CUT TO THE CHASE: One More Republican to Tip the Balance

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Derickson K. Lawrence is a Mount Vernon, NY resident.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — January 6, 2020 — One more Republican is needed for a majority of U.S. Senators to move Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. A fair Senate trial should be the end-game. The American public deserve to hear those fact-witnesses who were prevented, by the White House, to speak under oath: “De-escalation”- Pompeo; “Get over it”- Mulvaney; “Notepad-Never seen a war I didn’t like”-Bolton; “I know how not to commit a crime”-Giuliani; and anyone else.  The reckless smoke screen could have grave consequences.

The Internet is replete with tweets from our President which unmasks his true intention. One of several, simpleton, tweets shows his long-held thinking on Iran: ‘In order to get elected, @BarackObama, will start a war with Iran.’ That was dated, 2:48 PM, Nov. 29 2011.

Despite his denials, given the tweet, Thursday night’s (January 3, 2020) assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani fulfills Trump’s long held belief that starting a war with Iran equates to electoral success. But his more immediate objective is a smoke-screen to indefinitely delay the Senate impeachment trial. So, let’s not get distracted.

House Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has been holding off over the break, on transmitting those articles of impeachment to the Senate; but also (to be honest) to get more evidence in the public square. Now, three Republican Senators (Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney) are poised to help set the Senate rules for a fair trial. But four are needed.

With the unintended consequences of the unilateral assassination of Soleimani (U.S. being expelled from Iraq, a potential nuclear-armed Iran, and further destabilization of the Middle East) we can only hope that more US Senators see through the smoke, putting country, rather than party, first.

One more Republican will “let them speak” for America’s democracy hangs in the balance.

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Derickson K. Lawrence is a resident of Mount Vernon, NY,  and a former 2018, US Congressional candidate –NY-16-CD.

eHeziCUT TO THE CHASE: One More Republican to Tip the Balance

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  1. Mr. lawrence sounds like he is a little late to the “sham” impeachment of our President. Where was his call for fact witnesses during the make believe House inquiry. None were allowed to be called by the minority Republicans, including Mr. Schiff, who lied through his testimony about the whistleblower.
    Get over it Mr. Lawrence, we won, you lost. The Republican senators you refer to will fold like a cheap suitcase when Speaker Pelosi decides to file the articles of impeachment with the Majority Republican controlled Senate.

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