Yonkers Stirs the Pot: As the Nation Turns Blue Yonkers’ Roots Remain Red

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The Hezitorial

The Reality of Totalitarianism Has Reared Its Ugly Head in The City of Yonkers

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY— December 14, 2019 — The national demeanor reflects a change that is more entrenched and committed to political dogma; it is the dividing line that defines the nation by party affiliation and by generations. It thereby seems prudent by all measure, except in Yonkers, to gravitate toward national “blue”. Will a battle Royale consume the City of Yonkers as it moves in one direction or another? No! Yonkers responds to catalysts that have long extricated the fourth largest city in the state, likely to soon be recognized as the third largest city, to a different drummer. Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration has worked diligently to maintain its prowess and influence by defining itself by words that have too often been proven deficient of the administrations conduct, thereby being neither one or the other. Yonkers is the anomaly that cannot be regarded as leaning left or right. The City of Yonkers (CoY) has been meticulously moved, cajoled perhaps, into accepting a demeanor and culture that serves the administration above all else. 

The “friends and family network” is a concept redefined by the Spano Administration, whether consciously or not, that hearkens to the the feudal days of “merry old England”. The relationship is known as “fealty”, derived from the Latin fidelitas (faithfulness). It is out of those feudal tenures of obligation to which the tenant owed the lord of the land his loyalty or got kicked to the curb and off the manor. Yonkers has resuscitated the basic concept of fealty, best known in Yonkers as the “family and friends network” that has become the only passport toward success permitted in Yonkers. The pledge of allegiance and unquestioned obedience is sacrosanct and demanded. Without fealty, employment by the single most important employer in Yonkers is not likely. Fealty is not only demanded of those presently employed, but is demanded of the progeny of those presently employed in good standing. Fealty has been permitted to eclipse all other standards said to be the fabric of “America”. Welcome to Yonkers.

The Mike Spano Administration continues to embellish its hold on the City of Yonkers. The one-time Republican Assemblyman changed party affiliation  while NYS Assemblyman representing AD-90. He won re-election as a Democrat and went on to become Yonkers Mayor under the Democrat Party designation. From the onset of his administration in 2012, he has systematically been able to tweak the culture of governance in Yonkers. The currency to beget fealty was jobs. His administration was not first to engage in this process begun initially by Mayor John Spencer, embellished further by Mayor Phil Amicone, and ratcheted to the hilt under Mayor Mike Spano.     

By understanding and appreciating that noted above, one will come to appreciate the changing of the guards as they are defined below:

Yonkers Tribune sources in the know advise that Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath will be appointed by Mayor Mike Spano to the Yonkers City Court. NOTE: Yonkers City Hall announcement below dated December 23, 2019; 9 days after the Yonkers Tribune divulged the news.

Mayor Mike Spano Appoints Brendan McGrath as Yonkers ‘ New City Court Judge

He would be replacing the outgoing Yonkers City Court Judge, Hon. Mary Anne Scattaretico-Naber, who will as of January 1, 2020 preside under the auspices of Westchester County Family Court – Yonkers.

Richard Martinelli, Westchester Magazine Publisher has been designated and will be appointed as business development consultant to the City of Yonkers  

Then there is the issue of domination over the Yonkers City Council. With Yonkers City Council Member John Rubbo, elected as a Republican, changing his party affiliation, even though under the Yonkers City Charter and under the regulations of the Westchester County Board of Elections, Rubbo’s party affiliation will only officially recognize him to be a Democrat after the next election, that is in November 2020. This issue comes into play in deciding the Yonkers City Council reorganization outcome.

The most prominent, self-described figure for Yonkers City Council Majority Leader is present Yonkers City Council Member Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District 2). Present Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino is stepping down to take employment and responsibility for the offices of Yonkers Constituent Services for a sum of $120,000 per annum. Pineda-Isaac has gained favor from Mayor Mike Spano, who employs her sister in the Mayor’s Office; Mayor Spano was also instrumental in gaining her employment under the aegis of Westchester County Executive George Latimer’s government. The recent fundraiser afforded to benefit Pineda-Isaac was underwritten by the Mayor Mike Spano for Mayor 2019 campaign effort. It was the Mike Spano for Mayor campaign that underwrote the fund raising campaign upon her behalf. The fundraiser garnered supporters and donors who cleave to Mayor Mike Spano earlier in this month. Pineda-Isaac’s campaign coffers were embellished by over $20,000 which exceeded her best efforts of all her time in political office four-fold or five-fold. 

