Assemblyman Nader Sayegh Urges Governor Cuomo To Increase Education Funding in 2021 Executive Budget

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Hon. Nader J. Sayegh, NYS Assemblyman – District 90.

ALBANY, NY and YONKERS, NY — January 24, 2020 — On Tuesday, January 21st, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo unveiled his proposed FY2021 Executive Budget to the New York State Legislature.

In the budget, the Governor proposed an increase of $826 million in total education funding, with an estimated $704 million going towards Foundation Aid. Assemblyman Nader Sayegh pointed out that this figure still amounts to 17% less than what is in the current 2020 budget. This would bring total education expenditures from New York State to $28.5 billion. In the proposal, the Governor outlined an initiative where school districts in New York State would be required to prioritize funding to schools that the state deems to be underfunded rather than the assessment made by a school district.

“The idea that the proposed education funding in the Executive Budget is sufficient is beyond belief,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “An increase of three percent isn’t sufficient for the exceedingly high costs that high-need school districts like Yonkers Public Schools currently face.”

Assemblyman Sayegh also questioned a plan which would allow the state to determine which schools in qualifying school districts would be awarded additional need-based aid.

“This is a classic example of overreach,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “School districts interact with their schools, educators, and students every single day. They know their needs much better than Albany does. School district autonomy is a hallmark of our public education system, we should keep it that way.”

Assemblyman Sayegh encouraged his colleagues to change the entire state school funding formula which is outdated and allows for inequity in funding to many school districts across the state.

“The current formula places too much emphasis on the wealth of the county in which the district is located. Often, a district like Yonkers is located in an affluent county like Westchester County and is shortchanged despite having a student population where nearly 80% of students are recipients of free or reduced-price lunch. Where is the correlation when the wealth of a district is contrary to the wealth of a county?” said Sayegh.

The proposed legislation that Assemblyman Sayegh has introduced will focus on enhancing funding for school districts that meet five criteria relating to 1) Student Enrollment, 2) percentage of special education students, 3) Percentage of English Language Learners, 4) Wealth of the county, and 5) The Percentage of Students who are recipients of Free and Reduced Lunch. This legislation is in line with the Governor’s goal for a full revision of the funding process, therefore promoting equity.

In addition, the Sayegh Bill (A.8700) has a Harmless Clause which will ensure that districts will not be negatively impacted by any changes in the formulation of aid. This legislation ensures that districts across New York State which are underfunded will now be put on equal footing with comparable districts across the state.

Assemblyman Sayegh appreciates the Governor’s recognition of bringing equity to the educational playing field and supports efforts to encourage the state to give districts owed Foundation Aid and their students the foundation aid their students desperately need and require to provide their students with a quality education.

“Our school districts already stretch every dollar as far as they can,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “It’s unreasonable to subject them to the annual rollercoaster of guessing how much funding they might receive for the next fiscal year. Until the New York State Legislature is fully committed to meeting our current funding obligations and revamping the underlying inequitable formula, we owe them some consistency.”

Assemblyman Nader Sayegh is an attorney and retired educator with over 40 years of experience. Before his election to the New York State Assembly, he served as a teacher, principal, President of Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustees, and President of the Conference of Big Five School Districts.

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Constituents are encouraged to contact the District Office of Assemblyman Nader Sayegh located at 35 East Grassy Sprain Road, Suite 406B in Yonkers, to call 914-779-8805, or direct email to”

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SOURCE: Roberto Williams | Director of Communications | Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh, 90th Assembly District



eHeziAssemblyman Nader Sayegh Urges Governor Cuomo To Increase Education Funding in 2021 Executive Budget

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  1. What everyone is missing is basic premise of the story. The governor presented his budget. Now it is up to the state legislators to do their job and change the governors proposal.

    A self serving press release just won’t do it.

  2. I disagree with Ron Matten on almost everything.

    But the name calling and baseless attacks show that the poster is the one who is ignorant. Hezi – I don’t know why you publish posts like that. I also think you should not publish posts that call someone a liar without any facts to back that claim.

    I do wonder why Ron is trashing Sayegh. Sayegh got where he is because of Mike Spano who is Ron’s darling. And Sayegh is aligned with Burrows, also a Ron favorite.

    If this piece was written by Sayegh, why does he refer to himself in the third person?

