Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Nominates Liam McLaughlin As Yonkers Inspector General

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

Liam McLaughlin, Esq. Nominated by YonkersMayor Mike Spano to be next Yonkers Inspector General.

YONKERS, NY – January 13, 2020 – Mayor Mike Spano today announced his nomination of Liam McLaughlin as Inspector General for the City of Yonkers. McLaughlin, an attorney, certified public accountant and former City Council President, will serve as the City’s top watchdog, overseeing independent audits and investigations to assure the integrity of city conduct.

“It’s important for Yonkers to have an Inspector General who will serve with the level of integrity and objectivity required to promote effective, efficient and honest government,” said Mayor Spano. “Liam is an experienced attorney and auditor who brings years of dedicated public service and a commitment to accountability for Yonkers taxpayers.”

McLaughlin served as a Yonkers City Councilmember for ten years and more recently as Yonkers City Council President for four years. He is a practicing attorney and partner at McLaughlin & Zerafa, LLP and also operated his own law practice at Law Offices of Liam J. McLaughlin, P.C. Previously, McLaughlin held legal counsel positions at Bashian &Farber, LLP and New York State Banking Department.  In addition to his professional background, McLaughlin is deeply rooted in Yonkers where he has resided for over 40 years, where he has volunteered with the Dunwoodie Youth Association and Lincoln Park Taxpayers Association. He is also a member of the Holy Name Society of St. John the Baptist Church, the Kerrymen’s P&B Association and the Ancient Order of Hibernians of Westchester County. McLaughlin holds a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Fordham University.

“I am most appreciative to Mayor Spano for providing me this opportunity,” commented Liam McLaughlin. “I’m excited to be working again for the people of Yonkers and look forward to finding efficiencies that will save and protect Yonkers taxpayer dollars.”

McLaughlin’s nomination, pending City Council confirmation in the coming weeks, will fill the vacancy left by outgoing Inspector General Brendan McGrath who was appointed as a Yonkers City Court Judge. McLaughlin’s term expires December 2023.

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SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor Mike Spano

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Please consider reading paragraph 15 in the article below when the Yonkers Tribune in an article dated December 14, 2019, divulged the nomination of Liam McLaughlin, Esq. one month ago!

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eHeziYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Nominates Liam McLaughlin As Yonkers Inspector General

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  1. This is SpaNO setting up Liam to run for Mayor if and when SpaNO leaves. They don’t call it the friends and family club for nothing.

    1. And there are pictures of them “near” the beach and lots of pictures of them “in” the bar and “near” the bar. They will eventually be very embarrassing.

  2. Ya have to Luv Yonkers for all it’s fake drama and real corruption. This is another joke courtesy of the illegimate Mayor (16% of the vote hardly a mandate is it?)

    Liam, couldn’t investigate himself out of a brown paper bag!!!!!!

    1. Your absolutely correct but the mayor’s mouth pieces will say that he got 81% of the vote-they play fast and loose with the numbers.

  3. An amazing choice by Mayor Family & Friends
    This will be followed by other stellar choices
    Gordon Burrows for Drug Czar
    Wilson Soto for City Election Monitor
    Zehy Jereis on the IDA
    Andre Hornsby as Yonkers school superintendent.
    12 More Years Mike
    12 More Years Mike
    12 More Years Mike
    Astute Yonkers residents know that you need time to continue the greatness.

    1. Desperate in the sense that he would risk his career and reputation getting so deep under the covers with crooks. It will come back to haunt him because he will be beholden to them and will need to do what he’s told Stupid move for an otherwise smart guy.

  4. 83% in primary

    82% in general

    We support you Mayor!!! The Arabic community is with you. We do not support the khaders. Just think about what that family did to our church.

    1. “The Arabic community is with you.”
      Who are you that allows you to speak for the whole Arabic community?

      “We do not support the khaders. Just think about what that family did to our church.”
      What did the Khaders do? Making a substance-less statement like this is awful.

    2. You must have attended Yonkers Public Schools because less than 20% off of the registered voters in Yonkers voted in the last mayoral election-this could be people don’t care or that Spano is such a bag of shit that he is not worth the time or effort.

