Dr. Josh Eisen Vying to Succeed Congresswoman Nita Lowey (NY-17)

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Dr. Joshua Eisen

Dr. Josh Eisen, A Progressive Republican, Vying to Succeed Congresswoman Nita Lowey for NY-17 Announced and Explains Some of His Political Perspectives on Disparate Hot-Button Issues

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Toll hikes, as a result of the Tappan Zee Bridge rebuilding, financially hurt the residents of Westchester and Rockland Counties, who depend on the bridge to link both sides of the Hudson River. In addition to exempting the residents of Westchester and Rockland from the exorbitant toll, Dr. Eisen is trying to secure federal funding for a second railway crossing as a continuation of the project, allowing MetroNorth service to be extended to Rockland County.
  • Dr. Eisen wants to update proposed legislation to create and enforce a modern background check system for gun ownership with a 3 hour turnaround. As a descendant of Holocaust Survivors, Dr. Eisen believes that the government should never be able to disarm their citizens, and wants to encourage gun ownership by trusted community leaders, such as former soldiers, police officers and other respected community members/leaders.
  • Eisen has promised to propose a bill that will declare the Central American Migrant Situation as an international refugee crisis, where the entire world community should be called upon to assist, not just the US. Josh Eisen supports the Bush Administration’s path to legalization for the 12 million undocumented, but wants to create visa classifications for professionals working in fields of national necessity.
  • While agreeing that bail reform is necessary, Eisen values legislation ensuring the right to a speedy trial (as per the 6th Amendment), instead of legislation that could facilitate the release of criminals before their trial.

Dr. Eisen is a resident of Harrison, New York,  where he is raising a family and has lived for 15 years. Dr. Eisen deeply supports the communities with which he identifies. His campaign is promising that his time in Congress will be marked by the same commitment and personal sacrifice. He knows his district, understands the law and is eager to legislate. He starts up, owns and invests in small businesses, primarily in the HR, legal and education spaces. Dr. Eisen earned both an MBA and a Ph.D. in Religion from Columbia University. He also completed a B.A. in Ancient Greek at Queens College and an M.A. at NYU with a specialization in Ancient Near Eastern and Minoan Archaeology and Ritual. His doctoral work was focused on Legal Theory and Religion and included a three-year fellowship at Cardozo Law School.

Dr. Eisen identifies as a true progressive because, as he states, progress is not partisan. “I am excited to share a meaningful vision for progressing forward with ideas for our district, state and nation,” Dr. Eisen stated. To questions regarding his use of the word “progressive,” he recently responded, “I believe that the word has been co-opted by partisan ambitions that are disconnected from true progress. I will lay out a vision for effective bi-partisan Progressivism. Progress is a national priority and progressivism must be above politics to work.” Dr. Eisen finished by declaring, “I am a leader, not a politician.”

To learn more, visit Josh Eisen’s Website.

SOURCE: Eisen For Congress, Inc.


eHeziDr. Josh Eisen Vying to Succeed Congresswoman Nita Lowey (NY-17)

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