a thought. If the prospect of overturning the present reality gains a sufficient number of signatories, that would be a game changer. A good lawyer, preferably a few would need to concur that is a legally viable concept. And a full year to gather a sufficient number of signatories twice or three times required would seem prudent conduct. Most importantly, an honest person, preferably a committee to oversee that legal conduct is followed throughout the process and paperwork is presented to the appropriate government department in a timely fashion, as opposed to the travesty exacted by Chuck Lesnick to undermine the process as he did. One has to wonder what Lesnick’s payoff was. ~~~ Kindly, Hezi

  11. Fact…..The mayor hardly ran a campaign and received more votes than Khader did against Mclaughlin.

    Registered voters in yonkers. Total of
    25k came out to vote. That’s 25%

    Fact… many of Spano’s supporters didn’t even bother to vote because they didn’t think he needed it.

    Fact… had Spano
    Run a full fledge election, he would have received 25k

    Fact… you lost!!

    Fact… 4 more years!

    You gonna love Spano

    Mario Hodgkin

    1. You have wrong numbers buddy! You must be a Spano, can’t figure it out? Lol! But you Spano’s know how to talk your BS to people that don’t know better! Have to educate and engage the apathetic voters @ City, County, State and inform Federal about your abusive practices. Free our City! Free Yonkers!

  12. The District Attorney’s Office knows how Yonkers PD operates under the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson and others. The Spano’s not only intervene but interfere and obstruct any real investigations involving their special interests. The Public deserves honesty and justice for all.

  13. What many seem to have forgotten is that Jamal seriously injured and could have killed another driver. Aside from the light charges, I’m sure there’ll be a lawsuit against Jamal but also the bar that served him past the point of intoxication – was that John Rubbo’s hole, Yonkers Brewery?

    1. One can only hope that whatever insurance defense counsel is retained against Jamal will be advised of his intoxication so that the carrier will discontinue defense and whatever damages he caused are his own to bear. Auto insurance does not cover clear cases of DWI

    2. One can only hope that whatever insurance defense counsel is retained against Jamal will be advised of his intoxication so that the carrier will discontinue defense and whatever damages he caused are his own to bear. Auto insurance does not cover clear cases of DWI

      1. Given insurance will not cover DWI, the plaintiff’s attorney will go after Jamal personally and any and all deep pockets that may have contributory negligence including all the bars that Jamal frequented that day. Let’s just hope the City of Yonkers is not on the hook for damages, but you never know.

  14. Agreed, same people that see him and shake his hand. But put a computer in front of then and whoa we found balls

    Btw I sign my name, why don’t you try it as well.

    John P Frycz

    1. Another Spano suck up looking for a transfer. Who cares if you signed your name. The Spano’s will FK you just like any other person. Votes in a city of corruption, just means fools like you voted for this womanizing drunk uneducated cash cow. Now stay in your lane or with the story because a person not loyal to anyone is NO person any Westchester family should vote for. Hope someone tampers or harasses you or maybe if you have friends or family the Yonkers Police Department Spano suck ups can downplay something for you.
      Know your facts, nobody cares about votes here. We see what happens to people in Yonkers that speak out against these corrupt officials. Do you???

    2. Yeah real popular when you circumvent the people’s boy on term limits. Real popular when the Spano’s allow the Yonkers PD Officials to target civilians and their own police personnel. Real popular for now in your eyes only. Lol

  15. Must suck to be the few haters on this site. Firstly, the mayor received over 19 thousand votes. You lost, get over it. The 10 people that come on here and say crazy shit are losers. You know Anna everyone knows it. This mayor is popular and loved evidenced by the third term, primary and now general election. You can call him names (love to see what you look like) lmao. Keep hating from the cheap seats.

    1. There are over 108,000 active registered voters in Yonkers. Voter turnout was dismal!!!! The Mayor won a landslide victory of 19,000 votes against a weak opponent. Translation less than 11 percent of Yonkers residents cared enough to come out to vote for Spano. This is factual, not fake.

