Anthony Merante Elected Yonkers City Council Budget Chairman

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Anthony Merante represents District 6. He is also the Budget Committee Chair.

YONKERS, NY — January 9, 2020 — Members of the Yonkers City Council met for an organizational meeting on Thursday, January 2nd, post the inauguration of the 2020 members of the City Council. At January 2nd meeting council rules were adopted and committee assignments made. Councilman Anthony Merante (District 6), who has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1987 had the support of a majority of the City Council. Councilman Merante garnered majority support and was thereby designated Yonkers City Council Budget Chair. He was endorsed by Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District 2), Councilmember John Rubbo (District 4), and Minority Leader Mike Breen (District 5). 

District 6 Councilmember Merante stated, “I’m proud to have received bipartisan support for this chairmanship. Yonkers faces many challenges ahead in funding our schools and services that our citizens expect. I intend to use my knowledge and expertise as a CPA for 33 years to insure we are spending taxpayer funds wisely. I look forward to working with the Mayor, Council President and my fellow Council Members in this capacity.”

The Council Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing any item of a fiscal nature, which is to be put to the floor of the Council for a vote. The committee has seven members comprised of the entire City Council. The committee requires the City’s Budget Director or Commissioner of Finance to appear before the committee to answer member’s questions about any spending proposals. When the Mayor releases the budget, it is sent to the budget committee for review.

The committee also schedules budget hearings requiring department heads to come before it so as to make inquiry of their spending requests and to answer committee member’s questions. These hearings are held in the Council Chamber and are televised so the public has an opportunity to witness the proceedings and gain further insight into the budget process.

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eHeziAnthony Merante Elected Yonkers City Council Budget Chairman

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  1. Someone let Merante in on the secret that the FBI is listening to every Spano conversation. You have the right to remain silent and lawyer up Anthony.

  2. Fact, Mike Spano is the mayor

    Fact, haters like the khaders want to do something but don’t have the balls

    Fact, nothing they can do

    Fact, majority. Was made with 2 dems and 2 reps. You lost and need to get over it.

    Fact, you will have a primary as will Nader. You both changed from republican to Democrat to run for election. You are not a democrat. We all know that and people that don’t know it will soon know that indeed Mr khader was a republican before he decided to run against that red headed guy.

    1. Fact Merante will LOSE his primary

      Fact Rubbo will LOSE his primary

      Fact Corazon will LOSE her primary

      Fact none of the above will have any other minor party lines to run on

      Fact Khader will WIN his primary and will have several other party lines AGAIN in the general election


    2. Fact: Fat Mike Spano is stealing millions of dollars from the taxpayers and paying off his political cronies with jobs, all on the taxpayer.

  3. If Moronte weren’t a moron he would have stayed away from the budget committee and just voted no on every tax increase. But since he is a moron he will oversee a disastrous budget cycle which will result in another tax increase of about 4 or 5 percent.
    The Spanxit movement has been born

  4. Look at Breen, he is an illegitimate 3 termer, who is AWOL. He is also a tax and spend republician just like Murente. That’s Yonkers mob politics for you. Ya get what you deserve when you are afraid of all of these bastards.

  5. Elections have consequences, people. His entire campaign was focused on not raising taxes and his fiscal experience, which only resulted in him voting for higher taxes. Stop thinking the Rep’s and Dem’s are different in Yonkers.

  6. The 3 republicans running next cycle will have primaries. The odd thing is thar 2 of them will be contested in democratic primaries.
    Merante will have Republican primary
    Rubbo will have Democratic primary
    Corazon will have Democratic primary

    Bye bye Spano council

    1. Merante did not have bipartisan support for this appointment. The fix was in with Corazon! Rubbo is still a Republican and voted for Merante along with Breen. Again, it’s all about self-service/promotion and self-preservation with these hacks! It’s a disgrace that with a super majority the Dems were short-changed and out-maneuvered!

  7. When he first ran he came to my house and we talked. He presented himself as a decent guy with some actual fiscal and accounting experience. He appeared to be someone who might actually bring something to the council. Then he voted for the tax increase. What was that all about? Then I found out he was just another Vinny Spano lackey. What a shame.

  8. Disappointed in Merante. Had hopes for him with his background To be fiscal responsible but voted for tax increases right away. New blood mixed Into city council resulted in the same politics. And he doesn’t respond to emails or any other contact.

  9. I remember when this guy first ran.. he tried to get the Police/Fire unions to endorse him..They told him to get lost..not long after he sent out political fliers with pictures of cops and firemen on them trying to portray that he had the endorsement..he has been deceiving the public from the getgo…

    1. Jan 9th was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day-Nothing from the Mayor and nothing from the YPD-what do you expect from a 2nd rate city and a second rate PD.

  10. Merante is a very bad representative. He doesn’t return calls. He doesn’t meet with anyone. He is just looking for the free health insurance, pension, and car. He will not get elected again. I have big problems in Nepera Park and the last place I saw this guy was on a milf carton.

  11. Merante will do whatever Mike Spano tells him. Another empty suit who sounds like Porky Pig, which is still better than Breen, who looks like Porky takes two Republicans to be as smart as Porky Pig.

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