Rye Town Democrats Vote to Approve Evelyn Farkas

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The second vote of approval in a week from a town Democratic committee demonstrates accelerating local support for Farkas 

Evelyn N. Farkas Democrat for Congress – Running to serve NY-17.

ELMSFORD, NY — February 27, 2020 — Today, Evelyn Farkas, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Obama, announced that the Rye Town Democratic Committee voted to approve her candidacy. The Rye Town Committee represents Westchester’s Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck.

With the vote of approval, Rye District Leaders, elected party officials representing each election district, will carry petitions to collect signatures to get Farkas on the ballot.

“I’m incredibly excited to have the support of the Rye Town Democrats,” Farkas said. “In this all-hands-on-deck moment in our history, I know my friends in Rye are just as dedicated as I am to fighting this corrupt administration and restoring the freedom and opportunities afforded by the American dream that have made this country so special.”

Farkas, the only candidate in the race with federal legislative experience, received the Greenburgh Democratic Committee’s vote of approval earlier this week. She has been endorsed by former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for president, John Kerry, U.S. Representatives Marcy Kaptur and Tom Malinowksi, and former U.S. Senators Carl Levin and Bob Graham.

The child of Hungarian refugees, Farkas was raised and attended public schools in Westchester. For nearly three decades, she has represented the United States in various capacities, defending democracy and advancing human rights. Farkas has been a leading policy and legislative expert in the Defense Department, on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and as Executive Director of the WMD Commission. She has worked as a human rights officer in Bosnia, taught US Marines, and advised former defense secretaries and Senators, including Hillary Clinton. As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Obama, Evelyn was responsible for U.S. policy toward Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia. After the 2016 election, she stood up to conservative media to publicly denounce President Trump’s corrupt ties to Russia. For the last several years, Evelyn has been a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and German Marshall Fund and a National  Security Contributor on NBC/MSNBC. Farkas earned a bachelor’s degree from Franklin & Marshall College, where she is a Trustee, and a master’s and Ph.D. from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

NewYork’s 17th Congressional District for the United States House of Representatives is located in the Lower Hudson Valley. It includes all of Rockland County and portions of central and northwestern Westchester County, including Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Ossining, Peekskill, Pleasantville, Tarrytown, White Plains, Cortlandt and Yorktown Heights.

SOURCE: Wellesley Daniels | Campaign Director | Evelyn N. Farkas Democrat for running to serve NY-17

eHeziRye Town Democrats Vote to Approve Evelyn Farkas

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  1. Evelyn Farkas is a virus of which we have no vaccine. Her continually promoting the Russian collusion hoax, illegal unveiling and spying on Trump and his staff without legal premise, put our country through an unconscionable and costly wild goose chase is the last person we need in Congress. She like Adam Schiff is a propagandist and Liar. To consider someone that endorsed and supported violating constitutional law to conduct illegal phone tapping and leaking false intel to Justice Dept. as well as FBI officials to propel unfounded and illegal FISA warrants is an invitation for further lies and corruption.

    I can’t think of anyone worse than Evelyn Farkas as a member of Congress. I sincerely doubt most people know of this woman’s background and her viciousness. Her agenda is nothing more than but to erode constitutional rights and values.

    Be warned this woman is a cancer without a cure and the last person we need occupying a congressional seat.

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