Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Calls on New York Delegation and Congress to Restore SALT Deductibility

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Today the House of Representatives will vote to restore the state and local tax – or SALT – deduction that President Trump and his Republican allies eliminated in 2017, a provision that costs New Yorkers up to $15 billion per year and penalizes our state for investing in education, health care, infrastructure and more.

New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

ALBANY, NY — December 19, 2019 —  “As the number one donor state, New York already sends back tens of billions of dollars more than we receive from the Federal government, and the cap on SALT deductibility took this imbalance and dramatically exacerbated it.

“This policy is an economic civil war that helps red states and big corporations at the expense of blue states, and it needs to end immediately.

“I am calling on the New York delegation and Congress to come together and support the restoration of the SALT deduction so we can reverse this economic assault on New York and our model of progressive state government. Enough is enough.”


SOURCE: New York State | Executive Chamber | Press Office


eHeziGovernor Andrew M. Cuomo Calls on New York Delegation and Congress to Restore SALT Deductibility

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  1. American capitalist system is the best in the world and a driver of innovation and job creation. God bless the USA, our military, our President, and the American tax payer.

  2. Stop raising taxes, try that for a start. Stop with the freebies, because they are not free. Try term limits, we don’t need King Andrew.

    1. You got that right! I cannot listen to news reports anymore because all you hear about is another give away either to prisoners or illegal immigrants to hell with the hard working people just keep taxing us.

      1. That’s because the media doesn’t report all of the billions in giveaways to the corporate sector, like those 91 or so Fortune 500 companies that didn’t pay any federal income taxes in 2018 (Amazon, Fed Ex, Delta, JetBlue, Gannett, Avis, Levi Strauss, Whirlpool, Goodyear, Chevron, and a slew of others).

        If they did report on the obscene levels of corporate welfare, then people like you wouldn’t be so upset about the working poor getting public assistance to pay for food or healthcare or an illegal immigrant getting a driver’s license so (s)he can get to work.

        After all, what costs our economy more money: an illegal immigrant driving legally to a job to earn a day’s wages, or billion-dollar investment firms and ‘banks’ that break every rule in the book, crash the economy, and are bailed out with your hard-earned cash because they’re “too big to fail.”

        I hate to break it to you, buddy, but hard-working people are being shafted by corporate America, which controls the media (Gannett alone owns over 100 papers nationwide), breaks unions, drives up the prices of healthcare, impoverishes students through debt, and drains our economy of much-needed money. And the great trick that they’ve managed to pull off is to make you think that the poor family on welfare is doing more harm to our country than your good ‘ole tax-dodging, flag-waving, off-shore banking, anti-union American corporation.

          1. Yes corporations lift people up out of poverty. Government pushes people down and makes them dependent. Corporations shouldn’t pay any taxes.

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