Congressman Engel Reveals President Trump Has Slashed SNAP Benefits for Nearly 700,000 People

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Congressman Eliot Engel is the U.S. Representative for New York’s Congressional District 16.

WASHINGTON, DC — December 5, 2019 — “Slashing SNAP benefits for nearly 700,000 people during the holiday season is beyond heartless. This is not something to be trivialized. In making this move, the Trump Administration demonstrates once again they are perfectly willing to hurt the most vulnerable among us without a moment’s hesitation. We saw it in their gross crusade to repeal health care coverage, their terrible treatment of immigrant families across the country, and now again with this SNAP cut. People will have difficulty feeding themselves and their families because of this decision—just another disgrace to add to the Trump list.

“House Democrats will continue to oppose this Administration’s cruel approach to governance. The fight to protect the American people is one we are always ready to wage.”

BACKGROUND: Engel has opposed all previous attempts by the GOP to cut SNAP benefits. As a conferee on the last Farm Bill, he was an outspoken critic of the GOP’s failed attempts to cut SNAP.

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SOURCE: Bryant Daniels | Communications & Deputy District Director | Congressman Eliot L. Engel




eHeziCongressman Engel Reveals President Trump Has Slashed SNAP Benefits for Nearly 700,000 People

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  1. Trump will be entitled to three meals a day, once he has been incarcerated for his crimes. He should have some compassion. It’s a new dawn. Ruth Walter’s defeat of the Trumpian Gordon Burrows proves that.

    1. Your comments about Ruth Walter shows you are the typical ignorant DEMORAT, Trump is going to have a larger victory in 2020. MAGA

      1. Trump will resigned in Assel that avoids jail for him and his children. Trump makes Nixon look like a choirboy. Trump and Pence will be removed making way for President Pelosi. Hail Madame President. You can’t find a Republican in Westchester whose not a punchline or a Spano stooge.

  2. Trump is doing great things. The provision takes place in 2929. That’s plenty of time for a single able bodied individual to find work. Viva Trump.

  3. From a dollar and cents perspective, corporate welfare amounts to something like $100 billion in public money handouts to corporations each year (i.e. farm subsidies, rural subsidies, energy subsidies, small business subsidies, export subsidies, aviation subsidies, and EITC for businesses). Social welfare programs come in around $59 billion each year.

    Not only do corporations receive an excessive amount of our tax dollars, there is widespread tax avoidance (Amazon as someone mentioned below is the obvious example, but there are many others) on their part as well as nasty practices such as underpaying their workers. Each year, we as taxpayers spend an estimated $153 billion in taxes on programs to subsidize McDonald’s and Walmart’s low-wage workers because these corporations, which already receive our tax dollars to run their businesses, underpay their workers and we have to pick up the slack when these workers can’t feed themselves or afford medical treatment.

    The many hidden tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes that corporations receive means that there’s less of our money that can be spent on things that we all need, such as good schools, roads, healthcare, etc. The corporate sector is actually the real welfare queen. It simply wouldn’t be able to function without handouts from taxpayers. On the other hand, it’s easier to stigmatize the poor (as so many of the comments here demonstrate).

      1. A corporation in the US is considered “a person” under the law, with the same rights as living human beings. Such a bizarre perversion of the law is part of the corporate takeover of America.

  4. Get to work! Nobody is dying of starvation in this country! Too many lazy people on snap! God Bless Donald Trump! Trump 2020! Donald Trump lives in the Whitehouse!

  5. Disgraceful comments here as well as a disgraceful policy by the President. Taking food out of people’s mouths – and many of you call yourselves Christians (and to announce this during the Christmas season adds insult to injury).

    Not everyone who wants to work can find work. Some areas have fewer jobs than others. Some areas have little-to-no public transportation for people to get to work. Some people can’t afford cars. Some people have barriers to finding jobs, such as criminal records. And before you disparage people with records, just compare the wealthy and the poor. Nick Spano is a felon, yet he is thriving because he is white, politically connected and wealthy. His felony conviction has had little impact on his ability to earn money. The same cannot be said for the working poor, who do not have the political connections or wealth to get back on their feet after a stint behind bars. That’s how the system has been designed to benefit the wealthy.

    How warped people must be to begrudge the poor their daily bread, while overlooking the disproportionately negative impact that the wealthy have on our country and future, which far exceeds anything that is being spent on the poor. Amazon paid $0 in federal income tax despite billions in profits; Wall Street crashed our economy, but was bailed out and became even more powerful under former President Obama; students have become indentured slaves as a result of student debt; healthcare costs impoverish or exclude scores of Americans; trillions have been spent on foreign wars while our country’s infrastructure decays; and on and on.

    Too bad everyone isn’t as scrupulous when following the trail of public money when it’s being dispensed to the extremely wealthy, privileged and protected among us. Corporate welfare far exceeds anything we spend on the poor and working poor.

          1. Amazon does pay Federal taxes on all profits. This is nothing but lies. Indivisible lies. That’s how they get the crazies elected.

      1. Yep, this comment is correct. Amazon didn’t pay any federal *income* tax in tax years 2017 and 2018 according to Amazon’s own reporting.

  6. Thanks for the facts. So basically it’s single abled bodied individuals who do not work or choose not to work to collect food stamps. Ok, so what is all the hoopla? Friggin work and collect food stamps if eligible.

  7. I am not a fan of Trump, but it is more heartless to see so many people beating and cheating the system while our veterans and elderly get the shaft. Glad someone has the balls to do something about this.

  8. Facts Please. Nothing to do with the Holiday season Engel. Won’t come into effect until April 1st 2020. Takes for the self promotion though.

    “The new rule, which was finalized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, restricts states from exempting certain “work-eligible adults” without dependents from the steady employment requirement in order to receive SNAP benefits.

    The change, which takes effect on April 1, 2020, does not apply to children and their parents, those over 50 (including the elderly), those with a disability or pregnant women.”

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