The Yonkers Public Schools Achievement Record Extolled Yet is Deficient of the Accolades Expressed

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“Impressive Assertions!”

Falsehoods v Facts Hezitorial 

Which Figures Are to Be Believed?

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.

FALSEHOOD: Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) Celebrates Deceitful Assertion of  Positive Five Years Trajectory of Yonkers Public Schools Scores 

Because the complexity of the issue herein cannot compare visuals side by side, it may be best to convulsively regurgitate that espoused by the YBoE who sent out the press release replicated herein:

YBoE ASSERTION: 88% of Yonkers Class of 2019 Graduated On Time – Cohort 2015

YBoE ASSERTION: Only Large City District to Graduate Over 80%

YBoE ASSERTION: Graduation rate surpasses NYS and Big 5 averages

YBoE ASSERTION: Dropout rate lower than NYS and Big 5 averages

# # #

The Yonkers Public Schools District’s Press Release Issued on January 16, 2020 is replicated herein:

YONKERS, NY — On January 16, 2020, the New York State Education Department released the 2019 graduation data.  “Once again, it is my pleasure to report that Yonkers Public Schools’ graduation rate is up over last year reaching 88% of our seniors graduating on time,” announced Yonkers Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez.  “Over the past five years, our graduates have increased by 10% percentage point, this is outstanding.  The (Yonkers Board of Education) Trustees commend the work of our Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, his instructional team, school administrators, teachers and, most importantly, the diligent effort of our students and the encouragement and commitment of their families.”

“Our high school principals, assistant principals, school counselors, teachers and pupil support staff are doing a phenomenal job relentlessly moving our students to on time graduation.  Yonkers outperforms urban school districts across the state.  Our students’ on time graduation rate is 4.6 percentage points higher than the statewide average.  Every subgroup’s graduation rate increased and outperformed the State and Big 5 city schools,” stated Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools.  “Beginning in the ninth grade our schools focus their work to ensure that all students progress toward graduation and parents/guardians are kept informed of their child’s progress.  By providing access to an array of academic and social-emotional opportunities, we are closing the achievement gap for all of our students.  This includes the additional time for August on time graduation, which truly reveals our students capacity to achieve graduation as well as college and career readiness.

“Despite the chronic underfunding to Yonkers Schools by New York State, our students continue to amaze us – increasing their graduation rate by an incredible 16% in just eight years,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.  “I can only imagine what our students could accomplish if our District was provided the funding they so desperately need and deserve.  Congratulations to the dedicated Yonkers Board of Trustees, our talented Superintendent and the wonderful administration staff and teachers who commit themselves each day to the successes of our schools and who work tirelessly to ensure our students reach their fullest potential.”

# # # # # 


How Does the YBoE Reconcile the “ASSERTIONS” in Yesterday’s Press Release with the Statistics Published Two Months Previously, that is, on November 9, 2019, by the New York State Education Department (NYSED)?

The Backdrop of FACTS Conveniently Dismissed and/or Forgotten

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — January 17, 2020 – It was back in November 2019th that the New York State Education Department (NYSED) asserted that Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) District was still struggling despite having made some accomplishments, in other words, the YPS did NOT make the grade.

NYSED went on to point out that YPS had three schools which they named that while making demonstrable progestin in student achievement, among other disciplines from2018-2019, they were in total lacking.

NYSED went on to ASSERT that among 14 “receivership schools statewide that showed minimal improvements during the past academic year Yonkers Public Schools fell short suggesting that over a specific time frame not noted, Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, presently permitted to maintain his local stewardship of three schools, may be forced by state law to relinquish control to outside managers should progress continue to languish. 

NYSED identified YPS as needing extensive improvement in July 2015, under a new state receivership law. Read

The struggling Yonkers Public Schools named were and continue to be Cross Hill Academy, High Tech Computer Magnet, and Museum School 25.

Gauging by the numbers tabulated and published on August 22, 2019th, 35 percent of the student population proved to be proficient in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math whereas 65 percent were not proficient.   