      1. Or put another way: Spano won a third term with roughly 16.6% of Yonkers voters supporting him. That means that 83% of Yonkers voters didn’t vote for Spano. Can you imagine if anyone credible actually ran against this schmuck? The Spanos would have been smoked out of office in a heartbeat.

        Spano won because of voter apathy, not due to any his so-called “accomplishments.”

        The takeaway: Spano has the luxury of running virtually unopposed because Yonkers voters can’t be bothered turning out at the polls. And they can’t be bothered turning out at the polls because they don’t have a viable mayoral candidate to support (and most believe the system if completely rigged so why even bother).

        And let’s not forget that Tasha Diaz and Breen, both of whom ran unopposed, which makes a mockery of “democratic” elections. Absolutely no one should waltz into office unopposed.

    2. You must be a complete idiot -less than 20 percent of the registered voters in Yonkers voted and you say that he is loved-the fast one that the Yonkers City Council pulled on the residents concerning term limits is why he got a third term-it appears you must have moved to Yonkers last week.

      Issac Schwartz

    3. He received 19,000 votes. Yet there are over 100,000 registered voters in Yonkers. The problem is the majority of people didn’t vote. If they did, things would have turned out very differently. People are ignorant. Not voting is detrimental. And, I’m still wondering how a third term was even allowed. If it was anyone else it wouldn’t have happened.

  16. Just drove past the Yonkers Brewery and saw Mike Spano chasing some ghetto rose around. Guess he thinks he is in Gigante’s. Is he even allowed out after Partying all night with Jamal?

  17. Yup, fat Mike Spano running around with 22 year old City employees, including John Mueller and that fat union sell out Keith Olson. When wrinkle suit Mike is not hanging around with Jamal, him and convict Nicky Boy Spano are dancing away with some cougars at Gigante’s. Just trying to figure out if Spano takes out Denise or Mary Calvi to Gigante’s?
    Shameful how you left Jamal to fend for himself. He definitely deserves to keep his job, but he may not want it.

  18. Generation Yonkers (under Spano): nothing but drunks, doped up cops, philanderers, sexual predators, and high school drop outs.

    Yonkers – you gotta love it.

  19. Yeah ever since Olson took over the Yonkers PBA he has casted a dark shadow if what is investigated is accurate. We know that just about everything out of Keith Olson’s mouth is a bold face lie. They don’t call him the Woodsman for nothing. Thank God the District Attorney’s Office knows how Yonkers has been operating under Mayor Mike Spano.

  20. Hezi. Don’t let this story and these facts die in your archives. You MUST send this information to the Feds. We know the Spanos have used every City Dept and City dollars for their own personal benefit, but rarely is there evidence like this. Send this to the Feds. Everyone else is scared of retribution. You are the real hero of Yonkers and are unshakable. Yonkers needs YOU to do this for us.

    1. No? When any person gets behind the wheel after drinking all day with Yonkers City Officials and crashes into someone that is not drinking makes you a victim. So tell your BS story walking. Yonkers PD can no longer under Mike Spano be trusted to serve the public fairly.

  21. Now the Westchester District Attorney’s Officers should do the other half of the investigation on what they heard on the 911 tapes and while they are at it ask that Spano bit coin Mueller why he didn’t mention Jamal’s name today. Every other person arrested in Yonkers is mentioned.

  22. Guys, it’s a DWI!!! Yes, it’s serious and scary but the fact is that anyone arrested for DWI is out the next day or same night so long that no one dies. I’m not def ding Akeem but this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. As far as losing his job! You are joking. I’ve been in Dpw for 27 years. I can tell you that hundreds have been charged with DWI in that time sometimes 2-3 times. They don’t lose job. Again, if I have a glass of vino, I uber but doesn’t look like he was treated any different than anyone else.