The Yonkers Tribune surmises that endorsing her effort to become Yonkers City Council Majority Leader, Pineda Isaac will be first to cast a vote on her own behalf. The next endorsement for Pineda-Isaac will come from Council Member John Rubbo (R-District 4), followed by  Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Michael Breen (R- District 5), and lastly, by Council Member Anthony Merante (R-District 6). Pineda Isaac will be voted majority leader of the Yonkers City Council Democrats with support of her lone Democrat vote and by three Republicans. Rubbo has been said to have betrayed his constituents when he changed party affiliation to that of a Democrat despite winning office as a Republican. Rubbo will continue his betrayal, this time of Democrats. It is evident that Council Member Rubbo is in the pocket of Mayor Mike Spano no matter how one slices and dices this telling. Likewise, Minority Leader Breen and Council Member Merante take their marching orders from Mayor Mike Spano.  

The outcome delineated herein defines with exactitude the definition of fealty first noted in the second paragraph.

Council Member Shanae Williams (D-District 1), Council Member-Elect Tasha Díaz, installed into office on January 1, 2020, (D-District 3), and Yonkers City Council President Michael Khader (D) are expected to vote, “No”. The final tally will be 4 votes for Corazón Pineda-Isaac for Majority Leader, and 3 votes cast against her. She will be declared the Yonkers City Council Majority Leader during the Yonkers City Council reorganization meeting.

This telling is unlikely to change the final tally of any and all future issues and/or concerns presented to the Yonkers City Council over the next four years, that is from 2020 to 2024. 

The only question now is how Mayor Mike Spano’s future veto and majority proof city council vote will fare on behalf of the residents they are expected to represent.

What has transpired is that Mayor Mike Spano, heading the Executive Branch of government has effectively eviscerated the capacity of the Legislative Branch of government, as well as the Judicial Branch of government whose new appointment is Liam McLaughlin, Esq., another person who knows the power and demand of “fealty”. The checks and balance of Yonkers City government no longer exists. 

Yonkersites will enter a culture of totalitarianism that will gain an upper hand at first. It may also undermine the future prospects for the City of Yonkers interest in development in housing, business, and education. The conduct described herein will impact Yonkers for at minimum four years.



If you know something, say something. reach out to the Yonkers Tribune with your concern and/or issue by send an email to the secure and encrypted email server. Direct your email by addressing it to: eHezi@hush.com. Send your email with only one word, REQUEST. Upon receipt, I will return your email with a secure manner to reach the Yonkers Tribune. Hezi Aris is the Publisher / Editor-at-Larhe of the Yonkers Tribune.

eHeziYonkers Stirs the Pot: As the Nation Turns Blue Yonkers’ Roots Remain Red

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  1. Congratulations Majority leader Pinedá Isaac.

    The mayor proved in full force he controls the council yesterday. Hopefully shanae and Khader can get over their loss and move on for the betterment of the city.

    1. Really Pineda-Issacs for the betterment of the city-she is worse than an absentee landlord-all she does is play racial and identity politics-what an embarrassment listening to Tasha Diaz at her swearing in-sounds like a person with no education-the only credentials she seems to have is handing out donations that other people gave to her and she postures herself as a “community activist” what a pile of shit this COY City Council is.

      1. City Council members are self-serving puppets devoid of any allegiance, integrity or trust. Every single one has been compromised, bartering their votes for backroom deals, promises, family member jobs, etc. Corazon just joined ranks with Republicans to get her Majority seat. So now she’s at the top of the heap!

  2. Neider is a dog in Yonkers, he comes from political regurgitation.

    He’s a kid with zero influence with anyone with an IQ about 50, or anyone who has a semblance of common decency/self-respect/self-control.

    Typical child of privilege, who has never been told about their flaws, breeding an overly, and erroneous, feeling of confidence. Having money will always win you an entourage, leaches who will suck you dry of everything meaningful. Those are not people that are influenced, rather people who gettin while the gettin is good.

    Stop projecting people who show zero leadership qualities – who believe that because they have never been told they were wrong, have material possessions, and are followed by dolts who are motivated by greed and envy. Stop acting, and making them believe that they are the second coming of Lincoln, MLK, or Churchill, when they are more like Stalin, Kadafi, or Hussein.

