Shawyn Patterson-Howard, Mount Vernon Mayor-Elect, Announces Transition Team 

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Mount Vernon NY Mayor-Elect Shawyn Patterson-Howard.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — December 9, 2019 — After a historic win in November, Mayor-Elect Shawyn Patterson-Howard, the first woman elected mayor in Mount Vernon and first woman of color elected mayor in Westchester County, has gathered a hand-picked team of committed residents and community stakeholders with deep roots in Mount Vernon to lead her transition team. The Transition Team’s goal is to vet potential candidates for high-level positions and provide key recommendations for city departments. The transition team has been organized into six committees that will address Public Safety, Economic Development, Government Operations & Finance, Health & Human Services, Public Works & Infrastructure, and Education & Workforce Development.

Informal transition planning has already ensued. Soon after Election Day, Mayor-Elect Patterson-Howard met with members of the current administration to fully grasp the issues and challenges currently facing Mount Vernon. The formation of this transition team provides a formal structure to evaluate those specific issues and propose actionable recommendations that can be adopted in the first quarter of 2020.

Steven Horton, a former Mount Vernon City Council member and life-long resident leads the transition as Director of the Executive Committee. All inquiries related to the operational aspects of the transition can be sent to Mr. Horton at

Executive Committee:

Executive Team Director – Steven Horton,

Executive Team Public Safety – Charles Gardner,

Executive Team Health & Human Services – Henry Wilson,

Executive Team Government Operations & Finance – Lyndon Williams,

Executive Team Economic Development – Marsha Gordon,

Executive Team Public Works & Infrastructure – James Finch,

Executive Team Education & Workforce Development – Brenda Smith

General inquiries may be directed to People interested in joining the Patterson-Howard administration should head to our new website and submit resumes for consideration.

Mayor-Elect Shawyn Patterson-Howard looks forward to establishing an administration built upon professionalism and collaboration, one that the people of Mount Vernon deserve.

SOURCE: Imani Dawson | Communications | Mount Vernon Mayor-Elect Shawyn Patterson Howard


eHeziShawyn Patterson-Howard, Mount Vernon Mayor-Elect, Announces Transition Team 

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  1. Wow! I’m a Yonkers resident and was over in MV today at the FedEx office. I thought Yonkers roads were bad. MVs are worse. Hope Mayor Elect and transition team focus on getting the right people in place to address long neglected roads.

  2. I was hoping to see Dr Ammir Rabadi on her transition team, especially that she formed a committee on Health.

    Dr Ammir Rabadi is one of the finest doctors in Westchester County, he would of been an asset to Mt Vernon

      1. Post
        1. The Yonkers Jordanian community pumped a lot of money into her. She raised almost a quarter of a million dollars. Quadruple that raised by the endorsed candidate. Everyone is waiting for a return on their investment.

          1. Transition teams mean zero just fluff as far as sitting on a board most places require residency and the quid pro quo we all know who that is….lol

  3. Was there no one in Mount Vernon Shawyn could find to head her Public Safety transition team? Clyde Isley would be a nice show of party unification and honoring Mount Vernon input.

  4. Good for Shawyn, putting in lots of people with credibility and deep MV roots on her transition team. But she can’t help herself with the Charles Gardner pick. Yonkers has to cash in their chips at some point.

  5. Keep joe sleezio out and we will be on with your choices mayor, we don’t need or want him around

    And get rid of that white trash looking public works commissioner

    1. Keep the Spano’s out or all the City Contracts and unions will be paying them. Gardner will keep them out and help with establishing a new professional PD. Not like that Mueller and Olson where anything goes.

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