      1. Hey ‘drop’ why do idiots like you diminish thieving politicians just because one connives a bit less than the other. If both are bad, it is only the degree of avarice which separates them. All it means is that one had a chance to take more than the other. Give him time. He will catch up.

  5. Liam has too many family and friends working in almost every city agency including the Mayors office and City Council for him to have an independence and any investigation his office undertakes will be suspect and questioned. Bad idea. Only a corrupt Politiican could propose such a boondoggle. Just surprised Liam is that desperate to get involved in such a disastrous eventuality.

  6. Allegations of kickbacks from law firms with big contracts with the City and his wife and former colleagues work in corporation counsel? Who’s going to investigate that?

    1. The Spano corrupt empire already brought and paid for Liam McLaughlin! How the Mayor continues to strategically place his men in positions to ensure and protect his CORRUPT ways is pathetic at best criminal at least! Four more years of this and God only knows What will happen to our city!
      Khader, I have no idea if you can hold on because this will show what you are made of!
      They used Corazon to tip their hand with the City Council.
      We are watching you Khader and evening though your brothers are similar to Spanos you appear to stand out! You and Spano are like night and day. You have an education and a solid career before politics . Mike Spano would be at best a DPW employee courtesy of his Daddys ties. Nick screwed up and got caught up! Without the Fed conviction he could have gone far! He got greedy as they are now in their minds, unstoppable! Mike Spano is the front man with little to no intelligence to run this City. His brothers run him. Khader your different! Yes, your brothers guide you but you have your own thoughts and opinions. The community sees that! I have no clue how you are going to deal with the pressure! When they finally fall it will be hard for all there illegal deeds. Hang on Khader don’t give up on this city or its residents! In three and half years you will be Mayor! As they say, ” Take that to the bank!”

  7. And the conflicts will start immediately. How is red going to investigate allegations that a campaign donor developer to the Mayor gets favorable treatment and tax breaks when that same developer was a donor to red’s own campaigns ? Maybe that complaint should go right to the New York State Attorney General instead?

  8. Riddle me this, Batman: How can someone appointed by the Mayor be “independent,” “objective,” and “honest?” Bizarro world.

  9. this stinks worse then the waterfront on a hot night, was a independent review done? was a job opening posted? what exactly did the last IG do? what will this hammer head do??? Liam is connected to everyone in the city his wife works in corp council..wtf. Good ol spano boy network pay off never ever have a seen a democrat mayor give out so many republican jobs…..

    1. How can he be IG when his wife works for Administration? No independence and total conflicts of interest. Doesn’t this City have a Code of Ethics??!!!!!

  10. Why would the Mayor appoint a former employee, former elected official, with family and friends employed within the city to a position like of this kind?

    The city of Yonkers website’s mission statement reads the following

    The Department of Inspector General’s mission is to conduct objective and independent audits, reviews and investigations relating to Yonkers City Government and the administration of the Yonkers Public Schools in order to:

    promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness

    detect and deter fraud, waste, and abuse

    promote ethical, fiscal and legal accountability

    The focus of the Office’s efforts is, first and foremost, to help promote effective, efficient and honest government administration and to aid in the prevention of conduct that undermines the integrity of government.

    1. Obviously this Mayor is not concerned with legitimacy. He probably never read or comprehends the IG mission statement. What a joke Yonkers is!!! The AG needs to be informed of all the chronic misconduct. It’s outrageous.

    2. Is there no one in Yonkers government to stand up? I call out Corazon, Rubbo, Merante and Breen to question and oppose! But you won’t, why because you are all bought and paid for!!! Last hope, to call out Shanaee, Khader and Diaz to object this appointment! If you have one ounce of ethics you can see the disparity and conflict!!! Stand up against the corruption together or you will all be taken down.

      1. Corazón sold her soul to the “Devil”. She doesn’t care about her constituents. She thinks she’s part of the “Good ol Boys” club. Karma will catch up to her very soon!

    3. This Mayor has abused his power for self interest! He will be investigated and locked up. What he has done to Yonkers is far worse than any accusation against Trump!

    4. Lol Liam will be making close to 200k actually and be in a city wide position with great power. I’m thinking he feels as though he won right now. CCP has zero weight and makes nothing.

      1. Nothing to do with Khader!! All that’s happened is very bad for Yonkers and if you had half a brain you’d comprehend the consequences.

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