Healing Pain – Demanding Justice: Blacks and Jews; King and Herschel, The Reverend and The Rabbi

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NEW YORK, NY — January 20, 2020 – In the spirit of the great American hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and in the spirit of his great friend and fellow freedom fighter, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, come join us as we stand shoulder to shoulder to condemn the recent rise in antisemitism and racism.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King at Arlington National Cemetery on February 6, 1968.

Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston and Rabbi Levi Welton will be on the steps of New York City Hall, Monday, January 20th at 3:30pm as we rally together to condemn the recent violence against the Jewish community and other vulnerable populations. Our dream is to launch an initiative which will demand justice and promote healing for both of our historically oppressed peoples #OneCommunityOneLove

WHO: Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston, Pastor & Civil Rights Activist; Coalition for a New Chicago, President

WHO: Rabbi Levi Welton – Lincoln Park Jewish Center, Yonkers NY

WHAT: Press Conference regarding an initiative which will demand justice and promote healing

WHY: Racism & Anti-Semitism have created wounds and deformed justice in the Black and Jewish   communities.  These wounds must and can be healed.

WHEN: Monday January 20, 2020 – 3:30pm.

WHERE: New York City Hall – Broadway & Murray St. – Manhattan, NY 10007


eHeziHealing Pain – Demanding Justice: Blacks and Jews; King and Herschel, The Reverend and The Rabbi

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