Yonkers Board of Education Trustees Unanimously Adopt a Five Year contract for Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

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Yonkers Board of Education Trustees President Rev. Steve Lopez

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.

YONKERS, NY – February 27, 2020 — At the February 26, 2020 Stated Meeting of the Yonkers Board of Education, the Trustees unanimously adopted Resolution 10.8 appointing Dr. Edwin M. Quezada to a new five year term as superintendent of schools. The new contract commences February 1, 2020 through January 31, 2025.

Yonkers Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez said: “One of the Trustees legislated duties is to employ a superintendent of schools who will administer with fidelity the goals and policies established by the Board as well as required compliance with State Education laws and regulations. The superintendent oversees the school district’s budget and supervises all functions to deliver a safe, healthy educational environment for students and staff to thrive and achieve at high levels. As the fourth largest school district in the state, this is no easy task.

“Over the past five years, our students, staff and infrastructure have undergone significant consistent progress. This is well documented and recognized in New York State and nationally. The common denominator is Dr. Quezada. Driven by equity across all aspects of teaching and learning, his compassion for children and families, coupled with his tenacious leadership, our students, educators and staff are substantially advancing because of Dr. Quezada’s work. Just last week, the publication, City and State New York distributed, The 2020 Education Power 100 – the 100 most powerful education leaders in New York State; Dr. Quezada was 11th out of 100 individuals. Therefore, to sustain this momentum and stabilize the school district for the next five years the Trustees offered and Dr. Quezada accepted a new five year contract.

“Our Yonkers Public Schools have experienced unprecedented growth and milestone achievements due to the unrelenting commitment and leadership of our Superintendent,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “Dr. Quezada’s tenure has led to our students achieving the highest graduation rates and test scores among the Big 5 Districts. His approach to education is deliberate and progressive, all while putting our students and teachers first. Congratulations to our Board of Trustees and Superintendent on a job well done – keep up the great work!”

Yonkers Public Schools – Five Years of Improvement – 2015 to 2020

•       Graduation rate at 88% – The only Large City District to graduate over 80%

One (1) high school with a 100% on-time graduation rate, three (3) with an over 90% and three (3) with over 85%. Every sub-groups outperform the State and Large Cities

•       Dropout Rate of 3%, half the state’s average of 6%, and it has decreased by 61% since 2015

•       Increased Grades 3-8 State Assessments in ELA by 5 percentage points and Math by 4 over 3 years. Yonkers outperformed the statewide gains of 0.2 percentage points on ELA and 2.2 percentage points on Math as well as all of the Big 5 large city school districts whose gains aligned more closely to the State’s results. Every Yonkers subgroup showed improvements on both assessments.

•       Diversified Central Office Leadership – Assembled a central leadership team reflective of the City of Yonkers rich diversity

•       Expanded Community School Model – Strong partnerships with Yonkers Police Department, Yonkers Fire Department, health and mental health institutions, vision and dental services and community organizations.

•       Increased and Sustained Sports Programs
– Robust Intramural Sports grades 7 & 8

– Revitalized and expanded High School Junior Varsity and Varsity options

•       Yonkers My Brother’s Keeper is touted as a model program in New York State and has gained considerable national recognition

•       Advanced Family/Guardian Engagement – New efficient Student Information System and robust Parent Portal – New Mass Notification System

•       Completed 48 capital projects for $58 million over the past 2 years
12 more projects are in construction for $19 million
SMART Bond capital improvements for expansions and significant renovations at 4 schools – Kahlil Gibran School, Eugenio Maria de Hostos MicroSociety School, Patricia DiChiaro School, School 30

•       Increased technology opportunities for teaching and learning Yonkers is the first large district to administer districtwide Computer-based Testing for grades 3 through 8 State assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics – considered a model in New York State

•       Provided significant Professional Development

  • Next Generation Learning Standards
    – Technology
    – Addressing the needs of Multi-lingual Learners

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SOURCE: Jerilynne Fierstein | Communications Officer | Public Information | Yonkers Public Schools

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The Yonkers Public Schools Achievement Record Extolled Yet is Deficient of the Accolades Expressed By HEZI ARIS

eHeziYonkers Board of Education Trustees Unanimously Adopt a Five Year contract for Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

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    1. Nolans are frauds, like Dr Q! Jimmy should stay far, far away from elected office or the jig is up for his foundation and blood-sucking family! Lucky he and his brothers got their hand-out jobs, no tests like the rest of us!!

  1. Can Dr Q lend that Nolan kid a few dollars so he can buy some decent clothes? I know he’s a janitor but with all of the money pilfered from that scholarship account he should do a little better. I guess he shouldn’t have spent it all on the Mercedes Benz.


      1. Jimmy is an ego-maniac!! He thinks, in his big mind, he’s qualified to run for Legislator, better get some more illegal guns off the street. Lol!!! He’s just about got a HS diploma, can barely put 3 words together and his claim to fame is promoting his brother’s killing which was caused by associating with gangs, drag racing, and illegal guns. Everyone in that family has serious issues, too many to enumerate, hypocrites and crooks and despite this the Yonkers politicians pander to these people. Sham all around.

  2. The highest paid public servant in Westchester is Joseph De Lasho Jr., a Yonkers firefighter with a salary of $282,083. Quesadilla has the second highest salary in Yonkers.

