SUPER TUESDAY– A Strategic Move to CA$H in, for the Right Reason

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Derickson K. Lawrence is a Mount Vernon, NY resident.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — February 21, 2020 — Okay, we can all agree: Bloomberg choked at the Wednesday night debate. Worse, he got his a$$ handed to him. But maybe he has always known that the debate stage would not be his finest moment. Yes, he was not yet in the race for debates 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. And it was convenient that he was not invited to participate in debates 6, 7 & 8. But the strategy had to be in play for skipping that aspect of the campaign, in addition to the roads leading to Iowa and New Hampshire. Do the math: 1,357 of the 1,991 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination are up for grabs in the Democratic primaries, on SUPER TUESDAY- March 3, 2020.

So what has he missed so far?  Iowa and New Hampshire make up 65 delegates. Of that total: Pete has 23; Bernie has 21; Elizabeth has 8; Amy has 7; Joe has 6. No one is actually running away with the nomination. Nevada will add another 48. Big deal!

If the goal is to best your competitors before you can get to Donald Trump; and you know you suck at debates, but you’re good at blanketing the airwaves and great at CA$hing delegates; then play to your strengths.

When you have the three BBBs – Billions, Biography and Bravado, I am not sure what a few rehearsed lines on a debate stage got to do with it.


TribuneSUPER TUESDAY– A Strategic Move to CA$H in, for the Right Reason

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  1. Although this piece was published before the Nevada results, your nuanced correction (36 vs 48) doesn’t change the theme of the article; in fact, a lower number bolsters it: Bloomberg’s performance on Super-Tuesday will determine whether he is a contender at the convention, despite his lack of debate skills. At that time, we can all judge whether his assumptions were correct, and whether his spend of some $300 million was worth it. A growing slice of Democrats remains hopeful.

    1. Mr. Lawrence
      The number of delegates was known before the results came in.
      The correction wasn’t nuanced – it was a factual correction.

      It isn’t Bloomberg’s debate skills that are an issue. It is the fact that he changes his political association only to fit his needs.
      Do some research – I know this is asking too much of you but I try.
      How many times did he switch political parties?
      How much money did he give to the NY State Republican Party?
      How much money did he give to the NY State Republican Senate Committee?
      How long did he help keep the GOP state senate a majority insuring that progressive legislation (including gun safety) was stymied?
      How much money did he give to the awful Independence Party?
      How many people were stopped in the 12 years of his unlawful stop and frisk policy?
      How many unions had no contracts when his 12 years were up? And for how long was each working without a contract?
      Why did he ignore the homeless problem in NYC?
      Why was he so aloof before, during and after Hurricane Sandy?
      Where did he go every weekend no matter what was happening in NYC?
      Why did he make so many sexist remarks? And still doesn’t get it.
      Why does he STILL blame the Great Recession on making “redlining” illegal and absolve banks from any blame?

      It is so much easier to spew unsubstantiated opinions than do reading and research before forming an opinion. That is why your your “essays” are so short and of little substance.

  2. There are 36 pledged delegates up for grabs in Nevada caucus. The other 12 are super delegates who are not in play now and can’t vote in the first round of the convention.
    Perhaps, you should “do the math” before you scribble such a poor essay. I am being kind calling it an essay – more like bullet points.
    Stick to “How I spent my summer vacation.”

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