Westchester County Democratic Party Endorses Democratic Westchester District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. for Re-Election

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Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — January 30, 2020 — Democratic Westchester District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.  was endorsed by the Westchester Democratic Party at yesterday evening’s convention.

At a county party convention Wednesday night, Democratic delegates from towns and cities across Westchester selected the incumbent District Attorney as the designated Democratic Party candidate in the primary election on Tuesday June 23rd. In his three years in office, DA Scarpino has overseen across the board reductions in crime in Westchester with an array of progressive initiatives:

Westchester County Crime Statistics Since 2016 (Source: New York Division of Criminal Justice Services)

  • Murders down 33%
  • Robberies down 57%
  • Aggravated assault down 19%
  • Rape down 24%
  • Larceny down 30%
  • Burglary down 57%
  • Motor vehicle theft down 31%
  • Total violent crime down 20%

“It is a tremendous honor to receive the endorsement of the Westchester County Democratic Committee. I am grateful to Chairman Reggie Lafayette, his executive committee and all the Democratic District Leaders for participating in this critical process and for the faith they have placed in me to represent this party as the Democratic nominee forWestchester District Attorney,” said District Attorney Tony Scarpino. “I have spent my career serving Westchester as a Democrat because I believe in the higher calling of public service and have a progressive vision for the justice system. The District Attorney’s office is the front line of most of our County’s most pressing challenges such as violence, illegal guns, and substance abuse. But it’s also an opportunity to make a true impact on people’s lives, which is why I’ve been committed to policies like ending low level marijuana prosecutions, creating a School Safety Commission, fighting hate crimes and prioritizing treatment for people with substance abuse disorder instead of incarceration. But there is much more work to do to make our county safer and our justice system fairer. That’s why I’m running for re-election.”

Many of the most prominent Democratic elected officials in Westchester have endorsed District Attorney Scarpino for reelection, citing his experience, success at making Westchester safer and his implementation of progressive policies.

“I’m honored to endorse my friend Tony Scarpino for re-election as Westchester District Attorney. Tony has served Westchester County for decades. He has proven to be one of the most progressive District Attorneys in New York State and his vision for the office has led to a 20% reduction in violent crime during his tenure. I urge my fellow Westchester Democrats to join me in voting for Tony Scarpino in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday June 23rd,” said Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni.

“I am proud to endorse District Attorney Tony Scarpino for re-election. Tony has been a devoted servant of the diverse communities of Westchester for decades. He brings a firm and steady hand to the District Attorney’s office and a progressive vision of justice. The School Safety Commission he created has made classrooms across Westchester safer and more secure and is a model for other communities. He’s also taken decisive action to remove guns from our County. I encourage all Westchester Democrats to vote for Tony Scarpino on Primary Day, Tuesday June 23rd,” said State Senator Shelley Mayer.

“I am pleased to endorse Westchester DA Tony Scarpino for re-election. Among his many accomplishments, Tony has been a vital partner in the State’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis. By supporting judicial diversion programs and successfully advocating for hub drug courts, Tony has been instrumental in helping those with Opioid Use Disorder and other substance abuse disorders to receive the treatment they need in a healthcare setting, not a jail. I hope Westchester Democrats will join me in voting for DA Scarpino on Primary Day, Tuesday June 23rd,” said New York State Senator Peter Harckham.

“I’m endorsing Westchester District Attorney Tony Scarpino because he is a proven leader with a progressive record. As DA, Tony stands up for the most vulnerable residents of Westchester and has been a reliable partner in my efforts to combat human trafficking. I’m pleased to endorse Tony Scarpino for re-election as Westchester District Attorney,” said New York State Assemblymember Amy Paulin.

Additionally, District Attorney Scarpino has been endorsed by the vast majority of local democratic committees who have voted to choose a candidate. These include:

  • North Castle Democratic Committee
  • Mt Kisco Democratic Committee
  • Rye Town Democratic Committee
  • Somers Democratic Committee
  • White Plains Democratic Committee
  • Yonkers Democratic Committee
  • Yorktown Democratic Committee

District Attorney Tony Scarpino’s Progressive Record

Democrat Anthony Scarpino is Westchester County’s 34th District Attorney. Elected to the office in 2016, Scarpino is one of New York State’s most progressive prosecutors. Among his many accomplishments as District Attorney is a 20% reduction in violent crime during his tenure, an emphasis on alternatives to incarceration for minor offenses and a greater focus on serious crimes such as gun violence, sexual abuse and corruption.

A lifelong Westchester resident, District Attorney Scarpino has run the office with the guiding principle that public safety and progressive values are not mutually exclusive, but in fact, strengthen each other. He firmly believes that true justice depends upon the tenets of fairness and equality.

As District Attorney, Scarpino has been bold and progressive in the execution of justice. His office does not request bail for most nonviolent misdemeanors so individuals are not forced to needlessly await trial behind bars because they can’t afford bail. As a result, hundreds of non-violent people charged with misdemeanors have been kept out of jail, improving community outcomes and reducing taxpayer expense. District Attorney Scarpino also stopped prosecuting the possession of small amounts of marijuana (up to two oz.), as these prosecutions have disproportionately impacted communities of color for generations, leaving countless people with life-altering criminal records.

District Attorney Scarpino knows that his office is on the front lines of many of the County’s most pressing social issues. That’s why he’s been proactive at pursuing solutions outside of the courtroom. To combat the opioid crisis, District Attorney Scarpino prioritizes treatment and alternatives to incarceration for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. He is also noted for establishing the School Safety Commission to better prepare educators and first responders for school-related emergencies and to keep our children safe. Even more, Scarpino has been a devoted and steadfast advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, crimes against children and elder abuse.


SOURCE: John Tomlin | Communications Director | Friends of Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.


TribuneWestchester County Democratic Party Endorses Democratic Westchester District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. for Re-Election

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  1. Hezi, is there an age limit on DA’s ?
    Judges can’t serve after 70 , I’m curious if that applies to DA’s,
    Scrapino looks older than morgenthau

  2. Scarpino and his office lost my vote when they waited over a month to charge Akeem Jamal for a DUI in a wrong way crash, something that would happen nearly instantaneously for any of us.

    A DA doesn’t need to be an illustrious or widely applauded figure but in a County where corruption is running amok in the largest municipality, we need a real check on power. Bobby Kennedy didn’t hesitate to go after organized crime syndicates as AG even when they worked Jack elected. We need someone who will take on the Westchester wheelers and dealers in the same fashion.

  3. hezi is it true that community leader and president of mpac johnnylimo is the campaign manager?

    this is a longtime friend of johnnylimo

  4. Scarpino, “meh.” But we don’t need a publicity hound for a DA. Rocah is capitalizing on her gender and minor celebrity. She may be good, who knows? But her support is people latching on to a bright, shiny object.

  5. Mimi Rocah is supported by Dennis Glazer and Janet DiFiore. That makes her an automatic winner and the next Westchester County DA. Good Luck Mimi, you have what it takes to win!

  6. the only claim she has to the office is that she is female…we have had two female DA’s already..that is not a credible claim…She is an opportunist

  7. If you listen to that clown Scarpino speak he sounds like a liberal defense Attorney. And the bozos of Westchester elect him as DA. He’s probably the only DA who is for this bail reform in NYS. Keep it up Westchester , you get what you vote for.

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