Goals Set for Bronxville in Compliance with the 2020 Comprehensive Plan
By Mayor MARY MARVIN, Esq.

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Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin, Esq.

BRONXVILLE, NY — January 26, 2020 —Even though our budget year is on a June cycle, the Trustees and I consider the new year as a time for goal setting for the calendar year.

During our Comprehensive Plan process, you as residents, gave a resounding endorsement of preserving the Village – its character, open space and natural attributes.  All of our goals for 2020 have this desire as our backdrop.

Our Comprehensive Plan, which is a look forward and look back at the Village, will be completed by February. This will allow us then to move on recommendations including changes to our zoning laws and planning process and solar legislation with the goal of preserving the Village in the areas of historic preservation and structure size and aesthetics commensurate with the character of the village.

Some of the 2020 initiatives in various stages of execution are:

Kraft Avenue Lot Parking Kiosks 

Four kiosks will stretch the length of this lot and replace the 185 single space meters which are unattractive at best. The kiosks will also have the ability to accept credit cards, bills and coins.

West Side Lighting

New teardrop fixtures are now in place at key locations. Several more are being added along Sagamore Road and three more to the crosswalk area at Midland and Pondfield.

DPW Headquarters

The first phase of construction is already underway and includes the installation of a new salt storage dome along with a new employee parking lot. The design of a new 9500 square foot facility will be finalized next month and construction is anticipated to commence in the spring.

Bacon Woods Park 

The project will include a new walkway and lighting from the Kensington Road entrance to Sagamore Road and additional topsoil, seed and landscaping in the open space area of the park. Walking trails and benches in the wooded area will also be added.

Metro North Underpass

After negotiations, the Village at our own expense will be adding new sidewalks, new hand railings and repairing steel beams as well as a refresher paint job.

Scout Field

The County Legislature voted unanimously for a combination open space, dog area and practice field and money has been appropriated and a legal agreement signed yet nothing has been done. It is a priority in 2020 to see that this agreement is executed and I am hoping to partner with our new legislator, Ruth Walter, to see that obligations are met.

Sanitary Sewer System

We will continue our very proactive and expansive process of sanitary sewer cleaning and re-lining as well as manhole repair. In recognition of our efforts, we received a grant under the auspices of the State’s Environmental Facilities Corporation totally more than $400,000. For us as a village, this is quite an endorsement of our proactive approach to infrastructure repair.

Police Contract

Though their contract does not run out until May, both parties agreed in the interest of unity and collegiality we would start our conversations early with the hope of having a contract when the next one expires.

Tree Planting

Thanks to the assistance of the Boulder Ledge Club, we continue to add additional plantings including a new Elm located on the west side near the underpass and a new Swamp Oak in the pocket park across from Park Place. We plan on planting more trees dispersed throughout the Village.

Property Assessment

The Village Assessor and the Trustees are very mindful of the recent changes and trends in the real estate market. To that end, the Assessor reviewed all Village properties and not just the 1/3 yearly in our approved evaluation cycle.

In the first week of February all residents will receive a notice of value. The Assessor expects a majority of assessments to decrease by some percentage with the 200 homes at the top of the assessment role receiving the biggest changes. If you feel the new value you receive in February is not accurate, you can avail yourself of the normal grievance process in late February. We will keep you fully notified of dates and deadlines.

The Village ended the 2018 and 2019 year in terrific shape with the Village adding over 900,000 to fund balance.  This will allow us to do many of the capital projects mentioned above.

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Mary C. Marvin is the mayor of the Village of Bronxville, New York. Share your thoughts by directing email to mayor@vobny.com 

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eHeziGoals Set for Bronxville in Compliance with the 2020 Comprehensive Plan
By Mayor MARY MARVIN, Esq.

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