    At $82,646, Yonkers has the highest average salaries for general employees in cities in New York. Six of the top average salaries for firefighters in NY cities come from Westchester. Yonkers is the highest, with 424 firefighters at $153,067. The YPD ranks third for highest police department salaries across the state at $144,013.

    Quesadilla is overpaid and so are the YPD, YFD, YPS and DPW. These runaway public worker salaries and pensions are unsustainable, even reckless, given the annual budget shortfalls. The sad thing is that salary and overtime caps as well as hiring freezes would have virtually no impact given life expectancy numbers (these pensions are on the books for decades, only to be replaced by yet higher pensions).

    Anyone that owns a residential property in Yonkers needs their head examined.

  3. $272K for running a school district the size of Yonkers is an appropriate amount. It even may be on the low side. I can’t speak to whether Dr. Quezada’s performance warrants a contract renewal, but the salary and benefits are in line. You won’t find a qualified individual any cheaper.
    Ron Matten

    1. His performance needs to be measured to justify compensation, salary plus perks. I’m not convinced as a taxpayer he deserves such comp.

      What has he accomplished? Besides the bogus graduation rates, look at test scores for grammar, middle and HS, look at college acceptances? Yonkers ranks low, low, low!

  4. lets see, firemen get 280k pensions and you guys complain about the superintendent getting 275k… The crooks are the fire and police raping the tax payers. wake up people!

    1. Well let’s see the FF and cops make 6 figure salaries and they deserve it, put their lives on the line everyday, and these salaries are with OT and why is that?? Because City Hall won’t staff up both forces to accommodate the needs of 4th largest city in the state.

      Let’s get real…These guys definitely don’t get the perks that Q gets. And what has Dr Q accomplished??? He needs to be replaced with someone more competent. Considering all the add-in perks he is definitely over compensated and we need a cost-benefit analysis as he’s not made any difference in Yonkers BOE, its still a crap show, no improvement, besides the bogus stats on graduation rates!

      1. Stop with that worn out line”they put their lives on the line everyday” so do a lot of other who are not cops or firemen-get a new brand of kool-aid-just walking across the streets in the COY residents put their lives on the line.

      1. I guess you are a YPS graduate who has a 4th grade reading level and unfortunately is unable to read the newspapers-go back to sleep at your firehouse.

    2. Every fireman and cop deserves what they earn especially if they are working OT on nights weekends and holidays away from their families risking their lives. That’s not the point.

      The point is a contract is signed for 5 years and the details are not released. His former contact was in place until 2023. Why renew it mid term? Why the secrecy! Why the lack of transparency?

      Typical Spano asshole deflecting from the story and bringing up salaries and OT of firemen and cops.

    3. Just checked, no cop or fireman in the state had a pension that high. what state do you live in??
      Quite a few in the teachers pension system are in that group.

    4. Dr Queso is a crook too and he doesn’t even live in Yonkers or for that matter in Westchester -what about all the patronage jobs in Yonkers that the council people turn a blind-but then again a lot of those jobs are their families.

  5. Why is this outrageous article being hidden? Pushed down where no one can see it? No one will be outraged?

    No one cares about Eliot Angel’s bogus claims of fighting for anything. If he and the Dems don’t sit down with Trump all of their ridiculous “legislation” goes no where but in the garbage.

    Put the BOE superintendent story back up on top so people will see it and be outraged. $300,000 per year? And perks? For 5 years?


  6. Something doesn’t sound right. Quezada’s contract was supposed to have run from Feb. 1, 2018 until Jan. 31, 2023. Why was it renewed prematurely? Quezada’s 2019 salary was $279,354. He was also given the following benefits:

    – Health insurance for Quezada and his family and a $500,000 life insurance policy

    – Use of a district vehicle and free gas

    – A $10,000 yearly contribution by the district to Quezada’s tax-sheltered annuity

    – 30 vacation days

    – 285 days of accumulated sick leave that he previously earned and 15 additional sick days a year as of July 1. He may accumulate up to 300 sick days and if he retires into the state retirement system he’ll be eligible to cash out up to 300 sick days at $300 a day.

    To add insult to injury, Quezada’s wife, Gladys, works for YPS and her 2019 salary was $144,886. Collectively, the Quezadas hit Yonkers taxpayers for at least $424, 240 in 2019. That’s a hair under a half a million taxpayer dollars for a sexual predator with a doctorate from an online university as well as his wife. And people wonder why Yonkers has no money?

    Someone should file a FOIL for the new contract.

    1. 30 vacations days and 285 sick days ?
      There are only I80 days of school,
      Why is he or anyone allowed to carry over so many days?

  7. Congrats Doc…people need to see you at work..I do….and you have the students as your #1 priority…politics are politics….let those who criticize talk thier crap….they just want to hear themselves talk..stay the course…..

    1. Everybody knows from Buffalo to NYC and that includes Yonkers that the bar and standards for graduation have been seriously compromised-thus the lower standards for graduation increases the graduation rate and gullible people fall for the false narratives that are constantly put out by the COY & the BOE-just check out the ELA MATH and ENGLISH scores for grades for 3-8 where most grades 60-70% are nowhere near grade level-apparently you must have just moved to Yonkers because your ignorance is simply astounding.

  8. Where the part about the money?
    Bullshit list of bullshit accomplishments.
    How much is he getting paid and what types of fringe benefits is he getting?

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