MGM’s President and COO in Yonkers Steps Down from MGM Resorts International Empire City Casino

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Yonkers Newswire Publisher / Editor Brian Harrod.

Uri Clinton

YONKERS, NY — December 2, 2019 — MGM Resorts International  President and COO Uri Clinton of Empire City Casino in Yonkers who had been lobbying New York lawmakers has  stepped down from the firm. That he is no longer president of the company’s billion dollar casino in the City of Hills was confirmed by MGM late Monday.

Uri Clinton — the most visible MGM Resorts International executive resigned his post as president and chief operating officer of MGM Empire City in New York, less than a year after taking the job.

In an email to the Hartford Courant, MGM added: “However, he continues to support our development efforts as a consultant.”

Mayor Mike Spano has yet to comment over this unexpected news.

There is much unfinished business to contend with in the upcoming 2020 session with Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Yonkers’ Assembly Gaming Chairman J, Gary Pretlow.

MGM Resorts named Clinton president and COO of Empire City about a year ago, shortly before closing on its $850 million purchase of the property, which includes Yonkers Raceway.

MGM has urged the New York Legislature to allow Empire City to introduce table games prior to the scheduled 2023 lifting of a moratorium on new casinos in New York.


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eHeziMGM’s President and COO in Yonkers Steps Down from MGM Resorts International Empire City Casino

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    1. It is as though he never existed. 16 comments and it’s “next” not even “thank you, next.” Ah Well, you gotta love Yonkers. One can only marvel at the apparent unceasing number of corporate outsiders who continue to think of COY as a quiet backwater where they can set up shop, NYC adjacent, and reap the benefits of location, location, location.

      Corporate outsiders beware, COY is a siren, many a vessel have been destroyed upon her placid Hudson River shores.

      As to Mr. Clinton, wait out your non-compete, make peace with the tribes and go work with them to bring equity for Native Americans in the gaming industry. It will take a bit of convincing, as I suspect you are aware, you were hired to be the face of “color” to combat their legal efforts in the gaming industry. And no, you don’t have to go back to Vegas – as you noted in your stump speech, “because nobody wants that!”

      Note to YT: With the availability of glowing photos of Mr. Clinton from his bus posters and other media campaigns , why use one that resembles an arrest photo?

      1. Post
  1. Uri is upstanding and refused to lick Nick and corrupt Mike and Nick Spano’s rotten rump. He knew that it was time to step down when he was interviewed by the Feds. Applause URI! Wait and see…

  2. A lawyer and an MBA. A conscious black man promoting jobs for the community. Town halls at Nepperhan Community Center. A loss for Yonkers.

    1. The guy never got out into the surrounding community-his flacks said he had met with local area community groups concerning possible future buildings on the site-that was all bullshit-they have never discussed nada with the surrounding community.

  3. Typical to use a black face in all their billboards and when they can’t manipulate him, ask him to leave. Spano did the same with the black planning commissioner, Jeff. They probably want to put a Spano in that position now. Uri did a lot of good during his short time there. A near-sighted and poor move on of MGM’s move.

  4. So what happened. Has MGM lost interest… they don’t have local involvement. As a result they are trying to manage from Vegas… not a good strategy. They are wasting valuable time.

  5. Total waste this guy was. Good riddance to him. He had no idea how to get the job done and wasn’t a good representative for MGM. Yonkers needs gaming revenue more badly than MGM does and Uri wasn’t and couldn’t get the job done. MGM should hire John Spano and move Yonkers and MGM forward together.

    1. MGM likely dumped Clinton because he wasn’t meeting targets. Those at the top of the corporate foodchain have short lifespans, where the bottom line is maximizing profits over short periods of time to placate shareholders and drive the value of the company up. When industries such as gambling join forces with state and local governments it’s typically called crony capitalism.

      Which reminds me: how exactly is the revenue from MGM earmarked and being used in the budget of Yonkers? Applying revenue from a sin tax (i.e. gambling) to fund things like education – what a nice lesson for the kiddies. Wonder if they teach that in Economics 1o1.

    2. Spano had to write the previous comment ( good riddance) as you can see he is as dumb as a rock. I guess his GED diploma didn’t help improve his low IQ.

  6. When it comes to poor writing, Brian Harrod wins the anti-Pulitzer Prize hands down. The “publisher and editor” needs an editor ASAP.

    What is the meaning of this sentence?
    “There is much unfinished business to contend with in the upcoming 2020 session with Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Yonkers’ Assembly Gaming Chairman J, Gary Pretlow.”
    It lacks any context.

    Nor does Mr. Harrod provide any hard information.
    He should have mentioned that Pretlow, Chair of the Committee on Racing and Wagering, gets more campaign contributions from gambling and horse-racing interests than all other assembly people combined.
    He should have said what unfinished business is on the table.
    He should have taken the time to do a bit of “hyper-local” research.

    1. Gary Pretlow is the same guy who is the treasurer of a Black-Hispanic coalition in Albany who are supposed to provide scholarships for minority students but have not done so for the past several years, The group is unable to give a full accounting of where all the monies they have raised has gone-Pretlow’s famous quote is that “I only write the checks” but because of identity politics he and Stewart-Cousins get a pass.

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