Mayor Mike Spano Appoints Brendan McGrath as Yonkers ‘ New City Court Judge

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Mayor Spano to Swear In McGrath at Inauguration Ceremony on January 1, 2020

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

YONKERS, NY – December 23, 2019 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced his appointment of Brendan McGrath as a new City Court Judge for the City of Yonkers. McGrath currently serves the City’s Inspector General. Mayor Spano will swear in McGrath on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at the City’s Inauguration Ceremony at Yonkers Riverfront Library.

“I am proud to appoint Brendan McGrath as our new City Court Judge,” said Mayor Spano. “Brendan has been in public service for nearly 30 years, serving the New York community at the state, county and city levels. Having served as the city’s Inspector General for the last five years, Brendan has proven his commitment to honor, integrity and transparency, which is essential to the Yonkers City Court system. I wish him the best as he takes the next steps in his impressive career.”

McGrath joins the Yonkers City Court bench after serving as Yonkers Inspector General since 2014. There, he has been the City’s top watchdog, overseeing independent audits and investigations to insure the integrity of city conduct. Previously, McGrath served as Deputy Corporation Counsel for the City of Yonkers, as Counsel in the Office of the Westchester County Attorney and New York State Assembly, and as Deputy Westchester County Clerk. McGrath attended State University of New York at Brockport, received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and received his Juris Doctor from Pace University School of Law. In addition to his professional background, McGrath has served as a member of the Westchester County Domestic Violence Council, Yonkers Truancy Reduction Committee, and is active in many Yonkers community organizations such as Hillcrest Lakers Community Club, Annunciation Parish CYO and the Fordham Prep Fathers’ Club.   A Yonkers resident, McGrath is married and a father of three.

“I am truly honored and humbled to accept the appointment as Associate Judge to the Yonkers City Court,” said Brendan McGrath. “Mayor Spano understands the vital importance that the court plays in keeping our community safe while ensuring fairness and impartiality to those who come before the court seeking justice and I thank him for the confidence he has shown in me. I would also like to acknowledge and congratulate Judge Mary Anne Scatteratico-Naber, who has a record of distinguished service in the Yonkers City Court as she moves on to Westchester County Family Court.  I look forward to working with Chief Judge Michael Martinelli and all the other outstanding City Court Judges as I know I will learn a great deal from them.”

McGrath will fill the vacant seat left by Judge Mary Anne Scatteratico-Naber, who has been elected to Westchester County Family Court. He will run for a full 10-year term in the November 2020 election. McGrath joins Hon. Michael A. Martinelli, Hon. Thomas R. Daly, Hon. Arthur J. Doran, III, Hon. Edward J. Gaffney, Hon. Evan Inlaw and Hon. Thomas Quiñones on the Yonkers City Court bench.

The City of Yonkers 2020 Inauguration Ceremony will be held at Yonkers Riverfront Library at 12PM on January 1, 2020. McGrath will be sworn in that day along with other elected officials including Mayor Spano for his third term as the 42nd Mayor of the City of Yonkers, City Court Judge Elena Goldberg Velazquez and Yonkers City Council Members Shanae V. Williams (First Council District), Tasha Diaz (Third Council District), Michael Breen (Fifth Council District).


SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor


eHeziMayor Mike Spano Appoints Brendan McGrath as Yonkers ‘ New City Court Judge

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    1. How do you figure this will teach the Spanos a lesson even if the Mayor’s appointment losses? You are comparing a citywide judicial race to a state senate race 14 years ago. Couple that fact with the fact that Andrea only won by 16 votes along with the success the Spanos have had a the ballot box since especially this past year (75% plus of the votes in both races), and all I can say is that it is time for you to enroll in a political science 101 class. You probably thought that Karen was going to roll over the spanclan too. Just saying.

    1. Good choice ! really ??? Why didn’t he run in 2019? Or show interest ?

      Why not appoint someone who was interested in running for judge? Who actually campaigned like Richard Sweeney or Karen Best?

      Why didn’t Martinelli announce sooner that he was retiring, So his seat is not abandon. We all knew Maryanne would win she had no opponent! They leave these seats open so they can hand pick their choice.

      intentional unopposed races are not elections, you are robbing us of the right to choose good candidates.

      You don’t trust anyone mr spano but we don’t trust you and your appointees either.

      1. Agree! I can’t believe the ongoing corruptIon happening in Yonkers! It’s actually an insult to the hardworking taxpayer.

        Rigged nominations, unfair and undemocratic elections without opposition, extending term limits without voter consent, backroom deals, family and friend hirings, squander and waste galore, giveaways to developers, failing schools, decrepit roads riddled with potholes, dirty streets, reduced sanitation services, higher water rates, increasing property taxes, exit tax, income tax surcharge……and another budget deficit around the corner. Where does it end??????

  1. I would laugh if this was not so pathetic! How is it the IG who is supposed to be the balance of the corruption in Yonkers is now being appointed to Judge? Bad enough our City Council is corrupt! Khader you started something and appear to be trying to hold them responsible! let’s see if you have the balls to go all the way with these LEGAL MOBSTERS! Also, Liam as the new IG ? WTF ? Is there an FBI? How many of them are paid off? Hezi, please tell us this isn’t so? All your articles? Are the Feds on Spanos payroll too? Yonkers is forsaken!

  2. This is political payback for not looking into the friends and family network of graft and corruption. The inspector general should be above politics. This stinks.

  3. Another political hack who followed orders and did not do any investigations that would rock the boat and cause grief for this current corrupt regime.

    1. What reports of any consequence has IG MCGrath done and publicized during his tenure???? With all the allegations of corruption in Yonkers??? Please pray tell, let me know. I Looked on Yonkers website and his work has been a joke! If this is the work and standard output of IG, I declare the position and department be abolished. No benefit at all!

    1. He controls the police, fire, schools system, all city departments heads, and the entire city council. They all do as they are told, or else. The courts will soon be infected with the spano cancer.


      He is above the law!
      #spano2024 #spano2028 #spano2032

      1. Yonkers gov’t needs to be over throned! It’s a dictatorship with Spano and more corrupt than Putin, at least he has the KGB!

        McGrath did zero to expose corruption in Yonkers as IG that’s why he’s being rewarded with the judge appointment. And good old Liam boy is next in line for IG. Why? He’d do better running and maybe winning as a judge. Guess they think he can’t win!! So appointing him IG is the answer? Wrong!!! There’s so many conflicts of interest!! Read job description of IG. Liam’s wife and brothers gets work for the city. In test they never took tests for!! Job give-always! How can he ever as IG be impartial or unbiased in investigations??? So sick of family and friends network of connection in Yonkers! Where does it end!”? Spano’s are the worst plague to infect and disease our city!
        Yonkers wake the hell up!

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