    1. He’s an operative.

      Forced the “retirement” of the director and “transfer” of another administrator through blackmail and intimidation. Even threatening trustees at their meetings. He’s been given the Spano playbook and just became apart of the plague.

  3. #streeteam, more like #streettrash

    If your so-called “street team” has any real influence outside of a handful of wanna be gangstas, I would be surprised. Remember, there are only so many people who you can con, intimidate, and/or who will honestly be swayed by what they are being sold. Here’s the truth, there is no “street team,” outside of a few wanna be gangstas driving around expensive cars, with no heart, nor brain. If there was a “street team” you would be proud about it, and not vague.

    Khaders are the trashiest family around, and anyone associated with them is either hoping for something, or is dumb enough to thing they are something. Lmao!!!!

    1. So true about kakistocracy! It is a government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens. The classic textbook definition is without a doubt Yonkers City Hall.

  4. The spano’s are weak anytime that had a real election they lost
    Amicone beat mike spano
    Cousin’s beat nicky spano
    Most of the spano elections are fixed

  5. Corazón will become the majority leader? Is this a joke? There are chairs and desks in City Hall smarter than this girl. Oh, right this is Yonkers. I must have forgot where I was for a minute.

    1. The day that Corazon Pineda-Isaac becomes Yonkers City Council President will be the day that I place my house on the market for sale. Enough is a enough.

  6. Yonkers continues to be raped and pillaged by this Italian white trash Yonkers family. It is a sad and shameful fact. To one day see the Feds come in and take these morally bankrupt thieves out in handcuffs would make me so happy. But alas, I think it’s just a pipe dream. I believe we are stuck with these greedy, soulless slobs for quite a while. God, please rescue us Yonkers residents from these people.

  7. Brendan McGrath deserves the appointment to judge. He followed Spano’s orders, deliberately investigated nothing and meted out no justice while IG.

  8. Spano is digging his own political grave and those Dems and others who he has screwed over the past 8 years will gladly use their ceremonial gold shovels to cover him up.

  9. Corazón is a creation of vinny
    Two years ago he worked hard trying to defeat her and today he’s made her majority leader
    a price will be paid

  10. Neider can be the next mayor. Not only does he have a high school diploma, he has 9 WCC credits. That puts him will above Mike and Vinny on the food chain. He’s a boy wonder.

  11. Well, Harrod posted a story about the Feds being in Yonkers. We have mob arrests and … get this… Harrod …. lol …. reports that all this was done…. lol…. wait for it….. without the IDA knowing! Roflmao!
    Why do you think our great Mayor sits on the board of the IDA and his *** ****** sister in law Jaime is the Executive Director.
    Jaime went from making wedding veils to a six figure salary. So, she is being paid to look the other way while her husband the City Clerk is ******* his way around Yonkers.
    So, as the Spanos cash in from selling our waterfront let’s all ponder how close the FBI is to taking down the Spanos?
    Riddle me this.. If Jereis went away for crimes that Justin Tubiolo makes look
    Like stealing candy from a baby how
    Long until the Feds get him?
    His son did not have a Democratic opponent! His wife has a six figure job (which she no longer holds- they had to give her a new one but she kept her salary) that her son voted for and let’s not forget Breen and the fact he didn’t have a Democratic opponent.
    The arrogance on the Spanos and good old Justin! Let’s add Rubbo as the dumbest graduates of Iona College!
    Rubbo can’t wait for your next election. There is a nice pic of all the important elected officials with Mr wrong way driver just a few hours before his crash at your bar with you!
    Your opponents should rent a billboard and post it. Then inform the public of the lack of procedural police work to interview you. Corrupted much?
    Hopefully, little Stevie is getting his resume ready. He may want to take his name off the drink you dedicated to him.
    Enough of all this talk let’s enjoy the holidays and enter the new year waiting for the other shoe to drop!
    Justice for the citizens in 2020!

    1. No surprise that Yonkers IDA has done business with criminal mafia counter parties. Just the tip of the iceberg!

      The Mayor, all the Commissioners and Deputies, IG and City Clerk as well as every single Council person should be investigated by the Feds for any potential involvement in corruption, abuse of power, nepotism and the promotion of closed door/non-competitive hiring practices. All on the taxpayers dime! The jig is up with the Spano Administration.

