Senator David Carlucci’s Statement on a Possible Coronavirus Case in New York City

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David Carlucci is a member of the New York State Senate representing District 38. He has launched his campaign to represent the residents who reside in Congressional District 17 in 2020.

NEW CITY, ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY — February 2, 2020 — “I am closely monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus. Its important our State Health Department and local entities are communicating and constantly informing the public, as there is no vaccine for the Coronavirus and reducing the spread of it is critical. New Yorkers should follow the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) recommendations to prevent the spread of disease and seek medical treatment immediately if they suspect they have symptoms.”


SOURCE: Mary Mueller | Communications Director | NYS Senator David Carlucci



TribuneSenator David Carlucci’s Statement on a Possible Coronavirus Case in New York City

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  1. Could I go to Chinese restaurant? Could I go to malls? Casinos? Anyplace where there are crowds? Also can I take cruises? Trips. On airplanes? Also where I have my nails done where there are orientals. Should I
    go there?

    1. You can go wherever you like. Realize that a disease, such as the coronavirus, even though it was first recognized to have originated in China, has nothing to do with the ethnic background of the people in China, or other people who may be of Asian heritage. If you are concerned in any way, perhaps you can take precautions. Wash your hands, perhaps buy a supply of face masks if you are worried about getting infected. The Center for Disease Control also suggests you get your flu vaccination if you have not yet done so. It would be prudent to not travel to China while the disease is yet to be understood.

      I got a sense from your comment that there was a rascist tone to the fact that you were blaming the Chinese people for causing this disease. Who did we blame for polio? For cystic fibrosis? For Ebola, for MERS, for SARS? For cancer? While some would like to demonize other people, for whatever their personal bias, a disease, no matter how it originated does not seem to discriminate from one ethnic, gender, religious, or other differentiation among people. There may be many reasons for the outbreak of the coronavirus? It is up to you, as an individual, to listen to updates from medical professionals, from the Center for Disease Control, to limit travel where you feel uncomfortable, and perhaps for you specifically, to not get your nails done until a cure is found. You can always do your own nails. Just realize that this epidemic is a worldwide concern. Over 10,000 people may have caught the coronavirus. It may strike anyone at anytime, or not at all. You may prefer to stock up on food for the next month, never set foot outside your home, only communicate by phone or over the internet, and perhaps you will feel safer. And if you were considering taking a cruise, there is one ship that has a possible coronavirus patient and thereby, the ship is quarantined; so no cruises for you. If people should want to visit you, find out if they were in China, had their nails done at an ”oriental” nail salon, if they had Chinese takeout. While you are at it, if you still want to travel, perhaps I may suggest a trip to the moon may be a safe destination, unless of course the Chinese sent an unknown craft to the dark side of the moon, that is unknown to media. This was purposefully done so that no one would ever find out that the coronavirus actually originated on the dark side of the lunar surface?

      Just responding to your studied assertions has caused me to become very anxious. I wonder if I see a reflection of myself in the mirror, I can catch the coronavirus? I wonder if I cover all the mirrors in my house with bedsheets, I have big mirrors, I will be safe?

      I’ll pray for you. I hope you will pray for me. —- Kindly, Hezi

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