New York City significantly outperformed Yonkers but not by the numbers issued by the Yonkers Board of Education.

FACT: New York City: 47.4% of students scored proficiently in reading, compared with 46.7% last year, while 45.6% passed math, compared with 42.7% last year.

Yonkers numbers are further broken did as follows:

FACT: English Language Arts (reading scores) …

Grade 3 ELA 40%

Grade 4 ELA 36%

Grade 5 ELA 24%

Grade 6 ELA 34%

Grade 7 ELA 24%

Grade 8 ELA 32%

FACT: Math Scores …

Grade 3 Math 42%

Grade 4 Math 38%

Grade 5 Math 32%

Grade 6 Math 38%

Grade 7 Math 31%

Grade 8 Math 26%

The FACTUAL takeaway is that Yonkers test scores are glum, rather than anywhere near exemplary. The fact that the YBoE prefers to issue loquacious assertions that are not grounded in FACT is disturbing and exemplifies the tawdry stewardship by the verbose, rudderless, and ineffective YPS Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada. Will Yonkers Public Schools ever reconcile the numbers? Based on past conduct, the logical conclusion is simply, “No!”  

Parents / guardians, were they informed by FACTS rather than FALSE ASSERTIONS would be outraged. Modernity has yet to rationalize FACTS from FICTION. Yonkers Board of Education seems to thrive on FICTION and thereby winning the acquiescence of parents / guardians.

You be the judge … What is FACT? What is FICTION?


eHeziThe Yonkers Public Schools Achievement Record Extolled Yet is Deficient of the Accolades Expressed

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  1. Spano is Mayor and none of us are. That is true. He stays mayor through bribery and threats. He controls the council by bribing them with jobs for family members. Ask Corazon what she got for teaming up with Breen and Merante. Ask the Lep what his deal is. Nick is the bag man. It’s like watching the Sopranos. Little Mikey controls every aspect of the schools. Get a real investigator. Leticia James should be looking into this.

  2. Lots of people wasting their time on here discussing the educational accolades (or lack thereof) of our distinguished, handsome and oh so honorable Mayor when the real question is if he thinks the schools are so marvelous, why didn’t any of his kids or his sibling’s kids attend them? I know it’s been long forsaken for people to criticize elected officials on where they send their kids to school, but here is a Mayor who has been in the upper echelon of our City’s political leadership for most of his adult life, who refuses to send his kids to our schools because either

    A) he knows deep down they suck


    B) he doesn’t have faith that they can carry children the distance of their full potential

    Either way, we live in a Dickensian Tale of Two Cities folks. How many YPS parents get to drop their kids off at Villanova, Penn State, or the University of Maryland every Fall? THEY know who they’re supporting and THEY know whose backs they’re looking after. It’s the reason why things have never changed, and they never will. After all, this system works amazingly for THEM thanks to people like you. Can you say the same?


  3. The state tests are meaningless as long as Yonkers overpaid teachers are grading Yonkers students. There is no consistency in the grading process.

    1. Everybody knows that NYS has lowered the standards in order to graduate-the Yonkers School Board are fooling anyone with their gloating press releases.

  4. I graduated with him. He attended sacred heart high school and graduated with me. He was also our school president. Always knew he would be mayor one day!!

    1. Please show me his diploma!
      If he graduated from Yonkers schools I would believe you , he’s too dumb to have graduated from Sacred Heart

    1. Post
      1. Mayor Mike graduated Sacred Heart High School. He dropped out of Manhattan College and according to Edelman, he has taken some courses by mail at Empire State College.
        Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Tony Soprano, and Harry Truman never finished college either. Mike Bremen has a Fordham education, which proves college can’t make you smart.

  5. Truth is that HS Graduation rates do NOT measure success because you can extend the year into August. NYS Reading and Math in grades 3 to 8 are what make Superintendents truly successful. Of course the Graduation rates are up. Quezada pours ALL resources into the HS while putting minimal resources in the elementary schools. Because he judges all his successes on Graduation rates which can be judged through credit recovery, night school, taking Regents over and over and passing with the minimum. 3 to 8 tests are one shot deals. They let you know if kids are on level. Let this superintendent keep putting all on HS without building the foundation Pre K to 8. It will all come crumbling down soon enough.