  12. The street team will be out in full force the spanclan is doa let nicky think he runs this city but he knows deep down who beat him in 2006 and it was not andrea… i guess the spanclan didn’t learn their lesson the first time. now the street team has to beat nicky again.

    1. Comical! The Spano’s are DOA ??

      Johnny kilo , you do realize the mayor change term limits and worn a primary and one the general election and now he is term limited and you claim he is DOA???

      In the words of our former mayor John Spencer, The Khader Bros take the reign for the name Dumbo and jumbo

    1. Is this one of those comments where Johnny Kilo is trying to insinuate that he had anything to do with stewart cousins win –

      You’re a legend in your own mind Kilo!!! You’ve been saying this yet if you really thought you could take out the Spano’s you would’ve pushed your meatball brother to run! But you know he would’ve got crushed.

  13. The Yonkers unions and their colleagues throughout the County are the ones to watch. If Spano thinks he can compete outside of Westchester without the unions he is batshit crazy.

        1. Exactly. It is the self serving corrupt politicians who have ruined the City Of Yonkers not the city workers or their unions. The economy is booming all over the country except in Yonkers. Why? Because the crooked Spano’s and the conspirators on the City Council have drained the coffers dry. Ever wonder why they always blame the State and the Unions? But never themselves? And they will soon bring out that blame game again right before they raise your taxes another 5% this year.

          1. Please that fat rat union leaders have raped the taxpayers of Yonkers. Now that they have paid Nick his Ziti, they get it all.

  14. In 2 years
    Vinny Spano will be Mayor
    Corazón Pineda-Isaac will be Council President
    Rubbo will be DPW commissioner
    Merante will be Finance commissioner

      1. If his GED was fake do you think anyone would care? Clearly his education doesn’t matter as he was placed in the position he is in and won’t be going anywhere. Who is going to fire him? His brother? lol Not likely…

  15. Not too long , when Spano was looking to run for senate , the minute he stepped out of Yonkers, he was given a spanking for being a bad democrat.
    That spanking did obviously work.

    1. Spano has a legacy of supporter in Yonkers government. It will take two decades to get them out. Chicago has nothing on YONKERS. Spano will own this city through 2050.

  16. Hey hezi have you heard anything about SOMEONE giving their relative a job? Is there a way you could confirm this? THIS MESSAGE WAS re-written by Hezi to respond. As I often suggest, there are many obs afforded many people including those who are not qualified. If you are connected to someone in power, it may be easier to get a job because of someone you know, especially if a relative, close friend, “a friends and family network” member. I infer from your suggestion in this comment that you I wrote over, that you may kno the answer to your own question. It is a reality of those who have clout. I don’t no your circumstance. What I do kno is that you may be jealous of hat you question. If it mattered to you that much, ask those who advised you about the issue you brought up here. They will likely be able to tell you quickly the truth. Sadly, I do not have the means to check these concerns. The issue forme, as alone man band, I do not have the time or the means to investigate such issues. As it is,I believe the YT uncovers much that doesn’t interest other media. I attempt most desperately yo afford the reader an understanding of hat is happening to the community they inhabit. It may matter to some,perhaps not to other. But I do not have the financial wherewithal to run after ever lead. I am embarrassed to say tat I am two ekes behind is a very important issue, yet I have not gotten to it. I have much on my plate and despite my stamina and concern, I am falling behind. Try again with the people wo informed you n the first place.

    In the future, direct you email to eHezi@hush.com .Put the word test in the subject matter. I will respond by send you an encrypted way yo communicate with me without having other eyes accessing your information or mine. Tou may do so if you trusted, if you do not trust me to maintain my silence regarding our communication,I understand that, too. I ish you the best.

    Kindly, Hezi

  17. Spano will have a steep up hill battle to get support County wide from the Democrats. If he keeps propping up Republicans and giving them jobs and appointments he can kiss any chance he had for a County wide Democratic seat.

    1. If you hold Yonkers, Mt. Vernon and half of New Rochelle district leaders you win the nomination! You can only hope that the rest of the county remembers brother Nick.

  18. It’s saturday night. Why am I on the tribune right now? I can’t even answer that question. But I’ll say this ladies and gentlemen, can’t we all just get along? It’s christmas after all.

    1. In two years Rubbo will be mayor. Nieder will be in Rubbo old seat and Merante will not run. Breen will be the only Republican, but he’s a Spano Puppet, like Rubbo. There are two parties in Yonkers, Spano and not Spano.

