Chele Farley Statement on Sean Patrick Maloney Endorsing Joe Biden for President

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Chele Farley for Congress (NY-18).

TUXEDO, NY — January 14, 2020 — Chele Chiavacci Farley, the Republican endorsed candidate for Congress (NY-18), released the following statement in response to Sean Patrick Maloney endorsing Joe Biden for President:

“Sean Patrick Maloney’s endorsement of Joe Biden for President shines a spotlight on the shameless hypocrisy of the American left. Maloney boldly claimed that Biden is the only candidate capable of “restoring America” because “our political process has become so fractured we cannot deliver results for working families across the country.”

While it is true that a Democrat-led House cannot deliver results for working families across the country, it’s not for the reasons Maloney is trying to sell the public.

It’s clear that Maloney hopes that Americans don’t see that it is the Democrats who have dangerously fractured our nation by focusing exclusively on impeachment of our President, rather than any legislative achievements. Speaker Pelosi herself admitted that this has “been going on for 22 months, two and a half years actually.”

Americans know that thanks to President Donald Trump’s economic policies, we are experiencing one of the strongest economies in our history with record low unemployment, more than 7 million jobs added, a historically high stock market and strong consumer confidence.

The 2020 election represents a very clear choice between socialist policy meaning more government control—as embraced by leftists like Sean Patrick Maloney and Joe Biden—or continued free market economy and prosperity under President Trump.”

SOURCE: Michael Lawler | Communications | Chele Farley for Congress, Inc.


eHeziChele Farley Statement on Sean Patrick Maloney Endorsing Joe Biden for President

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