    1. Didn’t one high ranking garbage man that sits in the garage get 5 dwi and take out 6 cars in Hastings hit and 🏃 try to make it back to Yonkers on 3 wheels only thing that happen to him is get raises so what to worry about . Didnt have to pay for city cars he wrecked or the parked cars he totaled. No jail time at all. So come on back kid.

      1. That DPW guy should have been fired for drinking on the job and also pay for damage to city vehicles. Such behavior should not be condoned by anyone, including city workers!

    2. Understandable but it went past the thrush of DWI, he almost killed himself as well as another. Yes DWI I slayed out bit it was the attempt by some to tamper or protect just what happened here. The Fact, that the Mayor and others last seen this young man last in his condition is shameful. Mike Spano had a police detective waiting for hours outside a bar to drive him home but left Jamal at duos.

    3. are you kidding me? I have nothing against our 456 guys but they all know that the DPW is THE dumping ground for political friends and family. Larkin’s son and son-in-law? Rubbo’s brother? Liam’s brother? How many others there are I have no idea. You have a DPW manager who had a number of drunk driving incidents IN A CITY CAR – by the way he makes more money than the DPW Commissioner. And, you seem to be ok with the fact that your fellow workers can keep going back on the road after numerous offenses for driving while impaired. I guess you think multiple wrongs make a right.

    4. Akeem’s reckless behavior should disqualify him from continuing in his job. How can he represent or communicate a good message for the city? His reputation and character are seriously tainted. He doesn’t deserve the job, it should be given to someone more deserving and better qualified. He would never have gotten this job anyway at age 22 if he wasn’t part of F&F network. Case closed!

    5. 2nd DWI within 10 years is felony-so the Yonkers DPW must be a FELONY haven – then again the Yonkers DPW is not a civil service exam -its all about phone calls and contracts so that is the problem-u have people on the Yonkers DPW who are convicted felons.

  23. Thanks to the Yonkers Tribune that equal Justice was applied here. It was the Westchester District Attorney’s Officers that filed the charges and made sure that Justice started. Still there remains some troubling questions as to how the accident was initially handled and why as well as who. That trail seems points to Spano insurgents or even fat Mike Spano.

    1. The highest office in Westchester law enforcement is a hack for Spano and his friends. This is not the only piece of garbage from the Spano entourage that Tony’s office took a step back on in the last couple of years.
      An election is coming. Get rid of him!!

    1. It wasn’t about jail Spano. It is about that Justice for all. What the courts do that is not up to the Spano’s or the Spano police Insurgents . Fools

  24. This kid gets locked up but the mayor’s nephew (Anthony Caragine) is getting hired next class as a cop even after hezi exposed his background as a house burglar! The mayor waited till after election day to run wild!

    1. Yeah put the kid on but make sure the Investigators sign off on them because Mueller sure will. The real PC Gardner refused because of his questionable background.

  25. How could Yonkers have released the story on their own, when they are short one of their communication directors?
    Another great pick by Mike Spano, a 22 year old child with a propensity to drive under the influence.
    Just like the jackass Director of the OEM, he is just another unqualified putz making out like a fat rat, because of the Spano friends and family network.
    Raise your glasses, to all that taxpayer money being squandered, so these guys can fill no show jobs and receive free medical insurance, a pay check, and a public pension.

    1. A 22 year old is not a child! Unqualified for his position as Deputy Director of Communications for Yonkers, 4th largest city in the state…yes totally unqualified.

      The majority that hold positions in City Hall are appointed and totally unqualified. Open positions are not open! It’s only open to the friends and family network, who are mostly unemployable elsewhere.

      Case in point, CC member John Rubbo posted on his FB page today his need for an aide. Why isn’t this position posted to the Yonkers City website as an open position so people all across Yonkers could post for qualification?

    2. Yonkers is promoting so much fraudulent and misleading communications concerning the waterfront development and Generation Yonkers.

