Even Unrecognized Contempt Begets Retribution

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The Hezitorial of Protocol and Respect

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — January 3, 2020 — The elaborate and auspicious swearing-in ceremony afforded those elected, and re-elected to office took place at a few minutes past Noon on January 1st. It was preceded by pomp, circumstance, honor, recognition of the responsibility that would need to be shouldered, and protocol. Those who would preside in at the Yonkers City Court, if memory serves me, were the first to take the oath to serve the U.S. Constitution, the New York State Constitution, and the Charter of the City of Yonkers.

Following those who would preside at the Yonkers City Court, were those Yonkers City Councilmembers re-elected to office, and those taking elected office for the first time.

Each person was elevated to responsibility that evoked their respect for family, the teachings of their parents, whether fondly remembered, or continuing to share the enormity of their life’s experiences with their progeny, which in turn would or should be the gift the constituency would gain by their wisdom from the judicial, legislative, or executive branches of government. 

At first glance, all seemed on the up and up. Yet while the eyes recognized those in attendance, it was only in hindsight that the mind recognized the vision had cloaked a troubling and disrespectful reality. It was similar to that described in a previous Hezitorial that spoke to the temerity of those who snubbed another. In reading that Hezitorial, you will come to recognize that it was those small in mental stature who had the temerity to show disrespect by their not attending those who deserved to be honored for the service they rendered, whether aligned to conduct of their being at the helm or not. Not abiding by a simple show of respect for others, whether in a position higher or lower than those who choose to be absent, defines them, and not the person being honored.

Yonkers Exchange Club Honors Former Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner While His Successor P.C. Mueller and PBA Det. President Olson Snub Event 

Either read the editorial reposted herein before reading the rest of this Hezitorial, or return to this link as you complete reading this Hezitorial.

Those not in attendance on this auspicious day, honoring those who returned to the helm again or for the first time were the following protagonists:

Jim Cavanaugh serves as the Deputy Mayor for the Mayor of the City of Yonkers, NY, under Mayor Mike Spano, overseeing the operations of the City’s departments and agencies. He was personally asked to attend. He did NOT!

Wilson Kimball serves as the Commissioner of Planning and Development for the City of Yonkers. She was appointed to this position by Mayor Mike Spano in January 2013. She was personally asked to attend. She did NOT!

Thomas Meier serves as Commissioner for the City of Yonkers Department of Public Works. He was appointed to this position by Mayor Mike Spano in December 2011. Mr. Meier is also the Yonkers City Democratic Committee Chair.He too was asked to attend. He did NOT!

No retribution was suffered by Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller for not attending the Exchange Club gathering that honored former Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, among others who did attend out of respected and protocol because they don or have donned the blue colors of the Yonkers Police Department.

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson also snubbed the event. He, too, suffered no retribution.

It seems what goes around comes around sooner than later. The insult of former Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner was permitted by Mayor Mike Spano to his shame; whether he recognized it at that time or not. Yet it was because of Mayor Mike Spano not admonishing P.C. Mueller and PBA Pres. Det. Olson, that the lack of respect and protocol permitted then has come to roost.

Whether in compliance then or not; Yonkers Tribune asserts that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano WILL exact a price for their individual lack of respect and lack of protocol. None of the three mentioned will be able to endure the retribution their insult will exact. They have each served their purpose. The City of Yonkers will move onward without them.They were each nothing more than hacks anyway.

It seems Meier will be the first to go. He is the most expendable, followed by Cavanaugh and Wilson, in that order.

It is a lesson that Mayor Mike Spano has learned and one which Meier, Cavanaugh, and Kimball will never forget. They do not deserve even the salvation of dementia. To that I exhale an Amen!

eHeziEven Unrecognized Contempt Begets Retribution

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  1. Please, please, PLEASE let what Hezi has written about Meier possibly getting canned for not attending come true! He is an obnoxious, worthless hack. Then again, If he gets fired he can go hang out with his pals DJ Lenny and Pete Spano, another couple of class acts.

  2. Hezi , is there anyway we can find out if … Hezi’s reponse: I am not certain but I have begun the inquiry process … It is most disturbing if proven to be true … Kindly Hezi. It may take a few weeks. If your can send me some more information, that would be most helpful. Direct to eHezi@hush.com. Send a message with test in the subject matter. And I will respond with a secure page that is encrypted for your protection. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. Perception is everything but I wouldn’t Worry about what he is wearing. He is not an elected official, city hall is full of corrupt people in suits. I rather trust sweatpants and sweat shirt type than the wrinkle suits in city hall.

  3. No so fast, their was retribution. Imagine that a stand up ESU cop was transferred shortly after attending the Exchange Dinner. YPD is still screwing their own. Shout out goes to that double talking PBA Pres Olson the punch drunk and Johnny I will not transfer Mueller.
    Wondering if that ESU cop refused the transfer and if he started an online petition to stop it?

      1. Get your YPD story right . Let others be the Judge of what actually happened. Sounds like another Free Speech and Harassment Case which is what Keith Olson and John Mueller do best.

  4. Yeah, you sound like that cheese eating 500 pounds of lies PBA President. Who along with that smiling John the Joker Mueller told on everyone in the YPD except themselves. In fact, and we mean in fact Olson and Mueller would never play in the sandbox with others. They set up others and consistently lied on others. So for now the list of witnesses grows longer as these two fools deny everything in a court of law as not true. Yeah right!

  5. Hezi,

    Let’s not forget First deputy Chief Tim Hodges was also not in attendance.

    It seems that Timmy still can’t get over losing on the big seat. Put your big boy pants on sir, there’s always mount Vernon……. or not.

  6. Tommy Meier has no respect!!
    He’s only the Democratic Leader because Spano Inc. put him there.
    He’s the worst commissioner Yonkers ever had.

    1. Talk about Dopers, YPD sends them to Communications after they get their uniforms off. Then after they get their story straight, get it! You know the YPD way. Then they put them back out on the road for what do you think? More lies or do they call that perjury.

    1. Once I retire, I will write the best seller! I will be reaching out to many across Yonkers for their stories. We have enough goofy characters to screen write. Lol!!! Will be much bigger on HBO than Find Me A Hero!

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