Legal Defense Counsel Representing Former Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Lawrence Porcari Asserts He Had “No Intent To Steal.”

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Former Mount Vernon NY Corporation Counsel Lawrence A. Porcari, Jr., Esq.

Former Mount Vernon, NY Mayor Richard Thomas.

The Porcari Hezitorial

WHITE PLAINS, NY — December 5, 2019 — Former Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Lawrence Porcari’s legal counsel, Stephen Lewis, Esq.,engaged in defense of Porcari, informed Westchester County County Court that the $365,000 absconded from the Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply by Porcari was justified. The funds Porcari obtained were used as intentioned to pay for then Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas’ criminal defense and the publicists whose effort was intentioned to embellish Thomas’ diminished reputation. The fact that Mr. Lewis would dare suggest that Porcari committed no crime is absolutely ludicrous. 

Assistant Attorney General Brian Weinberg informed Westchester County Judge David Zuckerman‘s court that while not profiting personally from the scheme, Porcari abused his power “to benefit his boss.”

“This wasn’t business as usual, this was theft,” Assistant Attorney General Brian Weinberg said. “You don’t have to pocket the funds to commit a larceny.”

Mr. Weinberg’s statement is intellectually and legally sound. There is no way around Mr. Porcari’s outrageous conduct, nor was Mr. Thomas’ request for Mr. Porcari to access the funds ad turn it over to Mr. Porcari. When the funds were turned over to Mr. Thomas by Mr. Porcari, Mr. Thomas knew full well he had accepted stolen funds to which he was not entitled. 

The fact that Mr. Porcari did, as alleged, obtain the $365,000, making it feasible for Richard Thomas to maintained his ever more deeply maligned credibility. The fact that Mr. Porcari did not use the $365,000 for personal intent or gain, does not refute the allegation that he indeed did take the money. The theft is his crime. As a lawyer he should know that. Porcari cannot also suggest that Mr. Thomas did not seek his assistance in procuring the funds so that Mr. Thomas could engage publicists and legal counsel in Thomas’ defense. Is it even logically to presume that if one person steals funds that are not rightfully his take and then in, turn gives it to assist another party, that Mr. Porcari is absolved of the crime of theft?  The audacity of Mr. Lewis’ defense on behalf of Mr. Porcari is laughable. The fact that Mr. Porcari would agree to such a defense is shamefully imbecilic. Mr. Porcari’s conduct did not fall under the scope of authority of corporation counsel. Mr. Porcari’s conduct was larcenous.

Porcari is charged with second-degree grand larceny; first-degree corrupting government; defrauding the government; and four counts of first-degree offering a false statement for filing, related to Porcari’s requests for funds from the water department.


eHeziLegal Defense Counsel Representing Former Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Lawrence Porcari Asserts He Had “No Intent To Steal.”

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  1. Pocari will probably get off scott-free. Thomas is running for Comptroller and will probably rehire Pocari or Spano will find some hole in the corner to hire Pocari.

    1. LMFAO! Thomas has zero chance of winning for dog catcher. Porcari the barbarian will lose his law license. The evil man has no future, the lamp of his wickedness finally will be put out. Porcari harmed ALOT of innocent Yonkers workers. He will rot in the hole he deserves. Tyrannical garbage!

  2. Porcari benefited in Yonkers as well. He is and will continue to be a slime scum pos who deserves to go to jail. He did a lot of underhanded things for his bosses in Yonkers. May he get what he deserves, his metal bars.

    1. Porcari
      Set up many Yonkers workers to take falls…
      He did a lot of underhanded things to people for his bosses in Yonkers.
      May he lose his law license …

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