Yonkers Mayor Spano Calls Upon Governor Cuomo to Support Yonkers’ Push for New York City to Relocate MTA Bus Garage From Yonkers Waterfront

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

YONKERS, NY – January 9, 2020 – In response to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement to relocate a tow pound off of New York City’s waterfront, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is now asking Governor Cuomo to also support Yonkers long-time push for New York City to relocate its MTA bus garage in Yonkers, which occupies nearly four acres of prime waterfront real estate.

Mayor Spano said, “For over 20 years, New York City has housed its MTA bus lot, tax free, on our pristine waterfront without any benefit to our city and without any effort to work with us. For the great reasons the NYPD tow pound should be moved off Manhattan’s shoreline, so should the MTA bus garage be moved from the Yonkers shoreline. I am asking Governor Cuomo to support our efforts in our discussions with New York City.   It’s time to give Yonkers back its waterfront.”

The MTA operates the bus garage, located on Alexander Street and Babcock Place, yards away from the Yonkers shoreline in the single most valuable stretch of the Yonkers waterfront. Eighty buses are fueled, maintained and rest on the site and only serve New York City-based routes, and do not serve Yonkers or Westchester riders. Over of the last eight years, New York City and the MTA have refused to have meaningful discussions with Yonkers officials about the relocation of its bus garage to any location other than where it lies today.

Yonkers’ efforts to conduct master planning for the waterfront area are impeded by the presence of the MTA Bus Garage, which is tax exempt from paying property taxes to Yonkers.  The bus garage blocks the necessary extension of public roadways and infrastructure to serve the burgeoning waterfront, prevents natural routes for public access to the expansive waterfront promenades and undermines the value and quiet enjoyment of the properties being developed in its vicinity.

Mayor Spano stated, “This bus garage serves no purpose to Yonkers residents or its visitors, it obstructs additional economic development that will continue the revitalization of our waterfront.”

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo announced the NYPD has until the end of the year to relocate the tow pound on Pier 76 in Hell’s Kitchen to make way for the pier’s redevelopment and provide for green, open space.

Mayor Spano concluded adding, “It’s apparent Governor Cuomo places a priority on giving New York’s waterfronts back to local communities.  I ask he provide Yonkers the same courtesy and bring some sanity to this issue so that Yonkers can continue with its unprecedented waterfront growth. My message is clear to New York City: stop taking Yonkers taxpayers for a ride.”


SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor Mike Spano, 


eHeziYonkers Mayor Spano Calls Upon Governor Cuomo to Support Yonkers’ Push for New York City to Relocate MTA Bus Garage From Yonkers Waterfront

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  1. Yonkers needs to give its Fire dept higher salary if they are to continue living in
    this city. the cost of living in Yonkers has sky rocketed.
    There is no reason why Yonkers Fire is so under paid.
    Shame on you Yonkers. Hero’s deserve better

    1. Most of the Yonkers Firefighters are not from Yonkers. Why does Mike Spano let people from outside of Yonkers join its Police and Fire Departments ?

  2. Yonkers should build a new bus depot for NYC at the corner of Haywood Street and Soundview Avenue. Just condemn everything behind Wilber Street. That’s puts them close to the Deegan Expressway with easy access to NYC.

  3. It’s not happening Mike. Well not until the city coughs up about $40 to $50 million to buy another location and builds a stare of the art bus depot and maintenance facility. So do yourself a favor and drop this crazy idea before you look even sillier than you already are.

    1. I’m sure Cuomo and the MTA would love to leave the waterfront and move into the Liberty Lines depot on Saw Mill River Road. Go ahead and purchase that facility from the County and the deal is done. Maybe you can convince George Latimer and Liberty Lines to do a public-private consolidation efficiency agreement wherein Yonkers pays Liberty Lines to lease space to the MTA at Yonkers expense? That’s another good idea. The only problem is that these real alternatives cost money and Yonkers ain’t got none.

  4. get over it haters. people love their firemen. the only people who hate the firemen are useless politicians and lack woes who can’t figure out why the public has no respect for them but love the firemen. love love love. that’s all people have for firemen is love love love.

