City of Yonkers Dedicates the State of the Art Station 1 Firehouse

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Station 1 is First Yonkers Firehouse to be Built in 40 Years

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers Fire Department, City Officials and Yonkers Public School Students Open Station 1 in Yonkers.

Yonkers Fire Station 1 emblazoned with an outsized tile noting Mayor Mike Spano’s name and date 2019 affixed  as part of the exposed wall  structure.

YONKERS, NY – December 18, 2019 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today joined local city officials and members of the Yonkers Fire Department in the dedication and opening of the Department’s new firehouse, Station 1, located at 25 John Street. The $15 million project is the first firehouse to be built in Yonkers since 1980 and will service Tower Ladder 71 and the department’s Rescue Company.

“Today is a proud day in our city as we celebrate the newest addition to our fire department,” said Mayor Spano. “Serving as the most active house in the city, Station 1’s location combined with its state of the art equipment and accommodations will compliment Yonkers firefighters’ continuous efforts to protect and serve our city. Thank you to all those who made this day possible — from our fire members and City Council to our engineers and architects.  I am confident Station 1 will fulfill Yonkers Fire Department’s proud commitment to the core values of integrity, valor, loyalty and dedication for generations to come.”

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers Fire Department, City Officials, and Yonkers Public School Students Open Station 1 in Yonkers. Photo by Maurice Mercado, courtesy of the City of Yonkers.

Station 1 stands as a four-bay, two-story, steel framed building with a lower level parking area. Totaling approximately 22,500 square feet, the building on the first floor contains firematic support spaces adjacent to the apparatus bay, an exercise room, a day room with kitchen, company officer’s office, watch booth and associated mechanical spaces. The second floor contains personnel lockers and sleeping quarters for on-duty members, including female officer sleeping quarters.

The firehouse is designed with a clean and distinct separation between the apparatus bay/fire side and the living quarters. The exterior is finished with masonry, metal panel and glass. An onsite fuel station provides fuel for fire trucks and city vehicles. All lighting, both interior and exterior, is set with LED fixtures and an emergency generator will provide 100% power backup. Mechanical systems include rooftop units, radiant floor heating system and a heat recovery unit with energy conservation in mind.

Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney said, “Today is a great day for the Yonkers Fire Department and the citizens we serve. This new state of the art facility will quarter Yonkers Fire Units for the next hundred years plus, increasing public safety both in this community and citywide.”

The Tower Ladder and Rescue Company were relocated in 2015 after the original Station 1 was condemned and closed due to unsafe building conditions and was deemed economically beyond repair. Components of the old Station 1 were included in the construction of the new station, including a mural, bricks and exterior rosettes that are mounted in the apparatus bay.

Also included in the construction of the new firehouse is the dedication of a firefighter’s memorial which is comprised of five historic church bells that once rang at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, which burnt down in 1981, and then were later housed at St. John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Yonkers. The City also plans to bury a time capsule at the foot of the bell tower, which is filled with Yonkers memorabilia, including equipment and artifacts from the Yonkers Fire Department and Yonkers Public Schools.

Highland Associates served as the Lead Architect for this project; Mitchell Associates Architects served as the Firehouse Specialists, and Langan Engineers served as the Site Engineer. Station 1 is expected to be fully operational in January 2020.


SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor

eHeziCity of Yonkers Dedicates the State of the Art Station 1 Firehouse

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  1. Heads to author/editor — PLEASE include address or cross-streets or a google map link WHENEVER attempting to inform the public about new services or businesses. Not EVERYONE who reads your coverage is an acid-tongued Yonkers Insider. Like many reader, I grew up in Yonkers and return often to see friends & relatives. I try to stay informed. But I am amazed how often you (& LowHud & other local ‘reporters’) leave out basic info helpful to anyone reading your coverage. Thanks.

  2. this actually seems like a good idea I dont see what all the fuss is about Actually now that im thinking about it the City of Yonkers should have a HUGE statue of our mayor Mike Spano in the downtown area where all the development is going on hes the reason why this city is doing great and going ALL THE WAY UP!!!!!

      1. McGoey could have been Commissioner years ago if he wanted to be Commissioner. He a smart dude and a great leader who doesn’t need to kiss anyone’s ass to get what he wants. If he does become Commissioner I wouldn’t want to be any of the greedy brassholes padding their pensions at the expense of the men. Take it Barry and bring the insanity to an end.

      2. Mcgoey is nothing but another non Yonkers resident cashing in.
        He too is in the friends and family network and has many relatives on the Yonkers payroll.
        His men worship him. I hear the FF say he to can walk on water.
        They will do and believe anything he says to keep there job.

        1. McGoey was so devoted to Yonkers that he convinced his sister a successful business woman to compete against these tramps in Yonkers govt! She ran against the Tool Rubbo and lost by 200 votes! Why because the Yonkers corrupt machine doesn’t want anyone competent on board!

  3. What kind of schmuck has the gaul to have his name engraved on the cornerstone of a municipal building. Very Cuomo-esk. To the point of grotesque. Can’t wait to walk my dog there to piss on it.

  4. Spano’s got to put his name on something. His 2016 “Rebuild Yonkers Schools” has been a complete failure. NYS is facing a $6-8 billion dollar deficit and Cuomo isn’t giving his downstate goombah any money to rebuild anything. Spano is thinking legacy now. Expect the new school on 470 Van Cortlandt Park Ave to have his name plastered on it somewhere.

  5. Who does Spano think he is? Donald Trump? Putting his name on a publicly funded and paid for building is over the line and he should be required to remove it ASAP at his own expense.

  6. When Spano and McLaughlin played politics with the firehouse
    Khader stepped in and made it happen
    If anyone deserves a plaque is Mike Khader

        1. Oh now that Spano is termed out meatball Mike is ready to run for mayor, try winning your next election first. . Typical Khader no balls,

    1. Sabatino just cashed in his vote for extending term limits for Spano.
      Spano awarded him a 120k job and his husband is at 90k.
      Where are the feds??

    1. A memorial plaque with names of the Late Yonkers Fire Fighters
      Patrick Joyce
      Neil Tyndall
      Antonio Rodriques
      John Peteani

      Would have been the classy thing to place there.

  7. I agree, I hate even the signs that you are entering a City or Town and announces who is the Mayor. What a waste of resources and money.
    Yes and it should be replaced by Taxpayer Owned and Paid For.

  8. Spano put his name on the cornerstone of the building? What a shameful disgraceful abuse of taxpayer money. George Latimer stopped the practice of putting politician’s names on County facilities and in Yonkers Spano engraves his name into the cornerstone? Excuse the language but WHAT THE FUCK ? It should be removed immediately.

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