      Jobs created and invested dollars vary at every report and are totally unverifiable.

      One communications dope head is enough to promote this nonsense. But Yonkers has a team of many Communications experts, to spread the message, including the Mayor! Drain the swamp, when is it coming??

  26. What’s wrong with this? He was driving drunk. He was charged. What more do you people want? Hanged in Getty Square? Not everything is a conspiracy.

    1. Omg! Driving out of his mind drunk, the wrong way for nearly 2 miles?? And after 2 months, he just now gets charged? Given every leniency that the average Joe would never get!

      Yes, there is something wrong with privilege of connection to the Mayor! We want equal justice. He should be treated like every citizen. And if he was he would have been handcuffed immediately! No one said this is a conspiracy, just unfair justice!

      1. I think he might not have been charged due to the severity of his injuries. Maybe there was some point at which it was unknown if he was even going to survive. Hezi is the only one who actually detailed just how bad his injuries were. The useless Journal News described them as non life-threatening when they finally wrote about this accident yesterday. Hezi noted that this kid had to be kept in a medically induced coma, just to reference one of his multiple injuries. Doesn’t sound like non-life threatening to me. I don’t know what the protocol is for being charged when someone might be possibly near death. The important thing is that Hezi seems to have been the impetus behind their actually doing something about this.

  27. If it wasn’t for Hezi, justice will never be served in Yonkers.

    Thank you Hezi. We need more of you in Yonkers- Maybe one day, our City Government will be transparent and fair.

    1. Yes thank you Hezi for making sure this one isolated incident was exposed and charged. But there have been many others and will be even more in the future unless you Hezi bring this RICO administration to the attention of the federal authorities and pointed out in another comment. If not, then expect more of the same to go unreported and unexposed.

      1. I will continue to do my best. I happen to love the people in Yonkers.I were not for the residents in CoY, I would never have continued to write. So thanks to you all. __ Kindly, Hezi

      2. Thank God for Hezi and social media.

        Without you Hezi, wrongs in Yonkers would continue to be pushed under the rug. This is just one instance, there are so many more.

        Keep vigilant and keep us informed of wrong doings. Continue your reporting, digging out the dirt in Yonkers, there’s plenty my friend. Thanks for putting on your gloves and boots and getting in the mud to expose the Yonkers muck!

      3. Yes Hezi, we are behind your efforts! Keep posting your findings. Transparency and honesty matter!

        We need these qualities in the Mayor’s office, City Hall Administration, DPW and our City Council. These areas are overridden with corruption and nepotism.

        Just wait for the next budget season. Deficit spending, reduced revenues, no fiscal management or oversight, no care or even knowledge or responsibility by elected officials!

        Yonkers Generation is a fraud! It more telling as Yonkers Fortification or Yonkers Fraud! Where have taxpayers benefited from all the PR? Or the 3 billion investment our Mayor preaches? Seems a fairytale!

  28. This was criminal interference with law enforcement. Done for political reasons delaying charging until AFTER ELECTION DAY. Any other citizen would have been arrested immediately at the hospital and charged with the CRIME. Not one word from the YPD for almost 2 months. If this was a regular Joe or a soccer mom they would have been handcuffed to the hospital bed and their mug shots plastered all over the news. Hezi, you should refer this to the Justice Department for investigation of using government resources (the Police) for political gain (the election). If you don’t do it Hezi no one will. They’re all afraid. But they’ll open up quickly if the FBI questions them. No one wants to be charged with lying to a federal agent – not even the police.

    1. They didn’t throw him under the bus they made him lie on the cold floor of the bus depot men’s room for 2 months and then dragged him out to the pavement and then threw him under the bus.

  29. A handful of misdemeanors with a desk appearance ticket and arraignment on a later date, over two months after the accident took place. Must be nice to be on the inside track. What a joke.

    Let’s see if News 12 or Lohud run this story? At least a semblance of justice might be served thanks to you Hezi.

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