    Fred Polvere

    1. Post

      Too often people have opinions and do not back up why they believe one thing or another. Many comments are not substantive, attack oriented, and so on. The Yonkers suffers from opinions as do all other online geared operations. Even so, it is important to hear perspectives. I believe that people can and do distinguish rational thinking from derogatory comments that are mean to undermine others. If I were to censor, very fe comments ould survive. While you may not be aware hy people ill trash one person or the other, that does not mean they are totally in the wrong regarding for one reason or the next. And just because some people they find it incongruous Ihle people say one thing or another about a person or persons that they believe are of like mind does not mean that they are. Media is not often as civil as we should like in these modern times. It may be in your face more so today as opposed to years ago, but the manner one expressed themselves years ago is it is today, only the language has changed; the meaning and intent has not. Can this situation change, only somewhat. Familiarity sometimes brings about a lessening of derogatory comments, at other times, people become ever vicious without ever validating it. It is a demeanor of the present. As you state, “I wonder why…” As for Sayegh speaking in the third person, he is prone to do that, not all the times, but it is a trait that he sometimes repeats that my confuse some people ho do not often hear him. Perhaps it is an idiosyncrasy that is likely related to the grammatical structure of his mother tongue. All who speak another language other than English as a mothe tongue are challenge, as I am. While my vocabulary is good, my sentence structure is sometimes to different, perhaps overly complex for the American English speaker as opposed to the English English that is more complex in its sentence structure, probably related to the influence of other languages that inculcated French and German and Latin into English. I am often accused of engaging in run on sentences. That is a valid criticism. It often happens Helen I am tired and my sentence structures are not American English. In a sense, while the words are English, the sentence structure is everything but. So, it goes. I have taken the criticism to heart and try to place periods as often as I can in my sentence structure, and the relieves the aberration of my sentence structure. Not perfect, but better.

      So, yes, Nader suffers from this issue, I do, and likely many others.

      I am working very heard to speak like a New Yorker, without the tang.

      Thanks for your comment. I hope I have explained some or all of the issues you raised.

      Kindly, Hezi

  3. During Nader’s time as Yonker School Board President, he lost $58 million. He is the responsible party. The superintendent reported to him. The District did not hirer a Certified School Business Leader. Nader Sayegh was deficient as a Board President. He continues to be deficient as a representative. He voted for no cash bail. He missed several important votes.
    Yonkers deserves better.
    Ron Matten

    1. Ron, you clearly don’t understand how the Board of Trustees works or how the budget process operates. The Board of Trustees can’t unilaterally hire anyone to oversee the budget process, and the system that you are decrying exists because Yonkers has nearly complete mayoral control of our schools. Maybe if you spent more time learning how politics actually operates in Yonkers rather than leveraging potshot criticism through your amateurish political commentary you would be something more than a subterranean unknown hater. Assemblyman Sayegh is one of the few lawmakers bringing this issue into the spotlight and has a thorough solution to a problem that has been impeding academic success for students in Yonkers for decades, and has delivered millions in additional funding against the Governor’s wishes after only one year in office. If you think you can do much better, maybe you should run. I’ll be sure hold the door open for you at the Board of Elections when you decide to file your candidacy.

      1. NY State Education Law puts the Board in charge of the superintendent. They supervise, hire and can remove the superintendent. They did not hold the superintendent accountable for not having an SBDL holder on staff. Instead, the job of SDBL was being performed by an account clerk. President Sayegh should have had full knowledge of this lapse. The Board also approves the budget, before it’s presented to the Council. Two consecutive budgets had structural failures. Sayegh was board president.
        Currently, he has been fully corrupted by Indivisible.

        1. Thanks for reaffirming my point that the Board of Trustees doesn’t have the ability to unilaterally hire anyone to oversee the budgetary process. You’re saying that Sayegh is somehow responsible because the Superintendent didn’t hire someone with the proper accounting experience to track the budget. That would be like blaming Mike Khader for presiding over the Council if someone happened in the City Clerk’s office. It’s absolutely delusional. You’re blinded by jealousy and hatred. “Indivisibles” this and “bail reform” that. You really are a smooth-brained moron.

  4. Sayegh is a one dimensional legislator-during his time as Yonkers BOE President he continued the pattern of misleading the stakeholders and taxpayers on what was really transpiring within the Yonkers School System.

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