  5. I would like to know why anyone in their right mind would want to live in GHETTO SQUARE. I understand the proximity to NYC, but you cant go out at night without a bullet proof vest. I know for a fact the crime statistics are judged to make it seem safe, they said the same thing in White Plains to hide the crimes at the Galleria.

  6. Yonkers lost a legal battle over this land. Yonkers tried to take the land from NYC for private development. NYC uses this land for a public purpose already. Case closed. Case dismissed. Cuomo has no say in the matter and even if he did he wouldn’t lift a finger for Yonkers or get involved in Yonkers because he knows about the investigations going on down there.

  7. Absolutely move that bus garage. That space is vital for
    Yonkers future.
    I would truly love to see a multi level Fire Tower overseeing the downtown housing.
    It will make us residents much safer.
    Yonkers future depends on Fire protection.
    Thinking about several fully manned Fire Boats.
    This how Mayor Spano must proceed.
    (At least four fire boats would be correct number.)
    until we can get more space

      1. Spano has been Mayor for over 8 years now. If the FD was ripping off the City I’m sure he would have stopped it. But they aren’t. And by the way he gave them the best contract of any department or union in the City. He must think they are doing a great job and deserving of everything they get. Bravo Mayor Spano.

  8. We need More Fire Dept Companies. That location must have a triple fire company.
    Yonkers is under Fire protected.
    We need at least 4 more Fire Companies and at least 100 more Firefighters.
    Most Definitely Needed ! Also, Two more Chief Battalions, with Chiefs spots filled with overtime until properly funded.
    Lets finally get this ball rolling.

    1. You’re right. 628 and Barry are already on it. Glad people agree. Great job Mayor. Keep up with building up the Fire Dept. You can have 5 terms

  9. Amen, the mayor has done a fine job. I’m excited for once about our future here. I’m a 35 year resident and this is the first time.

    1. I’m excited about the future of the FD too. Mayor Mike is doing great and all he needs to do is give us another 40% raise and we’ll be so happy.

  10. We need more Green Space on the waterfront – maybe a park? Also more parking! This area is so congested that residents (other than the new apartment dwellers) cannot enjoy the area. So sad. The area looks like NYC now. But of course this is a dream because Green Space does not make money!! Where is our history which includes the Hudson River. Our Ancestors would be in shock!

      1. Maybe you should live in the South Bronx. My family has lived in this city for over 125 years. The Hudson River IS Yonkers! I am not saying that the waterfront is horrible. It does look better but there needs to be a balance for open space for everyone. We are proud of our city and the rest of the city residents would like to enjoy it also.

      2. Instead of explaining why you disagree, you always say the same thing – GO AWAY LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE.
        I’d say the same to you if your mother had any children that lived.

        1. I guess you were never taught to “respect” others opinions or comments. Sad. You need to grow up & learn to act like an adult.

    1. The deals that are given to developers do not make money either. In fact, they cost us more money in services. So green spaces should be preferred by anyone not making money on the deal.

    1. So Nick can get a kickback on the real estate commission that his partner Paul Adler will get on the transaction.

      Poor Liam is going to resign within 6 months once he sees some of the anonymous tips he gets which will be cc’d to the media and NYS AG

  11. The idea to move the (non-tax paying) MTA garage is a good idea.
    But, it will be replaced by development (business and/or residential) which will get tax breaks and require city services.
    So once again, Yonkers is faced with a lose/lose situation.
    Will we ever have a mayor who sees his constituents as his main concern?

  12. Mayor Spano stated, “This bus garage serves no purpose to Yonkers residents or its visitors, it obstructs additional economic development that will continue the revitalization of our waterfront.”

    He is Nothing but a greedy Corrupt Politician. The downtown is over developed and serves no purpose for the Yonkers Residents.
    Yonkers residents get stuck in traffic, pay higher sales tax, property tax, water, red light cameras & high rents, why doesn’t he deal with the homeless issue and stop with the press releases and photo ops. Your campaign is over clean up the filthy streets and hold your commissioners liable for litter on public streets like the downtown, do your job!
    MTA leaving will not solve these quality of life issues.

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