The Coronavirus is a Catalyst of Bigotry Impacting Chinese-Americans Residing in Greenburgh
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

GREENBURGH, NY — A large Chinese-American population live in Greenburgh. Some have expressed worry regarding bias against the Chinese community. We must not tolerate any racial discrimination. If any resident is victimized – please advise so we can forward the complaints to the Human Rights Committee and to other authorities. As far as I know, no  Greenburgh resident of Chinese-American descent, or any other resident, has experienced any direct discrimination because of the virus. If that changes or if you know of any incident please advise.

Some residents of Greenburgh have family in Wuhan, China. They are anxious and stressed out – receiving bad news from people they know or someone who passed away or got critically ill. It is a difficult time for the Chinese/Greenburgh community. It’s my hope that all Greenburgh residents will be understanding and help our Chinese neighbors during this difficult time.

The Coronavirus has however impacted one Greenburgh resident who is on a cruise ship that is not permitted to dock at any Asian port. 

Glenn Eisen, a former member of the Greenburgh Ethics Board and a an instructor of Tai Chi for Balance and Minimizing Fall Risks at AF Veteran Park in Greenburgh, celebrated his 80th birthday. He and his wife,  Barbara McNear decided to take a cruise on the Westerdam on the South China Sea — a place he visited in 1960 when in the army on a Navy troop ship.  Their cruise highlights the impact that the coronavirus has had on travelers.  I have been in touch with Glenn many times since he left for vacation. This is the most recent update.

Holland-America Crusieship ‘Westerdam’.

The ship left from Hong Kong for different ports. Because of the coronavirus problems he and other passengers have been frustrated because they haven’t been allowed to dock in other ports.  They haven’t been able to visit the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea or Japan. As they approach each country the Captain has advised all passengers  that none of the nations from whom permission to dock was requested gave permission for the ship to dock.  And the cruise liner, Holland American, hasn’t provided them with much information. For example, he learned that Guam denied the ship docking privileges through an article posted in the Los Angeles Times.  The Captain implies that the cruise line are exploring disparate ports at high to dock but refuses to name them.  

One issue of concern is specific to passengers who were in China in the past 30 days because most places won’t allow them in the country.  Yesterday, for the first time since February 1st, all passengers and crew passports were collected and a questionnaire required they answer questions about heather the passengers visited Hong Kong, Macau, and/or mainland China. The cruise liner today told passengers that an unnamed country may grant the passengers permission to dock and get off the ship –possibly as early as Monday. But as of this morning there was no final destination.

Some passengers feel that had they not stopped Hong Kong on February 1st  they would not be in this predicament. They have been promised future cruise credits plus refunds of fares. But those who had additional air fares and hotel accommodations prior or after the cruise are worried that they will come out behind.  

The service crew in the food, beverages and staterooms continue to be very helpful and supportive.  They don’t demonstrate any outward frustrations.  They deserve great credit for an outstanding job

The captain reassured everyone that the ship was not in quarantine and that no one on board has coronavirus symptoms. He advised that Holland America is working with the US government, including the U.S. Navy, and the Dutch government to find an appropriate port for the ship to dock.


Paul FeinerThe Coronavirus is a Catalyst of Bigotry Impacting Chinese-Americans Residing in Greenburgh
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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  1. Feiner ran a Latina against his longtime black town clerk. He knows how to manipulate racial politics and capitalize on a divided black community. His scheme didn’t work.

      1. Mr. Feiner’s headline word choice of “impacting” (the grammatical present participle), suggests that Chinese-American constituents in Greenburgh are currently being affected by coronavirus catalyst bigotry, which he acknowledges in the text has not occurred, despite some constituents “worrying” that victimization may occur.

        In the spirit of kindness, perhaps he is simply pandering to an affluent sector of his electorate rather than promoting hate. In either case, his headline is misleading and ethically questionable.

        All of his constituents, including our Chinese-American neighbors, deserve better from him than this poorly crafted response to a public health crisis.

        1. Truth be told, Mr. Feiner Did Not Coin the Headline, it was I, Hezi Aris, the publisher, as there was no headline. For the record, I am not biased toward any people due to a difference in color or ethnicity or religion and I have no one to pander to whether poor or well to do. I see nothing inappropriate to the headline. Perhaps I am obtuse, but after reading it over and over, the headline reveals no bias to me. The word catalyst informs me that due to some circumstance, e.g the coronavirus, some people are anxious about becoming infected as over 1,016 people have died as of February 11th. I was floored a few weeks ago when people questioned whether It was safe to eat Chinese cuisine. That seemed biased to me. If they were that concerned, they need not go to a Chinese restaurant, then again, no one in New York State or anywhere else suggested because they ate at a Chinese restaurant they have come down with any affliction, much less with the coronavirus. There was another comment that suggested Mr. Feiner was adept at manipulating different ethnicities against one another. Whether true or not, I had not heard that from anyone ever. The person commenting must believe that it is the case, otherwise why would they write it.

          Perhaps everyone would be less anxious about many issues if/when a situation takes place, they notice it through the media so that a record can me maintained and corroboration may be gained or be found to be incorrect.

          My apology to any people who have been offended by the language I used in creating a headline. It was not intended in any way to cause bias, pain, anxiety, discomfort or became a catalyst for other derogatory thoughts or comments. I am sincerely sorry. Kindly, Hezi.

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