    1. The sad part is that the parents of the students in the YPS believe all the deceptive propaganda put out by Spano and his ilk-the biggest word in Quezada’s vocabulary seems to be collaborative which seems to be the only word he knows-the Yonkers Board of Trustee’s prance around Yonkers like who they are-the majority of the them were not raised in Yonkers nor are they products of the YPS system-which means there is no real connection.

  6. The continually shifting shifting standards and graduation requirements are not mentioned by Spano and his flunkies who are now falsely giving the impression that the majority of graduating seniors from Yonkers have really turned things around. The alleged 88% graduation rate in Yonkers does not support the fact that more 60% of Yonkers students grades 3-8 fail their state English and math tests-once again again Yonkers plays fast and loose with the numbers which this city is well known for doing. How many of the Yonkers graduating seniors who go on to Community Colleges require three remedial courses in order to handle the course work. There are no doubt intelligent and qualified Yonkers High School graduates who have been accepted into outstanding institutions of higher learning but they are the of the small minority-once again the COY and the BOE keep putting out their bullshit line of untruthful statements.

    1. Wasted taxpayer money on PR spin doctors who coach Spano to keep repeating the line “over a billion dollars of investment in Yonkers” each and every time he’s in front of a camera. This YPS business is nothing but spin and anyone with a pulse knows that Yonkers is a house of cards just waiting for a good stiff wind to topple the entire thing. By that time, though, Spano will have exited stage right and the taxpayers will be left yet again to foot the clean-up bill. Anecdotally, I seem to be seeing more “For Sale” signs on my drives through Yonkers.

      1. I say impeach Spano! He and his family are the worst thing that ever happened to Yonkers. Corrupt, ignorant, negligent, unethical, deceptive, belligerent, fraudulent… not enough words to describe the state of this Administration. Yonkers homeowners see it and all selling.

  7. What do you expect when the Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent has an online doctorate from an online university and the mayor of Yonkers barely has a high school education? The blind leading the blind…

  8. I worked in the YPS system and those numbers are fake. In reality It should be closer to a 30% graduation rate with literature literacy being that 12th graders have a 4th grade reading level . The principles fudge the numbers in order to be able to look good and receive bonuses and raises. If the state were to test the students in a manner which the Yonkers public school system isn’t involved in in then the schools would be failing state exams, literacy exams, and graduation would be at it’s true level.

  9. What is the annual drop out rate? Their stated successful percentages mean nothing if the classrooms are depleted by dropouts. This is Just what politicians do when they claim landslide victories in elections wherein less than 20% of the voters turn out. How many are just pushed through the system?

  10. Can someone look into how many of the Yonkers Public School Graduates end up in college? and graduate?

    Can you also find out how many pass the college entrance exams? How many retakes of exams are given ? Did you know many Yonkers Public School Graduates end up with remedial classes and sometimes take 4 years to earn an Associates Degree.

    1. Post
    2. They are all accepted into colleges as schools literally spend a month forcing each and every single student to do multiple applications to multiple colleges. For the few students who actually refuse to do their own college entrance essays, and applications while sitting in the principals office the guidance counselors and teachers are forced to do at least one for them. Colleges have become a money making machine and will accept anyone if they are eligible for fasfa or tap.

    3. Back in the day when Poorassio was the Super, he said that they had a 84% acceptance rate to college. When pressed he said that 50% who started High School, had left by senior year.

      Translation: Acceptance rate to college was therefore 42%. When I asked where those who left went he said he didn’t know. That was at a council meeting FYI.

    1. Good point,example…Domingo German,a pitcher for the New York Yankees,assaulted his girlfriend in front of a luxury high rise.He was not charged with a crime by the YPD despite the fact he was caught on camera in front of witness.

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