      1. Khader better realize fast that he’s in a fight and needs to start fighting back before he gets knocked right out of his City Council Presidency. Can’t stand in the neutral corner any more Khader.

      2. everyone who sat on the city council ends up employed by city of yonkers but only if they agree and not ask questions to the administration.

      3. Agree there is only one party in dysfunctional Yonkers and it’s the SpaNO machine.

        However, several of your other predictions are laughable!

        I’m not sure, in anyway, that Spano can win County-wide, his corrupt and nepotistic reputation precedes him. I predict he’ll be disappointed and have to finish out his third term as Mayor for lack of anything better!

        So in two years time, Rubbo will not be mayor or even CCP, the thought of either is preposterous! I don’t care how much the Mayor props him up, he’ll be lucky if he can hold onto his council seat. Khader has the best chance to win citywide the seat for Mayor.

        As for Neider winning a Council seat that’s another pipe dream…that kid is completely unqualified, better stick with his race cars, garage and wacky weed, ha! Ha!

        And the bumbling Merante will run again, Republicans are not going to let him step down, but this time he’ll be defeated by a landslide!

        As for Breen well he’s just another useless empty suit, taking up space. So unfortunate he has no challenger!

        1. Spano is never going to make it on a county wide race. He will have the COUNTY Democrat Party against him. He will have the UNIONS against him. And he will have MINORITIES against him. Enjoy your next 4 years Spano. You asked for it and you’re going to get IT.

          1. Nieder will be mayor some day. Right now he’s a kid with a ton of influence. He was nearly the Republican nominee. He may even be Rubbo’s deputee mayor.

          2. Do we have to remind Anyone about his Daddy? Hmmm… your grandfather is gone and your grandmother almost senile. It was them that got you were you are. Remember little boy, Spano only offered a job AFTER your grandparents got you on the ballot. Your flashy cars and your library job you are not qualified for will be gone when Spano finishes his four years! You need to start saving your money and stop spending it on your expensive cars. Sadly, I give your business two years and I am being nice. Wake up kid! Unless you have Spano DNA no one is indispensable! Not even their wives!

    2. Johnny Limo ** * **** *** *** *** **** ******** ***** **** *** ******* ******* *** 2 years and ********* ** ** *** **** ** ******** *** ** ******* ** **** ******** ********. **** *** **** **** **** *** ***** ** *** ****’* ******* ****** ****.

      ********* ****** *** *** ******’s ***** ** **.

      HEZI’s RESPONSE… I have obliterated the message with asterisks. If as you suggest there are issues, direct an email to me. Place the word TEST in the subject and I will return with a response that advises that any response you make is encrypted and your identity protected from other prying eyes. You will need to trust me to maintain your anonymity. If not, I can understand that as well. But note that cute comments / assertions / allegations if I am incapable of confirming your comment /statement, I will also in the future truncate as here with asterisks that duplicate your letter and space count and little else. Direct your mail to Hezi Aris, Yonkers TribunePublisher / Editor-at-Large: eHezi@hush.com .

      I hope this suggestion meets with your approval. —- Kindly, Hezi

    3. Vinny “do you know who my brother is” Spano realized, after 2 failed attempts that he couldn’t beat Isaac, so now he tries to befriend her!

      This is similar to Liam getting crushed by Khader, and vinny meeting with him the next day! So much for Liam.

      And she accepts this!

  19. Corazón, Rubbo, and Merante get ready to have a real race. Vinny Spano can only protect you so far…look at McLaughlin and Robertson where was vinny for them?

  20. Spano is rewarding Republicans McLaughlin and Martinelli with 6 figure salaries and he’s give the majority power to the Republicans on the city council.
    Let’s Recall Spano !!

    1. anyone who thinks of themselves and abuses their office to cripple our city & diminish the people they represent in order to advance themselves should be investigated.

      1. Please name just one person in Yonkers City gov’t who is not about self-advancement over service. I can’t!!!

        Politics is so corrupt that anyone decent doesn’t want to run, especially in Yonkers with its defunct, fake 2 party system. The City of Hills is probably the most corrupt city in NYS, headed by the notorious Spano’s!

        And hold onto your wallets!!!! Just wait for your next tax bill in 5 months folks. NYS has a huge deficit so bags of cash are not headed to Yonkers in 2020. Time to put the house up for sale and get the hell out!

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